4 Ways to Stay Cool During Summers in India

Summer is knocking at our door and as much as we would like to keep the door closed, it’s a forceful visitor who refuses to leave. That is, until we have lost all our energy to go on with our lives and want to remain as motionless as a statue and laze on our couch all day. However, that’s a fantasy and all of us need to get our respective work done. As such, the only thing we can do is make our day a little easier by learning ways that can keep us cool.

1) Strategic Chilling

Human bodies have certain pulse points, as I’m sure you’re well aware, places where the blood vessels are so close to the surface of the skin that we can see and feel them by touching. For example, they’re on places like our inner wrists and between our neck and collarbones.

If you dab an ice pack or wet towel or anything that’s cool on those spots, your blood temperature will become lower. The same blood flows through your entire body and helps your entire being cool down. One of the pulse points that you might not have an idea about is the one on the top of your feet.

If you’re outside,  it’s understandable that your feet are not accessible when you’re wearing shoes but if you’re home, going without covers and letting your feet cool down is recommended. Don’t use body lotion if possible, as it effectively traps the heat inside your body.

If you must moisturize yourself, use gel- preferably of menthol or peppermint oil- or spray moisturizer as they evaporate in a surprisingly short amount of time, taking away the heat in the process.

2) The Watermelon Process

There’s a reason watermelon is thought of as the summer fruit. While it’s true that all fruits and vegetables have some hydrating qualities, a gift of the water and fiber, which stores the water when it’s making its way through your colon and then uses the water when the body needs it.

Simply speaking, it’s like a reservoir that your body calls upon when it needs to stay cool. But in the case of watermelon, the amount of water and fiber is much more compared to any other fruit or vegetable. Even if you didn’t know the science behind it, you must have felt the effect of watermelon when you eat it at some point or other.

Better yet, add salt to the watermelon. The unique blend of salty and sweet is good for both your taste bud and your body. Usually, when we sweat a lot, we end up losing the sodium in our body. Salty snacks, in general, are quite popular among athletes, as low sodium can lead to cramps.

Sodium automatically leads people to look for the water bottle, ergo for their body to seek water. Salt and watermelon paired together can be a formidable enemy, as the sodium from the salt helps keep the water inside your muscles.

3) Clothes with Long Sleeves

This advice might feel like the opposite of what you were seeking from this article, but long sleeves and full pants are unexpectedly well versed at keeping you cooler than tank tops and shorts. However, make sure they are loosely fitted and are in a lighter shade so that it reflects the sun and the heat doesn’t end up clinging to your skin.

Clothes made or cotton or linen are recommended, which will give you breathing space. Long sleeves accumulate sweat and when the sweat evaporates, it cools you down. Methods like this make more sense in dry places than in damp places.

4) Buy An Air Conditioner

This is probably the easiest and the most popular solution on the list. You can follow all the previous points and still feel sweat starting to accumulate on your neck. You have to exert some amount of energy with the other solutions too.

Air Conditioner just needs you to tap on select few buttons and you can adjust the room temperature exactly the way you want. Your room can be so cool that you won’t even notice it summer. Of course, you will feel the rush of heat once you step outside of your house but at least your home can act as your sanctuary.


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