Online Bill Payment

The number of electronics we use has been on a steady rise. Devices like laptops, washing machines, air purifiers, microwaves, air conditioners, air coolers have made our life easier. But it also means that our electricity bills are ever-increasing. Last thing you would want is to default on the bill and then pay additional fines. To ease the trouble, here is an easy way to pay your bills online irrespective of the state you hail from.

Pay on

You can easily pay your electricity bills though the website or the Amazon app. Just follow the steps below to pay your electricity bill online.

  1. Go to or Amazon app
  2. Click on ‘Amazon Pay’ option as shown here.
  3. Then choose ‘Electricity’ option
  4. Choose your state and they will ask for basic details depending on the electricity board. You should be able to find these details from your electricity bill.
  5. Once you have entered the details, if correct, you will be shown the bill amount and an option to pay the bill.
  6. Make the payment with your preferred payment method and it is done!

Paying your bill on Amazon is completely safe. We have been paying our bills since 6 months now.

Best way to Reduce Electricity Bills

The easiest way to reduce electricity bills is to purchase energy efficient electronics and home appliances. Please look for the energy star rating before you make a purchase. We at Apcentral strive to review the best products so that you make an ideal choice. You can refer to some of our buyer guides so that you can make the best choice.

We have a buyer’s guide on every product you can think of, so please visit and search for your desired product in the search bar!