In Depth Review of Flo Mattress – Ergo & Ortho Models

 The Mattress has the right combination of comfort and luxury – We rate Flo Mattresses 4.5 stars out of 5

You can never find a person alive who isn’t fond of sleeping. Any hardworking adult who works for a solid 8-10 hours a day will easily tell you how precious those few hours of sleep are. It is after all the very thing that keeps us going. Imagine a scenario where you are not allowed to sleep for a couple of days at length.

We guarantee that at the end of those two days, you won’t be in a stable condition to work or even function normally. That is how important sleep is to us. And if those few precious hours of sleep were to get disturbed or ruined, it won’t come as a surprise if our overall productivity goes down dramatically.

It is very important that you get the right mattress which can comfort you during the night. And that is exactly why you need something like the Flo mattress in your life.


Why Choose Flo as your go to Mattress Brand?

This brand of mattress has spent over two years in R&D to create the one perfect mattress for all Indians. With their ingenious experts and carefully designed technologies, they have managed to create products which ensure that the user gets a peaceful dose of sound sleep every time they wish to.

1. A Size for Everyone!

With different levels of firmness attached to their products, you simply cannot go wrong with your purchase. In addition, they use a variety of intelligently crafted and technologically made fabrics and foams to craft their mattresses.

With the use of high-quality constituents and technologically advanced materials, they are essentially setting up benchmarks that not many other brands have managed to surpass in the past.

2. Great Choice of Materials and Free Trials

Some prime examples of their ingenuity in choosing materials are cashmere fabrics, 3 D space fabrics, Responsive poly foam and many more.

If all of that is not enough, they even offer features like a 100 nights risk-free trial period just in case you do not agree with what the product has to offer and end up changing your mind.

What this entails for you is that you get to experience the product for yourself for as long as a hundred nights. If at the end of the trial period you are not as satisfied as you thought you would be, you’d be entitled to claim all of your money back.

They even offer different sizes and even a custom size tailor made for you in case you ask for it.

3. Great Level of Transparency 

Like no other brand, Flo mattress is very transparent when it comes to the pricing of their mattresses. Here is an example in which they clearly show you the cost break up for one of their mattress models.


4. Two Variants of one Perfect Mattress

Now the absolute best part about the brand is that they recognize the fact that there are different audiences for every product, and thus they cannot try and fit everyone in the same mould. Going by the same thought process, they have actually developed two different variants of their mattresses, which are the Ergo and Ortho varieties.

1) Flo Ergo Mattress Review



The Ergo variety is a six inches thick mattress that specializes in dynamic ergonomic support. The poly foam they have used while crafting the mattress imbues it with responsive properties.

What this means for you is that the product reacts uniquely to pressure in the sense that if the pressure applied on it is less, so will be the corresponding reaction from the mattress.

On the other hand, for greater applied pressure, the supportive reaction will be greater too. The top layer of this mattress consists of memory foam which is not just thermally sensitive but also has been intelligently designed to take the shape of the body which lays on it.

This means that the heavier parts of the body result in greater compression while the lighter parts do not sink in as much. This leads to a feeling of weightlessness on the part of the user and makes for a wonderful and peaceful sleeping experience.


It is also temperature sensitive in the sense that it adjusts itself uniquely as per the body temperature of the user to make for a better and more personalized sleeping experience. Apart from temperature, it also reacts uniquely and accurately to the weight of the body.


2) Flo Ortho Mattress Review


The second variant is the Ortho variety of mattresses. As the name suggests, these mattresses are specifically designed to combat back problems. This is also a six inches mattress which has been crafted using polyurethane foam & Flo responsive foam which is not just resilient in nature.

This also ensures that no part of the body sinks in more than it should. With intelligent responses to pressure and weight, this mattress is, by all means, the answer to all of your orthopedic problems.

The foundation of the mattress has been crafted using the Flo responsive foam while the top is another layer of high resilient foam with amazing properties of its own. For one, when it comes to lower back pain and other related problems, this layer will prove to be an absolute lifesaver because of its inherent design which helps it tackle such conditions.

If that is not enough, it also aids the mattress in giving the user a healthy but never excess dose of springiness and bounce which makes for all round fantastic experience for the user.


If all of those seem like too much to you, then here is another potentially game-changing functionality in the form of the fabric cover which comes with the mattress.

It is made from high grade and high-quality cashmere fabric that is not just soft to the touch but in fact has also been treated with aloe vera gel to make it extra appealing and fresh to the user.

The use of the gel gives your skin a healthy dose of healing properties and also lets it remain fresh and youthful for a very long time.


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