Best Leather Jackets in India 2020 – Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

1. Justanned2. Scharf Mat3. V4M Men’s CS





In this day and age, looking good is almost like a necessity. Unless you don’t, people might not even take you seriously. And looking good doesn’t always mean having the most beautiful face or looking the most attractive, but it also refers to the act of presenting yourself well. And with a little practice and efforts, anyone can do that.

Clothing for example, plays a great part in helping us look good and present ourselves in a better manner. And there are different expected attires for different situations. For example, you cannot go to a casual get together wearing a business suit as that would make you look odd.


Similarly, going to a business meeting with the clients and wearing shorts and a t-shirt isn’t going to cut it either. If you really want to excel at keeping your look together and looking presentable at all times, you need to wear the right kind of clothes. And one piece of clothing which goes well with a lot of other stuff, and is also quite popular nowadays, is the leather jacket.

Let’s face it, we all love the leather jacket. It looks really good, it is trendy and it is warm enough to protect you from the cold weather in winters. If you own a leather jacket, chances are that you consider it really special and only wear it when you want to look your best. And why not, for it does make you look your best. Wearing a leather jacket instantly gives you a very strong boost in the elegance and class department. All of a sudden, from one boring ensemble, you go to sporting a look that everyone wants and is secretly jealous of. But in order to really excel at pulling off the jacket, you need to put in some efforts.

For example, you can’t just buy any piece of leather jacket you find in the market. Just as there are bad products for every other commodity, you can find low quality and totally not worth the money leather jackets too. And your job is to shield yourself from such bogus products. In fact, a lot of these so called leather jackets do not even use genuine leather and are there in this world just to dupe a gullible customer off their money.

But with a little help, we are sure you can ace that jacket purchase. All you need to do is listen to us and what we have to say. If you manage to do that, we will lead you to some products which will easily be the best in the market in terms of quality, comfort and even affordability. If you are looking for genuine products, then look no more, for this guide will help you reach them.

Best Leather Jackets: What You Need To Know

There are a number of things which factor into a leather jacket purchase. From the prices to the quality of the materials used, you need to be somewhat careful while choosing your product and make sure that you get the best deal for the least price. In order to make sure that dream becomes a reality, there are certain factors you need to look for. Even if you don’t know what those are, fret not, because telling you is exactly what we are going to do.

1) Quality of Leather

Quite obviously, the quality of the leather used is the biggest factor when determining the worth of a purchase when it comes to leather jackets. Make sure you take a good look at the material and it’s specifications, and then make the purchase.

We say this because a little lapse in your judgement at the time where you thought it better to not spend a few extra minutes, could ultimately lead to a dramatic decrease in the life of the jacket. Let us tell you a bit about what causes these changes.

It is all dependent on the kind of animal the leather is extracted from. In some cases, the leather is tanned out of animals which might have lived a healthy life and had pretty much a perfect pelt. In such cases, the leather extracted is pretty much superlative. On the other hand, in some cases, animals have a lot of scars, brands or nicks on their bodies.

In such cases, obviously the pelt will also be scarred and tainted which will further lead to the leather being sanded down. It just won’t feel as perfect as the good leather. Sometimes, there will be faux leather grains pressed into it to make up for the inconsistencies present. To save yourself from that artificial and noticably plastic feel, make sure you opt for genuine and pure leather products.

2) Top Stitching

Topstitching is simply another type of stitching which is mainly used for decorative purposes. On leather jackets, although you don’t usually find much extravagant designs, the ones that you do find are mostly done by the top stitching method. It is usually carried out around the pockets and along the borders so that the jacket attains a more metallic, rustic and charming look. If done correctly, it can make the jacket look really beautiful.

Now, what you need to focus on is whether or not the manufacturer has bothered to use high-quality thread for the topstitching process. While genuine manufacturers will always use high-grade German made thread, others such as local manufacturers may opt for cheap quality, thin thread to limit their expenses and cut costs. Neither do these low quality threads give the jacket the look you were going it and nor are they very strong and would hold on for very long.

3) Zipper

The zipper plays an important role when it comes to leather jackets. Now the most important kind of zip is the YKK zipper which is used almost everywhere and is widely popular. Now while these zippers are quite good and if you choose to opt for them, you would be indeed be making a good purchase, that doesn’t mean that there aren’t better varieties available. RiRi zippers are pretty great in the sense that they are more strong overall, in addition to being more smooth and shiny as well.

Top 10 Best Leather Jackets in India 2020

1. Justanned Men’s Black Zip Band Collar Leather Jacket

JUSTANNED-Mens-Black-Zip-Band-Collar-Leather-JacketThe Justanned brand stands for quality and a firm grasp on what the customer wants and demands. Their products have always managed to ring a bell in the market and their apparels have been praised by customers and critics alike.

This leather jacket is no exception. With 100% genuine and pure leather being used in the manufacturing process, you can be sure that they have maximized their efforts into making this product a success. Apart from being of one of the topmost quality, it also comes with another interesting and widely demanded feature, which happens to be durability.

The jacket will easily last you for years to come because of the top grade materials used which won’t show any signs of damage even after repeated use. It is simply a must have in your wardrobe, especially in today’s times when leather jackets have jumped back into fashion and how. Your simply cannot find any better or more attractive looking outerwear for men in the markets currently.


2. Scharf Mat Drive Men’s Body Con Leather Jacket JAL04

SCHARF-Mat-Drive-Mens-Body-Con-Leather-Jacket-JAL04Today, it can get really difficult to find genuine leather. You might come across various brands that claim to sell it, but very few actually do. Fortunately, Scharf is one such brand. With their products, you can be sure of the utmost quality. This jacket is made from the most high grade top grain leather which has already been through as many as five different stages of tanning to get the highest quality possible.

Also, you won’t ever have to worry about it getting old and dusty coz it will only get better with age. The one characterization that makes it outstanding is a number of granules and wrinkles on it which give it a truly genuine look. Also, with excellent craftsmanship, comes the promise of durable products.

This one is no exception. With such quality materials used in the manufacturing process, you can be sure that it will last you a long time. With its trendy design and cool look, it is just about perfect for a casual day out.

Finally, if you are an environmentalist, then you are going to love this because the entire making process and the product itself has been deemed eco friendly. Also, absolutely no animals were harmed to make the jacket and the leather was only tanned out of dead animals’ skin.


3. V4M Men’s CS New Black Lamb Skin Genuine Real Leather Jacket

V4M-Mens-CS-New-Black-Lamb-Skin-Genuine-Real-Leather-JacketIf you are looking for genuine leather apparels, then you gave got to try V4M Men. The products they make have a reputation for being of the purest quality possible and their service has been deemed one of the best in the market.

From stitching to embroidery, they leave no stones unturned in pleasing the customer. Having a nationwide presence and considerable experience, this brand certainly knows how to get stuff done and the way the market works.

The best part is that they are constantly in touch with their customers and thus know exactly what they want. As for this product, you won’t find anything like it elsewhere. It is made from 100% genuine leather and is manufactured in the most eco-friendly manner possible. Absolutely no animals are physically harmed while making the product.

In fact, all of their leather is tanned out of dead animals’ skin. Furthermore, a great aspect of this product is that is focuses wholeheartedly on comfort. The jacket, even though it sports a heavyweight look, is actually quite light to wear and doesn’t cause any problems for the wearer at all.


4. Real Leather Jacket for Biker in Red Color JK194 it comes to fashion, the leather jacket is certainly at the top of the game. It comes in some pretty cool designs and trends, and has been known to be the one apparel anyone can rely on to instantly boost their style game.

HugMe is a brand which truly believes in all of that, and activities leaves no stones unturned in maximizing the potential of the leather jacket to drive sales and sell products. This particular variant, the slim fit jacket is perfect for people who prefer their clothes cosy and warm, coz these are two qualities this jacket embodies in a big way. Also, the leather is 100% genuine and comes from Indian sheep.

You will find it to be extremely soft as well as long lasting. Months of usage will only make the product shine more and look better, so you do not have to worry about durability at all. It is available in various sizes from XS to 4XL and another widely demanded feature which finds a place here is the inclusion of not one or two but four different pockets, two of which are on the outer side while two are inside.

The jacket is best suited for a number of casual occasions such as parties, bike rides, outings and more. Finally, the collar is of short height and of the prince collar variety such that it wraps perfectly around your neck.


5. Mozri Pure Genuine Leather Black Jacket for Men’s

MOZRI-Pure-Genuine-Leather-Black-Jacket-for-MensMozri is a brand which specialises in making jackets which are of premium quality and are deemed to be of utmost purity as well as carrying the most comfort.

Their products have a reputation of being received really well in the market by customers and their customer service is certainly one of the best the industry has to offer. This slim fit product is best for customers who like their clothes a bit tight on the skin and are usually vulnerable to cold weather or the winds.

This jacket will not just make them look good but also offers advanced protection against the cold. The material used is obviously 10/% genuine leather while the overall look is utmost stylish and very trendy.

Also an important point to note here is that a bit of caution must be exercised while selecting the size of your jacket as ideally speaking, it’s chest size must be at least 4 inches bigger than your actual body chest size. If you manage to follow that much, you should end up with a perfect fit.


6. Lgc500 Men’s 100% Pure Sheep Leather Full Sleeves Black Jacket

Lgc500-Mens-100-Pure-Sheep-Leather-Full-Sleeves-Black-JacketThere is usually not much to say about products which come from brands which haven’t yet made their mark in the market yet. However, that can’t be said about the LGC500 Men’s Jacket which is available in a beautiful black color.

It is a full sleeves jacket and manages to impress in the first look itself with it’s rugged charm and great deisgn. It is certainly very updated as per the fashion of today and will make you look good no matter what the occasion.

However, it will be more suited for casual wear or simple outings. You can even wear it to family gatherings, friends get togethers, hiking trips, biking trips and more. As for the leather used, it is 100% genuine leather derived from sheep and has a shine to it that makes it stand out.

The fit type is regular so that it is neither too constructing nor too flowing and just about perfect for the best blend of comfort and style. Also, even though it looks and feels a very rugged and heavyweight jacket, it is actually quite lightweight and pretty easy to carry around and wear the whole day.


7. Wrangler Men’s Leather Jacket

Wrangler-Mens-Leather-JacketWrangler as a brand needs no introduction. We are all aware of the global presence of the brand and how it has managed to gain a worldwide following. However, all of that does not come easy.

To get to where they are today, the brand has spent a considerable amount of resources in planning and formulating strategies to make the best products in their capacity.

They have systematically weeded out all the possible defects in their merchandise and got to a point where they only sell the most well polished of products. Among the many products they sell, the leather jacket is one of the finest. This one comes in black color and with only 100% genuine and pure leather used for the manufacturing process.

he specified recommendations for the jacket are to wash it cold in the machine and to not mix it with other clothes as it could be prone to absorbing or shedding color. It must be turned inside out before proceeding with washing or drying and the detergent used must be mild.


8. Jack & Jones Men’s Leather Jacket

Jack-Jones-Mens-Leather-JacketJack & Jones is another very popular brand in the country and it has now managed to make its presence felt almost everywhere with their great products and amazing service. They have stores all over the country and customers all over the world.

But in order to get to such levels of popularity, they did actually manage to work hard and sell products that justify their brand name. With quirky designs and great comfort, people soon warmed up to their amazing creations and that led to the brand’s success.

Jack & Jones’ primary focus has always been manufacturing products that target the youth. All of their designs exude a youthful energy and have an instant connect with the young generation. Now the thing to note here is that this product is no different. It comes with a great deisgn that impresses instantly and is available in a beautiful black colour and in different sizes.

The material used is 100% leather and the sleeve type is full. One recommendation that the brand gives is to go for dry cleaning and not washing as that would further preserve the integrity and shine of the jacket.


9. US Polo Men’s Leather Jacket

US-Polo-Mens-Leather-JacketUS Polo is another mega famous brand that is counted among the top most and most successful brands not just in our country but anywhere in the world. With such brands, you don’t even need to talk about quality as they automatically come with a promise of superior quality and great designs.

Even for a second, you must not worry about whether or not it will match up to your expectations as the brand has made it their mission to live upto each customer’s demands and make them satisfied with their service. Although steeply priced by a lot, if you can handle their prices, you certainly need to try their products. You won’t be disappointed.

This one comes in 100% pure leather and in different sizes such as small, medium, large, extra large and XXXL. The sleeves are long and it is manufactured with a lot of care in India itself.


10. Noora Men’s Pure Leather Jacket Slim Fit

Noora-Mens-Pure-Leather-Jacket-Slim-FitNoora is a brand which shows great promise. From great products to great service, they seem to be excelling everywhere. As a result, their customer base keeps on building higher and higher and their products keep getting better. As a testimony to the same, the Noora Men’s Leather Jacket is one of the finest you will find in the market.

As far as cleaning and maintaining is concerned, the brand advises you to make sure that you get it washed professionally or get it dry cleaned, as home washing could damage the integrity of the jacket and may even lead to color fading or washing away.

It is a regular fit jacket and is perfect for bike rides and outings. No matter what the causal trip you are planning, you can be sure that this jacket will make you look good.

With highwayman zip fastening and waist adjustment, it is also very high on customer convenience and comfort. Other fantastic features include zippered pockets, 2-tone sleeve stripes, moto collar and zippered cuffs. The lambskin leather used in the manufacturing process give it a shine unlike any other and make it an apparel worth owning.

You can easily flaunt it at cocktail parties, evening parties, nightclubs, dance halls, proms nights, bars, as club wear, and it just might prove to be your perfect companion for the winter season. Finally, the closure type is zip and the leather feels super soft on the skin, which also means that it is super lightweight and easy to wear around.


Up Your Style Game with tne Best Leather Jackets

Leather jackets are in fashion for a reason. They have managed to bring about as much as a revolution in the industry and have managed to capture the imaginations of not just one but all sections of customers from different parts of the world. In our country, the popularity of leather jackets is on the rise and how. From the youthful crowd to the more experienced and adult population, everyone seems to love it. And why not, after all. It looks really good with all kinds of outfits and goes well for almost all occasions. It is super comfortable to wear provided you choose the right brand and right variant.

You get a full range of colors and designs to change from. Appealing to both the genders, the jacket sports some fairly complex and at the same time some fairly basic designs that just can’t be missed. If you are looking to considerably up your style quotient, there can’t be anything better than the leather jacket, if you are not wearing one already. Apart from all of these amazing features, the right kind of leather jacket also gives you a really comfortable experience while wearing, that is, it will be totally lightweight and much convenient. Also, it won’t be irritable on the skin and will feel really soft and soothing.

And the best part is something we haven’t even got to yet. Apart from the aesthetics, what you get when you buy a leather jacket is a phenomenal cover and protection against the cold, since they are generally so effective at blocking the winds and keeping you safe from the harshness of the winters. Now with so many different features, what you now need to do is simply go ahead and buy it. Do that with a little bit of help from our side, and you would end up with a great deal for yourself along with a great jacket that you would want to wear everywhere.

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