Follow These Tips to Extend the Life of Air Conditioners

Let’s face it, when the summers come, or the weather is even mildly hot and humid, we prefer to switch on our air conditioners in hopes for a cooler temperature. There is nothing like the sweet spot of having the temperature of the room between 22 degrees and 24 degrees.

The only time that air conditioners trouble us is when the cooling is not the right amount, and you have to go through the hassle of calling the helpline number or your local electrician and getting it fixed. Air conditioners are expensive to purchase, but the long life that best AC units have, makes the money spent on its purchase worth.

If you want your AC unit to live as long as you hope it would, there are some things that you can do right at home, which will increase the life expectancy of the temperature moderator, keeping your servicing costs low and your rooms cool.

Cleaning the outdoor unit can considerably increase the life of an AC unit. Remove all the leaves and pebbles that are stuck in it, and you can increase the airflow into the outer unit. Often we see that debris and mulch are stuck in the meshes of the outdoor unit, which reduces the cooling effect of the air conditioner inside the house.

A reduced airflow can even cause damage to the motor inside the air conditioner. To prevent flooding of the outdoor unit, you can have it installed on a flat surface, a few inches above the ground. This way you can rest assured that no matter the weather outside, the unit will be safe.

Inspect the vents from time to time. You can notice when the airflow is decreased, giving you an idea that there is some kind of blockage in the ducts. You can have the vents inspected regularly from time to time by a professional, spending a little over a period rather than facing a huge expense of replacing the whole unit. Removal of the blockages from the ducts will ensure that your unit does not work extra just to lower the temperature by a few degrees inside your home.

If you are drying your clothes inside your home, you should prefer doing it at night. During the day the temperatures are high, and the clothes dryer works to add extra heat into your home. This means that your air conditioner has to work extra to cool your home. Drying at dusk or night will ensure that your air conditioner is just working to cool off the heat from the dryer rather than battling with it and the weather outside at the same time.

When you are getting the air conditioning installed, ensure that you get a programmable thermostat along with it. Without the programmable thermostat, you would not be able to control the temperature of the house. You will have to physically turn the air conditioning up or down.

Having a programmable thermostat will ease your lifestyle and also prevent the air conditioner from running all night and all day unnecessarily. You can set the temperature according to the hours of the day so that when you are at your workplace, the air conditioner is not working at your house.

Get your air conditioner inspected regularly by professionals either from the company or a local electrician that you trust. This way, you can ensure that the air conditioner is in peak condition and not facing any problems.

Getting it done biannually is enough, and by paying a professional the fee every time, you can save up quite a lot on energy bills and repair costs. The air conditioner will keep running in a fully optimized state, and your house will remain cool at a lower cost.

If you are leaving the house, ensure that all the electronics are turned off. Small or big, every electronic gives off heat. Even if you are in the house and not particularly using any electronic, make sure that you turn it off.

Having the extra heat inside your house will just make the air conditioner work harder to cool down the temperatures. Another upside to turning off the electronic gadgets is that you will save quite a significant amount of money on your energy bills.

Cover up the windows using blinds or curtains. This reduces the impact of the heat from the outside of your home. You do not have to have them installed on all the windows in your home.

For homes in the northern hemisphere, the north-facing windows can be spared while the south-facing windows in the southern hemisphere can be left uncovered since the sunlight does not directly come in from those windows. This is another great way to ensure that your air conditioner does not have to work extra hard to cool down your home.

Clean the filter of the air conditioner from time to time. The filter works as a screening option for the debris and dust, preventing them from being circulated in your home. Cleaning it under running water or with a brush will ensure that it remains effective. If the filter is getting quite old, you can get it changed too. This way, the air conditioner will keep working in a peak state.

It is not necessary to worry about getting a new air conditioner so long that you follow the above eight tips to keep your current unit working in a perfect condition. These small efforts on your part can go a long way into ensuring that your air conditioner lives for quite a number of years.

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