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India, being a tropical country, tends to become extremely hot during the summer season. With the worldwide climatic changes taking place due to global warming, India is experiencing the most unbearable summers.

It is hotter than ever, especially in places like Delhi, Uttar Pradesh, and the surrounding areas which witness extreme weather conditions.

In such a scenario, the best air conditioners are a relief to the human body on very hot days. It creates a comfortable and refreshing environment at home, in the office, and in other institutions. This Blue Star ac review is for those who wish to purchase good quality air conditioners to escape the heat.

It is not just the weather that can increase the level of heat inside a room. The rapid usage of machines like computers, laptops, coffee makers, photocopy machines, microwaves, and many more also increases the heat inside a room.


This added to the already hot weather and the natural heat produced by human bodies can lead to great discomfort for many.

Air conditioning can reverse the heat produced by these machines. Along with this, air conditioners also help maintain the proper level of moisture, temperature, and improve the quality of air. It filters out dust particles and bacteria, making the air better to breathe.

Hot temperature leads to fatigue. Humid, sultry and warm environments can rob you of all your motivation to work or do anything. Air conditioners act as a boon and have become a necessity in India.

About The Brand Blue Star

Blue Star is an Indian brand that specializes in designing, manufacturing, and marketing a wide variety of products in the category of air conditioning and refrigeration. It was established in the years after the independence of India. The headquarters of Blue Star is situated in the state of Mumbai.

This brand has grown and expanded immensely since its years of inception. Statistics show that every one in three buildings have a Blue Star device installed. This proves that through its impressive marketing skills and good quality products, it has built a reputation among the people of India.

Blue Star provides its customers with a wide range of products according to the needs and requirements of all. It offers cassette and VRF (Variable Refrigerant Flow) to the commercial users, window and split air conditioners for the residential users and portable ACs for those always on the road and who likes to travel.

The company has expanded to the extent that it now has five manufacturing units and 4000 outlets all across India. Another reason why Blue Star is considered to be one of the best is because of its great emphasis on energy efficiency and eco-friendliness.

It has abandoned the usage of elements harmful to the environment to curb the rise of global warming.

However, before buying the Blue Star products, you must have a brief idea about some of its technologies.

Blue Star Air Conditioning Technologies

Blue Star air conditioners (ACs) are equipped with some of the best features of any AC. This makes any AC of this brand worth purchasing. Mentioned below are some of the factors that makes this brand one of the best ones in India.

1. Smart Control Feature

Almost all the modern split ACs produced by Blue Star comes with a smart control feature. This means that the AC can be completely controlled with your smartphone. Whether you want to change the settings, the direction of the split, or adjust the temperature, it can all be done using your smartphone.

Many people have a tendency of misplacing the AC remote. On days when the heat is unbearable, and you desperately want to turn the AC on, not being able to find the remote can be frustrating. With the smart control feature, all such problems can be avoided.

All you need to do in order to enable this feature is to download a dedicated app and connect it with the router. Once this is done, even if you have lost the remote or you are in a different room, you can easily control the air conditioner.

2. 4D Wide-Angle Flow With Direction Control

Most air conditioners in India belonging to the other brands come with a swing blade that moves only in two directions- up and down.

However, the 5-star inverter series Blue Star models are equipped with the 4D swing function. This means that the swing blade helps disseminate cool air in multiple directions (up-down, right-left).

It has an omnidirectional airflow mechanism. This is because the ACs are designed with a motorized vertical and horizontal swing utility. This function ensures uniform cooling across the entire room.

You can easily change the blow direction if you do not want the cold air to hit you directly. The louvers in these machines also come with a wider angle so that air is distributed in every nook and corner of the room.

The greatest advantage of this feature is that it allows the rapid distribution of cold air in a short duration.

3. Using EEV And Multiple Sensors For Precise Cooling Technology

Usually, the temperature of most ACs can be controlled by only 1-degree centigrade. Even if you feel like 16 degrees is too cold, but 17 degrees is not cold enough, you have no option midway. However, the 5-star inverter ACs by Blue Star comes with Precision Cooling Technology (PCT).

This entails that you can control the temperature of the AC even in decimals and as precisely as 0.1-degree centigrade. This remarkable feature is achieved through smart design, which comprises multiple sensors, smart processor, and electronic expansion valves.

The electronic expansion valve used by Blue Star controls the flow of energy according to the load needed. This assists in improving the efficiency of these machines. The PCT is guided by five specialized sensors which are:

  • Room return sensor
  • Evaporator coil sensor
  • Ambient sensor
  • DLT sensor
  • Condenser coil sensor

4. Hot and Cool Air Conditioners

Conventionally, the idea of an air conditioner has always been that of a device that fills the room with chilled air on extremely hot days.

However, as the name suggests, the air conditioner is supposed to condition the temperature to suit your needs at a particular time.

Blue Star ACs come with an all year round conditioning solution to help solve this problem. It has the function of a built-in heater in the AC, which is provided in the form of a ‘heat mode’ option. Pressing this option will reverse the process of air conditioning.

The fan stops working, and warm air is given out until the desired temperature is reached. Like conventional heaters, this does not use a heating filament, which means that they are more energy-efficient and eliminates the risk of low oxygen levels.

With features like this, Blue Star has brought a revolutionary change in the conventional idea of ACs being a seasonal device. No matter what the weather is, cold or hot, you can now experience the temperature that you truly desire.

5. Air Filtration System Using Seven Filters With An Auto-Clean Functionality

The air around is gradually deteriorating in quality because of factors like pollution, environmental degradation, and so on. This has led to people having health problems. Even low levels of hygiene and cleanliness can lead to similar issues.

Blue Star ACs come with seven kinds of filters to protect you from dust and germs. The seven filters have been listed below.

  • Anti-Bacterial filter- this helps to sterilize bacteria. It removes 95% Staphylococcus Aureus bacteria and Escherichia Coli, which can cause infections, boils, and even diarrhea.
  • Dust filter- this helps eliminate dust particles in the air by trapping them.
  • Vitamin C filter- this filter helps mainly to reduce stress and helps to soften the skin as well.
  • Catechin filter- this filter puts a stop to further bacterial growth. It also helps remove cigarette smoke and other pollutants.
  • Silver ion filter- this filter can destroy almost 99% of bacteria and viruses present in the air.
  • Active Carbon filter- this filter works to eliminate unpleasant odor like ammonia and also filters other harmful gases.

Added to these filters, which assist in impeccable air filtration, Blue Star also provides the auto-clean function. It has a ‘blow clean’ mode, which enables the indoor blower to continue running for a few minutes after the air conditioner is turned off. This prevents the accumulation of dust or mold.

6. Dual Rotor Compressor Inverter Technology

A good number of Blue Star ACs possess the revolutionary ‘Dual Rotor Compressor Inverter’ technology. Inverter technology enables giving more power to the compressor when needed. When the compressor needs less power, it gives less power.

Compared to other brands producing air conditioners, this particular feature of Blue Star puts it in a superior position. The compressor always remains on, but depending on the temperature of the incoming air, it can draw less power or more power.

In order to facilitate a high rotational speed with minimal vibrations, an advanced BLDC motor is used. Along with this, an acoustic jacket is provided in order to reduce the sound made by the compressor. This will make your cooling experience a peaceful one.

7. Copper Condenser With Anti-corrosive Hydrophilic Bluefin

Blue Star uses 100% copper to make the condensers of its premium ACs. This is better than the conventional aluminum condensers because the heat transfer in copper is better. Also, the copper condenser is easier to clean, maintain, and is also more durable than aluminum condensers.

However, you should know that copper condensers are more expensive than aluminum ones. The new Blue Star ACs come with anti-corrosive hydrophilic bluefin, which prevents water condensation from accumulating. It also prevents easy corrosion during high moisture levels.

This feature is a great advantage for people living in highly humid areas as it will keep the machine safe from corrosive elements.

8. Anti-Freeze Thermostat, Powder-Coated Outer Body And Metal Enclosure For PCB

When the AC is running at its coldest speed or lowest temperature, the recurring problem is that of frost formation on the heat exchanger.

Blue Star split ACs have the anti-freeze thermostat on the indoor coil, which makes sure this problem of frost formation does not take place. It merely turns on the compressor when the coldest temperature is attained.

Galvanized steel is used to make the metal bodies of the outdoor units. It is then further coated with polyester powder paint. In the harsh tropical climate of India, these measures are required to be taken to protect the metal bodies from corrosion.

These devices also come with a metal enclosure that safeguards the mainboard, which is the Printed Circuit Board (PCB). This is done to prevent overheating of the electrical components of the AC.

Blue Star AC Reviews 2020

1. Blue Star 1.5 Ton 5 Star Inverter Split AC

Blue Star AC reviewThis Blue Star AC is available in white color. It is one of the Blue Star’s 5-star inverter AC, which means that it is one of the top high-end quality ACs manufactured by the company. It is a split AC with 1.5-ton capacity.

The device features the night glow function on the remote button. This is best suited when the remote is to be used to adjust settings in the dark. It has an ambient temperature of 52, which is well suited to the changing temperature in the air.

It is equipped with anti-corrosive blue fins and hydrophilic blue fins. The Precision Cooling Technology (PCT) enables the temperature to be adjusted by 0.5-degree centigrade, which proves efficient.

It has a turbo mode button, the remote. If pressed, the room will be cool or heat quickly, with the fan speed operating for 30 minutes. Along with this, the remote also has a hidden display button. This model is slightly expensive but has some of the best features.


2. Blue Star 1.5 Ton 3 Star Split AC

Blue Star 1.5 Ton 3 Star Split ACThis Blue Star split AC comes with a non-inverter compressor that makes a very low sound. It is affordable as well compared to the other products. The capacity of the AC is 1.5 ton, which is suitable for medium-sized rooms.

The energy rating of this model is three stars, which means that it is moderately energy efficient. It is equipped with copper condenser coils for better cooling and which requires low maintenance. It is environment-friendly as it uses R32 refrigerant gas, which has no ozone depletion and low global warming potential.


3. Blue Star 1 Ton 3 Star Inverter Split AC

Blue Star 1 Ton 3 Star Inverter Split ACThis Blue Star AC with inverter compressor has a variable speed compressor that adjusts power depending on heat load. This AC is the most energy-efficient and has the lowest noise consumption. The model is available in white color.

The capacity of the AC is 1 ton, which is well suited to small rooms. It has copper condenser coils and refrigerant gas R410A, which has no ozone depletion potential. Available at a pocket-friendly price, this AC is a great buy.


4. Blue Star 1.0 Ton 3 Star Window AC

Blue Star 1.0 Ton 3 Star Window ACThis is another Blue Star product but quite different from the ones mentioned above. This one is a 1-ton window AC. It is well suited to small-sized rooms as the cooling capacity is low. The AC is available in white color.

This is a good choice for those having a cash crunch as the price is pocket-friendly. Other than this, it has a high-efficiency rotary compressor and anti-corrosive blue fin copper condenser — the remote features the auto mode, sleep mode, dry mode, and fan mode.


Pros And Cons Of Blue Star Air Conditioners

Blue Star has made a name for itself in the market because of how it caters to the versatile needs of people across the country. It has a wide range of products starting from residential to commercial, from windows to split, from the inverter to non-inverter.

Blue Star ACs are best known for their stronghold in the sector of commercial ACs, and it is gradually expanding with residential ACs as well.

R22, which is a refrigerant gas, has been abandoned by Blue Star since this gas is harmful to the environment and acts as a major precursor to global warming.

This brand is also suggested over any other by most experts because Blue Star truly believes in trimming down the noise coming out of its.

This company spends most of its resources on research and development in order to improve their products. Economic Times declared it as among the ‘Best Corporate Brands’ very recently.

It is difficult to point out the cons of this company because it has very few. One major drawback, however, would be that their power consumption, in general, is slightly higher as compared to other companies like Daikin or Hitachi.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is Blue Star A Good Air Conditioner?

All the factors mentioned earlier hint towards the direction that Blue Star ACs are good. Finding such high-quality products at affordable prices is very difficult, and Blue Star is the solution to the problem.

Blue Star split ACs are stylish, compact and energy-efficient. Their window ACs are powerful, efficient, and eco-friendly. Their portable ACs are very convenient and easily moveable.

All in all, the verdict is that Blue Star ACs are good. You can purchase one, and rest assured you will not be disappointed.

2. Which AC Is Best Voltas Or Blue Star?

If factors like efficiency ratio, net total room cooling capacity, power consumption, noise level, net dehumidifying effect, and net total sensible effect are taken into account, both Voltas and Blue Star occupy the same rank.

Blue Star was, however, found to be slightly more energy-efficient than Voltas. Both brands have passed the MOCT (maximum operating conditions test), which means that they are able to function well even in the high temperature in summer.

Blue Star, however, is superior to Voltas when it comes to the total room cooling effect.

3. What Is ‘I Feel’ in the Blue Star AC?

Blue Star ACs have a feature called ‘I Feel’ which is present both on the unit as well as on the remote. This feature enables the indoor blower of the AC to run for a few minutes even after the AC is turned off. Doing this prevents dust and mold accumulation and also keeps the indoor coil dry.


Blue Star is one of the oldest names in the air conditioning industry, offering a plethora of features to suit the needs, requirements, and desires of every customer.

Its electronic expansion valves, motor, and dual rotary inverter compressor, and multiple sensors ensure that the room is perfectly cooled. All of this without making the least noise.

Blue Star machines are capable of filtering out all kinds of pollutants, virus, dust particles, bacteria, and bad odor with the help of the seven filters installed in them.

For those who are adept at misplacing the AC remote, Blue Star ACs can be operated using your smartphones. This has made life easier.

To ensure that cool air reaches every corner of the room, Blue Star ACs have the 4D wide airflow feature. This has made the extreme summers and bone-chilling winters bearable to a large extent.

This Blue Star AC review is to educate you on the brand- Blue Star and the different products it makes so that you can make an informed choice in buying an air conditioner for your home or office.

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