Trimming Vs. Shaving: What is Better?

If you wish to grow a beard or rock a stubble, then you will need an accessory which is meant for maintaining facial hair. However, confusion might arise in your mind whether to trim using a trimmer or a razor. Both trimmers and blade razors are popular in the personal care market. 

They have their benefits along with some drawbacks too. But, trimmers triumph over the razors due to their extra advantages. Handling or manoeuvring a trimmer is easier. It also has user-friendly features and elegant designs. On a long term basis, a trimmer proves to be more cost-effective than a razor.

The most crucial feature of trimming is that it won’t rug your skin. Shaving your beard with a shaving blade for a long time can make the skin black. You should choose a trimmer of a reliable brand for trimming. Best quality trimmers won’t produce any heat and thus, don’t cause any discomfort. While buying a trimmer, you should check for the clipper’s quality as well. 

While shaving, a razor operates like a knife. Whereas, while trimming, the trimmer cuts the hair like that of scissors. You can say that the significant difference between trimming and shaving is cutting with scissors and cutting with a knife. A trimmer’s head has a cutter as well as a removable comb. The beard’s cutting length can be adjusted by changing the comb. 

Most of the millennials find a beard trimmer as the best grooming accessory. A trimmer helps you groom facial hair and achieve the desired look perfectly. Unlike shaving, you can style, shape, edge, and detail your beard through trimming. For pulling off your favourite beard style, trimming makes more sense.

With a trimmer, you can maintain chin strip, chin curtain, goatee, and various other beard styles. If you want to keep a full beard, you will need a trimmer for its weekly maintenance. Trimming the hair keeps it soft. Shaving your beard with a razor might make you feel uncomfortable. The softness of the beard and skin is maintained by trimming. 

The features of any trimmer should be checked before choosing it. The reviews on trimmers of the best brands are available online, which will help you to make a suitable choice. The specifications of a specific trimmer should be read and then compared to the beard style you wish to attain. The attachments and the available settings must be checked. The grooming market has several reliable brands of trimmers, which offer you convenience and comfort while trimming. 

Types of Trimmer

The following are the types of trimmer along with their specific applications:

1. Beard trimmer

Beard trimmers are exclusively meant for styling the beard. The beard trimmer is the most popular type of trimmer. 

2. Nose trimmer/clipper

The nose trimmer is used for trimming nose and ear hair. 

Advantages of Using a Trimmer

The following are the advantages of a trimmer:

1. Unlike a razor, the trimmer is soft on the skin. Teenagers can also use a trimmer due to its skin-friendly blades and comb tips. Most of the men believe that only shaving with a razor can give a close shave. But high-quality trimmers can give you a closer shave similar to a razor. A trimmer with up to 3 cutting heads will provide you with a smooth shave. Several trimmers are waterproof due to which they can be used even in the shower. Shaving the beard with a razor requires shaving gel or foam, but their need is eliminated when a trimmer is used.  

2. A trimmer aids in adjusting the length of your facial hair. With a razor, you cannot sport a stubble look. Trimmers come with adjustable blades, which gives you the flexibility to groom your facial hair by choosing a different beard style every time. 

3. Shaving your body hair with a razor can irritate your skin and waxing your body hair is too painful. Along with trimming the beard, a trimmer can also be used for trimming chest hair and eyebrows. A trimmer can also address the hair on different regions of the body. Underarm and pubic hair can be trimmed with a trimmer too. A trimmer won’t cause any injuries. With a trimmer, you do not need multiple grooming tools for manscaping. Even the toughest hair on your body can be removed conveniently with high-quality trimmers.

4. A trimmer can save sufficient time, which wouldn’t be in the case of a razor. Trimming your beard will hardly take 10 minutes. Many trimmers allow you to set their speeds. You should also give preference to trimmers with a powerful motor. Some even offer quiet operation.

5. If you shave using a razor, other grooming accessories and tools would be mandatory for you. A trimmer does not require multiple devices. When you are travelling, you can easily store the trimmer in your travel bag. As a trimmer is lightweight and compact, it occupies very less space. It can fit in a corner while the shaving equipment would need quite some space in your bag.

Benefits of Using a Trimmer over Shaving

The best trimmers give a series of benefits over a razor. A razor can irritate the skin as it isn’t gentle on it. People with sensitive skin will find it challenging to use a razor for shaving. Trimmer stands as an excellent option for the ones who have sensitive skin but want a clean-shaven look. A trimmer can be used wherever you want, and several options are available in trimmers. For those who travel a lot, a battery-powered trimmer stands as an ideal option.

A beard trimmer makes both trimming and shaving a breezy, easy thing to do. Vacuum suction is also featured in the best trimmers for trapping the hair inside. Due to this feature, the process becomes mess-free.

All these reasons lead to the conclusion that trimming is a much better option than shaving.

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