Best Running Shoes for Men in India 2020 – Review & Buyer’s Guide

1. Men’s Adidas Adispree 2.02. Men’s Adidas Yking M3. Men’s Reebok Ultra Speed





Whether you are an amateur runner eyeing to participate in a full marathon or a half marathon or just run for fun; best running shoes will be required for sure. A pair of best running shoes are essential to create and maintain a healthy running schedule. There are many manufacturers and brands of shoes in the market, which cater to all kind of runners and their running requirements. The shoes that you may require could come cheap or costly, depending upon the kind of build you want in it as well as the brand of your choice.

Furthermore, India is usually referred to as a sleeping giant regarding sports footwear use because with the populace getting more conscious about their health; they are buying sports shoes for a workout. Running shoes thus constitute a major part of that purchase segment by the Indian running enthusiasts. And this is the segment, which doesn’t need much more than a pair of best running shoes India along with socks to hit the road in the morning, in their running gear. Though, there are few fundamental things that you need to keep in mind when you are going for buying the running shoes. For some brands may be excellent for others, but their products may not be fitting for your requirements.


For example, most of the running shoes would certainly feel comfortable, while you try them out in the store, but their true test comes when you are running in them. This is when you would realise that the right shoe selection is not just a matter of good fit and comfortability, but other factors as well.

What Factors Should You Look For When Buying Best Running Shoes

Do comprehend that it is essentially necessary to have proper running footwear for your morning or evening runs. To be honest, it is critical to your health that proper running shoes to be used by you. This is because whenever you tend to put the foot down to run forward, triple your weight, as that is the actual volume of force you would be generating and putting on your feet while running. Now without the right kind of running footwear, your body will repeatedly be absorbing this volume of force, which is otherwise supposed to be absorbed by the shoes. Then with time, it will harm your feet joints, your knees and in the worst case; your spine too.

You may think that choosing the best running shoes for men or women may be easy for three common reasons;

  • Figuring the running you are doing or would do in future and your style of running.
  • Select the feature-rich pair of shoes that meets your requirement.
  • Try the pair in the store and pick the one, which fits just right.

However, the selection scenario for best running shoes for men and women is a bit more complicated than this. Usually, the running shoes last between 600 km to 800 km of running, which can be over in a quarter or two of regular or interval running. Also, the most worn out parts of shoes such as the outsoles and midsoles tell a lot, when they are worn or compressed. Once they do, it is time to buy a new pair of running shoes. But not before going through the much-needed check on the various factors that would make a difference to you, your running goals and overall health; along with the money that you will be spending.

1. Categories Of Running Shoes

There are three kinds of running shoes, which makes a difference between heaven and earth for seasoned runners. Many have tried one category of shoes for another category of running and ended up being injured, failed in reaching the goal or had to buy another pair of running shoes.

A) Cross Training: These are designed to run on the treadmill in the gym or do short sprints, and warm-up runs in the Crossfit workout arenas or the balance activities in general, where some running or sprinting is involved. These running shoes have thick platform soles to them, which is meant to grip the ground and give more balance than aid in speed.

B) Trail-Running: These are specifically designed for trail and off-road running where routes go through a variety of obstacles, such as roots, mud, rocks, vegetation, hard soil surface, grasslands and so on. Such running shoes are made to render solid traction with their aggressive tread while offering underfoot protection, support and much stability.

C) Road-Running: The most opted kind of shoes are the road-running shoes. These are made to run on pavements and tarmac or packed surfaces that have slight irregularities to them. Being flexible and lightweight are their first signature attribute, for they are built to stabilise and cushion the feet while repetitive strides are made on the even and hard surfaces; when running.

It is vital to comprehend that all the above three variety of running shoes shall be used in their respective field of utility. If they are used in another field, the chances of injury will increase while the wear and tear will lessen the life of the pair.

2. Your Running Style

Look at your well-used running shoes, if you have a pair otherwise your sports shoes in which you jog; will tell a lot. The sole’s wear pattern determines your running style.

A) Pronation: When neutral pronation happens, the wear pattern is centralised to foot’s ball and a tiny portion of the sole’s heel. This is the natural inward-roll where the heel strikes the ground or surface while walking or running. The neutral pronation aid in absorbing the impact and relieving the pressure on joints and knees. The runners who are biomechanically efficient, have such neutral pronation which is a typical trait.

B) Over-Pronation: This can be recognised from the wear patterns that happen on the inside edges of the shoe. It is the exaggerated form of a wearer’s foot having a natural roll inwards. It is also considered an ordinary trait among the majority of the runners who get affected by it and have knee injuries or pain. The over-pronation runners require motion or stability control shoes for running.

C) Under-Pronation or Supination: It can be identified by the wear mark on the shoe’s outer edge. It happens due to the foot’s outward rolling movement, resulting in the insufficient impact-reduction when the runner lands his or her feet. Though very few runners have under-pronation or they supinate, but whomsoever do, does require best running shoes India with a lot of flexibility and cushioning.

D) Minimalist or Barefoot: In the traditional running style, the feet in the shoe usually hit with the heel first on the ground and then rolls towards the ball of the feet, and finally sprint off from there. Such a motion happens since the shoe-heel has good elevated cushioning. However, the minimalist or barefoot running style has the runner land on their midfoot or their forefoot first and then sprint off from their ball of feet. Such runners need a flexible shoe with durable, sturdy and thin flat soles; which gives them the experience of running barefoot.

3. Variety of Running Shoes

A) Neutral Shoes: These running shoes tend to work well for neutral to mild-pronator runners, but they fit right for the neutral runners or the supinate runners. They also render a bit of shock-absorption as well as arch-side support to the runner. There are few shoes with extra cushioning, which give over 50% further cushion in comparison to the traditional shoes; so that the shock-absorption be more effective.

B) Motion-Control Shoes: These shoes are meant for the runners who have moderate to extreme over-pronation. Such shoes, have stiffer heels and their design is based on straighter lasts which are meant to tackle the over-pronation effects on the runner; while running.

C) Stability Shoes: It is right for the runners who have an over-pronation that is mild to moderate. These running shoes have the firm ‘post’ in them to reinforce the arch-side of both midsoles, which is an area that gets the most impact when the shoe is used by an over-pronation runner.

D) Minimalist Shoes: They have the most lightweight construction to them, where minimal to zero arch-support is given. Its heel-drop remains from 4 mm to 8 mm, so to promote natural running-motion with a mid-foot strike, but it still gives much flexibility and cushioning. Whereas, few minimalistic styles also offer the over-pronating runners the stability posting for their transition into barefoot running.

E) Barefoot Shoes: Such shoes do not provide protection against any potential hazards on the path. Most of the barefoot shoes do not have a cushion in their heels while the sole of the shoe would be barely 3 mm to 4 mm; separating the skin of sole from the surface one is running on. Each barefoot shoe has ‘zero-drop’ in their heel to their toe. The term ‘drop’ refers to the difference in the toe-height and the heel-height. Such a ‘drop’ of the sole, prompts the runner to strike either with their mid-foot or their forefoot.

4. Various Attributes of Running Shoes

There are various attributes and features of running shoes, which make it running style or user specific, while it remains in its particular category due to the material used in it. Below is the detail of the different parts of running shoes and the materials used to make it.

A)Upper body

This constitutes what you see first on the outside of a shoe, as in the first view of the shoe; its upper part.

– Breathable or Waterproof Uppers: Breathable shoes uses a membrane that is bonded with the lining’s interiors. The membrane blocks the moisture from getting inside, but still letting the feet breathe comfortably. On the other hand, the waterproof shoes use the same kind of membranes, which tend to keep the feed dry in the comparably wet atmosphere but compromise on breathability.

– Nylon-Mesh and Nylon: This is one of the most durable materials which is most commonly utilised to lessen the weight and increase the breathability of the shoes. However, it also let the water and moisture enter in the shoe, but it does let the shoe dry quickly as well.

– Thermoplastic Polyurethane or TPU Overlays: These are set atop the breathable panels of the shoe such as in the heel and the arch. They are abrasion-resisting small additions to the upper part, when enhances the durability along with the stability of the shoe.

– Synthetic Leather: It is an abrasion-resistant, durable and supple material that has been principally derived from polyester and nylon. It is lightweight, dries quick and much breathable in comparison to genuine leather; and it needs extremely little to no time for breaking-in.

B) Midsole

This is the part of the shoe, which creates the stability and cushioning layer between the outer sole and upper layer.

– Thermoplastic Polyurethane: This flexible plastic is utilised in a few shoe’s midsoles to create stability for the wearer.

– Shanks: They protect the arch and the heel by stiffening the midsole. The shoe’s firmness is boosted by the shanks when the runner is running on rocky grounds. The ultralight backpackers tend to use lightweight trail-runners with shanks for support and added protection.

– Plates: They are usually crafted out of TPU or nylon material, which is flexible and thin and stiffens the shoe’s forefoot. These are mostly fitted in the trail-running shoes to protect the runner’s forefoot against the impact from the roots and rocks.

– Ethylene Vinyl Acetate: It is a kind of foam that is mostly used for making the midsoles of running shoes. The EVA single layer is used for cushioning shoes, while multiple layers of EVA densities are inserted in the midsoles if a particular pattern of flex is to be forced.

– Posts: These are the areas of compression-moulded, multi-density, quad-density, dual-density firm EVA that is added to make hard-to-compress midsole sections. These are found mostly in the shoes meant for stability, the posts are utilised to decelerate the pronation or for durability boosting. The arch side of both midsoles are reinforced by medial posts, which is also an area that is extremely impacted due to over-pronation.

C) Outsoles

Although most of the road running shoes are constructed with rubber that is of rugged carbon, in shoe’s heel, the blown rubber is what renders more cushioning and often used in the forefoot of the shoe. The trail running shoes tend to have the complete carbon rubber outsoles for withstanding the trail wear and tear; in a better manner. On the contrary, the road running shoes have completely blown rubber used on their outsoles to reduce the weight of the shoe.

5. Drop of Heel-To-Toe

The shoe’s drop represents the significant or non-significant difference between its heel-height and toe-height. Such a difference primarily affect how the foot strikes the surface when the runner’s feet lands. The low drop is categorised to be between 0 mm to 8 mm, which makes for a mid-foot or forefoot strike, whereas the high drop happens from 10 mm to 12 mm and makes for the heel strikes of a runner. Do know that the cushioning and heel drop of a shoe is independent of one-another. Hence, there is a fair possibility of finding ultra-cushioned running shoes that do have 0 mm or low drop. Examples could be;

– Heel Counter: It refers to a rigid structure that surrounds the heel while providing motion control. It does sometimes supplement the heel with heel wedge and adds cushioning and support. This could aid the runners who constantly suffer from Achilles tendonitis when they run.

– Torsion Bar or Medial Post: Situated on shoe’s sides, they aid in controlling excessive outward or inward movement. These are designed for supination or overpronation runners.

6. Fitting of Running Shoes

The shoes must fit right at the time of purchase, and they must fit perfect when running. Both might sound similar, but they are two different situations, yet can be either simple or complicated. Hence, do check carefully for the shoe-fitting.

– Foot Size: The shoe size varies from one maker to another as well as one model to another model within the same brand. You might need a full size or even a half size large or small pair of shoes; then you might have thought. In case, you are not sure about it; do get your feet size checked.

– Trial at Evening: Do try the shoe in the evening after you have spent your day walking around and doing what you do on a regular week-day. This is because the feet usually swell a little during the day due to various physical activities and become the largest at the end of the day. It helps in buying the right sized shoe that doesn’t become small for the feet; when running.

– Extra Space Of Thumbnail-Size: Do go for a snug width, but let there be extra space of thumbnail-size in the shoe so your foot may move without excessive rubbing against the toe walls. The laces should also be snug and not at all tight. Though, the minimalist or barefoot shoes do come with an exception, for the toes and heels must fit in them similar to a hand in glove; without leaving room for toes to be free.

– Orthotics: If you use the orthotics, then you must bring them with you. Because they will impact the shoe’s fit.

7. Current Fitness and Future Aspirations

When you have figured out what is your current fitness level and where you want to reach, it will be easy to find out the ‘how’ or ‘with what kind of shoe’. For example, someone who has just started running or going for his or her first half marathon would require something protective rather than fully flexible. Anyone who has been doing 25 Km to 30 Km in a week, is deemed as a low-mileage runner, while the people who have been doing 30 Km to 45 Km in a week are known as medium-mileage and above that are high-mileage ones. Thus, the volume of performance durability, stability and cushioning will depend on the category; you will come into.

8. Previous Injuries and their Present Effect on Running

If you had injuries in the past or you remain injured and on your way to recovery, would running affect them or they would affect your running? This is a vital question to find the answer for before even consider running, but if the answer is positive for running, then it raises other questions. What kind of injury you had and what would be the best running shoes India for you? This is because you best not aggravate your old injury and the activity should get the support of the best pair of shoes which has more supporting cushion and structure to it. Later, you may make your way towards flexible and lightweight shoes.

9. Adjustment Plan

A new pair of shoes always tends to take some time, before they and you both sync in properly in painless running momentum. Thus, you will have to bring your new shoes gradually into the present routine of running, which you follow. Shocking your feet by doing 10 Km to 15 Km in a fresh pair of running shoes may not be a bright idea. Ideally, you should use both your new and old shoes in regular rotation. It will help you in transitioning from old to new, while the new shoes will not get strained.

10. Money

Important as always, the centre of every buying decision; money. Do find out, how much you want to spend on the shoes and also take into account that this will be an investment for your health as well as safety. Health because running improves the breath and oxygen absorption capacity of the lungs while shedding the extra flab. Safety because the unnecessary strain on your leg muscles and joints might land you in a physiotherapist’s chamber for consultation and perhaps; treatment. In case the safety goes wrong and you get injured, you will have to spend to get well. Hence, keeping that in mind; deciding to invest in a feature-laden and a safe shoe is the best option here. So plan the budget accordingly.

The Indian market is filled with international and national manufacturers of sports shoes, particularly the best running shoes for men and women. Almost all brands of shoes are available in the market. Here we are listing 10 of the top best running shoes India.

Top 10 Best Running Shoes for Men In India 2020

1. Adidas Men’s Adispree 2.0 M Running Shoes

Adidas-Mens-Adispree-2.0-M-Running-ShoesAdidas is a known name in the Indian sports shoe market for over a decade now. The sleek running shoe Adispree 2.0 M from the brand is made for men who love running. It is available in two colours, Core Black and Silver Metallic. The synthetic overlays along with mesh upper body of the shoe, make it good looking and a but ventilated. The comfortable extended grip is a bonus for the runner, with its upper construction. Its Lightstrike midsole made of EVA material and a complete rubber outsole that your long run will require. If you like Adidas, then this should be taken into consideration.


2. Adidas Men’s Yking M Running Shoes

Adidas-Mens-Yking-M-Running-ShoesAnother product from the house of Adidas that is made of synthetic material and meant for a casual lifestyle and relaxed run. The YKing M has a 90 day’s product warranty that can be claimed against any defects in its build. This lace-up pair of running shoes allows for a good fit that is comfortable and keeps the feet injury free. Though, like any other pair, it needs to be allowed to air for de-odorising at regular interval. It also aids in retaining the shoe’s natural shape. Many users recommend a shoe bag for this pair, to keep it safe from mildew and stains; when storing. The maintenance is simple as well, dust any dry dirt on its surface with a clean cloth; but never use a shiner or polish.


3. Reebok Men’s Ultra Speed Gravel Running Shoes

Reebok-Mens-Running-ShoesReebok came into the Indian market and took it by storm. Although, it may seem that not many are a fan of this brand because it doesn’t spend too much on advertisements. But the reality is something entirely different. Amateur and professionals alike, go for Reebok shoes because they are constructed for performance optimisation in the field of sports. The Ultra Speed Gravel shoes for running have a mesh type upper with closed toe and lace-up closure. Meant for casual running to moderate running, this pair has its upper done in a stylised mesh with PU that adds good value to it. The midsole flex nodes give support and flexibility to the feet, while the ultralight bottom gives lightweight experience and a natural foot strike.


4. Reebok Ultra Cobalt Running Shoes

Reebok-Ultra-Cobalt-Running-ShoesEngineered and designed to keep its wearer on the turf, Ultra Cobalt by Reebok is one pair of running shoes that do a lot. It is available in Highvis Green and Deep Cobalt. This lace-up closure pair has a mesh upper body that gives it a breathable structure yet with a good stable wrap on the feet. Running is what it is built to serve, while it doesn’t strain the feet and keeps the balance of the runner firm on the turf. If style and utility are what attracts you; this model could be the one.


5. Under Armour Steel Cruise Men’s Running Shoes

Under-Armour-Mens-Running-ShoesOnce in a while, a brand comes out among the most popular and known brands, because of its efficiency and style. The Under Armour Steel Cruise is one such example. This shoe eliminates the distractions for you to focus completely on the performance; when you are running. Its upper material is made of synthetic which makes it water repellent, but not much of ventilation. Though the feet remain dry and you can run the distance you want to, for this pair is built specifically for sports use. It has the stability to offer, for the uneven ground, while being lightweight it doesn’t strain the feet or the body. The cushioning is indeed its advantageous aspect which a long distance runner will always appreciate.


6. New Balance Men’s Flash Running Shoes

new-balance-Mens-Flash-Running-ShoesAnother not so popular brand, Flash by New Balance is a pair of blue running shoe with a synthetic upper. Yes, they only come in blue, but they are considering to bring out a few more colour options. The synthetic upper contributes towards a good wrap around the wearer’s feet, giving it a sound grip around the feet and not letting the feet slip out of the shoe. The lace-up closure ensures that as well. Do know that this product comes one size small, which means; if you are 9 UK in shoe size opting for 10 UK shoe size is what you must do when buying this pair.


7. Under Armour Midnight Metallic Men’s Running Shoes

Under-Armour-Mens-Running-ShoeUnder Armour comes again to serve you with Midnight Metallic running shoes for men. It comes in 3 varieties of colours, Metallic Silver, Ultra Blue and Midnight Navy. This lace-up closure pair has a synthetic upper which looks appealing with the colour options that it comes with. Since this pair is made specifically for sports usage, running in them is comfortable and secure because their midsole renders much support and balance. In addition to that the sole grips the surface well and gives adequate traction to move ahead without fearing to slip and fall.


8. ASICS Men’s Gel-Sonoma 3 Trail Running Shoes

ASICS-Mens-Gel-Sonoma-3-Trail-Running-ShoesASICS is one brand among the sports shoe market that is recognised primarily for its products that are meant for running. The Gel-Sonoma 3 Trail is a unique model by the brand that tackles the uneven off-road surface much better. Its synthetic upper keeps your feet dry from outside moisture and allows you to stay slip-proof on its stable and strong midsole. The lace holes are designed in a manner to have the lace tie-up in a supportive structure, rendering a snug fit. The outer sole is strong, durable and gives good traction on the wet surface as well. Thus, ensuring that you don’t fall by slipping while running amidst wet weather conditions or on slippery pebbles or rocks. This model comes in two colours, Black Spring and Black Sulpher.


9. Reebok Men’s Fuel Race Xtreme Running Shoes

Reebok-Mens-Fuel-Race-Xtreme-Running-ShoesReebok is ruling this list with another brand. But its product quality is one of a kind too. The Fuel Race Xtreme is considered the best running shoes for men, no disrespect meant for women though. This pair is built to take the heavy thrashing while running; as in the weight. Its mesh upper allows for a snug fit with breathable comfort, which consequently lets you do more distance. The high-abrasion carbon in full foot with an outsole that is made of blown-rubber makes for that perfect traction with durability which you are looking for. Go for it, if you want the extreme.


10. Adidas Men’s Legus 1 M Running Shoes

Adidas-Mens-Legus-1-M-Running-ShoesThe last product of this list is Legus 1 M by Adidas. They come in three colours, Blunit, Silvmt and Eneblu. Deemed as a casual running shoe, this could be an excellent pick if you are about to get into running. Its synthetic upper body makes for that perfect wrap which helps with a strong midsole with good cushioning to support you in your initial days of serious running. The sole is constructed to take the strike and roll on the tarmac easily without causing any injury. A good choice to start your running with.



Do try a few best running shoes India, before you go ahead and buy them online for a discounted price. After all, you are entitled to get the best for the right amount of money. We hope that the list helped in your pursuit of the best running shoes for men and women.

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