Best Copper Bottles In India 2020 – Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

1. Prestige Tattva2. Dr. Copper3. Suprimo

Prestige Tattva Best Copper Water Bottle

Dr. Copper

Suprimo Pure Copper


Whether you are a kid or an adult, there are a few joys of life that you would enjoy nonetheless. One of those joys is the feeling you get when you buy something new to take with you on a regular basis.

You could be taking it to school, outdoors or a workplace – the place doesn’t really matter. The giddiness though remains constant. While it is true that this emotion manifests itself more strongly in kids, adults are not completely immune to it.

Children, for example, lose their minds when their parents buy them a new tiffin box and water bottle set which they then can’t wait to show off to their friends. School was pretty much a competition for who brought the fanciest lunch box, best copper water bottle or pencil case and more.


The better looking and more flashy your stuff was, the more brownie points you gained from your peers. As we grew up, most of that excitement was lost to adulthood, and yet some of it remained.

Men and women working in offices do not especially get excited over new lunch boxes or bottles. As your mindset changes, maturity takes hold, your priorities change as well. It is not about the fanciest or flashiest stuff anymore, but the one with the most utility. And that is where copper water bottles or steel lunch boxes come in.

These gears may not look the fanciest, but they sure get the job done in the best way possible. And that is all really what the adults are concerned about.

Copper water bottles for example, are great in the sense that they will keep your water at roughly the same temperature you put it in at for a very long time. Steel lunch boxes too, have been known to keep food fresh for a long time.

Due to hectic changing lifestyles and busy schedules, adults, especially those working in big corporate houses or industries, generally do not have a fixed time for lunch or meals. They mostly go to eat whenever they find the time to.

Now while some days are relaxed and easy, some busy days will have these employees struggling to find adequate time to go for lunch. Now on those days, regular water bottles or lunch boxes will fail to keep your water and food respectively fresh and safe.

Copper water bottles however, will keep your water just the way it was – and the same goes for the food in steel lunch boxes. As a result, things like the best copper water bottle are somewhat of a necessity when it comes to workplace employees.

Now the next question to be asked here is regarding availability. The mere presence of a product carries no real importance, unless it can actually be acquired in the markets.

Now this is where things get a little tricky. The fact is that genuine copper water bottles are somewhat difficult to find in the markets today. You may feel like you found one that is absolutely perfect, but you could be wrong.

And that is because a lot of the brands and marketers that sell this product claim to have genuine copper water bottles; but are really selling plastic deposited with a layer of copper or paint.

While you may be able to see right through some of these products, not all of them are distinguishable by the naked human eye.

As a result, in order to truly ace your purchase, you need a bit of background going in. You must know exactly which brands are worth placing your trust in and which products are genuine.

Unfortunately, for the average customer, having that kind of knowledge is not fairly common or expected. You would most likely have no idea which brands sell real products and which ones deal with fakes.

But luckily for you, this article aims to shed some much light on this very issue. We plan to introduce you to some of the key requirements or factors you need to be aware of before finalizing your purchase.

If you are still feeling confused, you can always read ahead and take a look at the list of products that we have compiled. Each of these are genuine best copper water bottle which will serve you well, and will leave no room for complaints.

Best Copper Water Bottle in India – What To Look For?

Before we get into how you need to go about buying a copper water bottle, it is important to understand the “why”. What could be the reason behind copper water bottles being popular in the markets? Do they come with any added features in addition to being a vessel for holding water? Let us try and explore the answers to these questions first.


While it is true that copper bottles hold water just like any other regular plastic bottle, they do in fact have some additional features that make them special. For starters, water stored in copper vessels will generally be pure and fresh, completely free from contaminants or any kinds of added impurities.

Copper essentially acts as a natural filter and kills a good deal of harmful bacteria, especially those which are linked to causing illnesses among humans.

Next up, the water stored in copper bottles will remain fresh for a very long time. Do you remember our mothers telling us not to drink water that has been left out for more than a day in the open?

Well, they were right, since the water kept outside for extended periods of time tends to become stale, and thus unfit to drink. On the other hand, the way copper water bottles work is that they tend to keep your water safe, healthy and fit to drink for long periods of time.

Another amazing fact about copper vessels is that not only are they effective in killing bacteria and keeping water fresh, but they also have certain properties that make the water stored in them, quite effective in treating arthritis & joint inflammation for a temporary period.

If you are using copper vessels and suffer from any of these ailments. Chances are that you will find yourself feeling much relieved after drinking water stored in a copper vessel for a few days at a stretch.

Another similar advantage that has been observed, is that copper vessels turn the water stored inside them effective against improper functioning of the thyroid gland.

If you are suffering from a thyroid related ailment, you might want to start using this method of storing water and you just might find yourself getting better.

Another famous claim, although not yet proven regarding liquids stored in copper vessels, is that they become effective in slowing down the ageing process. While this one is quite a bold claim if you think about it, it does have some evidence to back it up.

A scientific fact is that copper is packed with some very strong anti-oxidants. Anti-oxidants, as has been widely reported, are quite effective in replenishing your skin and body’s lost nutrients and energizing your body. As a result, it is not too far of a stretch to say that copper vessels help in slowing down the ageing of the body.

Additionally, copper has also been linked to better functioning of the digestive system, weight loss and better cardiovascular health. In conclusion, it is safe to say that the water which has been stored in copper vessels for some time and then consumed is definitely healthier in comparison to regular water.

Not only will it help you achieve a healthy and fit body, but will also lead to relief when it comes to certain ailments or illnesses. Knowing all of this, it is not surprising that copper water bottles are on the rise and people have been actively buying them in order to supplement their physical health.

Top 7 Best Copper Water Bottles In India 2020

1. Prestige Tattva

Prestige Tattva Best Copper Water BottlePrestige needs no introduction. We have all heard the name and are familiar with the products that come under their banner. This hugely successful brand has been a huge participant in the Indian consumer market for a very long time, owing to their high quality products and effective marketing strategies.

They mostly cater to kitchen appliances and utensils, but have also ventured further into other markets and emerged equally successful. Copper plastic bottles are another product that they excel at, and the Tattva Copper Bottle is a shining example of that.

It is effective in all manners, such as the fact that it is essentially leak proof. The silicon seal which has been used for the manufacture of this bottle acts as a seal and keeps the liquid inside, without causing any sort of leakage or dripping. It is easy to carry and lets the user maintain a comfortable, but firm grip.

The surface is smooth and glossy, which gives it a very classy and aesthetic look. As is the case with copper based utensils, this bottle will keep the water kept in it fresh and healthy, and in turn will positively impact your health as well. It is available in a reddish brown colour and is quite attractive to look at.

The storage capacity is 950 ml – which is quite sufficient for daily use. Additionally, the brand promises that only genuine and 100% copper has been used in the making process, which is often a major concern that most shoppers have.

On top of it all, the product also comes with a warranty period that lasts for 15 days. If you are unsatisfied with the product in any way during this time, you can always return it or exchange it for a new and fresh piece as per your liking.


2. Dr. Copper

Dr. CopperDr. Copper is a pretty famous brand in itself, and has managed to come up with exciting products that customers have loved. While they do make a bunch of other stuff as well, it is the water bottle that is extremely popular, and is often seen with school students or office employees.

This one is a pure copper bottle with a capacity of 1000 ml or 1 L and with a height of 27.5 cm. The bottle has a length of 7.3 cm while the neck diameter and weight are 3.4 cm and 350 grams respectively.

Copper being an essential mineral for the health of our bodies, this bottle is nothing short of a health boost for you or anyone who drinks from it. It will help you in a number of factors, such as reducing weight, preventing obesity, reducing joint pain and maintaining good digestion.

It makes your brain work much faster and work more efficiently, so that you excel in all the different fields you participate in. If used regularly without fail, it can even work as a preventive measure against life threatening diseases such as cancer.

It also reduces the bad cholesterol in your body and positively affects good cholesterol levels. Finally, it also does make you look younger by giving your skin a natural glow. As a side note, it is recommended that you do not store this bottle in the deep freezer or keep it in the microwave.

As far as cleaning is concerned, you don’t have to worry about outside cleaning. The only cleaning that is required is on the inside. If you are confused as to how to achieve that, you can simply follow the following instructions. Put some lemon juice and salt in the bottle.

Fill half of the bottle with hot water. Leave the bottle for a few minutes. After about 15-20 minutes shake it well and rinse away the water from the bottle.

Clean it with normal water about 2-3 times. Repeat this process once a week in order to ensure that the inside of your bottle remains clean and safe to use. Finally, another guideline that you should follow, is not to use any chemicals or scrubber to clean the bottle from the outside.


3. Suprimo Pure Copper

Suprimo Pure CopperWhen it comes to copper water bottles, utility often takes priority over looks. People tend to focus more on the usefulness and health factors associated with the product, and ignore the looks or aesthetics of the bottle.

Generally speaking, these bottles are available in plain solid colors which are not much fun to look at or take to school, or work along with.

But it all changes when you take a look at the Suprimo Pure Copper Bottle. This one has been printed and engraved with an antique and authentic looking design, which easily makes it one of the most interesting copper water bottles in the market.

It is made of pure copper and carries a capacity of 1 L. It is seamless in structure and comes with a good amount of healing and rejuvenating properties – such as those found in ayurvedic products.

The copper will help in killing any harmful bacteria which may have entered your water in the form of impurities or dirt, and even reduce inflammation within the stomach, making it a great remedy for ulcers, indigestion and infection.


4. Copper Master

Copper MasterThis product is not just extremely useful in terms of the health benefits, but also looks great from the outside. There is stylish modern art printed on the outside and all the health benefits associated with copper on the inside.

It is also leak proof and is made of pure copper. It weighs about 350 grams and has dimensions of 10′ inch and 2.8′ inch in terms of height and width respectively.

It comes with a capacity of 1 L, and has various health benefits which are generally associated with copper such as prevention of cancer, regulation of thyroid glands, maintaining digestive health and ultimately regulating obesity.

Due to all this, owning this product is a must especially for all those currently struggling with their weight or digestive systems. The copper used here is sourced right from actual copper mines, and then moulded and shaped in order to form flawless and joint free water bottles.

As per the cleaning instructions, you must not scrub the bottle with a metal scrubber or else you may scrub off the protective lacquer coating. As for the interiors, you can use half a lemon along with water. Soak for 2 minutes and then rinse.


5. Ayurveda CopperTM

Ayurveda CopperTMAs per proven research, water stored overnight in copper vessels is essential for hemoglobin synthesis, bone strength and immunity building. Copper helps in maintaining digestive health, healing wounds and relieving pains.

It is also an antioxidant and anti-carcinogenic that prevents cell damage and slows down aging. Copper is also the primary element to produce melanin (pigmentation of eyes, hair and skin) in the human body.

For all of these reasons and more, it is absolutely essential to include copper in your daily life, and that is exactly what this water bottle will do.

Even further, doctors have been recommending pregnant women to ensure proper copper intake, as it will help in the formation of the unborn child’s heart, blood vessels, skeletal and nervous system.

It helps in pregnancy in the sense that, for any pregnant woman, having a glass of copper pot water is extremely essential – for both the woman and child’s health.

Drinking water from a copper pot thus helps you to look younger and fitter. Some other notable health benefits include reduction of weight, prevention of obesity, reduction of joint pain and maintenance of good digestion.

Finally, since water stored in a copper bottle is loaded with antioxidants, it is also effective at helping to prevent and fighting off cancer. In order to clean your copperware, you must do it by hand and avoid using a dishwasher. Use pitambari powder to clean copper utensils and then wipe with a soft cotton cloth.


6. Uddhav Gold

Uddhav GoldThis product has been meticulously hand made using a hammering process and is a pure copper bottle, which comes in gold colour. It is dirt proof as well as leak proof, thereby preventing it from getting dirty or eliminating the possibility of you facing a spill.

It is touted as the perfect way to chill your water, as the copper helps the liquid stored inside to remain cool for longer periods of time.

Since the bottle is heat sensitive, even hot beverages such as tea or coffee will remain hot for long in it. Since it is made from copper which comes with various health benefits, it will also help you with beating arthritis and inflamed joints, supporting weight loss, supporting in preventing cancer, supporting in regulating women’s healthy menstrual periods, supporting in regulating obesity, supporting in regulating thyroid glands and supporting in maintaining digestive health.

To talk about copper, it is a mineral which is found all throughout the human body and is useful for making red blood cells and keeping the nerve cells and your immune system healthy. It is also an antioxidant, thus reducing free radicals that can damage your cells and DNA.


7. YourKitchen

YourKitchenA lot has already been said about the benefits of copper and why it must find a place in your daily routine.

Keeping all of that in mind, it is natural that you must pick a product that gives you pure copper which is untainted or free from all impurities. And that is exactly what the YourKitchen Hammered Design Travelling Water Bottle is.

It comes with a capacity of 1 L and is ideal for travelling. It has been handmade by the most skilled craftsmen of India, and is available in a unique design. Not only is it stylish,, but also supplements health benefits by providing necessary copper benefits to your body.



Copper is a wonder metal for the body and carries not one or two, but multiple amazing properties that are sure to leave your body fully refreshed, healthy and energized. If you are regularly drinking water stored in a copper vessel, you get to be the best version of yourself in terms of physical fitness and health.

Fortunately, you don’t have to look far, as we do have an abundance of copper water bottles available in the markets. All you need to do is grab one and you’re set to make your way to healthy living.

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