Kent Maxx Water Purifier – Comprehensive Review 2018

Water is the basic necessity for all living beings. And everything that we drink is not pure. The water that we get at our homes is not pure. There is a high amount of dissolved salts which makes it undrinkable. Nobody can even guarantee about the absolute perfect conditioned drinking water just by seeing and sometimes even after various tests. Sources of drinking water are vast in India which only adds to the problem.

You never know where the water has come from and hence, what microorganisms, viruses and bacterias it carries with it. We have already witnessed many cases where innocents have died just because of ignoring the proper water treatment need.

And that’s why we need something which is capable of maintaining our daily drinking water and also providing it at the pace required. And that’s why we have water purifiers, this appliance is part of every kitchen now in India.

Water purifiers help in reducing the danger of getting into the trap of water borne diseases. All we got to do is select a good product from a decent brand having proper reviews and get it installed at our place. But then it’s not all, a reliable brand may sometimes also not come with at par products and their performance.

Nobody of us is now unaware of the giant in this industry. KENT. The name is enough to assure your mind that nothing else is you should be looking at. And there are reasons why the brand value of Kent has gone this high over these years. They have maintained the reputation of producing result oriented products and with refined technologies.

Excellent customer satisfaction by solving their queries, though there are minimal, only added to their grasp and today they are the market leaders in our country in water purifier manufacturing industry. In this article we will provide a detailed review of the KENT Maxx UV+UF Water Purifier. We will discuss the features, pros and cons of this device.

Kent Maxx 7-Litre UV+UF Water Purifier Review


KENT maxx water purifier review This comes from Maxx category of kent purifiers. Provided with 7 liters capacity, which is only a liter less than those from pearl category. So it should be an issue for almost any family, who are looking for clear and safe drinking source to buy this one.

Another one facility is auto cut off feature, which never lets the water fill more than the desired one or the capacity. The whole of the seven liters gets filled in 5 to 7 minutes which should be quite remarkable. Taste of water will never change over the course of 4-5 years. Maintenance charges are almost none for as much years as it lasts.

This water purifier comes with double purification technology. It has UV+UF purification system which ensures that an extra layer of purification.

Kent gives one year warranty on this product, which speaks for the confidence of owners on its working and durability. This also comes with a free installation, so total cost is only the initially paid one. One thing that goes in its favor is that the user will never complain for leakage of water; such its shape is. A bucket type one.



  • The purification achieved with this Kent Maxx water purifier is good.
  • The design is appealing and adds an extra grace to your kitchen or wherever it is placed.
  • Extensive quality testing is done from labs abroad.
  • Easily available online on Amazon with constant discounts


  • Not suitable for purifying water with a high level of TDS
  • There are few other options in the current market which can do the same purification at lesser prices.

Kent Maxx Water Purifier Price

Kent has many water purifiers under the brand ‘Maxx’ and each of them differs in features. Based on our research online and offline, we found the price of Kent Maxx water purifier to be around 6000 to 10,000 INR.

The price keeps varying and depends on many factors like the size and purification technology. However, it was observed that the prices online are much lower than the offline prices even though the there is no difference in the product quality.


This was the review for the kent maxx purifier. It is evident that the Kent Maxx 7 liter water purifier has an excellent configuration. If you need more in-depth information on choosing the best water purifier, you can refer to our buyers guide here.

Now it’s your turn to buy them and mark your review for the bought products. Kent has always been the distinctly ahead brand over others like Aquapure etc. The review written above are solely on the basis of observed features of respective products. They are made after careful observation of their working and performance. Hope you choose the best one on your part.

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