How to Clean and Maintain Your Wet Grinders

Wet grinders have become an essential small appliance for every Indian kitchen. The basic cooking process begins with the creation of batter or curry base. Wet grinders help a whole lot in this process.
Wet grinders have become an essential part of our kitchen these days. There are two types of wet grinders:

Table-top wet grinders: These grinders are small-sized, portable kitchen appliance that can be easily placed on a table top or counter. In this grinder, the drum is fixed to the assembly and cannot be tilted backwards or forwards.

Tilting-type wet grinders: These grinders are compact, occupy less space along with having the drum attached to the main assembly with the help of hinges that allow the drum to tilt both forwards as well as backwards.

A table-top model is easy to clean and maintain as compared to a tilting model because, in a table-top unit, the drum can be detached from the main assembly and washed directly in the sink. Whereas in a tilting model, the drum cannot be removed from the assembly; so cleaning it is quite cumbersome. So the choice is in your hands to opt for the best wet grinder that one could ever have. But, to make your wet grinder function well, you have to maintain it and take care of it for a durable and long-lasting service.

Tips to Keep your Wet Grinders Clean

Here are a few cleaning tips you need to know if you want your wet grinder to offer you the years of faithful functioning. Cleaning a wet grinder is an important chore, but it is not that difficult a task at all. At the same time, it is very essential if you expect years of trouble-free service.

  • Remove the grinding stones along with the holder stick and hold it under a running water tap until it is thoroughly washed.
  • Make use of a brush to clean off the sticky batter from the nooks and corners of the grinder.
  • Wipe the motor clean with a wet cloth and then dry it.
  • Keep the grinding drum upturned for drying purpose.
  • Clean dry the stones thoroughly after wash.
  • Once all the parts are clean and dry, assemble back all the parts of the machine.

Guidelines for Efficient Maintenance of Wet Grinder

Create a regular regime for an efficient maintenance schedule.

  • Clean the drum before you use the grinder.
  • Before you use the grinder for grinding rotate the stones along with the roller gently to ensure that it is fitted properly after every clean-up.
  • Keep your wet grinder dry all the time. To dry the drum better you can keep the drum upside down.
  • Keeps the wipers position facing the motor while grinding.
  • The roller always gathers debris and might begin to smell. So make sure that you remove the roller assembly and clean it carefully and thoroughly, after each use.
  • Never run a wet grinder when it is empty. It will damage the grinder.
  • Add the ingredients in small measures. This will help you grind better and also you will get an evenly ground batter. This increases the longevity of the wet grinder.
  • Always operate it on a horizontal platform or table since unnecessary vibrations can cause your grinder to develop various problems.
  • Use enough water while using the grinder. Inadequate water will create lower belt tension and will end up harming the grinder and cause it to malfunction.
  • The instruction manual will help you in understanding the functions of the wet grinder and what are some of the things you must avoid for better maintenance of the appliance.
  • As the appliance has heavy motors and movement of crushing stones, keep children away from it.
  • Keep your hands away from the drum during operation or unlock the arm while the appliance is in operation.
  • Never try to repair the grinder yourself. In case of any fault contact a qualified technician or the company’s service technician.
  • Please avoid using attachments from unauthorized dealers.

The tips for cleaning as well as maintaining the wet grinder should prove to be of great help in making your wet grinder last longer and offer trouble-free service.

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