5 Benefits of Owning an Induction Cooktop

Gone are the days where people blamed location for cooking at a slower pace. We are in the digital era where everything is changing rapidly, and so are the cooking styles.

Introducing Induction cooktops, designed based on the recent technology uses electromagnetism to heat pans and utensils. These small appliances can accomplish the required task faster than the conventional methods.

If induction cooktop is so great, let us understand the reasons for its growing popularity ? Since it uses electromagnetism, it proves very expensive than the conventional methods of cooking. Let us see why people love induction cooktop so much and are willing to spend a fortune on it.

6 Benefits of Having an Induction Cooktop at Home


When you use cooktops that is induction based, you could experience instant heat. One of the biggest pros of induction cooktops is its speed. Electromagnetic activity in the cooktop triggers the heating up in the pan, and the pan heats up on its own. While using an ordinary gas can consume time, induction cooktops take lesser time to cook. This is because pan gets heated up at a faster rate.

Although both Gas and electric cooktops use another medium to transfer heat to the pan, induction cooktops transfer them directly to the pan. Since there are only a few steps required for heating the cookware, it takes very less time for the heat to travel to the food. On an average, it takes 25 percent to 50 percent lesser than the conventional methods of cooking.


Induction cooktops are much efficient than electric or conventional gas. This is because induction cooktops heat only the cookware and not the entire surface. When heat is generated, an induction cooktop releases heat is generated in the pan itself, and more of the heat gets to the food rather than warming up your kitchen.

As a result of less energy consumption, you will have low power bills and a healthier environment. You will also be comfortable while cooking in the kitchen as you will not sweat as much as you sweat when you use gas.


How many times have you gotten close to getting your fingers burnt when you are using electric cooktops? No doubt, a stove is easily one of the dangerous areas in the house. One important advantage of an induction cooktop is that it guarantees safety; it is an important consideration especially when you have children around.

When you take the pan off the burner, the heat does not remain longer than seconds. The unit tends to automatically switch off allowing you to touch the burner immediately after taking the pan off. The pan’s response to a turn of the dial is immediate, so when you turn off the heat, the pan cools down at an instant.


In today’s world cleaning can be one of the time-consuming jobs in the kitchen. With traditional electric gasses, it becomes almost impossible to avoid food being spilled. Also, there are a lot of places food can get stuck on to while using traditional gases and this requires intense cleaning. With induction, stove cleaning becomes as easier as wiping with a towel.


Along with other features, induction cooktop has quite an impressive design. They blend to the kitchen décor and thereby giving it an elegant look. If you like having a good environment, then induction cooktop could be a better choice.


Control is one feature many cooks will look forward to while cooking. Generally, gas burners are more responsive when you adjust the dial, and many tend to choose the traditional method for this feature.

Inductive cooktops are as responsive as gas to a turn of the dial. They have customizable settings which allow precise control of heat. You will be able to move up, and down the temperatures, you need with much ease. This gives a much more efficient performance at a very low heat setting.

In this way, induction cooktops make cooking delicate items, warming food items lot easier than a gas flame.

Final thoughts

Unfortunately, you cannot always tick all the boxes all the time. Although the induction cooktop makes the cooking quicker, more effective and guarantees safety, it has not gained its popularity around the world due to its cost. But it will slowly gain its popularity as it’s defi