Inalsa Fiesta Food Processor Review

These days, food processors come with various new features and installed technology. There are many brands which produce some quality food processors. Among them, the one which is distinctly ahead is inalsa. Inalsa is famous for making quality small appliance which are used for many tasks in the kitchen and that too at a low price.

Basically, it maintains the balance between both the quality and cost. This inalsa fiesta 650-watt food processor has always been the bestseller, wherever you go on various online selling platforms. It’s the specifications and performance separates this gem from other in the market. There are many aspects to discuss about this inalsa fiesta 650 Watt Food Processor.

Inalsa Fiesta 650-Watt Food Processor Review


Running at 650 watt, the food processor comes with various other parts. It has two jars, namely blender jar and grinding jar. For slicing and other purpose, it has two blades. One for chopping and one for kneading.

Other than this, it come with many supplements like egg whisker, french fry cutter, fine slicer, shredder cutter and a centrifugal juicer.

All in all, this comes to your place with as many as eight attachments along with the main parts like mixer and jars. This way, the fiesta 650 watt is way more than just a food processor.

Other specifications include body design and material. All the body parts are made with stainless steel. So, there is no question of rusting. Coming to body design and volume, the shipped product is hardly of a 40 cm cube which weighs only about 5.8 kg.

The dimensions and product volume is way less that what we get out of it. Another point of discussion is the warranty. This product comes with two years warranty on the product and as much as five years on the motor. So, as far as specifications part is concerned, this fiesta 650-watt model surely passes the test.


Price, packing, and installation

This product will cost you around three to four thousand rupees. It is probably the best food processor at this price. Otherwise, you can also pay the EMI of around 350 rupees and have this one. Packing is superb. Online shopping sites like amazon, flipkart will get your food processor wrapped in a completely sealed container. It will have bubble wraps all around the main product inside. So the issue of inherent damage is cut out right there.

Yes, we need installation for some of the attachments that come with it. Foe mixer and jar, no such installation is required. You can always ask the company if any concern about installation arises by calling their customer care. However, all the installations are pretty easy to understand even from the videos available.

Positives of the Product

Though there are loads of positives, the major one will be described here. Firstly, the motor is really strong at 650 watt. You get the feel that it indeed is a high motor food processor. Secondly, all the attachments are designed for indian user style and they are quite helpful.

There is not a single attachment which will remain unused. Also, all of them come in great body design and shape. There is always the lowered price. Less than four thousand is literally nothing if we see the attachments that come along. The processing is lightning fast. You will get your juicers ready within two to three minutes.

Another major advantage of having this food processor is the noise free working. Noise made during various processes is about 80-90 debyes which is nothing as compared to other food processors. Basically, it is a really smart product that will meet all of your expectations every time.

The atta kneading is very efficient in this food processor. In fact, all the attachments are quite helpful in some way for completing your daily kitchen tasks. Sometimes, the main knob gets choked during initial days but the guy from company will fix the problem quickly. So, all boxes ticked from company response. Overall, these good specifications provide a quality user experience.

Negatives of the Product

There are few areas where this food processor lacks in performance. One, is the rotors. It has two rotors installed which run simultaneously. The problem can pose a risk to the user. If any attachment fails and rotor runs rapidly, it might cause harm to the user. Another thing is main bar has a tendency to get jammed often.

This might not be a negative pick but multiple attachments are not possible in this processor. There are rising complaints that the whole processor has stopped working after couple of weeks. Though the warranty period is way long, its performance keeps on descending.

Another minor issues are that the blades are difficult to clean. Also, the spatula that comes along with it is relatively weak and hence stats getting chipped early. The product comes with two pin plug. It is quite difficult to comprehend that a motor of wattage as high as 650 will run on a two pin plug.

Moreover, it comes with only three jars. The main jar which you use for basic masala mixing is relatively small in size. So if you want to make masala for a week at a single lot, this food processor might disappoint you. You need to lock all the jars perfectly every time. Otherwise, it will not work.

Final Call

Inalsa fiesta 650 watt is a very genuine performer of kitchen chores. Right from preparing juices to kneading atta, chopping vegetables to slicing fruits, it comes with all the attachments required. The highlighting part is the price. If you don’t want to spend much but also want your food processor to work smartly, this should be your pick.

It does possess some problems and difficulties in working and handling, but those are the minor ones. So, a decent food processor which carries all the attachments needed and available for a low price. Perfect pick for a small family.

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  1. Sorry, Anish. But I must tell you that the rotor of the atta kneader should not be belt driven to reduce the speed. It cannot take the load due to asymmetric loading and keeps damaging the belt. Further, the belt becomes loose with some use and then starts to come off the toothed wheel. The body appears to be made of cheap plastic with no good finish.

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