How To Keep Your Refrigerators Clean & Organised

Refrigerators are an integral and important large appliance every kitchen must have. Before refrigerators were around, there was no way fixed and hygienic way for us to store food. We did come up with techniques like pickling and curing, but most of the time due to using the wrong ingredients, the food would spoil anyway.

In the pre-refrigerator era, people would consume days old food, not knowing it has been spoilt. This would cause a plethora of diseases and in some cases death. Refrigerators have provided consumers with a safe way of protecting their food from being spoiled. This has also helped us in avoiding wastage of food which is environmentally and financially beneficial.

We are sure that you have the best refrigerator in your kitchen. Since a refrigerator is such an important tool to a homemaker, they need to be treated well and need a little bit of upkeep. This does require extra work, which will only repay you later in a while. What is to follow is a list of tips that you can use to organize and keep a clean refrigerator.

Before that, let’s look at why is it necessary to clean and organize your icebox.

Why clean and organize?

Improve function and longevity

A machine or a tool works best when it is taken care. Same goes for a refrigerator. If you maintain your refrigerator, it is bound to improve the functionality of the product and provide better cooling and storage to your perishable food. Regular maintenance is also bound to help in improving the longevity of the device and provide you with services for a long time.


The device will be used to store food and sometimes, you will spill the food. Even though refrigerators are known for keeping your food from spoiling, there is a limit to that. Spilled stains of food or food left and forgotten in the fridge will go bad sometime and become breeding grounds for bacteria that will infect your food. A regular cleaning will make sure your food remains germ-free.

Tips for cleaning and maintain your refrigerator.

Following are some tips that you can follow for a clean and well-maintained refrigerator.

Storage boxes

Let’s start with a simple one. Most advanced and large refrigerators come with many different compartments that can be used to keep different types of food categories separately. Vegetables in the bottom drawer, condiments in the side rack, perishables on the top shelf etc. However, you can further organise your refrigerators by using storage boxes. These are available at any grocery store or online. They are a fun way of organising your refrigerator. To take it a step further, you can label these boxes for easy navigation.

Spill-proof your shelves

You are only human and are bound to make mistakes. One of these could be spilling in the refrigerator. The problem with these spills is that they go unnoticed and eventually start to smell up the refrigerator. Best way to avoid this is to use placemats or liners and use them to cover the shelves. When the monthly cleaning day comes, you can either wash the mats or replace the liner entirely.

Bottle wipe down

There will be many condiment bottles like ketchup and mustard in your refrigerator. The one problem with all these is that no matter how careful you are, there is always some of the sauce dripping down the bottle side. It is advisable, that when you carry out your monthly cleaning project you should wipe down these bottles too. This keeps the shelves clean and the condiments remain presentable.

Organise based on temperature

This tip comes directly from cooking establishments. As these places follow food safety codes, this step is one of the best that you can follow to store your food. When storing in a refrigerator, arrange the food based on the temperature required to cook it. this means that food requiring no cooking time, like precooked food, stay on the top and then you can work your way downwards.

Vacuum your fridge

It may seem crazy, but you can actually use your vacuum cleaner for a thorough cleaning of the refrigerator. This will help in picking out all the left-over bits of food you are not able to reach. You can vacuum once a week, without removing all the food out.


The refrigerator was invented so that food can be kept from spoiling. It is counter-intuitive if you do not clean the device you are using to keep your food clean. So use the tips above to make sure that your food is safer than ever.

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