5 Tips to keep your Mixer Grinder Clean 

Regular cleaning of the mixer grinder is very important for its efficient working. If the maintenance is neglected and the mixer is kept using without observing the condition of the grinder, the productivity decreases. Thankfully, there are various ways to clean this small appliance. Irrespective of the type and brand of your grinder, these techniques will help you keep the mixer grinder in good shape.

5 Tips to keep your Mixer Grinder Clean 

We know that keeping your mixer grinder clean is a tough task considering that you are leading a busy life. Which is why we have come with 5 tips which will help you keep these appliances clean.

1. Stain Removal Using Vinegar

Dark, sticky stain on the inner body of grinder is our common observation. Stain are not at all good for grinder’s life. These stains mostly come from masala grinding and juice making. What you got to do is simply add two spoons of vinegar in water.

Pour this solution in the grinder and allow it to grind for good three to four seconds. Check if all the stains are removed. If not, make a more concentrated solution and do the same thing. Once all the stains are removed, your grinder is ready

2. Complete Cleaning Using Baking Powder

Baking powder is one of the finest things you can use to keep your grinder clean. Baking powder, with its cleansing characteristic qualities, help you remove the odour also. Take some baking powder. Add it to water and make a stiff paste. Allow it to settle a bit.

Now, apply it on the inner side of the body and leave the grinder for about fifteen minutes. Once set, pour clean water in the jar and grinder for good half a minute. Remove everything and check if whole of the grinder is cleaned. Also, try to smell from inside. The foul smell should have been gone by now.

3. Cleaning Using Lemon Peels

We all know how effective lemon is when it comes to removing stain and other bad sticky materials. With citric acid, it can also be used to clean your mixer grinder, just like any other utensil. Steps are very easy. Get the juice from the lemon out. Now you are left with peels.

Take a peel and rub it to the inner surface of jar and also to the lid. The citric acid starts working against the stain and foul smells. After cleaning whole of the portion, leave it for about fifteen minutes. After that, clean everything with clear water and your grinder is cleaned wholly.

4. Remove Smell and get Shine Back Using Alcohol

Alcohol is not a worst thing after all. It has some good uses in cleaning also. We can effectively use alcohol and water mixture to clean our mixer grinder. All you have to go is make a proper solution of both and keep it inside the jar for good fifteen minutes.

Remove the smell and check your grinder. All the foul smell will be gone by then. Also, the grinder regains its shine once the solution is removed and jar and lid is cleaned with new water.

5. Get the Grinder Back to Working Using Detergents

We don’t have to do anything new for cleaning grinder using this technique. Just the conventional cleaning. Take two drops of detergents which you use for cleaning utensils.

Add one litre water to it and pour the solution in grinder. Mix the solution well by grinding for about two seconds. Remove the solution and rinse well using clear water. You will find that most of the stain and smell is gone and your grinder is ready now for usage.


These are some of the techniques to clean your mixer grinder. It is advisable to use them as prescribed and regularly to maintain the good quality working of the grinder.

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