Best Pedestal Fans in India 2020 – Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

1. Usha Max2. Ansio3. V-Guard Finesta


The Indian weather can get extreme at times in most parts of the country, which is why a soothing ventilation system is essential to offer the people with comfort and tranquility that is needed at home. In order to have a suitable aeration dispersed in your home, you would require the right amount of windows in each room as well as installing fans at multiple and important positions.

The fans placed on the ceilings only give air within a limited range and the air which you may feel may not be the level of comfort you might expect. Hence, in order to satisfy your ascendant and personal aeration needs; purchasing the best pedestal fan here in India is a perfect choice.


It is safe to assume that the pedestal fans can be labelled or described as electric fans which are portable. These are technically appliances which function electronically and are being constantly utilized to improve ventilation, deliver drafts, increase the personal experience of comfort, and to oversee and adjust the climate. Moreover, these types of fans are actually axial fans hence, they make full use of the blades which use the air inside the room.

After the air has been received, it conducts a flow of air using a shaft wherein ultimately, the blades attached to the fan start to rotate around. In short, the important elements or components you would find in a pedestal fan would be a fan base, blades, armature and lead wires, motor housing, oscillator shaft, blade guard, and an oscillator gearbox.

However, it is guaranteed where nothing could compete with the ultimate power from an air conditioner. However, this is an expensive option to operate and can break down at any moment. So how would a regular citizen solve such an issue?

Well, the answer is clear. A pedestal fan, of course; is reliable, inexpensive to function and efficient. Having a high-quality pedestal fan will enable consumers such as yourself to be prepared and equipped to stay away from heat and be cool as well as comfortable during the tormentful scorching days. Despite this, there are thousands of pedestal fans found in the market.

Consumers can find an immense amount of pedestal fans in the market. There is no ‘ultimate pedestal fan’ but getting that best pedestal fan, would actually depend on your requirements and needs solely. Moreover, in order to ensure that your decision is the ideal perfect choice, we will be providing you with a review buying guide wherein all the necessary information which you need before purchasing and obtaining a pedestal fan is stated.

In terms of demand, pedestal fans are surprisingly high in demand, particularly in India. There are multiple reasons which caused this peculiar demand. Firstly, as you place the pedestal fan in your home/workplace, it would only require and occupy less space than expected. Thus, if you are that consumer who owns a small house or just bought a home recently, then this type of fan is an ideal choice.

Furthermore, the best pedestal fans in India are now found available in multiple and in a variety of designs. Hence the fashion style factor also provides an important contribution. Along with this, there are also other sorts of reasons for why the demand and sale of the best pedestal fans in India have been picked up largely.

What to see in a pedestal fan when buying one? As mentioned before, pedestal fans are electric fans which have been designed with a blade diameter which is large in size, a circular base which is wide, and swinging operations in order to achieve the maximum airflow. Currently, there are many pedestal fans in the market hence you can choose one easily but before that, you would need to answer some questions such as:

Is it necessary or a top priority for fans to operate quietly?
Is it important or essential to use a remote control for convenience sake?
Are you a person who tends to care about airflow and power?

Factors Before Choosing the Best Pedestal Fans

Fans that are kind to your wallet

In comparison to an air conditioner, fans do not offer much of a ‘chill’ effect, however, it would still allow you to cool down through the process and effect of evaporating perspiration. And all this occurs at a small fraction or part of the running cost. There are many fans including the best pedestal fans which could operate on a 24/7 basis for a complete summer where you may only pay less for the amount of electricity used.

Generally, tower and pedestal fans are inexpensive to purchase although there are few models which are pretty costly. As technology progresses, pedestal and tower fans enable portability, giving you the freedom to position it wherever you want which is not likely for ceiling fans.

Moreover, there are few features being added, such as timers, remote controls and settings which are variable. If a consumer faces an issue such as a congested room, they can use it to clear the air due to the wet paint smell, a damp carpet or even smoke.

An Important Question: Tower or Pedestal Fan?

As you are in the process of choosing a fan, then you should consider where you would mostly prefer the fan’s position and also change the airflow as well- directly or indirectly.

Pedestal fans are usually placed on an adjustable height stand where it is extremely useful during times when you would want to direct it to a certain spot in the room or even at a particular height present above the ground– to illustrate it even better, the air blowing across the surface of the bed, blowing directly to the face or even being angled toward the ceiling wall in order to capture the indirect breeze.

Column or tower fans have an outlet which is a long rectangular form that sits much closer to the floor. However, the upper body or upper section can blow an adequate amount of air at a necessary height and is even designed to have louvres in order to lead the air flow down or up. This is often appropriate for use in a bigger living room.

Fan Modes

There are a few fans which have a mode which is usually called ‘sleep’ or ‘natural’ mode. This is what causes the fan speed to vary and even stimulates a natural breeze. There are pedestal fans which have a reduction mode, enabling you to switch from the current speed to the next speed which is lower, after a 30 minute duration period.

This is definitely useful if you tend to use a pedestal fan at night in the bedroom. If you are experiencing an irritatingly hot night then it is advised to sleep with the fan switched on but at the same time, it should not be too loud so that it affects your sleep. Hence, using a gentle mode can be much more appropriate than simply switching the fan to a lower speed.


It can be advantageous to find models which offer a timer in order to switch off the fan after a given pre-set period. Some models have a timer to switch the fan off after a set period.


Having an electronic indicator can be useful as it enables you to change the settings of the fan from time to time.


There is an immense amount of designer fans that have been made available in the market. Hence, you would need to choose or select a design which you prefer.

Furthermore, you would need to consider the atmosphere of the room, thus, choose a design which fits in perfectly. If you do pick the wrong design then it would make, both, the room and the fan unappealing to look at and stay in as well- which is something you cannot afford to deal with.


The best pedestal fans are now being made available in many types of budgets. Therefore, you can choose a budget as well as a design which suits you best. The only thing which needs to be considered obtaining the information renowned by the manufacturers of the pedestal fans in India.

As long as the consumer purchases from the right producer, he/she would definitely enjoy the good purchasing experience.


In comparison to ceiling fans, the pedestal fans are now made available in multiple and different sizes. Ultimately, how would you know and decide the right size to place in the room? Before you start to get flustered, consider the size of the room first. Having a large room size would lead to covering a much bigger area, hence, obtaining a small fan for a large room would not be adequate enough. In addition, consumers can consider the state of convenience. If you want to move a fan from one area to another, then it is best suited to have a small fan which is portable enough to be mobile.

Speed Options

Majority of the pedestal fans in India are now available with a variety of speed options. Therefore, you can make the fan go either faster or slower as well. Furthermore, you can always ensure to choose a fan which has an adequate amount of options regarding speed, as well as suiting all your needs and application as well.

Benefits of Using Pedestal Fan

The pedestal fans are environmentally friendly since they do not contribute towards squandering lead or CFC. They take in only limited amounts of power in comparison to the air conditioners. Moreover, the pedestal fans can lead to an increase in the efficiency of the air conditioner by locating and dispersing the air in a more even manner.

Low-cost: The pedestal fans are not that costly as you tend to you purchase only one, and at the same time, it is inexpensive to run the fan on a daily basis as well. Thus, this is certainly a great method to offer a cool air flow and avoid spending a lot of money on a larger ventilation scale such as an air conditioner.

There are electric fans which are portable and also not so costly to purchase, as well as capable of operating on a day-to-day basis. Hence, they are ideal and a superb way to stay ventilated and cool without having to spend a lot of money.

Effortless to use: Pedestal fans do not require to call in technical engineers in setting it up as it is easy to do it oneself. All that a consumer should do is to plug into the power outlet and just turn on the revel in order to unleash the cooling experience. In layman terms, electric fans which are portable do not need any such installation and you can plug in the fan and turn it on, hence enjoying the ultimate cooling comfort.

Portable: Furthermore, since the fans are being made portable, they are not required to be permanently fixed into a certain position since it might be carried from one location to another with effortless movement.

Multi-Functional: Along with offering a cooling and relaxing experience, there are portable fans which are splendid for increasing the ventilation in a room.

  • The pedestal fan does not lead to an increase in carbon dioxide and is hence, environment-friendly
  • Compared to air conditioners, pedestal fans use only a part or fraction of the power.
  • Just like the air conditioner, it optimises the effectiveness of an AC by blending and distributing the air evenly around.
  • It is recommended to keep these features in mind before purchasing a pedestal fan such as:

Blade Sweep: A blade sweep of a fan is typically the circular zone which is being covered by the fan blades when it is rotating. When observing the overall expectancy of a fan blade sweep, or multiple fans having many blades, it is calculated by estimating the edge of one blade to the other blade’s edge. Usually, the blade will be up to 400mm or 450mm in length.

Noise: No matter how effective the cooling a pedestal fan may produce, most of the best pedestal fans and even normal ones operate in a quiet manner. However, there are few people who tend to enjoy the ‘white noise’ which is being produced by some fans, especially during the slumber periods. Generally, the quieter the pedestal fans operate, the better it is.

This is especially if a consumer uses a fan on a low-speed basis at night when he/she sleeps. Before you purchase a pedestal fan in a shop, always ask to check the hearing of the fan along with checking for whining, buffeting thrumming noises.

Material: The fans which are being produced using plastic maybe not so expensive but are more practical compared to other material types. Moreover, these types of plastics do not rust out and even deliver good cooling. Fans which have been manufactured using stainless steel may rust because they have been covered with paint.

Also, there are few fans which are even made up of brass, hence, leading to corrosion and thus, to further costs in maintenance in further polishing. There are pedestal fans which are produced using metal and are, therefore, stronger and resistant against any type of knock. In contrast, any strong fall of a plastic fan could lead to damage and might even crack. Many of these fans provide blades of glory made up of aluminium.

Removable Grill: It is most likely that fans are going to collect the dust after a few months of constant use. Usually, a grill which is detachable is definitely convenient when it can be used to make cleaning easier. However, it is unfortunate that few fans need to be taken down part by part or even disassembled in order to obtain the fan blades.

Even so, there might be fans which are not even designed to be taken down part by part even slightly. Just as a safety reminder, the fan should always be switched off and also unplugged before you begin to clean it.

Rotating, Oscillating, Grill or Fixed: Most of the fans usually swing the blades up to 90 degrees, hence, the pedestal fan stays still in a constant motion while the grill starts rotating. The swinging fans can be further utilized even when the oscillation feature is being switched off.

Hence, this swinging function is a feature is used rarely when required. Also, there are multiple fans which are designed to allow vertical tilting as well which even can be within a range of 20 to 30 degrees.

Fan Power: Fans which are being produced for industry purposes have been placed a rating according to the air quantity they offer which is being measured in CFM- Cubic Feet per Minute. When we talk about fans designed for consumers, they are not frequently being rated in the same manner as the industrial fans.

The 50 to 60 watts is roughly approximated to 80 to 100 watts which is almost about the practical edge-of-use at home. If you are not able to find the power watts being mentioned in the documents or manual, then the fan’s wattage will be mentioned or provided below or at the rear end of the fan.

Fan Speed: In terms of the speed strength of the fan, it is being measured in rotations per minute or RPM for abbreviation sake. Consumers can control pedestal fan speeds by changing and regulating the buttons or dials which enable consumers to control the overall speed of the pedestal fan.

Adjustable angle and height: Recently, the best pedestal fans in the market are versatile in terms of height, wherein, consumers are allowed to change or alter the height of the pedestal fan of the fan depending on their own requirements. Having these features will offer multiple options as to where and how you can place the fan. Changing the angle of the fan will enable you to retrieve an indirect breeze which can be beneficial and useful if the fan speed tends to be strong for a breeze which is too direct.

Remote Controls: Currently, there are few pedestal fans which have complimentary remote controls where consumers can operate each and every single function being built-in the pedestal fan. Thus, due to such robust technology, you can make alterations to speed and other functions when you are anywhere inside the room.

As we have looked into the different factors and elements before deciding the purchase of the pedestal fan, let us now review the top 10 pedestal fans in the market in 2018:

Top 10 Best Pedestal Fans in India 2020

1. Usha Maxx Air 400mm Pedestal Fan

Usha-Maxx-Air-400mm-Pedestal-FanWith the USHA Maxx Air Pedestal Fan, you can now be comfortable in many weather types anywhere. Be it indoors, Verdana or even in your garden, the exclusive appealing pedestal fan will remove all your discomfort, hence, revitalizing the head and body. In terms of colour, you get to decide between two options such as blue and white which fits the home decor or office interiors beautifully.

The cool air will disperse only at a lower level in a room. These type of portable floor fans will then disperse the air horizontally and thus, offer instant circulation in order to offer comfort and relief. This is done without disturbing the hot air which is being accumulated up in the ceiling.

Top Technology

The cool air dispersion is then fully enhanced by the wide push and swinging angles of USHA Maxx Air Pedestal Fans. Plus, the adjustable tilt-back feature along with the height adjusting feature is being made ergonomically in order to allow customization of the USHA pedestal fan position in order to suit your need.

Quality & Cost Saving Focus

This pedestal fan is designed with reliable, splendid and high-quality class motors. Along with these motors, the aerodynamic blades have been optimized to produce the overall effectiveness of air conditioners. These blades will then engender a soothing breeze and enable consumers to save energy as they increase the temperature setting in the thermostat. So, while consumers tend to enjoy the cool comfortable breeze, they also save on high electricity costs.

In terms of structure, the blades have been designed aerodynamically using semi-transparent PP blades. Moreover, the special oil reservoir lubrication enables a longer life expectancy and better reliability.

It includes a pedestal fan, a warranty card and an instruction manual. It is completely effortless to use as it is jerk-free and even has a uniform dispersion of air (oscillation). The pedestal fan ensures high delivery of air in the room. The operating power delivers 230 volts along with 55 watts of power. Lastly, the manufacturer offers in a warranty for the product of up to 2 years.


2. Ansio Pedestal Fan

ANSIO-Pedestal-FanThis type of pedestal fan is a high-speed fan which proves to be a beautiful combination of quality, design and performance. In terms of airflow, it delivers around 30% airflow which is much higher compared to regular speed fans with a swinging rate of 80 degrees.

Also, it is good to note that this fan can be operated manually as the on and off switch is present on the stand itself. In terms of noise, this high-speed fan will cause a little more sound as compared to regular speed fans. Hence, the ANSIO pedestal fan may not be appropriate in a tranquil environment.

Moreover, the fan offers 3-speed settings along with a flexible head tilt. In terms of the speed setting, the fan delivers the speeds- low (rpm 1750), medium (rpm 2000) and high (rpm 2300). In order to maximize relief, comfort and preference, the fan head is adjustable where it can be tilted down or even up in order to alter the angles of cool coverage.

The blades of the fan are made up of plastic which is durable. And you do not have to worry about the assembly of the fan as it is a Do It Yourself task wherein it is simple and basic which can be followed using the instruction manual which is provided along with the fan.

The timer feature enables you to set up a 2 hour period, after which the fan will then switch off automatically. In addition, it has a 1.8m power cable where it delivers a convenient use of moving the fan from one position to another along with a motor which is 100% copper made hence prolonging the durable life expectancy and high-quality speed performance.


3. V-Guard Finesta Pedestal Fan

V-Guard-Finesta-Pedestal-FanThis pedestal fan offers a motor size which is small as a baby where it has the dimensions such as 509mm x 148mm x 538mm. Along with this, the fan is an effective and smooth design, delivering cool soothing air during the scorching summers.

It also features in a cool and stylish looking remote which is compact and easy to carry around. The remote is designed with three different types of speed settings, enabling the fan to be versatile and be used anywhere in the house.
The V-Guard pedestal fan offers in a motorized swinging feature which disperses the air in an equal manner in every corner and nook of the room. This is certainly an ideal solution to all the financial and convenient worries which occur during the summer.

This 55 watts pedestal fan is definitely an economical method to cool the room if you tend to consider the high electricity costs. Due to its sleek design, the fan can be easily placed anywhere in the room since it is not heavy or even that noisy.

Also, it functions on a silent mode. Hence, you will feel no hindrance of its presence in the room as the V-fan pedestal fan provides an appealing body which also adds attraction to your house while keeping it cool at the same time. The manufacturer offers in a 1-year warranty on the product where the blades also have a sweep of 400m.


4. Usha Helix Pro Pedestal Fan

Usha-Helix-Pro-Pedestal-FanThe Usha Helix Pro offers a high-quality performance in terms of speed. It offers a speed of 2300 Rpm, being 70% higher in comparison with the usual speed fans. Moreover, it has a head tilting mechanism which is more of a ratchet type to enable effortless and soft adjusting and tilting angle.

The motor is more of a synchronous type, contributing to a uniform and sleek oscillation. Its aerodynamically designed blades enable a much superior air thrust. There is also an effortless oscillation switch where it is being ergonomically placed in order to monitor the overheat protection.

In regards to protection, it also offers an auto resettable switch in order to protect the motor during times of thermal overloading with a sweep size of 400mm. Lastly, the product also offers 2 years of warranty in case there is any defect or damage found.


5. V-Guard Finesta STS Pedestal Fan

V-Guard-Finesta-STS-Pedestal-FanThe V-guard Finesta STS is a beautiful pedestal fan model where it comes in two colours such as white and blue and is suitable for both home and office decor as well. In terms of structure, it has a small motor with dimensions of 500mm x 150mm x 600mm.

It exerts the power of 55 watts and has conducts 1350 revolutions per minute. Moreover, it has a unique coated metal which is a corrosion resistant powder with a 120 spoke. Along with this, it has thermal overload protector which is being inbuilt into the pedestal fan. V-Guard offers a 1-year warranty on this product as well.


6. Bajaj Victor VP-R01 Pedestal Fan

Bajaj-Victor-VP-R01-Pedestal-FanThe Bajaj Victor VP-R01 provides promising performance levels and features which are beneficial to the consumers. It has an acrylic blade which swings with high performance hence delivering cooler air when in the room. Moreover, the fan is durable for many years to use and if there seems to be any sort of defect or problems, then a 2-year warranty is being placed on the product.

Moreover, it exerts a power of 55 watts which is strong enough to provide adequate cooling as well. In terms of the body structure, it has a guard, a blade assy, a remote control for operating at a distance, a pipe assy, a motorized body, a warranty card and finally an instruction manual where you can learn how to set up the fan effortlessly.


7. Havells V3 Turbo Pedestal Fan

Havells-V3-Turbo-Pedestal-FanThe Havells pedestal fan has 3 blades with each blade measuring at about 120 cm. Moreover, the air delivery of the fan is about 110 CMM. This means that it directs out strong air keeping the whole interior cool and soothing to live in. It directs out the power of 100 watts along with a good functional voltage of 220-240 volts.

The speed of the swinging blades rotates up to 1400 RPM and has a sweep of 450 mm as well. This gives a promising experience of comfort and relief to the consumer. Along with this, they do provide 2 years of warranty on the product if there seems to be any problems or defects as well.


8. Orient Electric Stand Pedestal Fan

Orient-Electric-Stand-Pedestal-FanThe Orient stand has been aerodynamically designed with resin blades in order to achieve the optimized air delivery. Moreover, the fan offers a piano switch control with a 3-speed setting. Orient offers a fully adjustable fan for altering the height depending on the consumer’s interest using a telescopic arrangement.

It provides a 90-degree oscillation along with a flexible downward and upward tilt feature. Along with this, the pedestal fan has an added protection where the guard is being powder coated with a polymer ring as well. Moreover, the motor is also being protected using an overload protection device which is thermal. It exerts a power of 53 watts.

In terms of body structure, it includes the blades, a bottom base, guards, a neck and motor assembly along with a user manual and warranty card. Lastly, the manufacturer provides 2 years of warranty on the product as well as if there seems to be any sort of problems after purchase.


9. Crompton Hiflo Pedestal Fan LG

Crompton-Hiflo-Pedestal-Fan-LGThe Crompton Hiflo have used blades which are produced out of plastic for a more current look. It has an overall plastic covered base and body where it delivers air delivery of a minimum 70 Along with this, it exerts a power of 50 watts which is strong enough to power cool air and offer a comfortable experience.

It has an overall speed of 1300 rotations per minute and a sweep of 400mm. Lastly, LG offers a two-year warranty on the product if there seems to be any sort of damage or defect.


10. Havells Glitz Pedestal Fan

Havells-Glitz-Pedestal-FanThe Havells Glitz had a high quality and glossy antique brass with an appealing electroplated touch. The might motor offers a high amount of air delivery and air thrust as well. With an exertion of 155 watts of power along with a functional voltage of 220-240 volts, it gives a promising feature of offering cool air circulation especially during periods of scorching heat.

Moreover, the pedestal fan comes along with a telescopic adjustment for the height, making it easy and effortless to alter the height of the fan when needed. Overall, in terms of body structure, there is a motor placed, a blade set and a fan as well. Lastly, the company offers a 2-year warranty on this product for any defects or damages which occur after purchase.



So, as we have discussed the top best pedestal fans in 2018 and in India, you can make your own decision according to your needs. But, you should prioritize and make the right decision in choosing the pedestal fan since purchasing a fan which does not serve a purpose can be a waste of money.