Livpure Glo 7 Litre RO+UV Water Purifier Review

More than three million people die because of water-borne diseases every year in this world. And of course, a majority of them comes from our India. Such is the water quality in India. But is it the end of the story? We all would agree that maybe things were not good in the past and we had to cope up with whatever we get.

However, things are changing, and we now need to get good drinking water and lower down this percentage out of three million from India. But honestly, it takes some work to change something in India, especially the problems like drinking water, since the water quality is not good enough to sustain good life if the water is not purified before it is consumed.

However, we got a thing in the twentieth century. Water purifiers have become a must-have small appliance for every home. Suddenly we understand the importance of the drinking purified water. Everything started to change. Our perspective of looking at drinking water as a life-giving element got strengthened. Such is the significance of purifiers.

One may say that it is the hype created by companies which manufacture purifiers, but such allegations fall flat because these models have proven their worth. Hence especially in India, purifiers are must, whether you live in rural areas where the water you get might be turbid or in urban areas where the water you get is clean but contains, loads of unwanted minerals.

We have also made a guide which will you choose the best water purifier India, read it if you want to know in depth about all the available options.

And then came the brand of Livpure and made the market listen to them. They produce outstanding models of purifiers with different cost, and accordingly, the quality and specifications vary. Nobody would have thought that this brand will reach these heights and become this much popular in this time.

In this article we will pick one such offering from Livpure and review it, It is one of the top-selling water purifiers, I am going to talk about Livpure Glo 7-Litre RO + UV + Mineralizer Water Purifier water purifier.

Livpure LIV PEP PRO PLUS 7L RO+UV+UF Water Purifier Review 


This can be considered at the most versatile product form Livpure, probably till date. With an installed capacity of seven litres, it can remove total dissolved solids (TDS) up to 1500 ppm. This product comes with a warranty of 6 months. It can filter up to 12 litres water per day, It has all the features which ensures complete purification of water, there happens to be a carbon filter to remove excessive microorganisms and germs. Its filter is good enough to remove both, i.e. both coarse and fine sediments from the water.

As it is very small in size it is best suited to a small kitchen. It has RO+UV+Mineralizer system which removes all the unacceptable things.At the time of writing this article, the water purifier is currently priced under 10,000 INR which makes it a great buy.


  • It is made of food grade plastic which makes it eco-friendly and durable
  • It comes with an easy return policy, you do not have to be worried about faulty products.
  • It can purify up to 12 litres of water every hour
  • Six stages of cooling for complete purification


  • If you are looking for something cheap then this is not an ideal choice
  • A few complaints of installation and service(Depends on the city you live in)



Livpure has had the tradition of manufacturing quality products though sometimes their cost is somewhat high.A mong the big names in this industry viz. Kent, livpure, and aquaguard. Livpure has an upper edge when it comes to design and refined technology involved in the products.

However, all the above-mentioned aspects have been researched and analyzed before speaking. These may differ as every user will have their own share of experience. Inthe end, all that matters is how much can you pay for and what do you expect from this Livpure Glo water purifier. Choose wisely and keep drinking what is must, a clear purified water.

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