Best Cricket Bats in India 2020 – Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

1. SG RSD Spark Kashmir Willow2. Spartan MS Dhoni Finisher3. SS Magnum English Willow





If you have landed here after typing in ‘Best cricket bats in India’, then google has done a good job. Before exploring into the best cricket bats, let us understand the relation between cricket and India.

In India, cricket is considered the ultimate sports game. The Indian cricket players are worshipped like gods by the cricket fans in India. The cricket players have a massive fan-following as cricket is the heart-throb of the majority of Indians.


There is a good chance that at some point in your life, you must have desired to be a cricket player. You might have wished to hear your name being shouted a huge crowd in the stadium before you enter the pitch or when you hit a six. It feels good to fantasize such situations, doesn’t it?

With the immense popularity of cricket in India, a lot of sports goods are manufactured here. A cricket bat is one of the most purchased sports goods. There is no doubt that the cricket bats are purchased on a large scale by cricket clubs and professional cricket aspirants. There is a great demand of cricket bats even from kids, teenagers as well as adults who play cricket in their free time.

Various brands of cricket bats are available in the market and you will be confused about which cricket bat brand will be suitable for you. Your confusion will be cleared now as we have prepared a list of top 10 best cricket bats in India.

What to Look for in the Best Cricket Bats

Many design elements should be taken into consideration while purchasing a new cricket bat. Before thinking about the bat which leads you to the man of the match, swatting up on the aspects of a bat’s specification is essential for avoiding any disappointment.

You might be confused about whether you should cover your bat with an anti-scuff protector or precondition it. A range of pre-prepared or pre-conditioned bats has been developed by the majority of manufacturers. Due to this, the customer’s bat preparation time gets drastically reduced.

The usual knocking should be carried out even if a manufacturer claims that the cricket bat is ‘match-ready’. Before entering the ground on a match day, make sure to practice with some slow-paced deliveries with the help of an old ball. The user is responsible for ensuring the full preparation of the bat before the game begins. Even if the bat is ready to play, it doesn’t mean that the bat is invincible.

Therefore, for minimizing the effects of minor knocks, a clear ‘anti-scuff’ sheet should be fitted to the blade. The performance of the cricket bat won’t be hindered by fitting a protective cover over its middle. However, your bat will be kept fit for purpose by doing so. The problem of small cracks is solved by this procedure too. The blade is safeguarded from additional moisture due to the protective sheet. The sheet prevents the bat from absorbing the moisture.

The 20/20 style cricket bat is specially designed for 20/20 matches. It has a longer handle and a shorter blade which allows the batsman to go for big shots. You must wear a pair of batting gloves whenever you try out cricket bats. By doing so, you will get to know the actual feeling of holding a particular cricket bat in your hand. For ensuring that you use the bat effectively, you can practice some shots without a ball.

Softball cricket bats are efficient in hitting a tennis ball or softball. As the cricket ball is made of soft rubber, such types of bats are known as softball cricket bats. For playing with a tennis ball or softball, they are produced from good quality fiber or wood.

Compared to the professional bats, they are quite different. Unlike Kashmir willow or English willow bats, they are not expensive. Oiling and knocking in are required by Kashmir willow and English willow cricket bats for improving strokes. The process of striking the face of the cricket bat or the bat’s surface with the specialized mallet or old ball is known as Knocking In. The risk of snapping of cricket bats is reduced by this process.

However, the softball cricket bats can be used directly. Strokes aren’t necessary for the softball cricket bats and so, they don’t require oiling and knocking in. Also, it is advised not to oil or knock in the softball cricket bats. These bats are ideal for those play softball cricket. Even beginners in cricket game can go for the softball cricket bats.

For improving and helping in practicing cricket skills, the training cricket bats act as a specialized cricket equipment. The manufacturing of the training cricket bats doesn’t include any particular piece of wood. Kashmir willow and English willow bats also come under the category of training cricket bats. These bats are ideal for training purposes related to cricket.

They are available in different widths and sizes. These bats go through oiling and knocking in the process too. The surfaces of the training cricket bats need to be covered with the fine raw linseed oil. Due to this, the cricket bat’s surface is kept tacky. Your cricket game will improve and enhance with the help of a training cricket bat.

There are also rules for cricket bat manufacturers and they have to stay within those rules. The length of a cricket bat should be no more than 38 inches/96.5 cm. The cricket bat’s wood should be made of wood. At the widest part, the blade shouldn’t exceed 4 1/4 inches/10.8 cm. In order to protect the blade, it can be covered with a material. The material used for covering the blade should not exceed /16 inches/1.56 mm in thickness. The material should also be such that it doesn’t cause any unusual damage to the ball.

These rules are met by all the brands of cricket brands which are stacked in reputable specialist retailers. A traditional, uncovered finish is offered by the cricket bats of professional quality. You should be aware of the cricket bats which are produced from poor quality willow. There might be a possibility of the bleaching of willow for artificially imitating the high-quality willow’s color. The following factors should be considered while buying a cricket bat:

1. Number of Grains On The Bat

High-quality willow is used for manufacturing a cricket bat with between six and twelve grains. A cricket bat will be sifter if it has only 6 grains. This lengthens both the time taken for the bat to reach peak performance and the knocking-in period.

2. Quality

The standards of an English willow cricket bat varies. The highest quality of English willow is Grade A or Grade 1+. Such bars are used by international stars, but they are also available through the sales of limited editions bats so that the common people can consume them. In such bats, the grains are straight and there are Minal markings, knots, and blemishes. In simple terms, this type of bat is a Test match standard cricket bat.

The following are the types of quality of a cricket bat:

1. Grade 1+ (Test match standard)
2. G1 (Professional standard)
3. G2 (Top club standard)
4. G3 (Lower-league standard)
5. G4 (Beginner standard)

There will be more markings and discoloration with each step-down. Also, the grains will be wobbly, plentiful and irregular. An anti-scuff sheet is fixed with a G4 cricket bat and the bats in this category are bleached. The best standard of cricket bat can assist you in reaching a good level of performance.

3. Pick-up, Size, and Shape

These factors depend on personal preference. A range of bats is produced which have a large bowl and thick edge, producing minimum power without compromisation of a light pick-up. In this way, the manufacturers of cricket bats have responded to the modern game requirements. You should go for a cricket bat with a low sweet spot if you are a front-foot driver of a ball with good strength.

Go for a higher sweet spot position if a lot of runs are scored by you aerially. Before commuting to a purchase, the imitation of your usual pick-up routine will be worth it. Check whether the bat is weighty or light and whether it feels bottom-heavy with a low sweet spot. The bat is probably too heavy for you if it is quite tough to hold it with one hand stretched out.

You can determine whether a heavy or light bat is ideal for you if you have a good experience in cricket. You will wish for a light pick-up even if you choose a heavy bat. Go for a bat with a lighter pick-up if you are a beginner in cricket. It will help you to play front-foot and back-foot shots with equal comfort. For eg: It is tough to play the pull or cut shot with a heavy bat. Along with your physical strength, it is also important to take your strengths as a player into account.

4. Toe Guard:

The weakest part of the bat is its toe. Thus, a toe guard should be applied to protecting that part. Your bat can be damaged if it is struck with a ‘Yorker’ while playing cricket. For minimizing the risk of the splitting of wood, toe guard proves to be quite beneficial.

When a batsman taps his bat on the ground, the toe guard helps in the reduction of the shock. In damp conditions, the amount of moisture seeping through the bat’s toe also decreases due to the toe guard.

5. Handle

For allowing greater control of the blade, most senior batsmen choose bats with a short handle. You should go for a bat with a long handle if you are above 6’2”. However, choosing a handle also depends on personal choice. The smallest size of the junior cricket bat is 1 while the largest size is 6. The ‘Harrow’ is the intermediary size between adult short-hand and size 6.

6. Covered/ Uncovered Face

The grain of the cricket bat becomes visible due to the uncovered look. The covered look doesn’t immediately show the blade of the bat. Both the looks vary on different cricket bats. The performance of the bat won’t be hindered due to any of these. For adding maximum protection to the cricket bat’s face, anti-scuff (protective coating) is highly recommended.

7. Natural Finish

Similar to an uncovered face of a cricket bat, a natural finish of a bat doesn’t have its willow covered by a face tape or anti-scuff cover. Such natural, traditional finish is offered by most of the top-end bats.

Cricket bats are manufactured from the following materials:

a) English Willow

It is a timber which is soft and fibrous. The majority of bat manufacturers prefer the English willow as it has a high-performance effect while striking the ball. Any willow gets damaged over time. Due to the nature of the game, the bat can become dented, scared and bruised. Due to the high-intensity impacts of the ball, the bat becomes more prone to damage.

b) Kashmir Willow

This type of willow is available only in India. It is used as a substitute for English Willow by the cricket bat manufacturers. Compared to the English willow, the Kashmir willow has less performance effect and it is regarded as a harder wood.

Due to this, the same ‘sweet spot’ won’t be experienced by a place while striking the ball. Only low priced bats use Kashmir willow. A Kashmir willow cricket bat won’t be used by a regular player while plays at a reasonable standard.

c) Carbon Fibre

Additional carbon fiber is inserted into the cricket bat’s handled by some cricket bat manufacturers. This is done for making the cricket bat feel lighter while holding it. More power is generated in shots due to the insertion of carbon fiber. When high impact balls are struck, the absorption in the handle also increases.

d) Titanium

For providing more power in the hitting zone and adding reinforcement, titanium can be inserted into a cricket bat’s handle due to the latest technological innovations and advancements.

We have explained well about how a good cricket bat should be and what are the factors which one should consider before going for any brand of cricket brand. Now, it’s time for you to purchase the best cricket bat and emerge victorious on the playground! The following are the top 10 best cricket bats 2018:

Top 10 Best Cricket Bats in India 2020

1. SG RSD Spark Kashmir Willow Cricket Bat

SG-RSD-Spark-Kashmir-Willow-Cricket-BatEnglish willow, which is a good quality material, is used for manufacturing the SG Sierra 250 cricket bat. This bat is sculpted in the traditional shape and it provides a durable performance. 11-13 straight grains are contained in this cricket bar.

The new multicolor player grip is equipped with this bat and it gives an excellent sense of control. Premium imported Sarawak cane is used for preparing the cricket bat handle. The handle offers great control and excellent power pack.

For maintaining the moisture level, this cricket bat has a toe guard. The toe guard of this cricket bat also provides high durability. This cricket bat weighs between 1180-1250 grams.


2. Spartan MS Dhoni Finisher Kashmir-Willow Cricket Bat

Spartan-MS-Dhoni-Finisher-Kashmir-Willow-Cricket-BatThe Spartan MS Dhoni Finisher Kashmir-Willow Cricket Bat is one of the best Kashmir willow cricket bats. The Spartan brand is endorsed by Indian cricket star player MS Dhoni.

You can trust this brand with respect to quality. This cricket bat will meet your expectations on the cricket ground while batting.


3. SS Magnum English Willow Cricket Bat

SS-Magnum-English-Willow-Cricket-BatThe SS Magnum English Willow Cricket Bat can be used by children of the age group 6-7 years. This cricket bat has a hydrophilic and breathable coating to reduce any condensation in the garment. A scale grip comes along with it. There are concave edges on this cricket bat.

This is works well for most playing style as it is a lightweight bat. If you are someone who is looking for the best lightweight bat, then this surely makes the cut. SS is also very popular brand which has been producing bats since quite some while now.


4. GM Sting Kashmir Willow Cricket Bat

GM-Sting-Kashmir-Willow-Cricket-BatBeing well pressed and having a round face, the GM Sting Kashmir Willow bat is an awesome cricket bat. For controlling the weight of the bat and achieving the balance, the scalp is cut off. During pressing, the bow is achieved by this cricket barm This powerful cricket bar has a lighter pick-up.

The master craftsmen handcraft the GM Sting Kashmir Willow bat. It has a short handle and is styled in such a way that you will have maximum stability while playing shots. The explosive power of this cricket bat will compliment your game. This cricket bat is ready for immediate use.


5. DSC Scorer Kashmir Willow Cricket Bat

DSC-Scorer-Kashmir-Willow-Cricket-BatBe fearless and confident with your shits with the DSC Scorer Kashmir Willow Cricket Bat. The body of this bat is designed in such a way that the thick edges get combined with subtle concaving. This cricket bat will feel light in the hand.

Great finesse and touch is added by the high-quality treble-sprung handle of this cricket bat. The maneuverability and accuracy are possible due to the lighter bat speed. The energy profile of DSC is enhanced in this cricket bat. Upon impact, the transfer of energy to the ball is allowed by this cricket bat.

Unique characteristics of the blade such as weight and density are treated by the master craftsmen for maximizing the potential of this bat. For superior maneuverability and improved pick-up, the pronounced bow is given by the entire blade.

The monstrous hitting area is provided by the power zone which extends to the lower part from mid part of the blade. It also suits the pitches of the subcontinent.

A hard-wearing toe guard is used for protecting the wood from damage. This cricket bar also has a cushioned grip and multi-piece cane handle which is treble-spring. The flat-fronted blade is attached with a cylindrical cane handle. The treble spring cane absorbs shock. For added protection, there is cross-wave tape on the edges of this cricket bat.


6. New Balance DC 380 Kashmir-Willow Cricket Bat


The New Balance DC 380 Cricket Bat is produced from Kashmir willow. This cricket bat has a large edge and sweet spot. It is quite comfortable to hold with your hands. You won’t face any difficulty in making good use of the opportunities in hitting shots.

The color and design makes a stylish bat among the lot. This doesn’t mean that it is compromised on quality. If you are looking for a combo of great style and quality, this bat makes complete justice to that.


7. SS Magnum Kashmir-Willow Cricket Bat


Kashmir willow is used to manufacture the SS Magnum Kashmir-Willow Cricket Bat. This cricket bat has a chevron grip. It assists you in applying your batting skills while playing cricket. You won’t have to worry about its quality as this brand is trustworthy in the market of cricket bats.


8. MRF Popular Willow Tennis Cricket Bat

MRF-Popular-Willow-Tennis-Cricket-BatThe MRF Popular Willow Tennis Cricket Bat has a length of 90 cms and its width is 4 cms. The willow of this bat weighs around 3 kgs. With this cricket bat, you can make the best use of your batting skills to hit fours and sixes. This cricket bat has a good durability.


9. New balance TC (360) Kashmir Willow Cricket Bat

New-balance-TC-360-Kashmir-Willow-Cricket-BatThe New balance TC (360) Kashmir Willow Cricket Bat weighs between 1200-1275 grams. This cricket bat has Kashmir fiber tape face.

You won’t be disappointment by this amazing cricket bat which has been sculpted carefully for enhancing your performance.


10. DSC Condor Elite Kashmir-Willow Cricket Bat

DSC-Condor-Elite-Kashmir-Willow-Cricket-BatThere is exquisite balance in the DSC Condor Elite Kashmir-Willow Cricket Bat along with massive edges. The energy profile of DSC is enhanced in this cricket bat. Upon impact, the transfer of energy to the ball is allowed by this cricket bat.

Unique characteristics of the blade such as weight and density are treated by the master craftsmen for maximizing the potential of this bat. For superior maneuverability and improved pick-up, the pronounced bow is given by the entire blade.

The monstrous hitting area is provided by the power zone which extends to the lower part from mid part of the blade. It also suits the pitches of the subcontinent.

A hard-wearing toe guard is used for protecting the wood from damage. This cricket bar also has a cushioned grip and multi-piece cane handle which is treble-spring. The flat-fronted blade is attached with a cylindrical cane handle. The treble spring cane absorbs shock.


Production Of Cricket Bats

Compared to other sporting products, it takes a relatively long period of time to produce a cricket bat. The trees need to be planted in the selected areas of India (for Kashmir willow) and UK (English willow) before starting the manufacturing process.

These trees are chopped down after 15-30 years. They are later chopped into logs and their splitting takes place into wedges called clefts. The clefts are carefully selected by each manufacturer of a cricket bat. They are waxed are each end for preventing the splitting and the loss of any water moisture. In the drying room, the clefts are placed after their waxing procedure.

6 months later, the clefts reach the required levels of moisture and so, they are removed from the drying rooms. With the correct length and width, the clefts are carved into a cricket bat’s basic shape. The toe ends and handle of the cricket bat are established at this point in the manufacturing process.

For ensuring better performance of a cricket bat, the blade is selected from the willow’s best end. The willow is pressed and machining and grading. It gets strengthened due to this procedure for withstanding the impact of a cricket ball. For avoiding the cricket bat from being excessively compressed, the procedure of pressing has to be carried out quite carefully.

The handle needs to be fitted to the cricket bat in the next stage. Generally, rubber strips and cane are used for constructing the handle. Titanium is also used now. More power in the hitting zone is provided by these materials. The cricket bat is almost ready after the fitting of the handle. The craftsman of cricket bat further places it into a vice. By using a drawknife, the blade is shaped.

The middle of the cricket bat has the majority of wood left in it. For achieving the same outcome, machines are used by some manufacturers. Depending on the types of pitches and the player’s batting style, some bats are crafted with higher or lower middles. For enhancing the weight and pick-up of the cricket bat, the blade is shaped by the craftsmen.

The overall balance to the bat becomes good due to this procedure. In order to give the correct structure and shape to the bat, its shoulders are blended and shaped. Further, the bat is sanded twice and the procedure of shaping the shoulders is repeated for blending into the handle of the bat. For polishing the cricket bat’s surface, a horse’s shin bone is used. The cricket bat is compressed further due to this.

A nice polished finish is given to the bat and the overall presentation of the bat increasing due to polishing. The cricket bat gets ready to be sold after the brand’s logo and rubber grips are added. However, you should keep in mind that the cricket bat isn’t completely finished at this stage. Before using the bat, you must do some preparations even if the stickers on the bat say ‘pre-prepared’.

Choose the Best Cricket Bat!

These are the top 10 best cricket bats in India. We have given all the information which surely helps in making the right choice. From different types to production of cricket bats, every piece of information is covered in this article. You can choose any of these cricket bats for playing cricket with great shots.

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