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We all are aware of the increasing temperatures in our time. The hot weather makes everything difficult and unpleasant. It is quite hard to focus and concentrate on any work you wish to do.

A comfortable work environment, after all, calls for cool and pleasant temperature as well, everything else aside. Desperately hot, sweaty and humid summers call for a little chill; the great ingenious invention – air conditioners.

One can’t deny the marvels of the near-perfect tech that regulates temperature, creating and providing comfort in hot weather.

To live in a time where we can model and change the ambiance as per our needs is not only a great relief, but something close to a miracle. Not just that, but the advancement in technology and science is constantly making room for betterment and upgrades.


Too much heat is bad for the health, making best air conditioners now almost a necessity. And it’s also not necessary that all air conditioners you find in the market are good and worth the purchase.

With so many environmental and climate change issues, the need to modernize the technology and inventions that are sensitive to these issues is a must.

There are so many brands and technologies in play today, we can easily choose an air conditioner that not only does the basic function of providing cool air, but also equipped with other complementary features.

Some of the most prominent AC brands in the current Indian market are LG, Voltas, Bluestar, Daikin, and Samsung. While each brand is a strong player, LG does stand above its contenders and for all the right reasons.

LG AC Technologies

LG is a big player in the Air Conditioning Technologies and offers many such unique and efficient technologies. LG is in the forefront for innovative solutions. LG carefully designs and launches AC’s keeping the needs and demands of the market in mind.

They come up with improved parameters and better features, such as – tonnage, cooling capacity, condenser, compressor, comfort cooling, and adjusting temperature according to the body’s metabolism – to deliver quality, performance and style and be a frontrunner.

1. Himalaya Cool Technology

This technology ensures that the cooling process of the room/space begins as soon as the AC is turned on. This fast cooling is a very attractive feature as you can immediately feel the cool after stepping in from the scorching heat and sun.

2. Double Protection Anti-Dust Filter

The anti-dust filter technology is a double filtration system that works on two levels that filters dust, dust mite, hair, pollen, bacteria, fungi spores, fumes, and other allergens from the room.

The filters in this double protection system are the dual protection filter and the 3M micro protection filter. They filter out the visible and the invisible harmful microscopic impurities including extremely fine particulate matter – PM particles.

These particles, if inhaled or contacted, can cause irritation to your eye, nose, throat, lungs and cause coughing, sneezing, etc. LG AC’s provide good protection and let you live and breathe in the clean and hygienic air that is being circulated.

3. Stabilizer Free Operation

With this technology, you no longer need to worry about or invest in any additional AC stabilizer. In these AC ranges, the stabilizer free technology helps safeguard the AC and its components from power fluctuations.

4. Monsoon Comfort Technology

This is another amazing technology by LG – the monsoon comfort. This feature provides comfort and cooling even during monsoons when the humidity levels are above the roof. It is extremely great if you live in humid and hot areas as it can take on temperatures as high as 52° Celsius. It also makes a good power-saving investment.

5. Smartphone Control

LG introduced a new technology flagship where AC models come equipped with the Smart ThinQ app. This technology allows you to control your AC just with the swipe of your fingers – complete control in your hands. The smart ThinQ app lets you control all your LG appliances that come with the feature.

With this app, you can control temperature settings, swing positions, fan speed and also schedule the on and off periods. It also shows you your energy consumptions to keep you aware.

6. 2-In-1 AC – Cooling and Heating

There are two types of AC’s – summer AC’s and winter AC’s. While summer AC units are more common and in-use, let us not forget about the winter AC’s. A lot of LG AC’s come with this technology wherein they provide both – heating and cooling.

The winter AC’s provide warmth to keep you comfortable in the cold frosty times. People usually need two different AC units to perform the functions. With LG’s amazing technology, a single AC unit can now perform both the functions of cooling and heating, acting as both – a summer AC and a winter AC.

These AC units come with a built-in heater and are much more energy efficient as they do not use the conventional heating elements. Now, you can enjoy comfort in all seasons – cool and hot.

7. 4D Cooling

LG AC’s now come with a technology that allows it to blast the cool air in 4 different directions – 4D Cooling. The swing function does not limit to just up and down, but accommodates left and right directions as well to ensure a uniform cooling throughout the room.

Furthermore, the AC units come with a larger fan and body so as to increase the airflow. This way, the air-blast spreads up to 30 feet, cooling every nook and corner.

8. Eco-Friendly Refrigerants

We know how harmful some of the conservative refrigerants are towards the environment. This is why; LG has taken extra and conscious efforts to replace them with eco-friendly refrigerants, such as the R32 or R410. No more ozone depleting refrigerants like R22.

Another great new feature that LG adds in its newer models is a refrigerant level indicator. No more worrying about lowered refrigerant levels going unnoticed and compromising the cooling performance and lifespan of your AC. You can now be alerted about your refrigerant levels through smart display on the AC.

9. Mosquito Repel Technology

Aren’t mosquitoes almost everywhere and really annoying? LG has introduced a new improved technology now that has a “Mosquito Away” mode. Turning on this mode emits a specific range of ultrasonic frequency that is very unpleasant to mosquitoes.

Mosquitoes can’t stand the frequency and wander off away, making the environment a fairly pleasant and mosquito-free zone.

These waves are inaudible to the human ear, and hence completely harmless to humans. So you no longer need to use chemical coils or liquid as this is a much more efficient, safer and pleasant way to get rid of them.

10. Ocean Black Protection Technology

If you live in coastal regions or near any salt water body, your AC is vulnerable to extreme corrosion due to the salt. This leads to a drastic decrease in the cooling performance and overall efficiency of your AC unit and keeping this in mind, LG has come up with this technology.

AC units that come with Ocean Black protection technology have a dual protection coating that is corrosion resistant and a hydrophilic coating on the exterior and interior components.

The components are also chemically treated and made to pass through tests that show them to have 50%-90% greater life cycle than the ordinary components. This technology is ISO certified and is great as it increases the life expectancy of your AC unit and components, making it a more economical option.

They units also have an auto-clean function that uses Nano particles to sterilize the components, keeping them clean, dry, and impervious to microbial growth.

11. Dual Inverter Technology

This is what sets LG 5 steps ahead of its competitors. Compressors don’t need a constant amount of power. Their needs keep fluctuating. The inverter technology does the job by providing just the power the compressor requires.

It can lower and increase the power as per the need, depending on the temperature of the atmospheric air and the temperature set by the user. This way, it also minimizes any fluctuation and the risks.

This technology uses variable tonnage, thus expanding their operating frequency range and leads to reduced power consumption, faster cooling, and minimal noise.

12. Voice Enabled AC Technology

Among all the technologies that LG has come up with, this is by far the most innovative and best of all. You no longer have to look for remote controls and batteries and fidgeting around control buttons and settings. This technology DOES NOT operate on any smartphone app either.

It is purely a voice control technology. You can now easily and simply operate your air conditioning unit with the command of your voice. The command prompts are pretty easy to configure and use and it will take very little time for a beginner to get a grasp on it.

All you have to do is shout out the command at your air conditioner. Another great thing about this feature is that it works up to a distance of 16 feet, so you needn’t necessarily be in the said room.

Some basic voice commands are power on, power off, temperature adjustment, the strength of the wind, etc.

About The Brand – LG

Lucky Goldstar, popularly known as LG, is a South Korean multinational electronics company. Its target market revolves around the 4 major business units – home entertainment, mobile communications, home appliances and air solutions and vehicle components.

It is known for its groundbreaking innovations in the electrical appliances field that keeps it in a lead in the market. It has made quite a name for itself by establishing a trust amongst its customers by providing high quality products and impeccable customer service.

The brand LG screams quality, innovation, and sincerity, keeping its fundamentals always in sight while constantly improving and upgrading its products and technologies to offer cutting edge and optimum products and services.

It aims at bringing convenience and comfort in the lives of its customers, and does so by finely walking the line between flexible, user friendly features and high tech leading edge controls.

LG is extremely popular for its refrigeration and air conditioning line of products, and is a leading global player in the above said market. It has even won awards for some of its robust commercial products and series in the same.

Its philosophy is to offer optimum solutions and new positive experiences. It goes by the motto – “Life’s Good”; and quiet lives up to it by delivering and ensuring comfort and user satisfaction in its customers’ lives.

It offers authentic yet contemporary products, evolving as per the demands of the market and the advancing technology. LG hardly ever disappoints and lives up to its grandiose international brand image.

Pros And Cons Of LG AC’s

If you are looking for good LG air conditioning units, you will find yourself surrounded by a ton of models – all with various different technologies, serving different needs. Each and every model is great and caters to a specific set of environment and its needs.

If you set out to select a model without properly knowing or being aware of the specifics of your need, room (size), etc., you will find it extremely confusing. However, despite the adverse verities offered, all LG models have the following advantages that make them great.

  • Power Saving

It is a general misconception that with increased technical advancement, the power consumption increases as well. This is, however, not true in the case of LG AC units. These units save up to 72% of the power, beating the conventional norms. These models are also extremely energy efficient.

  • NFC Chip Operated

Almost all models, and entirely all newer ones, come with the NFC chip. With these chips, you can now operate your air conditioner using the NFC app on your smart-phone. No more looking for remote controls with the access right in your hands.

  • Easy Installation & Maintenance

LG AC units have a very easy installation process so you can be done in under an hour. They are also extremely easy to maintain. This really does set them apart from other brands.

They have removable and washable filters with clean and coated components. With easy maintenance, you won’t have hectic schedules and worries about service checks.

  • Smooth & Easy Operation

Air conditioning units from LG are much more silent compared to the models. Air conditioning operation must be simplistic for easy grasp, and LG offers very minimalistic operating commands. They also offer relatively smooth running operations.

  • Sleek Modern Designs

LG air conditioning units are extremely attractive and appealing. They offer models with different makes and styles suited for different work-space environments. You will find their designs very sleek, beautiful and modern.

  • Condensers and Compressors

Instead of using a single condenser unit, LG AC units make use of multiple condensers, leading to faster and more efficient cooling.

The design is such that various narrow channels connect all the condensers to make a passage for the coolant, reducing the air pressure drop and heat load. This super-thin profile increases the overall efficiency.

The newer models by LG employ a rotary type of compressor instead of the conventional reciprocating type. The rotary compressors have a centrifugal action and have a design profile that lowers the pressure loss and is much more silent.

  • Manufacturing

LG manufacturing units for air conditioning components are located in India. This reduces the import duty costs, making it cheaper than the rest brands in India. It’s also the first ever to introduce inverter compressor AC’s.


Air conditioning units, in general, come with some cons as well, as listed below.

Almost all new air conditioning models and units now involve moving parts. This makes them difficult to be replaced and also makes them more expensive than the other types.

Some AC units are fitted into the window, which means saying goodbye to ever using the window again. While some air conditioning units are so small, they might not be sufficient or efficient enough to work through and cool a medium or large sized room.

Through the wall air conditioners and centralized units can neither be installed in a pre-constructed room, nor can they be uninstalled. They also don’t give you much room to fit electrical wires or pipelines.

You will find some models and units quite more expensive and time consuming. The higher end models require licensed technicians for the installation and repair process.

Beat The Heat

Air conditioners have now become a necessity rather than a luxury, thanks to the adverse climate and heat.

However, before you go AC-shopping, do remember to note the size of your room, the climate in your area, heat generating devices, windows and lighting in the said room. Here are some LG air conditioners that are nothing but great.

LG AC Reviews 2020

1. LG Copper – KS-Q18YNZA

LG AC ReviewOne of the finest AC units offered by LG is the LG 1.5 Ton 5 star inverter split AC. It has a capacity of 1.5 ton and is suitable for medium sized room spaces (111 to 150 sq. ft.).

It has a double filtration system that makes it easy to maintain. This air conditioning unit comes with a 1 year comprehensive warranty and a 10 year warranty on compressor with gas charging. Here are its features.

It uses the inverter compressor technology, thus it adjusts its power supply depending directly on the heat load. It uses dual rotary compressors in place of the conventional reciprocating type, which in turn gives the operation a very silent and smooth running.

The model is made entirely of copper, protecting it from corrosion. It is instilled with the Himalaya cool technology which gives it a high cooling performance. It has been awarded a score of 5 in cooling.

It has another salient feature – the ocean black protection – that makes it the best choice if you are living in humid coastal regions. It increases your air conditioning unit’s lifespan and the coatings that come with it keep the unit sustained.

You can now enjoy comfort in the humid monsoon season too. It even has a temperature control matrix specifically designed for optimizing and providing ambient temperature by sensing the room temperature.

This LG 1.5 ton 5 star inverter split AC also has a four step active energy control feature that helps in controlling and reducing the power consumption from 40% to 80%. It is also extremely energy efficient and contributes to 57% of energy savings.

It is awarded 5 stars for energy class efficiency and has an annual energy consumption of 835.50 KWh and an ISEER value of 4.73. The model uses R32 refrigerant which is eco-friendly. It also detects when the levels are low and alerts the user.



LG KS-Q18YNXAAnother great model by LG is the 1.5 Ton 3 star inverter split AC. It has a capacity of 1.5 ton and is suitable for medium sized room spaces (111 to 150 sq. ft.).

It has a double filtration system that makes it easy to maintain. This air conditioning unit comes with a 1 year comprehensive warranty and a 10 year warranty on compressor with gas charging. Here are its features

It is equipped with almost the same features and technologies as the previously mentioned model. These include the split inverter compressor technology, the Himalaya cool technology, the ocean black protection technology and the monsoon comfort technology.

It is extremely durable and suitable for humid places. The split inverter technology makes it extremely energy efficient and leads up to 57% of energy savings and reduces the power consumption up to 80%.

It is awarded 3 stars for energy class efficiency and has an annual energy consumption of 1050.84 KWh and an ISEER value of 3.68.

It makes use of R32 refrigerant instead of the conventional harmful refrigerants. Thus it is environment friendly and helps fight ozone depletion. It also detects when the levels are low and alerts the user.

This LG model has copper condenser coils that lead to fast and efficient cooling and the coatings help sustain the unit.

It also has a double filtration system that includes micro dust protection filter that keeps the system clean and hygienic. It also comes with an auto clean feature that prevents microbial growth and gets rid of bad odors.



LG KS-Q18HNZDThe LG 1.5 Ton 5 star dual inverter split AC is an extremely efficient and popular air conditioning model, counting in the top 3 models by LG.

It has a capacity of 1.5 ton and the ability to cool a medium sized room. This air conditioning unit comes with a 1 year comprehensive warranty and a 10 year warranty on compressor with gas charging. Here are its features

This LG air conditioning unit has a stabilizer free operation. You don’t need to purchase a separate stabilizer unit. Your air conditioning can independently work without one – and quite efficiently and smoothly. This leads to higher energy and financial savings.

It has the regular LG features and technologies like Active energy control and the monsoon comfort technology. It is extremely power efficient and saves up to 80% energy and reduces up to 57% power consumption.

It has a cooling score of 5 for its amazing cooling performance and it is able to provide efficient cooling even at the whopping temperature of 52 degree Celsius, thanks to its dual inverter technology.

With the ocean black protection technology, it is ideal for people living in coastal or humid regions. It has coatings and filtration systems that protect it from corrosive environment, increasing its durability.

Its components are made out of 100% high grooved copper. This allows better and more efficient movements for heat dissipation. It also allows it to withstand high pressure, thus contributing to its life.

The model uses the R32 refrigerant that is eco-friendly, unlike the conventional R410A. It also has a system to detect when the refrigerant levels are low and automatically alerts the user. It also regularly checks for other problems, thanks to Smart diagnosis feature.

It enables it to regularly run diagnostics and scans and alert the user about it via the Smart ThinQ app – an app for smartphones. It also has a provision to troubleshoot the problems through your smartphone’s app!



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