Difference Between OTG and Microwave

We use microwave and OTG for various applications in cooking. Whether it is grilling, roasting or mere heating, both these small appliances come in handy to us. While microwaves are known to us since years,OTG is relatively a new thing in the market.

Both of them perform their tasks quite well, while most of the functions are quite similar in nature, there are some differences between two. This post aims to explain some of the main differences between OTG and microwaves, so that next time you are not confused between the two when you have to take a buying decision.

Microwave oven, as we all know is a special type of electric oven which uses microwave radiation to heat the food. The polar molecules in the food are circulated within the oven and radiations are passed. As a result, we get a heated, warm and better cooked food. We use microwave for other purposes like grilling, toasting. The biggest advantage of having a microwave is larger space available for heating within the oven and versatile working.

OTG stands for oven, toaster and griller. As the name suggests, it does the work specified in the name i.e. heating, toasting, and grilling. The reason why OTG came into existence is the specialized need of work.

For example, there is no point in buying a whole microwave if only grilling/toasting is required. Otg is a smaller derivative of a microwave. it offers limited functionalties.

As it is now clear that there are some differences between an OTG and mircowave oven, let’s go in depth and see the aspects in which they are distinct.

Food Preparation Time

This is a major point of difference. Microwaves require relatively less time for processing. Microwaves use the radiations which are quite effective in polarising the molecules in the food and heating them. However, the time required depends on the food quantity to be processed. Higher the food, more the time needed

In case of OTG, the time taken is more. There are several reasons for that. Firstly, the heating doesn’t happen through radiation. OTG works on simple, regular and conventional heating system in which electricity is converted to heat energy. Other aspect is the size. Since the space within OTG is less as compared to microwave, the time required is more.

Power Consumption

We need to look at this aspect also while buying one. In general microwaves consume more power than otg. The reason behind this is also quite obvious. Microwave is expected to perform various tasks and that too with greater food quantity. Microwaves are often bulky in size which might be another indicator for the same.

However, in otg, workload is relatively less. Hence the electricity consumption is also less. So, otg beats microwave in this case.

Preheating Time

Preheating time is another aspect where there two vary. Preheating time of conventional microwave oven is quite less. Practically, at most about 5 minutes. Yes, this much less.

The reason behind this might be the extent of heating once the process starts. Microwaves use strong radiations once the heating starts hence can have less preheating time.

In case of otg, preheating time may be as high as fifteen minutes. So, otg requires more preheating than microwaves. The reason behind this being the smaller setup of otg.


Cost always proves to be the dominating factor while buying the best product. Obviously, cost of mica microwave oven is way higher than that of otg. You will get a standard microwave at a price of around ten thousand.

For a decent otg, you will have to pay just about two thousand rupees. Reason behind this is that the limited facilities offered by an otg. You will get an otg with more functionalities at most about five to six thousand.

So, depending on your budget, you can choose between the two. For lower budget and for limited actions like grilling and toasting, go for an otg. For high end specifications and work with more budget, go for microwave.

Temperature Management

In a microwave, the temperature is adjusted and maintained using the controls provided. The advantage here is that you can choose and set the correct temperature for various food types. Also, the temperature can be varied depnding on the type of food being cooked.

In case of otg, the temperature is managed automatically. You don’t need to worry about the processing. Otg itself heats, grills and roasts the food at the best temperature needed.

Moreover, if you want to change the temperature manually, then it is also possible in otg. So, otg also has the facility which is installed in the microwave along with the automatic system.


Weight is always a factor to be considered because it decides the portability of the device.

The weight of microwave is on the higher side, higher weight makes it very difficult to lift or move or somewhere.The weightt of a microwave can be as high as ten kgs. This also accounts for the volume and size it possesses.

In case of otg, the weight is really low. Sometimes they are as light as two to three kgs. Hence, otg comes with added advantage of lightweight. It can be moved and lifted easily. We tend to move our kitchen machines due to lack of space and otg wins here.

Metal allowance

This one is quite a unique factor, We cannot, or not expected to use metal inside the microwave. The reason behind this is the radiations. Metal ions are very sensitive to microwave radiations and can damage the metal pot and eventually the food inside.

However, you can readily use metal pots inside an otg. Here heating is the traditional, conventional type and hence no problem of radiation. This is a really big advantage since you don’t have to take out your food from metal pots and hence no limitation.

Heat distribution

In otg the distribution of heat is never uniform. The toasters and main parts in the heating are heated more as compared to coils where are around the processor. This is because of the absence of waving fan. Fan distribute the heat evenly to all the parts.

And because of this problem, we sometimes don’t get the properly heated or grilled food and that’s why we have the microwave at our rescue.

Microwave oven, with their radiation, can distribute heat more evenly than an otg. Microwave turn the radiation into heat and properly distribute it.


Size doesn’t always show the real capacity. We would think that capacity of microwave is more as it has more and diverse tasks to perform, but this is not the case.

The capacity of a microwave, at max, is about thirty-five litres, whereas the capacity of otg can be as high as sixty litres. So, though the size is small, the maximum capacity of otg is almost twice as that of a microwave oven.


Of course, the quality of baking and overall food processing is important. Microwave is a conventional product and the quality is decent. We usually get what we expect. All the boiled objects, cooked vegetables will be of standards of what they should be.

In case of otg, you get a better and uniform quality of roasting and grilling. We can say, the quality is best by an otg. The reason can be that the product is designed for a specific purposes and not for whole baking and cooking. Hence, the quality control is better.

Ease of use

Whatever we but, it should be readily usable. Microwave beats otg here. Simple figures and shapes displayed on the lcd screen on microwave makes it easy to operate. The temperature notation, start-stop indications are easy to understand. Also, recipe configuration is relatively easy using these lcd panels.

In otg, the control and operation is quite difficult. Otg comes with a mechanical operation which might not be understandable to every user. Moreover, the settings installed are very much confusing. Hence, i we can go for a traditional and more common of two i.e. microwave if the user cannot comprehend the tough commands used in otg.

Ideal usage

There are conditions where the microwave is useful and where otg is better. Here it goes.

For those with a quite busy lifestyle and not so much time for cooking, a microwave oven is for you. Also, if baking is your passion and you love cooking, you should go for a microwave oven.

If you are a professional baker and want your product to be the best and ideal one, you need to have otg in your home. Also, if somebody wants only to grill and toast, there is no point in wasting money and buying a microwave oven. Instead, go for the otg.

Microwave Oven Or OTG?

After looking at the various points of differences and aspects, here is the final verdict on microwave and otg:


MicrowaveThe microwave is a traditional, common and a well-known cooking product with easy operation. A little bit higher on price, but takes care of most of the food processing. With less preheating and microwave radiation usage for heating, you get a decent cooked product as a result.

One can say that more than advantages, the disadvantages are more. This is due to bigger size and heavyweight. Also, we cannot use, metal inside it. We can go for glass or fibre or ceramic, but not metal.

A microwave is quite easy to handle and run. All the signals and figures are known to everybody. If elder members of the family are your regular cook, get a microwave for them.

However, if you are expected integrated food items like crispy or extra roasted food, a microwave might disappoint you. For daily and regular cooking, the microwave is the perfect pick.


OTGPocket microwave, as they say, is really handy if your aim is restricted to grilling, baking, and roasting. Otg comes at less than half a price of that of microwave and are very efficient. Basically, a perfect product for professional bakers. While the advantages lie in small size and superior quality, the problem with OTG is the quality.

You can process only specific type of food, roast and grill it. Another problem is the uneven heat distribution. This is due to the absence of microwave radiation. For advanced baking and professional purpose, it has edge over the microwave.


However, a major concern about otg design is the ease of use. You may not be able to comprehend its mechanical commands and can create a mess of the food. But lowered cost and better quality overshadows these shortcomings.

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