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Sleep plays an important role in keeping us refreshed and active every day. Good quality sleep at the right time is vital for our health.

Not only does it make us physically fit but also protects our mental health and improves the overall quality of life. For children, sleep plays a crucial role for their growth and development.

Having the best mattress in your house will facilitate a good night’s sleep for you as well as for the children in the house (if any).

Sleepwell is a brand that produces quality bedroom products and this brand is doing the rounds in the market along with some other brands as well. This Sleepwell mattress review will help you know about the brand and select mattresses accordingly.


In the hullabaloo of everyday life, we often ignore the amount of time we should be spending on sleep. Our busy schedules keeps us on our toes without a single moment to relax.

However, it is crucial for us to sleep and sleep comfortably so that we can continue working without jeopardizing our health which must be the foremost priority.

Sleeping comfortably entails that we have the best mattress to sleep on. Different people have different requirements with regard to this.

Some like mattresses that are extremely soft and bouncy while some like the ones that are hard. Depending on your requirements, you must select the mattress.

About The Brand Sleepwell

The brand Sleepwell was founded by Indian billionaire politician and businesswoman- Sheela Gautam. This brand runs along with some other brands under Sheela Foam Limited which is currently being operated and taken care of by her son- Rahul Gautam.

Sleepwell boasts of more than 4000 exclusive dealers, 1 lakh distributors and more than 10 manufacturing units.

Sleepwell is a unique blend of technology and comfort. It constantly makes efforts to maintain a balance between the latest advancements and the customers’ needs.

Providing a range of products, taking into account your physical as well as mental comfort, this brand has made a reputable name in the bedding industry.

The brand promise reads- “Thoughtful personalization” which means that their mattresses will care for you just as your loved ones do.

It promises to provide you with that level of comfort with as much customization in the products as possible. The brand respects every individual’s unique needs and tries to cater to those.

Along with mattresses, Sleepwell also produces home comfort products like pillows like bedsheets, pillows, comforters, blankets, mattress protectors and dohar.

Other than this, it also has a wide range of products in the category of furniture cushioning such as resitic plus, primo cool and primo.

What proves that Sleepwell truly cares about its customers is the fact that its website has a section called sleepedia.

It discusses information on things like sleep talk and even has contacts of sleep experts. It might often be extremely confusing choosing the best brand of mattresses and you must do your research before buying one.

However, Sleepwell is a promising bedding brand and the mattresses they make will provide you with a peaceful sleep.

Pros And Cons Of Sleepwell Mattresses

Every brand of mattresses come with certain advantages and disadvantages. Similar is the case for Sleepwell mattresses.

While it has mostly pros, it has certain drawbacks as well which you must take into account while purchasing a particular model. Your comfort is always primary so do not just base your choice of a brand based on its affordability and marketing.


Sleepwell provides a range of products keeping in mind the needs, requirements and desires of the customers. Here is a list of their mattress range made for certain specific purposes:

1. Sleepwell Spine Bond

This technology has been built specially for people with back pain or likely to develop back pain. This is suitable for people with desk jobs who spend a major part of their day sitting on chairs and working. Back pains can easily develop from this.

This range of mattresses are made of rubberized coir and flexi PU foam which helps with back support. The mattress also remains cooler due to the coir due to its airier design. The flexi PU foam makes the mattresses durable and also cost effective.

Most mattresses sag after a point of time which can be harmful for the back. These mattresses come with a 3 way anti-sag comfort action to prevent sagging. It is also equipped with spring action so that when you lie, the inner layer gets compressed but once you get up it returns to its normal shape.

2. Sleepwell Nexa

This is a luxury mattress that will cost you a large sum but will give you the highest degree of comfort when you lie on it. It is made of high responsive memory foam which adjusts to the shape of your body to give you ultimate comfort.

It is also provided with feather soft comfort technology which makes the bed soft so that you can move your body and roll over easily. This mattress will enhance your sleeping experience as the quilt is porous and breathable ensuring circulation.

3. Sleepwell Duet Air

If you are worried about the durability of your mattress as well as concerned about comfort then this is the mattress range you should select from. This range provides mattresses with soft and firm sides.

The firmer side is made using Super Bond material to enhance durability and helps in the proper alignment of your spine. The softer side is made of latex material which gives the mattresses a bouncy effect. The quilt of these mattresses are made of soft flexi PU foam to give you additional comfort.

4. Sleepwell My Mattress Range

This is exclusively for those with unique needs and desires and who want to customize their own mattress. These mattresses are made of memory foam and have a pillow top finish. They are also equipped with Zero Turn technology which is internationally recognized.

In its high end category, you can choose between the 3 types of mattresses- firm, support and soft. While the firm type has a PU foam layer at the top, the soft and support types have normal and soft PU foam layer at the top.

5. Sleepwell Spring Range

This range is for people who want a decent mattress which is durable, bouncy and affordable. This range has 4 types of mattresses, namely Amity, Serenity, Executive Pocket and Executive Bonell.

This range of mattresses that Sleepwell provides acts as a huge advantage as it caters to a variety of needs and takes the health factor into account as well. Not only that, it also has ranges that are suitable for people looking for more pocket-friendly mattresses.


The price of the foam mattresses can be quite high sometimes as compared to certain other brands. This is something customers have complained about earlier. Added to this Sleepwell does not offer a trial period so even if you are not satisfied with the mattress, you have to bear the expenses.

Sleepwell has a range of products to choose from. Here are 3 of the models that you can buy depending on whether they suit your requirements.

Sleepwell Mattress Reviews 2020

1. Sleepwell Discover

Sleepwell Mattress ReviewThis 75 by 35 by 4 inches Sleepwell mattress is quite pocket friendly in case you are looking for something affordable. This particular product is designed for a single bed. This is a great buy if you want to experience a blissful sleep at night.

This model is made of high density hard foam and EPE. The quilt has soft PU foam which will successfully offer the desired comfort and support. The air circulation is improved using Air Mesh fabric which also increases the overall quality of sleep.

Lastly, this mattress is available in two elegant colours- maroon and pearl gold which is quite pleasing to the eye.


2. Sleepwell Starlite Mega

Sleepwell Starlite MegaThis 75*36*4 mattress is available at a slightly higher price than the last one. However, it also has certain commendable features that makes it worth purchasing. This particular model is available only for single beds.

Made of high density rebonded foam and EPE, sleeping on this mattress will relieve you of all worries and help you have a good night’s sleep. The quilted mattress with twin layer soft PU foam offers improved comfort and support. Better air ventilation is ensured by the usage of air mesh fabric.

This economical and extra firm mattress is available in 3 beautiful colours- red, beige and purple.


3. Sleepwell Starlite Glamour

Sleepwell Starlite GlamourThe Sleepwell Starlite Glamour mattress is suitable for single bed size. This , too, is made of high-density rebonded foam and EPE. Improved comfort and support is offered by the soft PU in the quilt mattresses. It is available in two colours- maroon and brown.

The feature that makes it distinct from the other two mattresses mentioned earlier is that this one is an extra firm mattress with higher thickness for enhanced back support. Thus, if you have back pain or other back problems, this product is a good buy for you.


FAQs on SleepWell Mattress

1. Which Sleepwell Mattress Is Good For Back Pain?

The mattresses under Sleepwell Spine Bond range is considered good for back support. It is made of hard flexible PU foam which gives back support. There are many products within this range and they come at varying prices.

Choose the product based on the severity of your back pain and also on your budget.

2. Which Brand Is Better- Kurlon Or Sleepwell?

Both the brands have their pros and cons. Sleepwell does not manufacture the therapeutic foam mattress like Kurlon. However, Sleepwell mattresses are thicker than Kurlon ones. Kurlon mattresses are less expensive compared to Sleepwell mattresses.

While Sleepwell has its own website where you can buy mattresses, Kurlon completely relies on dealers. Both manufacture standard Indian sizes. The delivery and customer service of Kurlon is very poor while Sleepwell offers the best service and dealership in India.

Thus, it boils down to your budget and of course your exact needs.


Buying the perfect mattress can be a confusing and tricky business, especially now when there are so many varieties that you can choose from. However, it is of utmost importance that you purchase a mattress that helps you sleep peacefully and comfortably at night.

You must keep a few factors in your head before purchasing a particular mattress. Map the body structure and the distribution of weight, measure the body weight and pressure distribution, rationally analyse the body’s support and requirements.

Sleepwell provides mattresses for people who have back ache, for couples who want to enjoy intimacy and for people who are concerned with hygiene as these mattresses ensure proper ventilation and circulation of air.

This brand has been trusted by its customers because of the quality of the products it produces. There is no compromise there. If maintained properly, the mattresses may last for 8 to 10 years. Sleepwell continuously aspires to better its quality to make customers happier and help them have a good night’s sleep.

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