Must Know Functions and use of Vacuum Cleaners

Having a clean surrounding gives a boost to our energies and positivity, but the task of cleaning to keep it all nice and tidy might seem a little pricky. No matter how much you sweep and mop, still you shall find lumps of dust around your area. Isn’t it annoying? Well, cleaning can be tough and using the right equipment would surely make it better and faster.

If you look up for information on this essential cleaning equipment, what we see is that they are devoted to one exclusive task. Whereas vacuum cleaners would not only clean the floor but also help you with many more tasks. Just to give you a little heads up of the things a vacuum cleaner can do is: clean the corners, bathroom, window shields, and become a gadget for your kids to clean (play) with and you to rest.

Functions and Uses of Vacuum Cleaners

1. The Tiny Lost Item Quest

A house is a place of mystery for small items like earrings, coins, pins, and more. You can undertake a deep cleaning task and find all your hidden tiny bits and pieces from the darkest of corners of the house.

All you need to do is to secure a sock over the vacuum cleaner stick with the help of an elastic and then run it through the cracks of the sofa, mattresses, cushions, and what not.

2. Vacuum as a Ceiling Fan or toy Duster

Ever wondered the use of that brush like attachment in your vacuum cleaner set? Well, its task is to do the dusting. You can use it to dust off the dirt from the books, toys, lampshades, photo frames, shoe racks, and more. And if you are planning to clean off your ceiling fan, then use the extender and a small ladder to reach it and then whisk off all the dust.

3. The Pet Massager

Vacuums can work for your pets in two ways. The first thing you can do is give your pets a massage with the help of a vacuum cleaner. All you need to do is clean the cord, turn it on the lowest setting and give the pet a gentle rub.

Whereas the second thing that the vacuum cleaner does is that it will take off all the access fur and help you in keeping your house clean.

4. Iron the Carpet

You must have noticed that while arranging the furniture, some kind of wrinkling must have happened on the carpet. The way you can fix it is by ironing it with the help of a vacuum cleaner.

Here is what to do: pour some water over to the wrinkled surface and move the vacuum in that area. After a while, you will end up getting an even carpet.

5. Vacuum as an air Pump

If you own an air mattress, then the task of keeping the pump in place might be a little tricky. What you can do is at times of emergency is to connect the long nozzle of the vacuum in the mattress hole and blow out the air. This is the best inflator when you have lost your pump.

6. Making the  aby Sleep with the Help of a Vacuum Cleaner

There is no particular age when you can try out this particular activity with your little one. A vacuum Cleaner can be used as a 3 in 1 product. All you need to do is put the baby on the bed, switch on the vacuum, and do some cleaning plus exercise while making the baby sleep.

The white noises made by the vacuum would help your baby fall asleep, and if you are the parent of a naughty child, then this would do you wonders.

7. The Deodorizing Vacuum Cleaner

The best way of deodorizing your home is to stuff in some cotton wool with a topping of great smelling essential oils and drop this in the bag of the vacuum. What will this do? It will release nice fragrances when you are cleaning the home. To give it a boost, try adding some baking soda and get rid of the ugly smells of your carpets, couches, and more.

8. Clean the Dryer Vent

Now take out your brush attachment and use it to filter the tumble dryer. The attachment would help you to reach the tiniest of holes and take out all the dust and dirt.

9. Teach the Kids ‘How to clean.’

Ever wondered that the vacuum could be a huge gadget for your kids and the thought of playing with it often strikes their minds?

Well, you can start teaching them house tasks with this. Hand the vacuum to your kids and pursue them to start cleaning the house, and because they are too excited to try out their new cool gadget, we are sure they won’t say no to it.

10. Clean the Bathroom

You might be shocked, but a bathroom is a place where most of the dust and dirt tends to accumulate. The best way of dealing with it is to use a vacuum to clean the cabinets, corners, bathtub, wash basins, and every other thing that you wish to clean off.

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