Best Gas Geysers In India 2020 – Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

1. Bajaj Majesty Duetto2. V-guard Safefloplus3. Longway Xolo


Planning to purchase a brand new gas geyser but stuck somewhere in between choosing the best gas geyser in India? Or maybe, are you confused with different types of geysers and their sizes available in the market?

If your answer is yes and yes, then you are not alone. A lot of people still do not know the difference and fail to choose the most ideal gas geyser in India suitable for them. When selecting a geyser unit, it all depends on where it would be installed, the budget levels, the need for hot water and many more.

As we heard of water heaters in some countries and geysers in other, what are the differences between these water heating systems?

A water heater can be an immersion rod which is a gas-based instrument that heats up the water which flows through it. Or, it can even be a storage type of water heater which either makes use of electricity or gas in order to heat the water and is stored for long periods by making use of insulation in the tank.


A water heater is basically any system which offers water a source of energy in order to elevate the temperature levels and make it either comfortable or hot for usage during the cold winter season/months.

Mostly in the UK, these small appliances are casually labelled as a geyser.

Coming back to geysers, how does a geyser work? and what are its components? Before we start listing out the top 10 best gas geysers in India 2018, let us get to know a few important terms which can enable us to comprehend and influence our decision making towards purchasing a geyser.

Operations Of Geyser And How It Works

Typically, geyser has three primary elements such as the thermostat, a heating element, and a water tank. You will see each term’s description below:

Geyser Heating Element

The heating element is actually the most crucial element of the geyser other than the inner container or tank. Therefore, we recommend choosing a geyser based on the quality of the heating element. It is also important to note that hard and soft water does create an impact on the heating elements, especially in the inner tank. The heating elements found in geysers are being coated with glass lining which is efficient in avoiding scaling. Also, it even has extended the durability of geysers.

Geyser Thermostat

The geyser thermostat is sort of like a functioning system of the geyser unit which decides when to begin and end the heating of the water. The thermostat is basically made up of a bimetallic strip (made of steel and copper) which is needed to convert the changes of the temperature into a mechanical displacement.

Even so, the thermostat is like a covering on this strip which decides to take action depending on the response from the bimetallic strip. Usually, a reliable thermostat prevents overheating the water.

In addition, the thermostat helps in using power consumption efficiently up to a certain extent but not fully. A thermostat has different temperature ranges which heat water levels between 30 Celsius to 60 Celsius. The steps are on how are shown below:

Switch on the geyser. If the water temperature is at 25 celsius then the thermostat will order the heating element to begin the heating process of the water.

As the water temperature reaches 60 Celsius, the thermostat will then order the heating element to stop heating the water. After few hours of no heating, the water temperature drops down to 29 Celsius due to the heat loss.

The thermostat is being designed to understand when the water temperature reaches a certain level, hence, if the water temperature is below 30 Celsius, it will order the heating element to begin heating the water again. This is a continuous loop which continues until the geyser is being switched off.

Geyser Tank

Geyser tanks is a storage container which holds the heated water. Due to this, it is necessary for the tank to be sturdy enough as well as corrosion resistant.

Water tanks produced with stainless steel are really old models which are outdated by now. The main issue people face when dealing with stainless steel is the hard water scaling and the increase corrosion found inside.

A geyser which uses a Vitreous Enamel glass coated material belong to the category of the advanced and the latest models in the geyser technology industry. Usually, manufacturers use the stainless steel water tanks and coat it using the latest polymers which ensure tanks to be resistant towards corrosion.

This new blend is known as the ‘Vitreous Enamel glass coated geyser water tank’. These tanks are not only resistant to corrosion but even prevent hard water scaling as well. Typically, a Vitreous Enamel water tank guarantees about 5 to 7 years of warranty. Furthermore, Vitreous Enamel is similar to the Glass Lined coating as well.

Well, deciding on the best option between an electric geyser or a gas geyser can be difficult and confusing especially if you are completely new to the geyser realm. However, to find out which one can be ideal for you, you would have to list down the strengths and weaknesses for each of these types of geysers and then decide. Both of these geysers operate differently and each of them has their own drawbacks and benefits as well when it comes to heating water.

Even so, it is also important to take note of the safety concerns for each of these types of geysers along with performance, efficiency, lifespan, cost and how both of these work.

So in an overall sense, cold water will start flowing into the gas geyser when the hot water tap is being opened inside your household. Then, the water flow is being recognized by a sensor which ignites the gas burner, thus, heating the water in the in the heat exchanger. Typically, the water will follow a serpentine type of pattern through the heat exchanger wherein it starts absorbing heat as much as it can.

Factors to Consider When Choosing the Best Gas Geysers

Just like any other purchases being made, you would need to start to state the benefits and drawbacks between the best gas geyser models in 2018 and choose one according to your needs. There are multiple factors to evaluate when choosing a brand new geyser and some of the most important ones are cost, capacity and efficiency.

1. Gas Geyser Wattage

The geyser wattage is a necessary factor to consider when selecting the best gas geysers. Depending on the wattage, the geyser can either operate quicker or slower. In fact, the water will heat much quicker if you purchase a geyser which has a wattage of 4.5 kW rather than a 2 kW instantaneous geyser. However, in some instances, the 4.5 kW instantaneous geysers can consume less electricity/gas and heat the water which can be used for bathing by automatically stopping the flow of water and therefore avoid wastage of excess hot water.

2. Gas Geyser Performance Level

Gas geysers have the ability to heat a 50-gallon tank within an hour and its recovery rate- the time used to reheat the tank of water again after use, is much faster. Even if there are cases of a power outage, the gas geysers can still operate well.

3. The Cost and Lifespan of a Gas Geyser

Gas geysers are known to be cost-effective compared to electric geysers. But, in terms of lifespan, electric geysers seemed to have a much longer lifespan period compared to gas geysers and even varies on the quality of the local water as well as the owner maintenance.

4. Geysers Designed for Hard Water

Hard water tends to ruin the geyser’s lifespan or durability. The best solution for this problem is to opt for the Vitreous Enamel water tank geyser since it is corrosion resistant. In order to prevent damaging of other components such as the water heating element, we suggest you take the water softener. Basically, the water flows into the water softener and then is directed towards the inner tank of the geyser. The water softener converts the hard water to soft water, therefore, it reduces the chances of hard water scaling in the future.

5. Geyser Produced for High Rise Buildings

A gas geyser with a sturdy tank is a fantastic option if you happen to live in a high rise building but it does depend on the floor capacity of the building as well. Placing a geyser in a high rise building would mean that the geyser should maintain a geyser pressure control valve and at least a rated pressure of more than 6 bars.

The pressure control valve lets go over-pressured water since having a lot of pressure in the geyser tank can lead to breakage. The valve is being designed to avoid such dangerous situations. Moreover, glass-lined coated inner tanks are much more appropriate since they are built to avoid high water pressures.

6. Installing a Gas Geyser

A foremost point when it comes to installing a geyser is to avoid hiring a local plumber for installation since they do not adhere to safety guidelines and the best practices. However, do install the geyser by taking help from the authorized service centre. A majority of these manufacturers do offer installation services as well. In addition, you would need a few extra things such as a connection nipple, two steel ribbed pipes and a single angle valve brass.

Are there ways to reduce the geyser electricity consumption?
Probably the best thing you can do when purchasing a gas geyser is to look for BEE star ratings and select the top-rated gas geysers. You can also follow the geyser usage guidelines below in order to reduce electricity consumption:

Standing Losses: this is basically the heat loss which occurs through the surface of the geyser.

Utilizing hot water in adequate volumes: this is actually a huge factor to consider when it comes to consuming electricity in a geyser. Wherein, the more water being utilized will lead to more power being used as well.

The temperature of the geyser thermostat: this is based on the pre-set temperature which states around 60 Celcius for a majority of the geysers. But, a few geyser models do come with an external option control where you can adjust its setting to however you need it to be.

Water temperature utilized for bathing: this is also taken into account for calculating the geyser electricity consumption and is a bit different from the thermostat temperature.

Input water temperature: this is been decided by the location. In layman terms, there are multiple locations and areas which have harsh cold winters and would need more electricity compared to places which have warmer weathers.

As we mentioned some useful information on what gas geysers are about, let’s review the top 10 best gas geyser in India 2018:

Top 10 Best Gas Geysers in India 2020

1. Bajaj Majesty Duetto Gas Geyser

Bajaj-Majesty-Duetto-Gas-GeyserThe Bajaj duetto model offers remarkable features apart from the common water heating feature. This model has a capacity of storing 6 litres of water and is definitely convenient to all users.

In addition, it makes use of an advanced combustion technology which leads to a superior performance and impressive thermal efficiency. You can now enjoy quick and comfortably hot showers during cold winters.

Another feature worthy to note is the ability of this geyser model to avoid overheating water since it makes use of its overheat protection feature. In addition, this model offers a child lock feature wherein you can be assured of kids’ safety if they start playing around with the geyser.
The model also delivers an inlet water flow sensor which identifies if water levels are low and bleeps an alarm in order to warn you. This is certainly a handy and convenient feature when you seem to not notice insufficient water levels.

Other great features include a 20-minute timer, an autoignition to start heating the water, a copper heat exchanger, an oxygen depletion sensor and adjustable settings regarding burner setting and dry heat protection.

Lastly, the model is being offered with 2 years of warranty where if there seems to be any sort of problem the model can be returned as well.


2. V-guard Safefloplus Gas Geyser

V-guard-Safefloplus-Gas-GeyserIn order to enjoy soothing showers and baths with warm water during cold winters, you can select the V-guard Safefloplus geyser. This V-guard geyser has a sophisticated yet a smart and simplistic design which can decorate your bathroom aesthetically without making it appear like a boxy-look addition.

Moreover, this model is a sleek and lightweight design which uses adequate and even little amounts of electricity thus making it suitable for household purposes. This gas geyser model comes with an incredible 5-star rating too. It can be easily installed and even has multiple user-friendly features that make it comfortable to use.

The geyser provides key features such as an automated ignition system wherein it heats the water quick and enables a constant yet steady flow of comfortably heated water.

This, in fact, is more than enough for the entire household. Not only can it be used to take comfortable baths, but the heated water can also even be used to wash dishes and clothes. You can even use this water to carry out other normal household chores.
The model offers capacity levels of 6 litres and comes in size dimensions of 500 x 400 x 250 mm.


3. Longway Xolo Gas Geyser

Longway-Xolo-Gas-GeyserWith a capacity of 7 litres using instant gas, the model provides quick and comfortable water for bathing and other necessary purposes. Moreover, the Longway gas geyser is being designed using automatic Japanese technology.

In terms of protection, this model makes use of the flame failure protection feature along with an overheating safety system in order to guarantee the owner’s safety. You can now enjoy all the features of this model since gas geysers are 75% cheaper compared to electric geysers. In addition, this model saves 30% of gas by making use of the latest (really heavy) heat exchanger.

The model also has an automatic ignition which is battery operated. Therefore, you can expect fast heated water when you prep yourself in the morning. Furthermore, the model uses an additional huge burner which provides with summer and winter alternatives for instant water heating.

Water and gas flow adjustment feature is being made available to enable consumers to change the settings accordingly. The container is being produced out of pure copper in order to ensure the geyser to be more efficient and durable in the long run so you can expect good value for your money.

Lastly, the model is been designed using the seven tanks rapid technology wherein a microprocessor controls the circuit electronically for sleek and efficient working.


4. Min Max Gas Geyser

Min-Max-Gas-GeyserThe Min-Max gas geyser is a stunning water heating unit which makes use of a copper tank in order to ensure efficiency and durability of the geyser in the long run.

This model works really well during a zero pressure scenario.
The model offers brilliant features such as an automatic ignition system where the water starts heating up during a certain time period. Moreover, the water starts heating at a very low pressure. This gas geyser comes with a child lock, therefore, you can be guaranteed child protection from it if it is being tampered with.

You can now enjoy comfortable warm baths since the model uses an adjustable water heating mechanism and you can change the settings however you wish. One of the major reasons on why you should purchase this product is because this model saves 70% of energy. Lastly, this gas geyser model offers a 1-year warranty, therefore, you can negotiate if your purchased model seems to have a few problems.


5. Singer Aqua Jwala Gas Geyser

Singer-Aqua-Jwala-Gas-GeyserThe Singer Aqua Jwala model provides a 6-litre capacity where you can now store adequate amounts of water to use. In addition, the geyser makes use of an automatic ignition where it operates heating water without requiring consumers to switch it on manually.

This geyser model uses a stainless steel burner instrument in order to add extra durability in the long run. Consumers can make use of this advantage and invest in this unit in order to avoid frequent purchases of gas geysers in the near future.

In fact, this model uses a heat exchanger which is copper produced in order to initiate instantaneous heating. You can now enjoy hot comfortable baths before you start off your day.

There are other features you might benefit from such as an overheat protection mechanism and even a flame failure mechanism in order to ensure safety for all people in the household.


6. Havells Flagro Gas Heater

Havells-Flagro-Gas-HeaterThe Havells Flagro model is being designed with a feroglas coated tank along with an individual weld-line design for an aesthetic view and sleek performance.

This model has the capacity to hold 6 litres of water which is convenient for an average household. In fact, this gas geyser model makes use of an Incoloy heating element to instantaneously heat up the water when told to.

You can expect comfortable showers during cold winters since the heating element is an impressive instrument built in the geyser.

Moreover, the model has a functional voltage of 220-240 volts, therefore, it is remarkably powerful in terms of performance levels. Along with this, its output power of 1200 watts ensures water to be heated quickly within a short amount of time.

Furthermore, users can take advantage of its cost-saving solution since it makes use of a high-density PUF insulation system. This would mean that it would consume less energy to operate and provide a full water heating optimization strategy in the end.

Finally, the product is being offered with 2 years of warranty wherein you can negotiate if there seem to be any problems with the gas geyser unit.


7. Orient Electric Gas Geyser

Orient-Electric-Gas-GeyserThe Orient electric gas geyser is LPG powered and offers hot water throughout seasons such as summer and winter with an efficiency rate of more than 84 percent.

The model has a protection mechanism against freezing and is certainly suitable for cold regions. Also, the model has a 3-row burner with a double ignition. You can expect water to be heated within several minutes due to this mechanism.

With a capacity of 6 litres, consumers can make use of adequate hot water supplies for multiple purposes such as bathing, cleaning etc. The model has an automatic 20 Min off timer where it switches off without the need for a user to manually shut it down.

What’s more interesting is that the unit has a heat exchanger which is made up of heavy copper for durability and efficiency and even a flame failure device in order to avoid overheating. You can view the low battery and temperature modes at the digital display clearly as well.

Lastly, the model is being provided with 2 years of warranty, therefore, allowing you to exchange if there seems to be any problem.


8. Indo Gas Water Geyser

Indo-Gas-Water-GeyserThe Indo gas geyser model promotes advanced combustion technology in order to achieve optimised thermal efficiency. You can save lots of operating costs due to its burner setting facility which saves energy in the long run.

The model has an automatic ignition which heats up the water at a quick pace and makes use of a heat exchanger which is produced out of additional thick copper. Other features which you can take benefit of is the child lock switch which guarantees safety if your child seems to tamper with the unit. It has a dry heat protection system to avoid overheating.

Apart from this, the model makes use of a knob (adjustable) for changing the intensity levels of gas and water. Having this flexibility can lead you to draw out hot water comfortable to your levels. In terms of protection, the unit offers a flame failure protection mechanism and a flue block protector.

This model is ideal for a minimum water pressure head of 3 feet (0.1 bar) and a maximum water pressure head of 270 feet (7.5 bar). In addition, there are other features such as a 20-minute timer which ensures water to be heated and switched off after a certain time limit. Also, there is an inbuilt oxygen depletion sensor as well. You also will be guaranteed with a warranty of 2 years after purchasing this product.


9. Surya Instant Gas Geyser

Surya-Instant-Gas-GeyserThis gas geyser unit has been designed with a tank which is extremely heavy (around .45mm) but guarantees durability in the long run. Consumers can take advantage of saving costs since the model can last up to many years without having to repair it frequently.

The model is produced out of top quality copper in order to achieve efficiency when heating water. This can lead to less electricity being consumed and saves energy. Moreover, this model uses an A class solenoid which is the best quality in the market.

Lastly, the installation process can be set up by the customer him/herself since there is a detailed guide provided along with all the necessary spares in the box.


10. Longway Xolo Gas Geyser

Longway-Xolo-Gas-Geyser-1This Longway Xolo model makes use of rapid heat technology wherein the tank is a heavy duty container produced out of copper so that it heats water rapidly and is more durable or long lasting compared to other models.

The model has the capacity to store 7 litres of water and uses instant LPG. In terms of features, the model delivers a flame failure mechanism with an automatic shut off sensor where you do not need to worry about switching the unit off yourself.

Apart from this, the model uses a safety valve to avoid risks and accidents. Lastly, the model has an inbuilt microprocessor which controls a circuit electronically in order to enable a smooth and sleek working performance.


Advantages Of Gas Geysers

  • Gas geysers are much easier to install. Gas geysers are much cheaper in functionality compared to electric and are usually about 1/3rd of the electric geyser operating costs. Propane is known to be more expensive compared to natural gas yet it is still remarkably cheaper than electric geysers.
  • Gas water heaters have a quick recovery rate hence recovers much quickly compared to electric geysers. In addition, if you happen to have made use of hot water in large amounts then your water supply will be refilled immediately when using a gas geyser.
  • Due to the recovery rate as mentioned by previously, you and your family can meet all the needs with a tankless gas geyser.
  • A gas geyser will optimize and save space since these units can be installed anywhere at home. They also make use of the latest technology thus making them more compact, stylish and even lighter. It can even complement your home decor pretty well due to its minimalistic design.

Gas Geyser Disadvantages

  • In order to determine which one is better (either a gas geyser or an electric geyser), you need to also understand the drawbacks of a gas geyser as well.
  • In India, gas geysers seem to have limited marketing potential compared to other water heating systems. A majority of these gas geysers are instantaneous gas geysers and storage gas geysers models are not found in the market.
  • Gas geysers have lower life spans since gas burners get damaged frequently. Due to escalating gas prices along with an energy crisis, the cost to operate gas geysers increases each day. Gas geysers tend to cause pollution since it releases out carbon monoxide into the atmosphere as it burns natural gas or LPG.
  • Different sediments start to accumulate at the tank base after it’s been used for long periods of time. You can remove these sediments by making use of the drain in the tank. You would need extra place to place the LPG cylinder and bathrooms should also have appropriate ventilation as well.

Guidelines Before You Consider Purchasing Gas Geyser:

  • Ensure that all the linking pipes are leak proof, clean, and anti-corrosive.
  • Do not install gas geysers in a tight area or space such as the bathroom. If so, then you would need to provide good ventilation for successful functioning.
  • It is necessary to keep the geyser at a certain height where you can notice the pilot flame easily.
  • If the geyser is desecrated and you still switch off the geyser yet can see the flame, it would be a life-saving moment.
  • Try to prevent leaving the gas tap or geyser on for a long period of time.
  • Keep geysers away from explosives, corrosives or even inflammable. Also, do not place any electric wiring near the gas geyser.

Choose the Best Available Gas Geyser in India 

As we have reviewed the top 10 best gas geyser models in 2018 India, it is necessary to understand the different uses of gas geysers and whether if it is appropriate for you to choose this option. It is always safe to research more before you make your purchase so that can get value from your buying decision in the long run.

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