8 Mistakes You’re Making with Your Air Conditioner

I hate how the films have always portrayed the summers in the fanciest ways in which everybody is attending poop parties, wearing all the summery outfits with laces and nets all over, and what not. But in actual, the reality is heart breaking. Summers are nothing but all sweaty and this hot that every time you step out, you tend to get a sun burn or a tan.

So it is for this purpose of keeping us super cool, we tend to invest in air conditioners and end up paying a huge some of the amount as the electricity bill. The mistakes that we tend to make while using an air conditioner are all about undercutting the effectiveness, safety, and efficiency. You would have purchased the best air conditioner in the market to beat this heat during this weather, however if you to take sufficient care, even the best of air conditioners will fail.

In the following lines, I will be telling you about the most common mistakes that we all have been making with our air conditioners and also the ways of fixing our mistakes.

8 Avoidable Mistakes we commit with Air Conditioners

Changing up of the AC Filters

The worst that you must be doing with your air conditioner is not changing its filters. It is crucial to change the filters of a central air conditioning system on a quarterly basis.
A dirty filter leads to foul air flow and might even end up causing defects to the evaporator coil. Also, it will add at least 5 % to 15% extra load on your electricity bill and might also shorten the lifespan of the air conditioning system.

The Annual Servicing

It is extremely crucial for us to understand that the coils and fins of an air conditioner frequent maintenance. Do make sure to get your system serviced at the end of the season so that it retains its efficiency.

The Programmable Thermostat

Majority of the people tend to forget to adjust the thermostat, and this tends to add up on the electricity bills. The best way of saving up on money is to invest in a programmable thermostat which is ‘smart’ or says automatically in nature. It will make sure to automatically raise the temperature of the surroundings on the days when nobody is inside the house.

The thermostat shouldn’t be set too low

The best way of saving up on electricity bills is by keeping the temperature at the highest you can bear. It is believed that humans can adapt to heat and cold easily, hence even you can. Always remember to minimize the use of an air conditioner as sweat is worth saving our environment. Added to this, on every degree you raise, you tend to save up 3% of your bill.

Use the fan

A ceiling fan is great for helping the air circulate in a much better way. Switch to a higher temperature on your air conditioner and switch on the fan to help the AC with the air flow.

The positioning of Vents or Thermostat

Make sure to keep the vents clear of the curtains or furniture for maximum air circulation. Also, do not forget to keep a check on your thermostat which might still be working while you are out due to wrong settings.

Don’t cool the unused rooms

If you are the owner of a house with centralized AC, then go on and walk around the house to shut the vents of the AC in the areas where cooling isn’t required. Added to this you might also opt to shut the doors of closets and cupboards’ so that your cold air isn’t being eaten by unwanted areas.

Blinds or curtains are a must

If you live in a house where there are curtains to cover the windows and to keep the AC away from the sun, then you surely are killing your source of cooling on your own. Curtains help in shielding the AC from the sun rays, keeping it safe.


These tips will help you and your air conditioner live a long life, when the ac is maintained well, the cooling is efficient and you are saved from the scorching heat and also get high quality air.

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