Best Refrigerators Under 15000 In India 2020 – Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

1. Whirlpool2. Haier3. Samsung





When we speak about refrigerators these days, options stretch out beyond horizons as technology keeps advancing daily and it is more than just getting a glass of cool water without even opening the door.

When it comes to best refrigerators under 15000, the task doesn’t get easier. The options are many and features are similar, how do you make the choice of buying the best large appalince for your kitchen?

Now, with all the built-in custom panels, you have the opportunity to blend your fridge display with your kitchen interiors. As of now, the standard for fridge doors seems to be about five or more, as opposed to the usual four.


Moreover, you have the option to pull out drawers from a fridge filled with frosty drinks. But the real trouble is when we realise that a majority of the fridges are good at their operation in keeping food cold but honestly, not all fridges satisfy everyone’s particular needs.

However, manufacturers who have created the best refrigerators under 15000 price range have outdone themselves in providing really swell features along with satisfying consumer needs.

If you are that user who seems to be looking for a fridge and is a bit confused on where to start searching for one- especially if this is your first time searching for one; then we will direct you with the most important need-to-know basics to make you a bit knowledgeable in choosing a fridge.

Furthermore, through this buying guide, we will offer you essential information which will help you in finding the ideal fridge that ideally suits your taste, space, budget and lifestyle.

Freestanding and Built-in Refrigerators- What’s the Difference?

Freestanding refrigerators are more common these days compared to built-in refrigerators but, it is always essential to remember the contrast between these two types before you start shopping- especially if you are on the lookout for multiple options.

In layman terms, freestanding fridges are effortless to install since they are simply being plugged into an outlet and therefore slide into their place. However, built-in refrigerators are actually being built into the cabinetry. Even so, they fit smoothly into the space and are even being protected with panels which go hand-in-hand with the cabinets decor.

In contrast, there are inventions such as counter-depth freestanding fridges which provide a more of a built-in appealing look. Furthermore, they do not have depth and thus, does not stick past the countertop which provides more of a built-in, customised look.

Even though built-in fridges are a tad bit expensive, they are being designed to match counters and cabinets as mentioned above. Moreover, these smooth beauties come with multiple styles such as side-by-side, French-door and bottom-freezer.

Usually, they are about 30 to 48 inches wide and provide a capacity of 27 cubic feet where only 70% seems to be usable. We recommend looking for front panels (which are optional) which combine well with kitchen cabinets. Apart from this, take a look at inexpensive fridges which have versions such as freestanding counter-depth types. The best refrigerators under 15000 do offer great inexpensive versions and even have similar features when compared to expensive models.

Picking a style

In addition to the points mentioned above, there are a plethora of options to choose from when it comes to style. In fact, there is certainly a refrigerator arrangement which suits every home. Currently, French-door models are booming in high demand.

There are few customers who enjoy the ease of bottom freezers which leads to the placement of fresh foods at the eye level. However, side-by-sides and top freezers seem to make efficient use of space in a much smaller kitchen.

Top-freezer style

This is the well known traditional refrigerator which is ideal for making use of storage capacity at a narrow or tight spot. These fridges deliver maximum space in terms of their size where the widths differ between 28 and 33 inches.

There are makers who produce 23-cubic-foot capacities, however; through research, we assume that the average capacity which is usable is approximately 17 percent and less. But, prepare yourselves for broad door swings along with crouching down to reach out for drawers and shelves at a lower level.

Bottom-Freezer Style

This style comprises of fridges which range up to 24 to 36 inches wide and have capacities which are claimed to be about 30 cubic feet although the usable space on an average is actually less compared to top-freezers.

What’s even more intriguing is that top-freezers are even cheaper compared to bottom-freezers. Despite using the freezer (which is being used less compared to the fridge), you can use refrigerator shelves. These shelves are designed to be at eye levels but you should just get adjusted to bending when searching for frozen foods and goods.

French-door Style

This is a popular style where the fridge has been designed to have two narrow doors on top with a freezer below. However, there can be one or more drawers in between sometimes. The fridges can take widths up to 28 to 36 inches. These capacities are being claimed to go up to 34 cubic feet, although the usable space on average can be used at around 17 cubic feet and less.

Moreover, the small-swing doors which are known to be space saving have an additional value of enabling the fridge to be half opened as you store in smaller food or other items into it. Many of the best refrigerators under 15000 have French-door style designs and are remarkable for their sleek appearance along with their superb features.

Side-by-Side Style

With this style, the refrigerator has a unique design where the fridge is positioned on one side and the freezer positioned on the other. In addition, these fridges usually come with a built-in through-the-door water and ice dispensers. Having widths with about 33 to 36 inches, the fridges claim up to approximately 28 cubic feet capacity but in reality, only 70 percent is being used.

Having narrow doors are an advantage to be placed in small kitchens, however, it does not open broad enough for items such as pizza boxes. Even so, there are narrow compartments which make it hard to find items that are stuck behind. But, we feel that in an overall sense, they are not space-saving or energy efficient compared to other types.

The Options Concerning Orientation

So, are you interested in a fridge-freezer, side-by-side model? Or maybe a freezer drawer, side-by-side model? Or having a fridge with a freezer drawer below? You may even opt for the old classic freezer-on-top style as well. Out of all the choices, you should find out what seems to be ideal for you, your area in a home, and even your lower back is to be considered.

After all, you would always find yourself reaching and bending for items with few of these models. In fact, the amount of storage capacity being available can be different between many brands and orientations, thus, it is important to always keep this in mind.

Take Size into Consideration

A majority of the refrigerator configurations are displayed in a plethora of capacities and sizes. Therefore, we recommend measuring where you visualise to place the refrigerator before you start shopping for one. Moreover, you should also consider if it can fit through the sizes of the doorways.

Along with this, you should make space for the doors of refrigerators to swing open easily along with ensuring one-inch space for back and sides to enable sufficient airflow to occur.

In regards to capacity, a majority of the manufacturers tend to suggest 19 to 22 cubic feet for an ideal family of four members. However, if you are that consumer who tends to carry out shopping trips which are big in bulk, then it is essential to get a refrigerator which is up to 30 to 33 cubic feet.

Along with size, many models would have difference in capacity levels. Looking up the inexpensive yet the best refrigerators in India can offer you multiple size ranges with different capacity levels as well those which are ideal for families in small numbers.

Mini or Compact Models

There are ideal fridges which are amazing to be placed in the office, kitchenette or dorm room environments. However, do be aware that few models have only a single quarter of capacity levels when compared to a regular fridge but are equal in terms of operating costs.

Even so, the performance temperature can be unreliable and substandard where there are cases of temperatures exceeding 40 degrees F. This leads to the scenario where food begins to develop bacteria which is extremely harmful.

Therefore, please do use these models for minis such as beverages, sodas or storing small snacks and not items such as mayo, milk and other items which expire quickly. Currently, there are no consumer reports which test mini and compact fridges.

Important Features Which are Essential for You

To try out an interesting experiment, observe your refrigerator right now and evaluate all the things you may appreciate about it or think on what it could have.

There can be times where you probably might not be able to live without a fridge which offers ice makers, however, most of the models from Europe (also available in the States) do not have this feature.

Or you may want a water dispenser, right in the door? Or maybe one of those alarms which senses when doors are being kept open for too long?

All these cool and beneficial features may be on your list but of course, the more features you desire; the more you would find yourself willing to spend for the fridge which has these available features.

Five Features You Need to Look for in Refrigerator under 15000

There are refrigerators at multiple price ranges which do offer plenty of options in order to make your life more organized and easy. Usually, French models are being loaded the most with all these features. You should prioritize and know if you can live without an indoor coffee maker or shelves which are adjustable. If not, then you may need to cough up extra amounts in order to get what you desire.

Ice and Water Dispenser: through-the-door feature

Truth be told, this is one of the few features which is in high demand and being requested by many customers. However, models with this kind of feature will need the most repairs. Furthermore, the energy costs tend to be higher and you will need to compromise storage space with ice water

Door-in-Door for Access to Storage

Having no requirement in opening the front door, you can easily get hold of condiments and drinks which are caught hold of frequently. Moreover, this will save on energy costs in a long-term period.

Freshness Related Features

There are dual evaporators which aid in maintaining humidity levels which are higher in refrigerated areas and even eliminate freezer odours from being migrated to these areas. In fact, air purifiers also prevent and abolish mould spores and bacteria whereas, crisper drawers which are vacuum-sealed are known to keep food fresh in the long run.

Temperature and its Controls

You, as a consumer, have the opportunity to decide the amount of coldness is needed for specific areas in the fridge. You can even enable the drawer to be much cooler compared to the rest of the areas in the fridge in order to store items such as fish, meat, and even cold cuts.

Better Drawers and Shelves

Consumers are given the opportunity to re-arrange shelves which are split into separate heights freely and independently. Along with this, there are adjusting doors in order to fit items which are taller.

But, if your fridge door seems to hold storage bins which are deep and meant to keep items such as butter, eggs or milk; do know that these items are essentially better off on shelves which are internal. Since these internal shelves enable cooler temperatures to keep food items fresh for a long period. Moreover, there are elevator shelves which start from up and down without the requirement to be unloaded.

Furthermore, consumers can find shelf snugglers which are being attached to racks in order to protect jars and bottles. There are even pull-out bins or shelves which provide access to items that are stored much easier and quicker.

Choose the Right Size

It is obvious when realising that fridges tend to occupy more space than expected. We are not denying the actual unit but you should also consider the space behind the unit as well in order for the fridge to ventilate the heat out and “breathe”.

In fact, these types of requirements are important to be listed with all possible information related to the refrigerator as well, hence, do place a check on it. You may also need to take measurements of any obstacles, paths and doorways of which the machine may have to go through. Just in case, take precaution and always add an extra space when considering the location of the fridge.

‘How-to’ Manual on Opening Doors

If you are that consumer who selects anything apart from the French-door style fridge, then you may want to ensure that the doors are able to open easily without bulges in order to offer comfortable access to all the items inside.

Fridges which have doors that open up in a single way and only allow you to cramp your neck in order to get inside are definitely not the fridges you need. If the fridge model has doors reversible, then do mention specifically on which way you would want them to open before the fridge is being delivered.

The best refrigerators in India under 15,000 rupees do offer clear cut user manuals which are important as they are used to identify on how these models work.

Understanding the Energy Efficiency Rating of a Refrigerator 

A majority of the fridges are equipped with many features and yet are more efficient compared to those fridges which were released in the market a decade ago. However, having said this, you should search out for the EPA Energy Star rating in order to ensure that you still are getting a choice which can aid you in saving money on the energy bills.

In fact, fridges which are energy efficient tend to be one of the biggest marketing and selling points with consumers these days. The upcoming refrigerators such as the best refrigerators under 15000 are known to be more energy efficient compared to those a decade ago. We provide you with a small peek behind the label in order to aid you in going green as much as possible.

As we mentioned about the EPA Energy Star rating, it is an ideal place to begin when shopping for a fridge. This would mean that a fridge product would be in or around the market at the top 25 per cent. However, the efficiency rating would tend to vary one model with another (i.e. a top-freezer which is unlabeled can be probably more efficient compared to a French door model which is Energy Star-approved).

In order for an equal comparison on which model tends to be the most efficient, you can observe the refrigerators which have EnergyGuide labels and then compare it with the yearly operating costs along with the kilowatt-hours which are used per year. All refrigerators in India have been rated on the energy efficiency levels on an average of 3-4 stars which is quite impressive.

How are Refrigerators Being Rated?

In most of the laboratories, specialists test refrigerators by connecting with the temperature sensors. After this, these refrigerators are being monitored in a chamber which is temperature controlled for more than a month. This has been done in order to analyse the uniformity of the temperature and thermostat control.

Test engineers have been responsible for collecting more than 5.4 million temperature readings for which each model has been tested to conduct cold and warm spots in order to fixate which refrigerators are ideal to ensure food freshness and durability the longest. These outcomes show that a majority of the refrigerators do not succeed in the initial task which interprets the increase in wasted food and larger grocery expenses.

In order to test out the refrigerators’ freezer compartments, there are engineers who stuff these appliances with many boxes of food items and then check how well the refrigerators tend to keep the boxes cool and frozen without causing damage.

Furthermore, there are few companies who measure out the usable storage capacity (these results are rarely equal to those which manufacturers claim). After taking these measurements into consideration, there are measurements which determine the efficiency of energy levels.

Lastly, after all the measurements have been done, a survey data will be conducted in order to determine consumer satisfaction and forecasted reliability for each refrigerator and brand type.

With all the data accumulated together, it is being combined into an overall score for each of the models and is displayed online for consumers to read and view the charts of refrigerator ratings.

As we have evaluated certain factors on deciding the ‘perfect’ refrigerator according to your requirements, let us review some of the top options under 15000.

Top 10 Best Refrigerators Under 15000 India In 2020

1. Whirlpool Refrigerator

Whirlpool-RefrigeratorThe Whirlpool model is a remarkable model offering a simple straightforward cool and single door. Due to its economical style, it would need to carry out defrosting in a manual method.

Moreover, there is a capacity of 190 litres where it is capable of supporting families with a maximum of three members.

Whirlpool introduces wired shelf types where it has been designed carefully to ensure optimization of capacity space and aid in storing big utensils easily and without effort

In terms of specifications, it has an ease of use defrosting mechanism where it enables usage which is hassle-free along with cooling effect.

There are 2 ice trays which are being dedicated to ensuring ice is being created super quick. Along with this, it offers a stabilizer free operation which is built-in, further eliminating the requirement of having an extra stabilizer.

With an energy rating of 3 stars, it offers 9 hours of cooling retention (even during short or long power cuts). Lastly, Whirlpool offers a 1-year warranty on the product including 5 years on the compressor. You will also receive a warranty card and a user manual within the box.


2. Haier Refrigerator

Haier-RefrigeratorExceeding its boundaries, the Haier has designed a wonderful model with an Icing technology of 1 hour. To explain further, PUF insulation which is of heavy duty and larger condenser coils enables the cooling process to be retained fresh, sealed and undamaged.

Thus, due to this, the freezer is now able to create ice in an hour or so which is definitely quick.

With a capacity of 195 litres, this model is best-suited for families with around 2-3 members. Even so, the 19 litre of freezer ensures your ice cubes are ready to be in an established form and even stores ice snacks effectively.

The shelf type designed is toughened glass which can hold weights of up to 120kg and offers 3 shelves as well. There is only a single door with a door lock in order to control children’s diet as you store in the junk food.

Lastly, it has a direct cool technology refrigerator wherein it is a free-standing style type of refrigerator. It offers a warranty for 1 year plus 10 years on the compressor.


3. Samsung Refrigerator

Samsung-RefrigeratorThis particular model of Samsung offers a classy crown design along with a smart connect inverter. Having a capacity of 212 litres, it is definitely suitable for families which have 2-3 members. Moreover, it offers a single and cool door where it uses the manual defrosting technique.

Along with this, it has an inverter compressor that creates less noise, is more durable in the long run and is energy efficient, thus, helping to save costs. It also delivers a stabilizer free operation with a minimum of 100 volts and a maximum of 300 volts. Having said this, the inverter compressor is digital as well.

Even so, it used toughened glass as the shelf type and can hold heavyweight utensils and goods as well. Moreover, with a 3 star Energy rating, it definitely supports in consuming less energy. Lastly, it provides a 1-year warranty on the model and 10 years on the compressor where, within the box, you will find a user manual and a warranty card as well.


4. Haier 170 litre Refrigerator

Haier-170-litre-RefrigeratorThis model is a small version compared to the Haier 195 ltr model. For this model, Haier offers in 170 litres as the capacity level which is ideal for bachelors who live alone.

Moreover, due to its high capacity size, it has the capability to store fruits and vegetables along with processed drinks and beverages, keeping them fresh for longer period of time.

It has a high-class look and feel and even delivers strong performance and cooling which is really effective. Using Diamond Edge Freezer Technology, it ensures that the formation of ice remains solid and even performs efficiently, as mentioned, in the refrigerator.

The refrigerator uses wired shelves as the shelf type along with a cabinet which is leather finished which makes it resistant to scratches, hence, promoting a leather look.

The energy rating on this model is 3 star hence, showcasing its efficiency level. The warranty on the refrigerator is only for a year but offers 5 years warranty on the compressor. Items included in the box along with the fridge are a warranty card and a user manual.


5. LG Refrigerator

LG-RefrigeratorThis LG model is astounding as it introduces the smart connect feature where it enables you to connect the refrigerator to the inverter at home if there are cases of power cuts.

Using this inverter compressor which is digital, it promotes less noise production, more durability and an increase in efficiency in energy levels. Overall, you can now enjoy the benefits of storing food for long periods without any spoilage.

Using a capacity of 190 litres, it is really suitable for families consisting of 2-3 members. The energy rating on this product is 4 star where it proves that the energy efficiency levels are high and leads to less operating costs.

Using toughened glass as its shelf type, it is super capable of storing food items which are heavy. To be exact, these shelves can hold up to 175 kg (according to internal tests standards from the LG laboratory).

Finally, the model offers 1 year of warranty on the refrigerator along with 10 years warranty on the compressor. Also, within the box, you will also find a user manual along with a warranty card.


6. Samsung 192 litre Refrigerator

Samsung-192-litre-RefrigeratorSamsung has yet again created a wonderful fridge model that offers a singular, instant cooling door where the economical needs and manual defrosting work properly. With a capacity of 192 litres, this refrigerator model is ideal for families comprising of 2-3 members.

In terms of additional sweet features, the model offers a toughened glass shelf type, capable of storing 150kg of massive pots and food items. What’s more is the antibacterial gasket available in which it withstands the entry as well as accumulation of bacteria and fungi found in the internal area of the refrigerator.

Even so, the model offers a base stand along with a drawer wherein you have the opportunity to store in items which do not need cooling.

Moreover, the model offers an inverter compressor which produces less noise, enables the efficiency of energy and is even more durable in the long run. To prove this, this model has achieved an energy rating of 4 stars which is incredible.

Lastly, consumers are being offered with a 1-year warranty and 10 years warranty on the compressor. You will find a warranty card and a user manual along with this model.


7. Whirlpool 200 litre Refrigerator

Whirlpool-200-litre-RefrigeratorWhirlpool has created a fantastic model which integrates insulated capillary technology. To explain in depth, Insulated Capillary Technology is where the capillary moves the refrigerant away from the compressor and shifts it to the freezer which is being bordered by extreme cold gas.

This leads to multiple benefits of which it obtains quicker cooling, amazing compressor efficiency and even 12 hours of cooling retention, especially during power cuts.

It uses a head-on single and cool door which does require manual defrosting. Moreover, the capacity being offered is 200 litres which is perfect for families with 2-3 members. With an energy rating of 3 stars, it proves the level of efficiency it brings towards energy consumption.

Moreover, it uses toughened glasses which can hold heavy items and even has a sole space for multi-utilities such as storing medicines and keeps it free and secure from contamination.

With a warranty of 1 year on this product model, Whirlpool offers 10 years on the compressor. Within the box, consumers will also be entitled to warranty cards and user manuals.


8. Godrej Refrigerator

Godrej-RefrigeratorGodrej star model offers a direct, single and cool door, however, the model is equipped with a manual defrosting option. Having a capacity of 196 litres, the model works well with families which contain 2-3 members.

The energy rating which is given for this model is 3 stars. This proves its level of efficiency as it consumes energy. This plastic model is a freestanding style and offers voltage of 230 volts.

This Godrej model offers wired shelves as the shelf type, hence, enabling consumers to place light food items onto it. Lastly, the product offers a 1-year warranty plus 10 years warranty on the compressor. The model comes with a warranty card and a user manual.


9. Whirlpool 215 litre Refrigerator

Whirlpool-215-litre-RefrigeratorThis refrigerator model uses the revolutionary fresh control technology in which the crisper enables storage and sustains the freshness of vegetables and fruits up to a week, which tastes as though it was just picked directly from the garden.

Moreover, it integrates macroblock technology where the fruits and vegetables help to avoid 99.9% growth of bacteria and enables the freshness to be still intact.

In terms of capacity, it has a 215-litre capacity level where it is ideal for families with around 2-3 members. Having an energy rating of 4 stars, it proves the energy efficiency levels are high. Moreover, the shelf type used is toughened glass where heavy items can be stored in the fridge.

Lastly, the model offers a 1-year warranty on the product with an additional 10 years warranty on the compressor.

Users are also provided with a warranty card and user manual within the box along with the fridge model.


10. LG 215 litre Refrigerator

LG-215-litre-RefrigeratorLG really has created a beautiful refrigerator model, offering the quickest ice tray which produces ice in about 108 minutes. Moreover, without adding in extra load on to the compressor, LG Direct Cool Refrigerators can make ice production 20% quicker with their special patented and designed tray. You have the opportunity to provide ice instantly during large gatherings and parties which last long.

Furthermore, this model works best without a stabilizer since the compressor delivers a good ratio of energy efficiency and can even operate with a voltage at a minimum of 135V and maximum up to 290V. The model offers a direct, single and cool door which does require manual defrosting.

In regards to the capacity levels, this model offers 215 litres of capacity which is ideal for families comprising of 2-3 members. The energy rating is a 2 star and uses toughened glass shelves in order to weigh up to 175 kg.

Consumers who purchase this model will be provided with a 1-year warranty along with 10 years on the compressor. Included within the box is a user manual and a warranty card which is provided along with this refrigerator model.


Choose Best Refrigerator Under 15000!

So, as you have seen the top 10 best refrigerator models in India under 15,000 rupees price range, you can select the ideal fridge as per you and for your family’s convenience. However, do note the different sizes, specifications, factors which are essential in your final decision-making before you purchase the refrigerator.

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