Eureka Forbes Aquasure Amrit Water Purifier Review

We Indians tend to focus less on what is required to sustain a good and healthy life. For example, everyone is least bothered about the junk they take in every day as food and what it does to their body. Same is with the drinking water.

Whatever is available to us, in bulk, at cheap costs and tastes good is what we drink. No brainer. How many of us have checked the water quality before drinking? I really doubt. We hardly know if the water we are drinking is free from pollution and this is where the problems start.

But wait. We got water purifiers which single-handedly solve all of the above drinking problems. As the incoming water quality changes, we get scared. Many times we see coloured and turbid water which makes us think twice before drinking water.

This small appliance is so awesome that once installed, just drink and keep drinking. Pure water, drinking water, clean and non-smelling water and safe water. Whoever has thought of this product, must be given the credit since it has solved almost all of our problems, irrespective of the area you live in and that too at a considerable cost.

Amidst of all this, we didn’t really understand where the competition begun and brands started emerging out of nowhere. And today, there are tens of brands of water purifiers. However, not all can be trusted. Only few are there to rely on. And there came Aquauguard. The biggie. Superb products and at lower prices.

This has been the funda of Aquaguard and that’s why, Aquaguard is today the leading, if not the foremost ahead, brand in India in terms if water purifier manufacturing industry. Aquagard, as the name suggests, guards and guides water so that we are on the safe side and continue our healthy life. In this article I have reviewed one such popular Aquasure offering, the Eureka Forbes Aquasure from Aquaguard Amrit Water Purifier.

Aquaguard Amrit 20-Litre Water Purifier Review 



The Aquaguard amrit water purifier comes with an non-electric storage and that too a 20 litre storage, this is a big find for aquaguard if not the biggest. The most unique feature of this product is the installation-free working i.e the product doesn’t need installation.

Once ordered and placed, you are done. Right there. Comes with 6 months warranty and a good period to test anything about the product. At a price of around 2000, this is the best pick for you from Amazon.

The filter inside is easy to assemble and you yourself can install it. Also, the cleaning unit it basic one. Just read the instructions and apply. This step makes the maintenance cost go down considerably. You can keep it clean regularly and it will cost you little.

Only concern one may have about this product is the denoted and actual capacity. In the initial phase, it is nowhere close to 20 litres but that’s only for first few trials. At least, it is better than Tata Swach which also comes at a similar cost.  Overall, a nice pick at a lower price.



  • This is a budget-friendly model as it is priced low with all the necessary features
  • Requires no installation as it is non-electric based
  • Easily portable as it does not require any electric connection


  • Cannot fill water with TDS
  • Not suitable for all types of water. Hence check the type of water you receive and then buy.


Aquaguard products have always been the front challengers like KENT, who literally run the purifier industry. Nonetheless, products like mentioned above are equally good as anything. The Amrit class of water purifiers from Aquaguard is a great buy for the money.

They have all the required features which will give you fresh and clean drinking water. I would also suggest you look into our best water purifier buyers guide which will certainly help you make an informed choice.

If you are looking for a low-cost water purifier then this Aqaugaurd Amrit water purifier makes a perfect buy.

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