Best Smartwatch In India 2020 – Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

1. Samsung Gear S32. Samsung Gear Sport3. Huawei Watch 2





Well, if you are bored with your chronograph watch or digital watch and want to dive into the realm of Smart wearables; better not hit the “buy now” on the screen right away. You might have done proper research, but there are some essentials to look for if you want to buy the best smartwatch in India. But To start with, don’t you want to find out if your choice of Smartwatch would be compatible with your current Smartphone? Just so it happens that they are not compatible with each other, you will miss many features which makes the Smartwatch worth buying.

Yes indeed, there are a plethora of things other than the compatibility that you must ponder over before going ahead and buying the best smartwatch. Remember, a smartwatch is supposed to compliment your lifestyle and fit well with your requirements. Do comprehend that smartwatches are pretty similar to smartphones when you are to select one for yourself. Don’t be surprised if you find that many elements of selection criteria of a smartwatch are identical to that of a smartphone; when you are buying the latter.


Now let’s go ahead and get into the various elements of best smart watch that needs to be explored before making the final decision.

What to look for When Buying a Smartwatch In India

Device Compatibility and OS

Since a majority of smartwatches are made to become companions to the smartphone, the device compatibility is exceptionally vital. The OS or Operating Software of the smartwatch plays a crucial role in the device compatibility. An example of Gear Sport and Gear S3 of Samsung can be taken here, which works well with Android smartphones as well as the iPhones.

However, it is convenient to use such a smartwatch with Android device, but specifically with a Samsung device. Fitbit Versa tends to work well with both iPhones and Android phones. Though the Android phone users get an extra feature here, the ability to reply to any incoming text message; quickly.

The Android Wear 2.0 that came in early 2017 has Google Assistant support, fitness-tracking features, with convenience to install the apps directly. In March 2018, the Android Wear of Google has been rebranded to Google Wear OS to reflect the compatibility over different platforms.

The Google Wear OS runs smoothly with the Android 4.3 and its higher versions. You can go to on the browser of your smartphone to check the compatibility. Few Wear OS smartwatch would work well with iPhone, yet its many features are not available when the smartwatch is connected with the iPhone.


Among many essential attributes of any of the best smartwatches is that they can synchronise data and then display notifications that are initially received by the smartphone. It happens because the data transfer occurs in real-time. However, for the system to work in that manner, the watch must remain in the wireless range of smartphone.

Additionally, there is the multitude of different kind of notifications that include, weather, text messages, email, calendar, social media and many other things. Few smartwatch models would only receive specific alerts or notifications. Thus, you would need to ensure that the smartwatch that you want, provides the notifications that you require.


Similar to a smartphone, the smartwatch also has different kind of displays to them. Few of them have a full touchscreen that has brilliant colours, whereas some would have plain black and white display. Moreover, there are different ways to get alerts and notifications on the said displays. For example, few smartwatches would only display icons for the recent notifications whereas others may show the complete message with the notification. Hence, do look at the smartwatch’s display that you want or comparing with each other and comprehend its display support completely.

A majority of the smartwatch these days have AMOLED display or colourful LCD screen that lets its wearer view apps, photos and other things in vibrant colour, it is also bright. However, know that the battery life would be short in such smartwatch. It happens because the colour display consumes more power and doesn’t leave anything at the end.

Hence, many such smartwatches would turn off their display when they are asleep, but in such a condition, even to see the time; you will have to wake up the device. OLED displays are thinner than LCD display, which was the reason that Apple Watch’s first generation has OLED display; to keep it as thin as it could be. However, Samsung was the one to create the first OLED display equipped smartwatch; the much sought after Galaxy Gear in the year 2013.

Button Or Touch Interface

It is believed that touch screen should be bought to pair up with the smartphone. But sometimes it could be a pain to target the items on a tiny touch display while some interfaces that are gesture-based are not intuitive either. The Wear OS has a card-based notification that can be easily dismissed with just a swipe. Though, there will be a lot of swiping to get other apps as well as the options in those apps. But the latest update would switch between the cards with a mere flick of the wrist.

The Apple Watch has a combined approach, where the touch display is present with both side button and digital crown on the right side of the smartwatch. The crown can be used to zoom in promptly or to scroll quickly, where the screen utilises Force Touch that knows the slight difference between the long-press and tap. Here pressing the side-button would bring the user to the app’s dock that has frequently been used.

Few of the best smartwatch 2018 options come with a bezel which can be rotated to scroll through the menus. They could be used in combination with the touch interface. But the bottom line would clearly show off touch screens to be the winner, but if simplicity is what you want with old aesthetics, then physical buttons would do just fine.


It is a bit tricky because most of the smartphone’s battery doesn’t last beyond half a day or at most a full day. While there are smartphones, whose battery lasts beyond 1000 days. Now the power cycles depend on the features that are supported by the smartwatch, how often it is used and what is the battery capacity. Hence, before going any further, the rated battery life has to be checked on the smartwatch. Do remember that the Battery ratings are as important as any other features on the smartwatch.

Water Resistance

will be on your wrist for long hours at a stretch and there is a possibility that you would treat it as a simple watch or even forget that it is on your wrist. Thus, it will be more exposed to the dangers of wear and tear. Now some smartwatches are indeed splash proof, whereas few are waterproof. The former can handle a little rain, but nothing beyond that, whereas the latter can be taken for a swim or water sports. Thus, make sure that you have the right kind of smartwatch that has the necessary water resistance according to your usage and lifestyle.


There are a plethora of things that smartwatches are capable of doing. Some of the smartwatches can help in finding the lost smartphone or play the music from the smartwatch. Few of them have the voice control feature. Depending on the model, the smartwatch has additional functionality. The important thing here is that its remote functionality has to compliment your lifestyle and work. Otherwise, it will not give you complete value for your money.

Design and Personalization

come with a variety of straps as well as the ability to swap the same with the third-party accessory. It is vital for personalising the appearance of the device. Majority of smartwatch brands offer a multitude of customisation options before buying the device, which you can go for. For example, you may always select the material and colour of the bank, as well as the face finish, size and colour of smartwatches such as Apple Watch and Moto 360.

Furthermore, the traditional watchmakers have also been coming ahead to design the analogue pieces with Android Wear that have the Google’s smartwatch OS. Tag Heuer, Movado, Luis Vuitton and Emporio Armani are some of the high fashion brands that have come onboard the designing and manufacturing of smartwatch bandwagon. These are incredibly appealing, practical and has exponentially high price tags to them.

Fitness Features

They usually have both GPS and heart rate monitors, so you can get into unknown territory and still come back to where you started, while your heart-rate is recorded. Most of the Wear OS smartwatches have a built-in monitor to watch the heart rate, but they are not as trustworthy as any dedicated fitness tracker would be. Recently it was found that Apple Watch’s heart rate sensor is more accurate than others. However, do know that using GPS would impact the battery life of the smartwatch.


Though it may sound a bit silly to hear, a watch will either compliment or contrast your style and fashion. Thus, be honest about your likings and disliking about how the smartwatch appears to you when you put it on. Do you find it appealing? Do you find it hideous? Are you comfortable wearing it or not? These questions are important since you would be wearing this smartwatch most of the time. Hence, ensure that you like the looks and feel of the smartwatch before you buy it.

A decision based on the above elements will help you narrow down your selection to the one smartwatch that will suit your needs the best.

Top 10 Best Smartwatches in India 2020

1. Samsung Gear S3 Frontier Smartwatch

Samsung-Gear-S3-Frontier-SmartwatchIndeed, this is conceived and laid out similar to a Swiss watch that is premium and carefully crafted in the watch grade premium steel. Considered to me among the best smartwatch in India. The Gear S3 smartwatch can be conveniently customised to suit any attire and occasion. It has cumulative specs, apps, features and sensors which create the finest in connectivity, lifestyle and mobility that any wearable device should render to its wearer. The UI is bezel controlled, while its exceptional ruggedness makes it built to withstand the hardships of an active lifestyle. It is equipped with HRM, barometer, altimeter, GPS and more, to lead the way of its wearer.


2. Samsung Gear Sport Smartwatch

Samsung-Gear-Sport-SmartwatchThis 18.1 gram of smartwatch designed in the stainless steel of premium quality in a 42.9 x 44.6 x 11.6cm dimension has a rotating bezel for UI. It has 24/7 automatic activity tracking feature for monitoring your sleep, steps, floors, workouts along with the continuous heart rate.

The run-ready feature combined with onboard GPS is perfect for the endurance runners, while its swim-ready feature along with the 50m water resistance and apps for sim tracking is pretty amazing. Its appearance can be customised with different choices of watch faces, and the standard watch straps of 20mm make it fit snugly to the wrist.


3. Huawei Watch 2 4G

Huawei-Watch-2-4GLightweight at 59 grams, this Android Wear 2.0 OS equipped 12.1 x 12 x 9.2cm dimension, 802.11bgn wireless type smartwatch has a 36 hours (average) battery life. The Huawei Watch 2 happens to be a multi-purpose gadget that integrates information, health, telephone as well as mobile payment operations. It is one smartwatch that is meant for the professionals, fitness enthusiasts, sports enthusiasts and technology enthusiasts as well as the free spirits who want a wearable tech which would suit their lifestyle and personality. Its design is dual-crown, ceramic bezel fitted on an HD screen and a watch strap that is anti-allergen.

This smartwatch has IP68 dust and water protection, making it capable of resisting the surrounding elements and functional at its optimum. The Bluetooth antenna is carefully integrated under its watch bezel, which reduces the signal interference from the wearer’s body while optimising the reception of the signal. It is also the perfect activity companion with real-time coaching as well as GPS trail mapping. The user can view his or her graph of heart-rate for the past 6 hours since the monitor for heart-rate works continuously. The built-in Google Assistance gives everything that a user may want to find out from Google by just saying ”OK Google”.


4. Ticwatch 2 Smartwatch

ticwatch-2-SmartwatchThe Ticwatch 2 Smartwatch weights only 45.4 grams with a 24.8 x 4.2 x 1.2 cm dimension to attract anyone’s attention. It has comfortable silicone strap, while the display is pretty smooth for navigation without any lags. There is a multitude of watchfaces that can be procured through the global wear app of tic.

The iOS and Android OS firmware gets updates nearly every week. The gestures are convenient and helpful in the smartwatch. Its 802.11bgn type wireless connectivity can work within a range of 10 meters of the connecting smartphone.


5. Noise Loop Smartwatch

Noise-Loop-SmartwatchCompatible with both Android and iOS, this 54.4-gram smartwatch comes in the dimension of 5.5 x 4.6 x 1.4cm. This robust built, supreme display and impeccable design of a smartwatch do grab the attention of everyone who is looking to buy one. This round dial in metal casing smartwatch comes to you with not less than six watch faces, while Bluetooth is the connecting medium for it.

The smartphone efficiently keeps an excellent record of the health of its wearer and makes sure a fit lifestyle be followed. Its anti-lost feature is terrific, while with Android 4.2+ and iOS 8+, the call logs, text messages and contacts can be synced. However, message sync is not available on the iOS, but it does have push notification. Though, Siri is supported entirely in Noise Loop smartwatch.


6. Fossil Q Founder Analog-Digital Multi-Colour Dial Men’s Touchscreen Smartwatch-FTW2119

Fossil-Q-Founder-AnalogThis Fossil FTW2119 smartwatch has a 45mm diameter and 14mm thickness to it. While it is a bit heavy at 100 grams, its analogue-digital display is multi-colour and men do fancy it. The e-mails, social messages, essential calls and text notifications can be accessed from the fingertips without any difficulty. The activity tracker renders assistance to everyday accomplishments, distance, steps and the calories burnt.

The dial can be customised with Android Wear or Fossil design, anytime that its wearer wants. The straps can be interchanged to make the smartwatch appear more beautiful. Although the battery life is estimated to a fair 24-hours, it may vary depending on the usage by the wearer.


7. Samsung Gear S2 Smartwatch for Most Android Phones

Samsung-Gear-S2-SmartwatchHeavier at 209 grams, the Samsung Gear S2 classic is an Android smartwatch at 4.4 x 4 x 1.1cm dimension. With 802.11 B/G, 802.11bgn, 802.11.b wireless type, it is an excellent fit to complement the intuitive interface that allows for easy access to texts, notifications and other updates from the smartphone; by merely a glance. The rotating bezel and a circular interface is the reason behind the effortless navigation that lets the user access most essential elements in the smartwatch.

The S-Health app, which is a built-in feature, tracks the steps, the heart-rate as well as a gentle nudge when the user should make a move for keeping his or her body active. The charging is built-in wireless, which makes it extremely convenient to power up. It is a device that is meant to make its wearer feel confident.


8. Fitbit Versa Health and Fitness Smartwatch

Fitbit-Versa-Health-and-Fitness-SmartwatchThis 1.34 inch wide (diagonal) smartwatch can select from 15+ exercise modes for finding out your real-time stats when working out or else use the SmartTrack feature to recognise as well as record the exercises automatically; for you to later follow them. With a storage capacity of more than 300 songs, you can take your favourite music around. The battery life is meant to last beyond four days, while the smartwatch is to keep track of your morning activities, night sleep and whatever goes in between those two.

The Bluetooth 4.0 keeps the connection between the smartphone and Fitbit Versa. It can also give the guided breathing sessions to its user, based on their heart-rate, which is pretty incredible. Women can use this smartwatch to log their period, record the symptoms as well as make a comparison of their cycle against the other health statistics. It is good to take along for high altitude activities since its maximum functional altitude is 28,000 feet. Indeed, this is a good buy.


9. Fitbit Ionic FB503WTGY Smartwatch

Fitbit-Ionic-FB503WTGY-SmartwatchThe Fitbit Ionic FB503WTGY smartwatch is known for its one fantastic feature, its 96 hours long battery life. Indeed this claim comes with some conditions. This water-resistant smartwatch is compatible with Windows, Android and iOS OS. It gives the traditional functions of a smartwatch such as delivering notifications, access to the apps, onboard music as well as the built-in payments through Fitbit Ionic.

For a device that weights a bit more than 51 grams, Fitbit Ionic FB503WTGY has many features in its small frame.


10. Samsung Gear S2 Smartwatch

Samsung-Gear-S2-Smartwatch-for-Most-Android-PhonesAt 22.7 grams and 5 x 4.2 x1.1cm dimension, Samsung Gear S2 Smartwatch does turn many heads. Its premium finish with elegant curves, circular interface with rotating bezel renders effortless navigation. The intuitive interface acts similar to a magic trick, glance at the wrist and access updates, texts and notifications; simple. The wireless charging is making this device extremely convenient to keep powered up and on at all times. It won’t be unusual if this tiny smartwatch matches up with a good smartphone that is launching in the market.



You can buy the most expensive or low-cost smartwatch because both are available in the market. But only the best smartwatch in India will last in the run. Hence, be wise and buy the finest, which will compliment your smartphone and make your life easier than yesterday. You must never buy low-quality things to save money and then regret the purchase because it didn’t even last a week.

Also, do check the warranty, since different vendors and online portals have differences in warranty. Whatever you buy finally, make sure that you have gone through its details and checked not just the compatibility between the smartphone and smartwatch, but also your connection with the device. Buy what pleases you the most, if you have multiple options to choose from.

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