Preethi Zodiac Mixer Grinder Review

Today, mixer grinder has become an essential small appliance of almost every kitchen. Mixer grinders do almost all of the food processing tasks that we want to get done. Among the many brands, preethi has emerged as one of the biggest brands in mixer grinder industry. Moreover, this product, the MG 218 750-Watt mixer grinder is the most popular among the users.

This mixer comes with amazing features, which include food processing as well as versatile grinding. It has an installed fruit juicer with centrifugal juicing system, and many such features. We will have a look at all of the features and share our honest review on this product.

Preethi Zodiac MG 218 750-Watt Mixer Grinder Review


Preethi zodiac mixer grinder comes with 5 jars along with the main mixer. These jars allow us to mix and grind various food types in a simpler manner.

All we have to do is use the proper set of jars. It has an installed 750 watt vega W5 high performance motor. This motor is efficient enough to work well for several years and serves its purpose.

Moreover, it has a safety indicator installed. So whenever the system is taking more load that the expected, this trigger the light and let you know if the jar is getting heavy.

This grinder also comes with a chutney jar, master chef jar, stirrer, chopping and slicing blade. Basically, everything you need for processing the food is provided in the package. Preethi gives 5 years warranty on motor and 2 years warranty on the product supplements.

Overall, as it is observed, this MG 218 mixer grinder is a complete set up that your kitchen deserves. Right from all the mixing and chopping components to high performance motor to a good warranty for several years. So, as far as specifications are concerned, it is a complete package.


Price, Packing, and Installation

You will get this grinder under Rs 10,000/- on any online store, who sells it at cheapest rate. This product can also be bought on installment basis which will cost around Rs 650/- per month for a year. Many other products from brands like prestige have products at these price which don’t possess the features as this does.

Nonetheless, the price at which they are selling this grinder is way less, keeping in mind the specifications and performance you will get out of it.

Talking of the packaging part, you will get this with great packing. Whole of the model is packed in bubble wrapped plastic, so there is no place for any damage. There is always a thing called as internal failure of a product.

But this is not at all present for the packing and delivery of this mixer grinder. This is a very important part. You don’t need to install this product. All you have to do is place an order, get is shipped and start using. That’s it.

Positives of the Product

The juicer which comes along with it is really specific. For ex. You have seperate blades for pulpy fruits and a different blade for leaf vegetables and others. All you got to do is choose the required one. You will get the results only if you use the right one.

So all of your daily needs viz. Cutting vegetable, making juices, chopping onions and tomatoes is taken care by this mixer grinder.

There is another such jar called as master chef jar which can be used for unique chopping and ultra fine cutting. This jar lets you produce some different type of food processing all together. With great warranty this is the one you should be looking for. At its price reasonable price, it does whatever you expect out of it. Excellent doughing, chopping and juicing.

Moreover, the body quality of this mixer grinder is amazing. Even if something breaks down and falls on the floor, there is high possibility that nothing will happen. Both to jars and mixer, such is the stiff body. We always expect this out of the kitchen utilities.

This is an excellent mixer grinder for a family size of 4 to 5, where the workload on mixer will be decent and slicing, chopping will be regular. This also comes compact size, not bulky like other products.

In it’s great shape and texture, it helps your kitchen retain the style and shine. It is a food processor. It is a mixer grinder. It is a juicer. It is a multi purpose grinding machine which is available at a decent price and showcases the desired results.

Three of the five jars are useful for slicing, juicing and vegetable processing purpose, one is for chopping and cutting while one is atta kneader. Atta kneader makes your chapati dough ready for further cooking. The greatest positive from this mixer grinder might be that all the chopping, kneading, cutting, etc. is done in a jiffy. In no time, your processed food will be ready.

Negatives of the product

Major concern that most of the users face is the noise. Yes, the noise that comes during its various processes is considerable. Whether you knead your atta, cut the fruits or chop the vegetables, the noise you will get will be a bit high. However, this is not the case with other grinders in this range.

Other major problem is the citrus juicer. It is either the faulty design or the sustained usage that makes it really noisy and sometimes useless. Another issue, which might not be a big one, but considerable is that even after calling the company for several times, they neglect your request for demo.

So you got to see the videos from youtube and understand the assembly and working. Master chef jar is also found defective since the coupler used for working will keep on coming out. Noise is the problem here also.

Preethi is giving a good product but really bad after sale service. You call their customer care and complain about the rubber of mixer being cut out completely and they might not respond for good 2-3 days. Another problem is with parts. Though they are hard, they are delicate and soft. Basically, not suited for 750 watt capacity. And therefore, one always have a doubt whether it really runs at specified wattage.

Overall, noise is major issue found in the working. Other than that, design of citrus juice and master chef jar is also something to care of while buying. A little to do with body parts also.


Preethi MG 218 750-Watt mixer grinder really delivers the expected. With multiple jars and body part, its multi purpose working is what makes it the best out there. Amazon provides the model with superior packing and installation is not required. At 750 watt and performance as good as this, this MG 218 thing is recommended.

Of course that are few problems with both the product and its servicing. Noise is one of them. Nobody wants to keep it loud and let every neighbour know what’s there in the kitchen. Other than that, some other minor issues are there which will surely be served in future by preethi.

If you are looking for more options our buyers guide on mixer grinders will surely guide you in the right direction. All in all, a great product from preethi, which takes care of everything in your kitchen. A decent buy for the price with performance guarantee for at least half a decade.

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