Best Juicers In India 2020 – Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

1. Philips Juicer2. Sujata Juicer3. Panasonic Juicer





Health is one of the major concerns of almost everyone in the world. With the fast moving pace and the growing competition among humans, we have ignored our health to a great extent. We are all getting so involved in our own lives that we tend to miss out on taking care of things that are important, like our health. This brings in the need for something that can cope with our busy schedules and make us take care of our health as well. The best juicers in India are exactly the type of small appliance which can help you with that.


When you start your day with a glass of freshly prepared juice, you automatically tend to work better and live better eventually.

What we need to do is look for the best juicer in India, you need to know what exactly to look for in your ideal juicer. Our experts have gone through days of research and made sure that you know everything about juicers before investing in them. We have also listed down all the different types of juicers along with their pros and cons so that you can match them with your requirements. Towards the end of the article, we have put together the best juicer in India in 2018 along with their specifications to make sure that you don’t fall into any trap. We hope that this buying guide can help you!

What are the Features to look for in the Best Juicers?

There are so many different juicers available in India, and they all have different features that suit different requirements. You must know what all you should look for to choose the best among these different types so that you enjoy its benefits the most. Some of these variables or features are mentioned here that you should look for in your ideal juicers.

Assembly Difficulty

The first and foremost factor that you should look for in your ideal juicer is the assembly difficulty. To know how difficult the assembly of the juicer is, you need to evaluate a few things. The number of parts that are required for assembly and the parts that are not required for assembly are both important.

Again, the time that is required to assemble the different parts is again considered under assembly difficulty. The best juicers generally come with an easy instruction manual which helps you to put together your juicer without any expert help.

Generally, centrifugal and horizontal masticating juicers are equally difficult to assemble. These two are also thought to be the easiest of all types of juicers that were available in India. The other kind of juicers, called the vertical masticating juicers are a little more difficult to assemble and have a slightly more complex design. The most difficult ones of the lot are the twin gear juicer, as they have a greater number of parts as compared with other juicers.

Food Preparation Requirements

The next important factor to consider while investing in the right kind of juicer is the requirements that the juicer needs to prepare your food. You need to look at the feed chute size, which is the diameter or dimensions of the opening at the top part of the feeding. This determines how well the juicer can grind your food. You must also keep in mind that if the produce doesn’t fit into the juicer’s feed chute, it can not be juiced. Another point to consider while looking at the food preparation requirements is the juicer type and also the producer type.

Cleaning Difficulty

We need our juicer on a daily basis, and therefore it becomes important that you clean it on a regular basis as well. It becomes essential to look for a juicer that can be cleaned easily and has parts that do not break on excessive cleaning. The best juicer in India come with detachable parts that can easily be cleaned after being used.

Different juicers have different ways that they should be cleaned with. There are certain parts in the juicer that must be washed by hands and others which can be washed by dishwashers. These parts, if not washed properly, can cause damage to the entire juicer apparatus and thus cause inefficient juicing. It is essential that you clean the parts as mentioned in your instruction manual, and pay extra attention to their maintenance.

Ease of Use

Another related feature that you should look for in your ideal juicer is the ease of use. The juicer that you get for yourself must be easy to use and to check that you need to keep a few things in mind. We need our juicer to produce the softest high water content in some cases too hard and bulky mixtures in other cases. You must check the juicer for both hard produce and soft produce, as the fruits that you’re going to use for juicing out are not all the same.

The next thing to keep in mind is the juicing yield. Some juicers make sure that they use specific technologies to allow the maximum output from each type of fruit. You must also test for green leafy vegetable produce to be sure of your juicer’s ease of use.

Some other factors that you should take care is the juicer weight and carrying handle. Also, the juicer must have easy control buttons and a long power cord to make sure that you get all the possible advantages of a juicer. The best juicers also come with a feature of juicer movement, making sure that the user has the flexibility to keep the juicer anywhere. The capacity of the juicer bowl is another important characteristic that determines the ease of use of any juicer and should influence your decision of buying that particular product.


Performance of a juicer is the measurement of the efficiency with which it juices your fruits or vegetables. It is important that you look at the spinning speed of the juicer, the type and quality of material used to make the blades inside and also how much weight your juicer can withstand. Generally, they can withstand higher pressures and weights and still perform the same.


Versatility of a juicer should be taken care of while buying your ideal juicer as it becomes convenient for the user if the juicer can function more than just a juicer. The best juicers in India have the capability to be so much more than just juicing your fruits and vegetables. Another factor to consider the versatility of the juicer is the presence of extra accessories with the juicer that are required to fulfill this extra feature.

Generally, centrifugal juicers can only produce juice whereas slow juicers can make more than just juice. Thus, these slow juicers are considered more versatile than centrifugal juicers. But these are not as versatile as horizontal masticating juicers, which tops the list of the most versatile juicers. Versatile masticating juicers are the next most versatile juicers, followed by centrifugal juicers and champion juicers.

These different kinds of juicers have different spinning speeds and come with different accessories to make sure that the user all the different tasks done with the most efficiency. The juicers that are mostly used for homogenizing or mixing are the horizontal ones, and also have extra nozzles.


Durability is one factor that makes all the difference in a good juicer. You need to check on a few things to make sure that your favourite juicer is durable enough. The first one would be the build quality and the type of materials used in making the juicer. You should also know what flaws the earlier design of the same juicer had so that you know exactly where your product has been better.

The brand reputation and quality of support that the company offers to its users after buying the product is another thing that becomes important to determine the durability of the juicer. The best juicers come with years of warranty with them and the most convenient terms possible to make it one of the best experiences of the user. You may also look into what the customers have to say about a particular juicer or brand and then make your decision.


Not every high priced juicer is worth its cost. Therefore the value of each juicer becomes important to consider while investing your hard earned money into one. Our experts have listed down three basic things that can help you determine the value of a product. The initial cost, the long-term cost and the bonus accessories that come with the product. These three factors together determine the value of any product and make the best juicers what they are.


Last on the list, the factor that we all get so influenced by while buying our favourite product is how much noise it produces. We don’t want a juicer that produces a high amount of noise and irritates us.

What are the types of Juicers available?

There are so many different types of juicers in India that can do so much more than just juicing. You would be amazed to know that there are more than six kinds of juicers that you should know about to make an informed decision about what type you want for yourself. Our experts have gone through all the different types of juicers and listed down a few of them here along with their different features. We have also mentioned the advantages and disadvantages of each type.

Centrifugal Juicers: The cheapest kind of juicers are the centrifugal juicers which can extract juice by pulverizing fruit and vegetables. The fruits and vegetables that are introduced into the juicer have been sliced and have cell walls, which are broken down by the huge amount of air introduced into the juicer.

A few advantages that come with the juicer is fast juicing time and the ease of use. It also reduces the time to produce food as some of the best ones also accept larger fruits and vegetables. On the other hand, we have a few disadvantages of the product as well. These type of juicers are not fit for green leafy vegetables and yield lesser quantity of juice. It is quite noisy when it comes to grinding and produces a higher amount of foam.

Horizontal Masticating Juicers: This is a slow kind of juicer and is called horizontal masticating juicer as its orientation is horizontal. The produce is pushed into the drum of the juicer by a food pusher and is eventually ground. The liquid part of the juicer is crushed and thrown out of the juicer through a hole in the bottom of the drum and is collected in a container underneath it. Whereas the dry part of the produce, or also called as the pulp, is pushed away from the juicer through the end of an auger to its top from where it exits through a nozzle.

This kind of juicer generally has a rotating speed of 5000+ RPM, which is ideal for a lot of grinding tasks. This is how a horizontal masticating juicer works. After talking about its working, we shall move forward with its pros and cons. The positive parts of this kind of juicer are that it is quite easy to assemble, can produce almost all types of juice including leafy greens and wheatgrass. It is also fairly quite to use, and the best ones come with a long warranty. Another important advantage that comes with these type of juicers is that they are the most affordable type of slow juicers and also the most versatile.

On the other hand, the negative aspects of the juicer include a highly longer time taken by the juicer to process produce. It also requires a higher amount of force to push the produce into them with the food pusher and might sometimes be very difficult for weaker people.

Vertical Masticating Juicers: Vertical masticating juicers are again slow juicers that work in a slightly different way than the horizontal ones. The produce is processed in the same way in both types, but the only difference lies in the fact that here, the auger is oriented vertically. Another important difference lies in the fact that gravity plays an important role in getting your juice in these type of juicers. Let’s talk about the negative and positive aspects of the juicer so that the user can choose the right product for himself.

The pros of vertical masticating juicers include the ease with which you can clean the juicer, and also the ease with which you can use them. The best ones of the lot process your produce faster than normal horizontal masticating or twin gear juicers. They also tend to take up much lesser space in your kitchen, making the place look better and more spacious. These juicers also come with many years of warranties on its high-quality parts, so you don’t have to worry about the breaking down and repair of the product. Also, you require only a little amount of force to push your product into the juicer, which makes the process all the more easier.

Talking about the negative aspects, it is quite tricky to assemble the parts of a vertical masticating juicer. They are also more expensive than all other kinds of juicers. Another big disadvantage that comes with these types of juicers is that they are too tall to be fitted in your kitchen at times.

Twin Gear: The next type of juicer is the twin gear juicer which works almost like the horizontal masticating juicer. It comes with a feed chute that is perpendicular to the main assembly that processes juice. The also has two rotating gears that does all the crushing and grinding function. Apart from the working of this type of juicer, we have also mentioned the pros and cons of this juicer.

The positive aspects of this juicer include being able to juice all types of produce including leafy greens and wheatgrass. These juicers are fairly quiet when used and come with very long warranties. These juicers are also the most versatile kind of juicers to make sure all your different kinds of juicing tasks are efficiently done.

Moving on to the negative aspects, it is highly difficult to assemble a twin gear juicer, and you might need expert help if you’re doing it for the first time. It takes a lot of time to process your juice and has high stringent food preparation requirements. Twin gear juicers are also quite heavy, which cuts down the possibility of moving them around. You also need a lot of force to push down the food through the juicer. Above all, these kind of juicers is quite expensive.

Champion: The champion juicer combines the best of centrifugal and masticating juicers. The technology used in each of these two types of juicers are put together in these juicers. They come with a cutter instead of an auger, which rotates at a speed of about 1700 RPM

What are the parts that come with a Juicer?

Food pusher: The part of a juicer that fits into the feed chute and allows us to push the produce down into the juicer.

Juicer cover: The next important part of the juicer is the cover which does the preventing function. It makes sure that the filter bowl and filter basket are both well covered.

Filter basket: The filter basket that we just talked about is the rotating disk that cuts, chops and does all the major functions. Different juicers come with different rotating speeds and thus their efficiency.

Filter bowl: A filter bowl in a juicer is the part where you collect the juice. Its the container that collects all the juice and makes way for all the juice to exit the juicer.

Motor Base: The main body or also called the motor base, is simply the body of the juicer. Motor base is a plastic shell which protects the motor. It is important that the motor is well protected for the efficient functioning of the juicer.

Juice container: Juice container collects the juice after being processed.

Pulp container: The last part of a juicer is the pulp container, which collects the pulp or the dry part of the produce.

What are the advantages of having a Juicer at home?

Fresh juice is healthy and enhances our digestive system. Since we know how busy our lives have become and there is absolutely no time to keep track of our diet with it. Owning a fruit juicer helps you to start the day healthy and also boost up your digestive system so that you can do better in everything as a whole.

Juicing lets, you add different fruits and vegetables to your diet. Many of us are also deficient in the essential nutrients and vitamins that we don’t even know about. This is why we need to keep track of everything that we eat or drink. Having a fruit juicer at your place makes you do that quite efficiently and also solves the problem of deficiency of nutrients in your diet.

It makes you extremely fresh, even in summers. The temperature is rising to the highest peak, and we can’t think of our day without something cool and refreshing. A fresh juicer at your place gives you the flexibility and comfort of having a glass of fresh juice at home to beat the summer.

Once you have gone through all the features that you must look for in your ideal juicer and also the different kinds of juicers available in India, you should now look at some of the best juicers in India and pay extra attention to their specifications to make a better decision while buying them. We have also added different people’s reviews about each product in a link below all the specifications for your complete satisfaction.

Top 10 Best Juicers in India 2020

1. Philips Viva Collection HR1863/20 2-Litre Juicer

Philips-Viva-Collection-2-Litre-JuicerIf you’re looking for an easy to install and the most efficient juicer for yourself, we have found your perfect juicer. Philips Viva Collection HR1863 does not require heavy installation and can be assembled by looking into a simple instruction manual. It is built using aluminium and is quite easy to clean after use. It has a lot of attractive features which makes among the best juicer in India.

These features include a quick technology, which ensures both easy cleaning under a minute and squeezing the fruits to the last drop of juice. The innovative juice extraction system that comes with the juicer makes sure that you get the maximum amount of juice without you having to empty out pulp time and again. It comes with a powerful 700W motor that is strong enough to crush and mix almost all your favourite fruits and vegetables.

It saves you a lot of time as Philips Viva Collection HR1863 comes with an XL feeding type, which means that you won’t have to cut your fruits or vegetables before hand. You can directly use them to get your juice. A quick-clean sieve makes it possible for you to use the product over and over again without the fear of break down. The maximum capacity of this model is around 2 litres which enhances the flexibility to the user and increases its efficiency to produce juice. A 2-year warranty on the product acts like a cherry on the cake!


2. Sujata Powermatic PM 900 Watt Juicer

Sujata-Powermatic-PM-900-Watt-JuicerWhen we talk about the most powerful juicers, Sujata Powermatic PM 900 watt juicer is the answer. The powerful 900-watt motor enables you to extract your juice continuously without any hindrance. Not just the motor, it also works on incredibly high speed, ideal for all your grinding tasks. The maximum speed that it can reach is around 22000 RPM which makes it possible for you to enjoy the original taste of your favourite fruits. The powerful motor and the continuous running can stretch up to 90 minutes, which makes it ideal to make a full course meal for all your big parties.

It comes with a detachable pulp container that can help you get an uninterrupted extraction and to extract higher yields from the same fruit. It comes at a reasonable price and years of warranty to make sure that you get all the possible benefits of the product. You can whip and mix your produce in many ways using this juicer which is why it is considered as one of the most efficient and versatile juicers.


3. Panasonic MJ-L500 150-Watt Cold Press Slow Juicer

Panasonic-150-Watt-Cold-Press-Slow-JuicerPanasonic is another renowned brand in the field of electrical appliances and has continuously delivered excellent products when it comes to juicers. One such product is Panasonic MJ-L500 150-Watt Cold press slow juicer that has low speed but efficient performance. The maximum speed that it can reach is about 45 RPM and is suitable for hard and soft fruits.

The power that the juicer works on is around 150 watts. The package includes a slow juicer, frozen attachment, juice container, cleaning brush, pulp container and an instruction manual. The warranty card that comes with the juicer ensures that you have complete customer satisfaction even after buying the product. It helps to retain nutrition, enzymes, vitamins and minerals due to the presence of a unique mechanism.

The versatility of the juicer makes it all the more attractive. You can produce both fruits, frozen desserts and everything with this slow juicer. It produces lesser foam and more quantity of juice and a long-lasting flavour. You can easily rinse your juicer with a warm damp cloth, which makes it possible for you to have easy maintenance. The low speed crushes and squeezes fruits and vegetables. All in all, it is a perfect juicer for all your needs.


4. Panasonic MJ-68M 220-Watt Centrifugal Juicer

Panasonic-220-Watt-Centrifugal-Juicer-1Panasonic MJ-68M 220-watt centrifugal juicer has all the built-in features to be your ideal juicer. It comes with a plastic container that has a capacity of about 600 ml. The presence of safety lock clamp and a stainless steel spinner are the best features of this model from Panasonic and guarantees full security against any accidental switching on. You can now begin your day with healthy juices and transform your living style.

The rust-proof body that is possible because of the premium quality CRCA material is both durable and ROHS compliant. This extra durable body is advantageous when it comes to the longer life of the product. Other specifications that you should look into before buying the product is the high rotation speed, about 12500 RPM, ideal for grinding even the hardest fruits and vegetables. The built-in circuit breaker and a convenient on/off switch makes the juicer all the more attractive. Along with all these features, you are also provided with a year of warranty along with the juicer and an excellent customer care service to make sure all your worries are taken care of.

You can now build your new dream kitchen with the best juicer and make it look extraordinary. The juicer tends to take a very less amount of space so that you have space for other important kitchen appliances. It also comes with a feature of automatic shut down in cases of sudden electricity failure. You may also look at different people’s reviews about this model from Panasonic to make sure what you’re yourself into.


5. Prestige PCJ 7.0 Centrifugal Juicer

Prestige-PCJ-7.0-500-Watt-Centrifugal-Juicer-suitableYour search for a strong and powerful juicer that also looks good ends with Prestige PCJ 7.0 Centrifugal juicer. It works at a voltage of about 230 V and a power of about 500 Watt making sure that you get the best juices at your place. Prestige has always delivered good quality products that come with the most innovative technology so that you can experience the modern technology with the comfort of your homes.

Some unique features that come with the juicer are its extra-wide mouth and an aNti drip feature that prevents any spillage of the juice outside the juicer. The urbane design is both stylish and durable, to match your style. The presence of an anti-skid or vacuum feet makes sure that the juicer is prevented from toppling over when in use. You can place it on the kitchen counter without worrying about any hassle. It also comes with ergonomic knobs and switches to make sure that it is easy to operate by almost anyone.

Prestige PCJ 7.0 centrifugal juicer also comes with a rotary switch and a dual locking system which ensure convenient usage. The super sharp blades that come with the juicer are also resistant to corrosion which makes sure that it is suitable for regular use. You can now cut vegetables and all kind of spices without any difficulty using this juicer. All in all, it is a great juicer that offers you with the flexibility of working out all your different juicing procedures, at a great price.


6. Usha Nutripress CPJ362F 240-Watt Cold Press Slow Juicer

Pigeon-Pure-150-Watt-Slow-JuicerLast on the list; we have an amazingly versatile juicer from Usha, called Nutripress CPJ362F 240-watt cold press slow juicer. You can now juice all your hard vegetables, green vegetables, nuts and grains, fruits, frozen desserts for all your different needs. This cold press slow juicer makes sure that you get the maximum flexibility for all your juicing needs. A free demo CD is available with the juicer making sure that the assembly of the juicer is not a problem.

Usha Nutripress CPJ326F slow juicer comes with a 75mm full mouth feeder tube, ensuring full fruit juicing. A smart cap for juice mixing and to prevent spillage of juice is also available with the juicer. The presence of 2 different jars, one for pulp collection and the other for the juice are also present with the juicer. The company also provides three filters with the product including a fine, coarse and dessert filter for all your different juicing needs.

Above all, this juicer has good quality parts which are quite easy to assemble without any expert help. A cleaning brush is offered with the product which makes sure that you can use the juicer and clean it with equal efficiency every time. The spinning brush in the package works as the rotating wiper in the juicing bowl. It comes at a very reasonable price, so you don’t have to worry about your budget. A 5-year warranty from Usha adds a cherry on top.


7. Signora Care SCJ-405 350-watt Juicer

Signora-Care-SCJ-405-350-Watt-JuicerNext, on the list of the best juicers in India, we have Signora Case SCJ-405 350-watt juicer. It comes with a high quality perforated mesh which is ideal for all the fruit juice lovers. There are a lot of high-quality parts that come with the product. The pulp collector that is included along with the product makes sure that you get a no-pulp juice. It works on 350 watts of power and an operating voltage of 200-220 volts, ideal for a powerful performance.

The brand also provides a service card that makes sure you can call for our customer care service in case of any damages or breakdowns. The package of the product includes a warranty card and a service card separately to ensure complete customer care satisfaction.

You can now process all the hard fruits with this model from Signora, fulfilling all your different needs.
Some other specifications that you must look into before buying the product is that it weighs around 2.5 kilos, and occupies very less amount of space in your kitchen. It is easy to assemble, and you can easily do it all by yourself. You may also look into the different people’s reviews ensuring what you’re getting yourself into.


8. Havells Nutrisense 150W Cold Press Slow Juicer

Havells-Nutrisense-150W-Cold-Press-Slow-Juicer-150WThe Havells Nutrisense 150W cold press juicer is one of the most modern juicers that come with a slow squeeze technology which uses an auger to squeeze out juice instead of shredding fruits and vegetables with high-speed blades. This model from Havells comes with a natural motion which minimizes damage to ingredients and keeping natural taste and nutrition intact. The continuous extract system can extract juice to the last drop for almost 20 minutes.

A near-silent DC motor that comes with the product makes about 60 dB of noise. This ensures an efficient performance without making any noise. It works quite efficiently with just 150 watts of power which means that you can produce and enjoy cold-pressed juice at home without making any noise. The presence of a blue LED makes sure that you can display speeds on which the juicer is operating. It is quite easy to assemble and clean the product because of the good quality parts of this juicer.

It also comes with a magnetic safety lock system which prevents the juicer from switching it on automatically when the lid is locked. The electronic touch control ensures that you can easily operate the juicer. You don’t even have to press the buttons, and an easy touch would do. Above all, this model from Havells comes with a warranty to ensure complete customer satisfaction.


9. Singer Peppy Juicy 500 watts Compact Juicer

Singer-Peppy-Juicy-500-Watts-Compact-JuicerSinger Peppy Juicy compact juicer is one of the most powerful motors as it comes with a 500-watt motor and the most ideal speed. You don’t require any installation needed with the product, and you can contact the customer care service for any product related queries. There are 2-speed options along with a pulse operation that ensures complete flexibility and efficiency in operation.A 2-year warranty with the product makes sure that your investment is a wise one.


10. Hurom HE Series 70 RPM Cold Press Slow Juicer

Hurom-HE-Cold-Press-Slow-JuicerLast on the list, but not the least, we have a juicer that adds to the elegance of your home and makes a glass of fresh juice for your to take care of your health daily. It comes with an ABS plastic body, which is resistant to corrosion and so ensures that you can use the product every day.

It is both fancy and efficient when it comes to producing juice. It comes with a low noise motor, ensuring that your home is not disturbed while preparing juice, unlike other traditional juicers. The juicer from Hurom also comes with an overload protection feature that makes sure that the product does not break down in cases of sudden electricity failures or other shutdowns.

A stainless steel mesh and a filter that is accompanied with the product adds to the attractive features of the product.All in all, this is a good model from Hurom which can juice out even the hardest fruits and vegetables efficiently. The brand also offers an overload protector.



It is an important decision to choose between the type, quality and brand of a juicer. This is why our juicer buying guide has included all the possible features that you should know about each product on the list. You can also look for different customer reviews to make sure that the company or brand is not faking. Hope this guide helped you, especially if you are a first timer in buying kitchen appliances.

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