Air coolers vs Air conditioners – Which One To Buy ?

air cooler vs acSummers are exhausting as the sun drains out all our energy. But of course, we have no option but to deal with the extreme weather by using the most comforting products and lifestyle. It can lead to dehydration, heat strokes, headache, dryness, nausea, dizziness, cramps, or vomiting. To avoid all these problems, we can stock up our homes with great food which shall keep us cool or maybe even end us avoiding the sun to a great extent.

In all, that one thing which becomes extremely crucial is a great source of air or say cool air to keep you calm and composed while fighting the summer. We can even say that a good source of air cooling can make your lives the most comfortable during the striking hot summer days.

So, now the point that strikes our minds is ‘what to opt for Air Cooler or Air Conditioner?’

The answer lies in your needs, budget, and environment. Let us explore the basic differences which shall help you in understanding the use case of each of these devices.

The Price Factor: Air coolers are cheaper in comparison to Air conditioners

This is the most basic yet a trivial fact that a buyer should know. Usually, the most basic model of an air conditioner costs around Rs 25,000 and the price keeps on increasing with different specifications and might go up to Rs 50,000. Whereas if we look at the price range of air coolers, then the difference of cost shocks us as it is air coolers range from Rs 3,000 to Rs 15,000.

Added to the purchase cost, we also have to see the eye-opening operating costs. For instance, if you opt to go for an Air cooler instead of an Air conditioner, then the electricity bill that you will end up paying would be just 20% of what you would have paid for the Air conditioner.

Installation Charges: No installation charges for an Air Cooler about an Air Conditioner

One big factor that makes people especially students to opt for an Air cooler is the fact that no installation is required for it. The fact that an air cooler provides you with flexibility of movement and relaxation from any installation charges makes it the choice over any air conditioner.

On the other hand, if we discuss the installation process of an air conditioner, then the steps go on and on. Firstly you need to chop off the bars of the window where you wish to put the Air Conditioner and seal the extra space. And then if you are opting for a split Air Conditioner, then you need to be ready for all the drills on your wall.

Water Tank: Air Conditioners are tank less, and Air Coolers require excessive refilling

The biggest con of an Air cooler is the fact that you need to refill the water tank multiple times. It is a mind-boggling task. And now you must be thinking that you can do it, how hectic it can be, and more and more. But the truth being, at the early days of the purchase you surely, will feel energetic but as days shall pass by you would get tired of the whole process. Adding to this, if you live in a locality where water scarcity is eminent, then you will get in trouble.

On the other hand, an Air conditioner does not expect any kind of extra pampering on a daily basis. All you need to focus on is to get your Air conditioner serviced twice a year.

Environment Friendly: An Air cooler wins

Air cooler functions in a manner that it replaces the hot air with cool air (with the help of water). This is of course extremely eco-friendly, and you can even say organic. Whereas an Air conditioner cools the internal air and makes the area around the compressor much hotter.

Added to this the old models of Air conditioners are filled with CFLs for cooling purpose, which is, of course, harmful to the environment.

Humidity factor: Air coolers aren’t charming on the days of extreme humidity

One of the worst things about an Air cooler is that they lose their charm during the days of humidity. This is because the way that this work makes them inefficient during long humid days. An air cooler makes the air cool by transferring water to the air, and if the weather is already humid, then there is no space for more water in the atmosphere which was to be provided by the cooler. And the Air conditioners work like a dream due to its compressor technology.

Air Delivery: Air coolers produce fresh air

An air cooler is believed to circulate fresh air in a room as it constantly pulls the air and cools it down. On the other hand, an air conditioner is said to emit stale air which is because it is cooling the same batch of air again and again and supplying it.

Characteristics: Air Cooler vs Air Conditioner

By definition, An Air cooler uses water to cool the air. An Air conditioner can work in both the hot and cold environments. Its task is to transform the levels of humidity and temperature of an area. They are also called as wet air cooler, desert cooler, evaporative cooler Air Conditioner

Process: In an Air cooler the air is pulled from the back of the machine and then is mixed with water thus making the air cool. An air conditioner makes the cooling possible with the help of a refrigerant-filled coil. The hot air is sucked in by the system and then processed over the coils which absorb the humidity, i.e. heat and turn it into liquid and post this makes it cool and turns the liquid into the cold air. Accordingly, the hot air released in the form of liquid and gas, making the back of the Air conditioner hot.

Energy Efficiency: An air cooler consumes less energy compared to an air conditioner. An air conditioner is far less efficient as compared to a cooler and makes the electricity bills pace up.

Maintenance: One needs to make sure to fill the water tank at multiple times in a day. Apart from the parts of an air cooler are available in the market at affordable prices, and thus the maintenance is inexpensive. The internal parts of an air conditioner can be easily found in the market but are sold at an high price. Thus the maintenance charges are high.

Cost: Air coolers range from Rs 3,000 to Rs 15,000. Air conditioners range from Rs 25,000 to Rs 50,000.

Environment Friendly: An air cooler is considered to be eco-friendly as it doesn’t use any extra applications to cool the air but water. An air conditioner is, of course, less eco-friendly as it has chlorofluorocarbons filled in it.

Portability: An air cooler, comes in pretty handy when it comes to travelling places. These weigh as much as a normal human being can handle and also can be transferred from one place to another without worrying about the fitting charges. Once you have fixed the air conditioner at its place, then the portability is lost as you need to undo the whole fixing process and take the air conditioner off. This gets extremely hectic and also due to heavy weight ACs becomes tough to transfer.


Now that you know the differences between an AC and an air cooler, you are well informed to make a choice depending on your budget and the type of cooling you need.

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