How to Choose the Right Water Purifier for Home

Loads of technology and big brands often make us feel that branded hai na, to achha hi hoga. However, it may not be the case for every circumstance. Each purifier has its own way of making water drinkable, removing total dissolved salt (TDS), carbon and sediment. Hence it becomes a priority for us to decide and discuss on which one to buy given the available water quality, living standards, and other aspects.

In this article, we will show you how to find the best water purifier, which is one of the most valuable appliances in your kitchen. Let’s now see what are the major affecting factors for choosing a water purifier for home.

1. Quality and Quantity of Carbon and Sediment Filter

As it is known, every purifier is one of its kind. Almost every system has a varying size of these two systems and this makes a whole lot of a difference – right from outgoing water quality to customer satisfaction to the ratings and reviews.

Purifiers having carbon filter of bigger and better quality is to be chosen, irrespective of its size. In case of sedimentation filter, size should be more and that’s it. Nice and easy, right?

2. Source of Incoming Water

It depends a lot on which kind of membrane is being used for initial water income. Accordingly, we need to choose the purifier. Coming water can always have heavy metals, deadly minerals, and unwanted solid particles.

For unknown sources, either choose a good quality RO, UV or UF purifier. In not the RO+UV, RO+UF or UV+UF. Anything else is rubbish in the market.

3. Brand value, Reviews, and Service provided

Here comes the part where most of us usually get bluffed. Brand name doesn’t ensure a quality water and cost also doesn’t. We always have to look into the reviews, performance of the product. Moreover, services provided by the company regarding repairs and damages is also something worth focussing. Currently, Kent is the leading name in the business. However, there are other brands which are equally good.

4. Size of the Purifier and Volume of Water to be Purified

Many products are too bulky to fit in our space requirement. In somehow they do, we often don’t get an ample amount of purified and filtered water. Hence, the one to be chosen should be of adequate size, which will also provide the water with intended quality.

5. Power Availability

Does your home come in a power-off prone area? Is there always fluctuation in the voltages and electricity? Still, this is doable. Problem is significant in remote areas, villages and unexplored destination, which actually require some quality drinkable water. Such cases demand UV or UF purifiers, which require very less or no power supply respectively.

6. Ratings of the product

Sometimes, ratings may help us in choosing what should be a perfect system for us. High ratings, decent brand and average size should be your pick. As mentioned, kent is the leading brand here because of the ratings and reviews are given by users.

Not only that, many brands undergo various international tests for their products and get certified. This helps in their market value. Anyone and everyone for that matter should be behind such products.

7. Type of Purification System

There indeed are some no-brainer terms when it comes to choosing one purifier over another.

  • A large pool of minerals present in the water – go for an RO system.
  • Extremely small sized viruses and bacterias present – UF system is perfect.
  • Not much total dissolved salt (TDS) present – should be a UV system.

8. Maintenance cost

High maintenance cost should be another concern for any buyer. Nobody wants to pay in bulk once installed, right? Exactly there, one must also keep an eye on primary cost, installation cost as well as maintenance cost.

9. Types and Stages in the Filter

Sufficient stages, good removal of TDS and minerals and quality types of steps are very important in the selection. All the necessary steps, namely, carbon and sediment filter, mineral remover etc. should be necessarily present.

10. Everything That Glitters, is not Worth Buying

Small brands go to way lower quality than we can even expect and to counterpart that, they improve the product aesthetically. By this, I mean the shining, nice looking purifier should be dodged from our choice.


Purifier having good filters and stages, low initial installation and maintenance cost, decent rating and having undergone several tests should be the choice.

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