Best Jackets For Men In India 2020 – Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

1. Gordania2. Hiver Full-Sleeved3. Levi’s





Looking good is an essential part of life in today’s times. You can’t do without having a personality that people are attracted to. If you do not exude likeability, chances are that you will be facing a lot of problems for the course of your life. No body would want to associate with a person who doesn’t look smart or wear the best jackets for men among other things, and even if they do, you might struggle trying to get them to actually like you.

The thing with appearances is that they tend to be the first glimpse of ourselves that the other person gets to have. Even before you start talking to them, or they start observing your various qualities, the first thing they will notice about you is the way you look. Perhaps that is why they stress so much on the importance of first impressions. But in order to get your first impressions right, you need to choose the right apparel. And in order to dress right, there are certain elements that must be in order.


To talk about in a little more detail, it actually depends on the kind of occasion there is. For example, if you’re meeting up with your business associates, then you do need to get yourself a crisp business suit that exudes confidence and seriousness towards your work. Whereas if you’re going for a more casual meet-up, then you might want to rely on a simple t-shirt, or a jacket that makes you look and feel relaxed and composed.

Talking of jackets, we can’t stress on how important they are. If worn right, they can instantly transform a look from boring to outright classy. They go well with a number of attires and are actually really great not just in terms of how they look but also comfort wise. They make you feel snug and warm, and altogether take the comfort levels of the outfit significantly up. And jackets are what we are going to talk about today. We will be going over a list of the most important factors you must consider before you buy a jacket for yourself. And then going over a list of the ten best jackets available in the market right now.

Best Jackets For Men: What to Look For

Choose Your Style

You need to remember that a jacket isn’t just a piece of clothing that you wear, but is in fact much more than that. It is an extension of your personality, and if you’re sporting that jacket, then you need to make sure that it complements your overall personality and how you prefer to see yourself. For example, a what you buy could be as rugged as a biker jacket, or double riders as it is also known or something like a much more sporties motocross or the cafe racer as it’s also called. While the biker jacket goes well with mostly boots and denim, the motocross is more suited with t-shirts. While both of them look good, it is upto to choose which one fits your personality better.

Do not Misjudge the Fit

One very important aspect of shopping for jackets is getting the fit just right. No matter how classy or amazing looking your jacket is, it won’t look good on you unless you get the right fit as per your size and body type. Now when it comes to fitting, you don’t want to go too loose primarily because that just doesn’t go with jackets, and also because if you’re planning to travel, bike or trek wearing that, you would be stuck getting pulling up your jacket all the time instead of actually enjoying yourself. Also, it isn’t quite advisable to go too tight as well as jackets are anyway a comparatively constructing piece of clothing and if you get a fit that is a size too small, that could lead to some uncomfortable situations for you. We recommend you take a few trials and really get a good feel of how the fabric falls and wraps around your body before you make the purchase.

Attention to Detail

More likely than not, you are spending a good amount of money on that leather jacket, so it only makes sense that you put in a good amount of time trying to find one that looks just right. Now talking of looking right, while you will find a majority of jackets that look more or less the same, the real difference lies in the finishing touches. You don’t want to end up with a jacket that looks good on first glance, but on closer inspection reveals a series of faults. Make sure you give it some time and actually get one which has been finished beautifully and as cleanly as possible. Unless and until they got the finishing just right, the jacket isn’t going to look its best and that is the kind of product you do not want to buy.

Top 10 Best Jackets for Men in India 2020

1. Gordania Men’s Faux Leather Jacket

Gordania-Mens-Faux-Leather-JacketGordonia is a great brand to start with when it comes to men’s jackets. Since jackets are all about style and comfort, the brand makes sure that they come up with products that are high on looks as well as the wearer’s convenience. This is a slim fit jacket that boasts of a biker jacket feel. It is made of only the highest quality materials and happens to be pretty much perfect for all kinds of uses. You can wear it to parties, social get togethers or even go hiking in it.

You would end up looking good all the time if you sport this one. The primary material that has been used is false leather which gives you another incentive to buy it since absolutely no animals were harmed in any way during the manufacturing process. It is a short jacket with a dark brown color that is sure to make you the talk of the gathering you choose to be a part of.


2. Hiver Men’s Nylon Jacket 100% Water Proof Full-Sleeved Winter Jacket with Hood for Minus Degree

Hiver-Mens-Nylon-Jacket-100-Water-Proof-Full-Sleeved-Winter-Jacket-with-Hood-for-Minus-DegreeWhen you are looking for a jacket that doens’t just make you look good but also protects you from the cold, you have got to try Hiver. The brand specialises in making jackets that are trendy from the outside and comfortable from the inside. With a useful and stylish hood, you can protect your face and ears from strong winds while also using the adjustable cuffs and stretchable glove with thumb hole to help keep in all of the warmth that you can. The jacket is windproof and boasts of features like windproof snap powder skirt, internal drawcord hem, detachable and adjustable storm hood which can help to prevent the wind from entering inside the jacket.

Besides being windproof, the product is also waterproof and snowproof meaning that you can wear it in almost any weather without worrying about getting drenched. It helps keep your body as comfortable and dry as possible and keeps all of the weather elements outside. Additionally, the hoodie that comes with the jacket is detachable allowing you to attach whenever you feel the need to and simply remove it whenever it is no longer needed. Its a zip front and quilted jacket with a covered placket featuring standing collar and convenient ribbed cuffs. It also has a straight hem which makes it very comfortable to wear. There are narrow horizontal quilt lines on the side along with a removable insulated hood and is also cotton padded from the side giving you extra protection.


3. Levi’s Men’s Cotton Jacket

Levis-Mens-Cotton-JacketLevi’s is arguably a world leader when it comes to men’s garments. The brand has oodles of experience and expertise under their belt and over the years has managed to stay ahead of competition no matter what the circumstances. Their products are pretty much the top of the line and their services are no less than the best in the industry. With a 100% cotton material, this jacket from the Levi’s will certainly suit you good. It’s a long sleeve jacket that is designed to make you look good and protect you from all kinds of bad weather. The only instructions that come with the garment are that you should wash it separately and not with your other clothes to prevent damage and that you must turn it inside out before washing. It is made and manufactured completely in India and happens to be really impressive looking and comfortable to the wearer as well.


4. Allen Solly Men’s Jacket

Allen-Solly-Mens-JacketAnother great brand that is as big as any other in the market is Allen Solly. The brand promises quality and great products which are well received by almost every section of customers in the market. Their products are not just amazing to look at, but also manage to be highly durable in the sense that you won’t find them getting old that easy. Also, they are super comfortable to wear and their fitting happens to be pitch perfect almost every single time. If you are looking for some super snug and convenient jackets or pull overs, we suggest you head right over to Allen Solly’s. This one is actually a 100% polyester material jacket and is made right here in India. It belongs to the long sleeve category and the only instruction it comes with is that it should only be dry cleaned and not washed.


5. Peter England Men’s Fit Jacket

Peter-England-Mens-Fit-JacketPeter England is known throughout the world for marketing products which are top of the line when it comes to quality and really comfortable as well. The brand is known for paying excessive attention to detail in order to keep up with the industry standards and keep their products fresh. Also, they are famous for keeping their customers’ demands and needs in check and actually incorporating them in their products so as to achieve the highest sales.

When it comes to great service, you simply cannot beat Peter England. Now talking of great service, one of their highest selling products is the men’s jacket which has seen massive popularity from the customers and continues to be the most sought after clothing item for the brand. One instruction that the jacket comes with is that it must be processed or cleaned through machine wash and nothing else as the fabric is somewhat sensitive and could face damages if not washed carefully. The material used is 100% polyester making it feel very comfortable, nice and warm on the skin when you put it on. It belongs to the long sleeve category and is actually made in India itself.


6. Fort Collins Men’s Quilted Jacket

Fort-Collins-Mens-Quilted-JacketFort Collins is a brand that really cares for it’s customers and what they want. It has been consistently churning out great products that everyone can love and it has also been giving out great service in addition to the products. The most important aspect of their business is that they tend to market their products really well so that they reach all sections of customers and that in turn leads to great profits for the brand itself. This particular jacket from the makers is as comfortable as it gets while also being highly trendy and stylish. It will make you look good irrespective of the occasion and will let you have all of the attention to yourself.

You can wear it to a party, a social gathering, a day out at the park or even your workplace and it will work just as well. Available in a very soothing and light on the skin material, it will never irritate or scratch your body and will also turn out to be the perfect fit. The only care instruction that you need to follow for this jacket is that it must be hand washed and not machine washed as the spinning and churning of a washing machine could potentially damage the fabric leaving you with a lackluster jacket. It is made of a 100% nylon while also being quilted. This is a long sleeve jacket and available exclusively on Amazon for you to buy.


7. Duke Men’s Jacket

Duke-Mens-JacketDuke as a brand is pretty big in itself, but when you throw their amazing products into the mix, you get something that really fantastic. The makers have been quite consistent in manufacturing great products, be it jeans, shirts or jackets. No matter what they produce, the customers love it and is scooped up from the markets by the dozens. And the reason behind all of this is that they put in some great work behind their products. The materials they use are of extremely high quality while their customer service department also manages to address and properly answer all customer demands and questions.

Being a brand of the people in the truest sense, they also take the customers’ inputs into consideration and actually come up with garments that are exactly what they want. The jacket comes with amazing heat insulation so that you’re properly protected from the cold outside and is also very stylish so that you manage to impress wherever you go. The care instructions specify that you must always go for a machine wash with this jacket so as not to damage the fabric. It is made of pure cotton and is a long sleeve jacket that looks as good as it protects.


8. US Polo Men’s Jacket

US-Polo-Mens-JacketUS Polo is certainly one of the biggest brands out there. Their products are versatile and always received well while the services they dish out are pretty much top notch too. Now the one thing about the brand that impresses customers the most is that they tend to pay really great attention to detail and make sure that their customers get the best of everything. For example, their jackets are not just stylish and trendy but also happen to be pretty well insulated against the cold. Their clothes and apparels are inherently designed to not just look good but also be effective at what they are supposed to be. The jackets for example will be properly lined with insulation while also functioning as a wind proof cover against cold weather. This way, you get to look good and stay protected at the same time. This particular variant from US Polo comes in a 100% polyester material and also manages to be extremely light weight and easy on the skin. It is a long sleeve jacket which is made exclusively in India.


9. Pepe Jeans Men’s Jacket

Pepe-Jeans-Mens-JacketPepe Jeans is another big brand that happens to have a major consumer base right here in our country. They have managed to come up with products that look good and feel good, and as a result have gained a loyal following which doesn’t fail to buy their products as soon as they hit the markets. They have experts who can tell exactly what the customer wants and they design their products based on those inputs. The jackets they make are not just trendy to look at but also universal in the sense that they can be worn anywhere you go, be it parties, social gatherings, road trips, family functions or corporate get together.

Also, these jackets are pretty well equipped to protect the wearer from the cold or harsh weather and also offer intense protection against winds. They are windproof as well as waterproof meaning that they would save you from getting drenched under any circumstances. With a 100% polyester build, you can be sure that the jacket will be lightweight and will feel great on the skin. It falls under the long sleeve category and is recommended for machine wash and not hand wash so as not to damage the fabric. Finally, it is made in India and happens to be priced quite feasibly.


10. Columbia Men’s Down Jacket

Columbia-Mens-Down-JacketFinally, the last brand and item on the list is one that is sure to impress you on a number of levels. Columbia is a brand that manages to bring in a unique touch to every product that they market and this jacket is no different. Being made of amazingly lightweight materials, you won’t feel the weight at all while you sport this. Also, you can wear it almost anywhere you want and still look cool because it is just that versatile. It happens to be water resistant and is constructed in a way that lets you trap the heat inside it so that you don’t feel cold irrespective of what the weather is like outside.

It comes with binding at hem and cuff which further adds to the heat insulation properties of the jacket while there are also zippered hand pockets for the wearer’s convenience and to let them keep their hands warm. It weighs only a minimal 1.03 lbs while the center back length is about 28 inches. It falls under the long sleeve category in addition to being recommended for machine wash and not hand wash so as to save and preserve the quality and integrity of the fabric.



Jackets are certainly a gift sent from above for us as we are yet to come across a clothing apparel that is as versatile, good looking and protective as it is. They not just protect you from harsh weather but also manage to make you look fashionable in the process. They come in various styles and variations and what suits you best is entirely upto you and your personal choice. But even among the various brands and variants that you could choose from, it might sometimes get confusing to settle on one which would address all of your requirements and prove be the best of the lot. And in order to help you with that, you need someone who can guide and save you from making the wrong choice. Fortunately for you, this article aims to do just that. If you feel that shopping for a jacket is proving to be too much of a chore to you, then fret not and simply read on whatever we have listed here for you. We guarantee that armed with the above knowledge, you would know exactly what to buy for yourself.

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