Best Air Coolers Under 10000 In India 2020 – Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

1. Symphony Hicool2. Crompton Greaves3. Symphony Diet


Getting an AC can be expensive- but don’t fret. You can opt for its younger brother: the air cooler. Installing a brand new air cooler can get you through scorching hot summer weather easily. A majority of the people worry on different types of air coolers to choose from, its factors and other important elements which need to be considered before a purchase can be made.

An air cooler may not offer a wintertime environment but it is only a fraction or quarter of the price of ACs and are not so harsh towards the electricity bills as well.


However, in this guide, we will take you through the best air coolers under 10,000 instead of walking you through a boring overview of the entire air cooler market. We know you want the one which operates remarkably and has an economical price tag to it as well.

Despite its lower performance in comparison with full-fledged ACs, air coolers have made a permanent name and identity in an Indian household.

Here’s what you need to know before obtaining an ideal air cooler which meets your needs.

Everything You Need To Know Before Buying The Best Air Cooler Under 10000

1. How Does It Work?

Basically, air coolers are units which appear ‘box-like’ and comprises of a pump, pads which are water-soaked and a fan. To operate the cooler, you would need to fill it with adequate amounts of water. Therefore, when you switch the cooler on, the hot air which circulates around the cooler will be transmitted through water-cooled pads. This, then, reduces the temperature of the air by some degrees and then releases the cool air into the room.

2. Does Size Matter?

Yes. Air coolers vary in multiple sizes in order to fit perfectly according to the size of the room along with its requirements. Air coolers are being rated according to the cubic feet per minute of air (CFM) or the air delivery. We can perform the required calculations (based on your home/workspace) with an easy formula.

All you need to do is to multiply the room area in square feet along with the height of the ceiling and divide the result by two. This, in return, will enable you to obtain the CFM of the airflow needed.

(Room area in square feet X ceiling height / 2 = CFM of airflow). To demonstrate this, imagine if the room is 400 sq ft and the ceiling height is 7 ft, then 400 X 7 / 2 = 1400 CFM. This means that you will need to look into an air cooler which will output a minimum airflow 2000 CFM. In addition, do look into the air delivery details which is being provided with the air cooler before you purchase one.

3. Features

An air cooler comes with a plethora of cool features. However, we will state the most crucial ones which would be of great use and benefit to you. Furthermore, The best air coolers under Rs 10,000 offer remarkable features and effective cooling within a room.

4. Electronic Thermostats

Air coolers make use of electronic thermostats wherein each model has different fan speeds and can even switch on/off the fan and pump automatically.

5. Adjusting Water Levels

Air coolers which have water level controllers (automatic) can adjust and monitor water levels in the unit at pre-set amounts. In fact, the controller even prevents water from the connection pipe to flow directly into the cooler tank. As a result, this avoids in excessive flooding of waters.

6. Pads Which Are Water-soaked and Cooled

Currently, cooling pads which have a honeycomb design are used in a majority of air coolers. This is because it offers longevity, maximum cooling and a low-pressure drop as well. Moreover, it is necessary to ensure if the pads have the required thickness as well. Typically, it should contain about 90 mm thick (minimum) in order to cool down the air really well.

7. Versatile Speed

Air coolers with an adjustable speed feature will enable you to control and adjust the speed depending upon your preference. Even so, it even aids in controlling the temperature levels if it gets too cold.

8. Water Level Gauge

This peculiar instrument found on the water tank enable consumers to understand whether if there is a lot or inadequate amounts of water present in the tank. This, in fact, saves the consumer from a lot of effort being taken on opening and closing the cooler in order to check water levels.

9. Self-Activating Shut Off Dampers

These self-activating shut off dampers are basically flaps which open and close when the fan starts or shuts off respectively. Using this feature ensures coverage of the cooler when it is not used therefore decreases the cooling loss from the air cooler.

10. Timer

There are few air coolers which do come with a timer wherein you can set in a sleep time period on the air cooler unit. Moreover, this useful to those who do not want to keep the cooler switched on during the whole night.

11. Castors

Having portable air coolers is a benefit to cherish since it comes with castors designed at the bottom of the cooler. This makes moving the cooler much easier compared to those who do not have the castor feature at all.

Also, you can move this around effortlessly across different rooms using another person as well in order to speed up the process. The best coolers under Rs 10,000 offer well means of portability wherein you and your flatmates can easily share it as it moves smoothly from one room to another.

12. Remote Control Device

All the latest and advanced air coolers found available in the market these days come with remote controllers which make tasks more convenient and easier when making use of custom modes.

13. Trays For Placing Ice Cubes Tray

Consumers can place in the ice cubes at the top tray of the cooler. As the ice starts to melt slowly, the ice water will start to flow towards the water tank and then processed for cooler air.

14. Inverters Being Compatible with Air Coolers

A majority of the people like to state that air coolers tend to take up very less power hence it can even operate on an inverter. Air coolers can use very less electricity output such as 120 to 180 watts. For example, imagine if the fan and lights take up to 200 watts, therefore, purchasing a 600 VA inverter is adequate enough for operations. Even so, purchasing a 900 VA inverter is more than what is necessary.

15. Tank Alarm

As the water level is reduced below a certain level/pre-set value, then you will be notified by hearing an alarm which shows low water levels and would need filling. This feature is extremely useful since operating an air cooler without sufficient water levels can vandalise the motor in the air cooler. However, this feature is found available only in high end/expensive coolers in the market.

16. Air Cooler Without Requirement Of Water

As we have discussed above, having sufficient water levels in an air cooler is important. However, recently, there has been a trending buzz in the air cooler industry. There were some intriguing statements on air coolers operating without the use of water. If this was the case, then there will be no requirement for a huge water tank and an additional water motor. This makes it really economical in the long run.

Apart from all these great benefits, if you happen to live in an area where water is scarce, then this feature becomes really convenient. Moreover, it works by exerting air from a large area to a tiny exit, just like how you would blow and whistle from your mouth. Due to the change of pressure, you would get access to cool air.

Although, the cooling effect is restricted and not blown with full potential. Truth be told, there are only a few models available in India since technology needs to be enhanced in order to be used as common means for cooling.

17. Air Coolers Built for Humid Areas

If you look at the definition for air coolers, it is literally not a good combination for these units and high humid areas to work well with each other. If you happen to have an air cooler at home, the try placing some ice cubes in the ice cube tray or even ice water to the water tank. Currently, there are many models which contain the “humidity control” feature. However, based on some studies, there is no clear evidence which states that the “humid control” feature works effectively if used.

The best coolers under Rs. 10,000 can be used in humid areas as well but we do recommend to stick to non-humid areas in order to utilize its maximum potential without damaging the unit in the long run.

As we mentioned the important elements and features of an ideal air cooler, let’s talk more on the top 10 best air coolers under Rs 10,000 found in India:

Top 10 Best Air Coolers under 10000 in India 2020

1. Symphony Hicool Air Cooler

Symphony-Hicool-Air-CoolerHaving a capacity of 31 litres, the Symphony Hicool model is a personal air cooler created to suit all your needs and even cool down small areas within your home. In fact, this model is suitable for room sizes up to 175 square feet.

In terms of size measurements, the product has dimensions of length x breadth x-height of: 50.0 cm x 38.0 cm x 91.5 cm respectively. The model comes with a remote dock which is inbuilt, a fully operational remote with a 7-hour timer and a system restore feature. In addition, it offers an empty tank alarm to notify refilling and uses highly effective honeycomb pads for better compression and release of cool air.

It also has a strong air throw with an automatic swing wherein the air throw distance is about 37 feet. Due to this, the cooler outputs remarkable air delivery, therefore, it is known to give much higher noise levels compared to those with coolers which make use of fans. The model outputs 185 watts along with a functional voltage of 230 V thus emits strong air flow and output. The total package includes an air cooler and a remote for operating remotely than manually.

Lastly, the product is being offered with a 1-year warranty and even eligible for a complete refund within 10 days if the cooler is found to have any sort of damage, defects etc. It is advisable to enable cross-ventilation in the room otherwise the cooler will not work in its optimized potential.


2. Crompton Greaves Air Cooler

Crompton-Greaves-Air-CoolerHaving a capacity of 75 litres, this Crompton model is perfect for room sizes up to 550 square feet. The model has size dimensions of lxbxh : 61.0 cm x 40.5 cm x 120.0 cm respectively. This makes it compact and suitable for those who live in smaller apartments.

The model makes use of honeycomb cooling pads which are effective for releasing cool air into the room atmosphere. In terms of specifications, it uses power output of 190 watts along with a functional voltage of 230 V. This is tremendously amazing for those consumers who can make use of its optimum strength in small rooms wherein they can expect quick and effective cooling.

Also, it offers air delivery of 46000m3/hr along with an air throw distance of 52 feet. Users can expect large distance cooling and good circulation around the rooms. However, we recommend you to have cross-ventilation in your room/area otherwise the air cooler will not work effectively as it should.

Lastly, the model is being offered with a 1-year warranty and is even allowed for a complete refund within 10 days of delivery if the model seems to have problems such as defects, damage etc.


3. Symphony Diet Air Cooler

Symphony-Diet-Air-CoolerThe symphony diet cooler is suitable for small rooms and ideal for spot cooling as well. With a capacity of 22 litres, this cooler is perfect for a room size of up to 150 square feet.

The model offers product dimensions of lxbxh: 30.0 cm x 33.0 cm x 94.3 cm respectively. It is small and compact therefore good for those users who live in small apartments and can benefit from an overall cooling environment.

This model provides a remote dock which is inbuilt and a fully functional remote with a 7-hour timer. You can now time on when the air cooler should output cool air or when it should be shut off. With this, it has a remarkable strong air throw with an automatic swing with an air throw distance of 30 feet. The model outputs power of 170 watts and has a functional voltage of 230V.

In addition, the model uses highly effective and efficient honeycomb pads which ensures cool air to be released into the room. We recommend to ensure cross-ventilation in the room otherwise the cooler will not work well as it should.


4. Symphony Touch Air Cooler

Symphony-Touch-Air-CoolerWith a capacity of 35 litres, the Symphony cooler is suitable for those rooms which have a room size of up to 200 square feet. The model is designed with dimensions of 47.0 cm x 35.0 cm x 81.3. It is ideal for a twin sharing room and can circulate cool air around the room effectively.
What’s more intriguing is that the model uses a digital touchscreen, a voice assist and an i-Pure technology. This crosses all barriers when in comparison with other models due to its integration of modern technology into the unit.

In addition, the model has a flexible water tank wherein it is detachable thus you can try cleaning the water tank thoroughly in order to cleanse of all dirt and minerals in the water. It also uses highly efficient honeycomb pads for initiating better production of cool air. The model shows the power output of 185 watts and an optimized voltage of 230 V.

The cooler is being designed to execute strong air delivery, therefore, it is expected to have loud noise levels in comparison to coolers which use fans. As with all the previous models mentioned, we do recommend in ensuring cross ventilation in your room or area since the cooler will work more better and effectively.


5. Kenstar Air Cooler

Kenstar-Air-CoolerThe Kenstar model comes offers product dimensions of 650mm x 530mm x 550mm respectively. It is ideal for those who would want air circulation in smaller rooms and is easily portable due to its compact and small size.

In terms of specifications, the model offers an air throw distance of 35 feet along with an air delivery of 1750 m3/hr. This would mean far cooling distances which are certainly advantageous to the user on a hot scorching day. Moreover, the model offers 3 fan speed options along with 4-way air diversion hence ensuring air circulation across the whole area.

In addition to the cooling area, the model cools within 20 square meters of space thus remarkable for obtaining cooling air at a certain distance. The cooling media uses wool evaporative pads which soak and compress water into the cool air.

In fact, this model is being designed to operate using Louvre movement which is motorized vertically and not horizontally. Overall, the model is economical and does not consume a lot of electricity. As a result, you can expect cooling air to be dispersed equally in the room. The model is easy to set up and install but we do recommend cross-ventilation in your room since the cooler will need this to work effectively.


6. Cello Marvel Air Cooler

Cello-Marvel-Air-CoolerWith a capacity of 60 litres, this air cooler is suitable for those who have room sizes which scale up to 800 square feet. It really is an impressive and compact model which is brilliant for those who live in small-scale rooms/flats.

The model is designed with dimensions of lxbxh: 62.0 cm x 42.5 cm x 105.0 cm respectively. Apart from its size, this robust model has a global aesthetic style and is stunning in terms of potential. The model has inbuilt castors for easy rolling from one room to another hence enabling portability. Also, there is no need for a trolley in order to move the model around.

This air cooler outputs air delivery at 5000 m3/hr wherein it uses 3 option-based speed motor. You can change the speed setting depending on your comfortability. Even so, the cooler throws strong cool air up to 54 feet which is certainly a large distance for all the members in the household to enjoy during summer periods.

With a functioning voltage of 230 V and power output of 185 watts, the model embarks brilliant performance levels and satisfactory cooling results. Finally, we suggest cross-ventilation occur in a room or wherever it is being placed in order to ensure optimised efficiency.


7. Cello Osum Air Cooler

Cello-Osum-Air-CoolerWith a capacity of 50 litres, the cooler model is perfect for room sizes which scale up to 700 square feet. The Cello Osum model is being created with dimensions of lxbxh: 68.5 cm x 52.5 cm x 101.0 cm respectively. It is a truly honourable unit to mention due to its all-powerful size with stunning yet simplistic style.

The model offers castors which are inbuilt for easy moving across multiple areas in a home. There is no need for a trolley in order to move the cooler since the castors make the task smooth and easy. The model makes use of honeycomb cooling pads which are effective in compressing releasing cool air into the atmosphere of the household.

The product enables air delivery of 5000 m3/hr along with a motor which can be adjusted with its inbuilt 3-speed setting. You can now change the pace of speed depending on your own convenience. In addition, the model has a power output of 185 watts and even an operational voltage of 230V which is remarkable.

Lastly, the model work of an inverter and is being offered with a 1-year warranty. It is necessary to ensure cross-ventilation in order to make use of its maximum potential.


8. Cello Swift Air Cooler

Cello-Swift-Air-CoolerHaving a capacity of 50 litres, the model can be used effectively in a room size with a maximum scale of 700 square feet. What’s intriguing about this model is the options provided. ‘

The model is being designed with dimensions of lxbxh: 67.5 cm x 55.0 cm x 98.5 cm (with use of trolly) and 67.5 cm x 55.0 cm x 57.5 cm (without the use of trolly) respectively. This model is brilliant for its sturdy size and its beautiful minimalistic design.

In terms of features, the model offers a free trolley which can be positioned as a centre table along with wool cooling pads for better air cooling effect. The cooler offers an air delivery of 2000m3/hr along with a powerful voltage of 230V. Furthermore, Cello offers a 3-speed setting motor where you can adjust the speed of the air cooler and expect powerful air to be blown up to 45 feet. Even so, the power output used by this model is around 200 watts and works of an inverter.

Users are guaranteed with a 1-year warranty and are even refundable within 10 days of delivery if the model seems to face any sort of damage or defects.


9. Symphony Sumo Air Cooler

Symphony-Sumo-Air-CoolerThe Symphony model delivers capacity levels of 45 litres. The product is being created within dimensions of 618mm x 505mm x 1025mm respectively. To ensure portability, the model is being created with castors as well, therefore, you do not need to physically exhaust yourself in moving the cooler from one area to another.

The air cooler outputs 160 watts of power and even has a functional voltage of 110-230 volts. This assures strong performance levels for long periods of time. Apart from this, it makes use of Dura-pump technology wherein it enables a smooth cool flow dispenser as well as a robust air throw at large distances.

In addition to its air throw, the model even uses a sturdy 16-inch fan which adds up to guarantee air cooling at long distances. Despite its power, you still would need to ensure cross-ventilation in order for the cooler to be used effectively.


10. Symphony Kaizen Air Cooler

Symphony-Kaizen-Air-CoolerThe cooler offers a 41-litre capacity wherein it is powerful to last for longer periods during the day and night.

The model makes use of a cool flow dispenser and a huge pad area in order to initiate magnificent cooling in the room. In addition, the Symphony Kaizen model is a sturdy blower which has a 3-speed setting motor wherein you can change the speed of the cooler and tone it down or up depending on your needs.

On a similar note, the cooler is being produced with a vertical automatic swing which is useful in ensuring uniform air dispersion within a room. The model uses 95 watts of power and does not consume too much electricity.

The product is being offered with a 1-year warranty to purchasers as well.


Advantages of Using Air Coolers

  • Lower operating costs. Operating an air cooler is actually not a burden since it does not cost much to invest and saves you the cost of electricity consumption as well.
  • Air coolers are known to more eco-friendly compared to ACs.
    In comparison with air conditioners, air coolers do not make the neighbouring environment (where the compressor is placed) hot.
  • Placing an air conditioner in huge halls is really expensive. Moreover, you need to purchase a 2 ton AC unit in order to cool these huge halls. This can cost up to Rs. 60,000. Air coolers are a much cheaper alternative compared to ACs in general.
  • Air coolers deliver fresh quality air which is combined with cool water it is more nature-friendly.
  • Air coolers are even portable. Consumers can locate their air coolers from one room to another one with ease due to the sleek wheels built underneath.

Disadvantages of Air Coolers

Well, apart from the advantages of air coolers, there are some few disadvantages which are found in air coolers.

  • Having constant and frequent maintenance: In order to make use of the air cooler, you would need to fill water in the water tank. This is a constant and continuous job which needs to be done every night. A majority of the people finds the task tedious and irritating. If you happen to live in a water drought area, this can be much worse
  • Air coolers do not work much effectively in areas which are near coastal locations and high humid areas. This is due to air coolers which deliver water in the neighbouring air and cools down the atmosphere. When the air is found in a high humid atmosphere, it cannot take in additional water, therefore, air will not cool down much.
  • Air coolers are known to be very loud since both the fan and motor runs at the same time.

Guidelines in Using Air Coolers

  • As the scorching summer begins and you start to use your cooler unit, it is recommended to clean the cooler well before it is used.
  • The room windows or doors should be kept open in order to ensure the air cooler operates correctly and effectively. If all the windows and doors were kept shut, then the humidity starts to increase and the air cooler can stop functioning well as expected.
  • It is suggested to cover the air cooler if it is not in use.

Which is the Best Air Cooler Under 10000?

As we seen the best top 10 air coolers under Rs. 10,000; it is important to note that different air coolers can serve different purposes. Thus, pick an air cooler depending on your needs and look into certain factors such as size, power output, noise levels etc in order to guide you in choosing an ideal air cooler.

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