8 Ways to Keep Your Inverter Going for a Long Time

maintaining inverterWith a growing population, shortage of electricity is a widespread problem in India. Despite our governments investing so much in the generation of energy and power through different means, shortage of electricity is bound to happen.

To tackle this problem, Inverter is one such appliance available in the market, which gives your homes and offices power backup. As soon as the power gets cut, the inverter supplies the power it has stored in its battery. This helps us to use electricity for a specific period of time.

The best inverters can supply power for up to 3 to 4 hours on an average basis. Also, for the inverter to perform efficiently, it’s very essential that the battery performance levels remain high. Its performance level should remain the same even after months of using the inverter.

But, to achieve longer life of the inverter, proper care has to be taken of the inverter battery as well. In this article, we will be discussing the different means by which you can keep your inverter’s life good, and make it run for longer time periods.

8 Tips to Maintain and Keep Your Inverter in Good Shape

Ventilated place

One thing must be remembered for sure that the inverter should always be installed in a properly ventilated and aerated area. This needs to be done because, during operation, the inverter battery is bound to get heated up. This can happen either during charging or during supplying. Therefore, having an airy location to store your inverter helps to solve this problem. This also aids in reducing the frequent water topping requirement needed for the inverter.

Regular use of battery

There are times when the battery of the inverter gets damaged simply because it was not used for a long time. Most of the people believe that the battery will remain intact even if we don’t use the inverter frequently. But this is not true. Also if power outage does not occur, you must discharge and recharge the battery once in a month. This will help to keep the battery life healthy.

Keep Battery terminals rust free

Since the terminals of the inverter battery are metallic, there are chances that they may catch rust, or corrode over time. To avoid this, you must regularly clean the terminals of the battery to maintain its life.

Keep the Battery dust free

Sometimes, the vents of the battery get blocked due to the accumulation of minute dust particles over them. This further leads to the formation of hydrogen gas within the battery. It happens because the internal heat and gases cannot escape through the vents. This precaution, if avoided, may lead to the bursting of battery.

Keep the inverter away from Kids

The inverter has to be installed at a place where it remains away from the reach of children and elder people. But you need to do so keeping in mind the precaution discussed in point number 1 above.

Regular inspection

In order to maintain the long life of the inverter’s battery, it is very important for you to regularly inspect the condition of battery on a periodic basis. Hence, if it gets damaged or dead, you can immediately get it repaired or replaced in due time.

Regular checking of water level

You must check the water level of the battery frequently; this ensures a longer life. Further, you need to ensure that the water level in the battery is maintained in between the required levels. Also, you need to fill distilled water in it, as tap water can lead to degradation of battery’s performance.

Cable wire inspection

At the end, you must also take care of the cable wires used to make the connections between the battery and the inverter, and further to the fuses and meter box. If any of the cable is found damaged, you must get it replaced in time to avoid any mishap.


Now that we have discussed the means by which you can keep your inverter and its battery life good, it’s time for you to go and check your inverter’s battery for these points.

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