Best Helmets in India 2020 – Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

1. Vega Crux CRX-B-L2. Studds STS-PRL3. Vega Cliff CLF-LK-M





When you are a person who travels frequently, there are certain things that you get really good at. For example, you learn how to navigate the roads, you learn how to keep track of the roads you have visited so that you do not get lost, and you also learn that no matter what happens, your safety always comes first. Unfortunately, road accidents are a pretty common occurrence in our country.

With all of us always in a rush to get to our destination, nobody really cares about the other travellers on the road anymore. All we are concerned about is how much time we can save by squeezing through the tiniest of gaps imaginable.

However, it doesn’t always work out the way we plan it. Sometimes, that tiny bit of space isn’t enough, and because of the fact that we realise this too late, we put not just ours, but others’ lives also in danger. And that is why things like the best helmet in India are so important. As we said before, safety always comes first.


This is not just something we teach to the kids in today’s world but is rather a truth we need to learn ourselves too. A few minutes of time isn’t going to compensate for the lack of a biological function or a limb. Therefore, it’s always better to be safe rather than be sorry.

In keeping up with the same, we actually do have several brands in our country which design and manufacture helmets for bikers. These helmets are almost always well padded and are equipped to protect the person’s head in case some kind of a mishap takes places. After all, bikers are the most prone to damage in a road accident. While it is true that car owners are also affected, they are after all still somehow shielded by the exteriors of the car. But for bikers who are putting themselves out in the open, the helmet is the only appreciable source of protection, and this is extremely important.

Without it, it’s not even advisable to go out for a few miles since a disaster never knocks and comes. But even if you are a responsible citizen and recognise the fact that helmets are extremely important for your safety, the first step begins with you first actually buying one. And while it does sounds simple, if you really want the best of protection, you do need to put some thought into it.

Buying the best helmet in India is actually not as easy as it looks. You need to look at different brands and different features before settling on one which will be just right for you. And that can get complicated. But do not worry, for this article aims to help you.

Here, we will be listing out the different factors you need to keep in mind before you actually settle on a product that you like. If the one you are buying actually checks off all of the pointers that we are about to mention, then we are pretty sure that it would turn out to be a great product for you. But even if this list of factors doesn’t manage to get you comfortable with the purchase, there is no need to lose hope. That is because, afterwards, we will be listing ten different helmets that are available in the market right now that we believe are the best of the lot. It doesn’t matter which of these you buy, you would definitely be grabbing a great deal for yourself.

What to Look for When Buying the Best Helmets

What’s Your Head Shape and Size?

Helmets are pretty important for avid riders. They get to wear them for extended periods of time, which could go as long as several hours at a stretch. Now, for something that could be on your person for so long, you would definitely want it to be as comfortable as possible. And especially so for helmets, since their only job is to sit on your head. You can’t have them small enough to give you a headache or large enough to come loose. The size needs to be just perfect.

For that very reason, we suggest you take a good look at the size chart when you are buying a helmet. You must know your own size and the shape of your head. Predominantly, you would find only either round oval, intermediate oval or long oval head shapes. Find out which one of these corresponds to yourself and make a purchase accordingly.


Retention is, quite simply, how long or how easily the helmet you are buying can stay on your head. It is no hidden fact that a helmet needs to stay put on your head in all conditions. It doesn’t matter if the terrain gets rough. If it starts to slip off in certain conditions, then it is certainly not worth your money.

Now one simple way to judge the retention factor of a helmet is to properly fasten its belt and then pull it from behind. If the helmet rolls off or starts to come off your head, then try and adjust the strap so that it sits more tightly on your head. Once you have done that, try pulling the helmet again. If you get the same results again, then perhaps this isn’t the right helmet for your head size.


The visor, as we have stressed multiple times throughout the course of this article, is one of the most important parts of a helmet. It is the part which helps you see while you are riding and is also responsible for saving your eyes and face from dust or minute particles that might go into your eyes and disrupt your vision temporarily.

Without the visor, you would be riding without any protection for your face and would be immune to the onslaught from the wind and other natural forces, thus, highly aggravating the chances of a road accident.

Now considering the role that the visor is supposed to play, it comes as no surprise that it must be as crystal clear as possible. Make sure that there are no smudges or scratches on it, and when you wear it you are able to see as clearly as you would want to. A lot of the brands these days manufacture helmets with visors that are smoked or mercury tinted. Now while such products may look good on the outside, they will definitely block your vision to some extent and as a result, highlight the chances of a collision happening on the roads.


The most basic functionality of a helmet is to protect your skull in case you happen to get yourself in a road accident. Now while this is an immensely important function, the helmet does need to have certain distinct characteristics to actually be qualified enough to perform the job well.

The first of these is that the helmet needs to have sturdy and tough exteriors which do not crack or break even after high-speed impacts so that your head remains protected against all odds.

Furthermore, even on the inside of the helmet, there needs to be a layer of proper cushioning installed so that the inner walls of the helmet themselves do not jolt your skull with high intensity. This inner cushioning is another very important quality for a helmet to have. Without this, while you may be protected from anything out on the road, you will not be safe from the helmet’s own inner surface in case of an accident. The cushion will essentially absorb any extra force that falls on the helmet externally so that your skull gets to experience almost negligible impact.

ISI Certification

The ISI mark is a sign of quality and trust for all kinds of commodities available in the markets. A lot of the manufacturers these days are in the habit of procuring an ISI Certification for the helmets they make. As a customer, it would make perfect sense for you to only go for such brands as their products will obviously be the best of the best.

Top 10 Best Helmets in India 2020

1. Vega Crux CRX-B-L Flip-up Helmet

Vega-Crux-CRX-B-L-Flip-up-HelmetVega has always been a popular brand when it comes to helmets. And it’s all because their helmets are safe and yet also manage to be trendy at the same time. With unique looks and dependable design, it’s no surprise that their helmets manage to gain so much attention in the market. Talking about attention, it’s something that you would be getting a lot of if you choose to invest in this product due to its off-road look along with the gorgeous leather finish.

The visor, which for a lot of people is the most important part of the helmet is easily fitting and offers great ventilation. A lot of times, it can get somewhat difficult to breathe inside the helmet because the visor comes down too hard and makes it sort of airtight inside.

Fortunately, with this model, that is not the case. Also, gone are the days when you had to manually flip up or flip down the visor. Now, with this model, you get a push button for that. In hoards of traffic when you are struggling to get through, this feature will certainly come quite in handy. It’s simply taking customer convenience to another level altogether.

Also, in case you feel a bit cramped and uncomfortable in the helmet initially, please remember that all helmets seem to feel that way for a day or two. However, as soon as a day or two passes, it will stretch accordingly and the foam will adjust in just the right amount to accommodate your head. Finally, the product is available in four different sizes which are small, medium, large and extra large. This product has received an overall positive rating which makes it one of the best helmets in India.


2. Studds STS_PRL_BLK_L Professional Full Face Helmet

Studds-STS_PRL_BLK_L-Professional-Full-Face-HelmetHow many people can say that they actually use an ISI approved helmet? Become one of the few who can by investing in this great product by Studds. In our country, Studds is perhaps the most popular manufacturer of bike helmets. You see their products everywhere on the road. And that in itself is a testimony to how amazing and well thought out their products are.

To give you a little idea, the outer layer of the helmet is made from high impact grade engineering thermoplastic which is pretty suitable to protect your head from all kinds of shocks and traumas. The outer shell is completely unpainted and specially textured so as to resist scratches. When your helmet inherently repels scratches, it would automatically manage to look good and brand new for longer periods of time.

In order to further strengthen your immunity against damage and accidents, there is EPS concussion padding with regulated density lined towards the inner side. This inner side is then covered with specially designed and treated anti-allergic velveteen so that the helmet sits comfortably on your head and you do not feel the slightest bit of inconvenience at any time. A lot of times with the rough insides of a helmet, people tend to gain scratches or feel irritability on the skin. Fortunately, that won’t happen with this one. The chinstrap mechanism features a quick release lock so that you never have to struggle while taking the helmet off.

Furthermore, at high speeds, it sometimes can get a little uncomfortable to balance the helmet on your head. Fortunately, that won’t be a problem with this one as the outer design has been conceived aerodynamically so that it automatically adjusts itself at high speeds and doesn’t disrupt your ride at all.


3. Vega Cliff CLF-LK-M Full Face Helmet

Vega-Cliff-CLF-LK-M-Full-Face-HelmetWith great brands comes a long list of great products. And Vega is absolutely no different. It comes with some really charming additions to its already impressive roster of products, and every time that happens, the people are quick to buy away. This particular one is an ISI approved helmet, which means it performs splendidly on the safety and quality parameters that it should be good at.

Now when you first buy it, you may feel slightly uncomfortable with the size of it and the kind of grip it has on your head. But as the days pass by, it will start to loosen up accordingly as the foam adjusts to your head and within a span of maximum ten days, you will have a helmet which fits your head like a glove.

The outer shell is made of Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene which makes it really tough and difficult to crack while the surface and the visor is scratch resistant to make sure that your helmet stays good as new no matter how many days you use it for. Also, the visor’s fitting is one of the best we’ve ever seen on helmets, and we all know how big a problem ill-fitting visors can be with helmets. With a great fit and a design that screams comfort and compactness, this product is also delightfully lightweight and therefore pretty easy to carry around.


4. Studds Marshall SUS_MOFH_BLKL Open Face Helmet

Studds-Marshall-SUS_MOFH_BLKL-Open-Face-HelmetSimilar to the other Studds product we’ve reviewed so far, this one is also an ISI approved helmet. And that means that it is pretty well equipped with all of the safety and quality features that are expected from helmets. Now to stress more on the security aspects of it, the outer layer of the helmet is made from high impact grade engineering thermoplastic which is pretty suitable to protect your head from all kinds of shocks and traumas.

There is a dynamic ventilation system installed which promises to regulate the airflow within the helmet so that at no point of time do you ever feel suffocated or cramped inside. The optically true injected polycarbonate visor duly silicon hard coat so as to resist scratches. When your helmet inherently repels scratches, it would automatically manage to look good and brand new for longer periods of time. In order to further strengthen your immunity against damage and accidents, there is EPS concussion padding with regulated density lined towards the inner side. This inner side is then covered with specially designed and treated anti-allergic velveteen so that the helmet sits comfortably on your head and you do not feel the slightest bit of inconvenience at any time.

A lot of times with the rough insides of a helmet, people tend to gain scratches or feel irritability on the skin. Fortunately, that won’t happen with this one. The chinstrap mechanism features a quick release lock so that you never have to struggle while taking the helmet off. Finally, although it may seem like the helmet is a little uncomfortable on your head for a couple of days after buying, we do want you to know that as soon as the foam adjusts to your head and the inner side of the helmet expands accordingly, you’d get a snug fit like no other.


5. Steelbird Helmet SBA-1 Free Live with Smoke Visor and Matt Finish

Steelbird-Helmet-SBA-1-Free-Live-with-Smoke-Visor-and-Matt-FinishWhen you talk of helmets, you often get to hear phrases like safety, security and strong layers. But what if you could chance upon a helmet that not just scores in security, but also manages to sport a great look with an equally great design? You’re probably thinking that’s too good to be true. However, you couldn’t be more wrong. The Steelbird variety of helmets pride themselves upon being not just great from the outside but from the inside too.

Apart from really snug and comfortable interiors, you also get some really cool exteriors which can get you to immediately fall in love with it. The surest mark of the quality of these products is that they are ISI certified, and we all know how much trust is placed upon such certifications. The build quality is amazing and the helmet not just looks but also feels durable to the fullest, not easily breaking or even experiencing scratches. It is long lasting and easy to use and will fit your head like a glove after a few days of use.


6. LS2 FF320-L Full Face Helmet (Black, L)

LS2-FF320-L-Full-Face-Helmet-Black-LWhen you are talking about helmets, there are a great number of things you need to take care of. While the most crucial of those is the security aspects of it, another important factor is how it looks upon your head. While a lot of people prefer simple designs, a few also like to go for a bold and catchy look. But another very important factor when it comes to helmets, and also something that most of us fail to look into, is the implementation of a good airflow system.

A helmet is something that latches onto your head and covers you from all around. As a result, it is extremely important that you’re able to breathe properly while you are in there. Without a good airflow system, that is not quite possible. As far as this model is concerned, it boasts of Fully adjustable intake ports and vented eps which work with the rear spoiler and exhaust ports to create a constant, light flow of air which not just helps the rider breathe but also maintains a pleasant atmosphere within the confines of the helmet.

The material used is high-grade thermoplastic making the helmet as durable and long-lasting as anything else you would find on the market. However, while the exteriors are as tough as they can be, the interiors are lined with soft cotton to make the rider never feel any sort of discomfort while wearing the helmet. Some of the safety features of this amazingly crafted product include a quick release system, scratch resistance, anti UV and anti-fog.


7. HJC Helmets CS 15 Treague MC4HSF Polycarbonate Full Face Helmet

HJC-Helmets-CS-15-Treague-MC4HSF-Polycarbonate-Full-Face-HelmetHelmets are pretty crucial to the rider in the sense that they are the only source of protection a biker has. In today’s world, when everyone seems to be in a hurry to get somewhere, you can’t take any chances while you are on the road. One false move could end up costing you your life. And to save yourself from whatever kind of injury that might take place, you need to give yourself the best of the best. And that is why we recommend the HJC Helmets CS 15 Treague MC4HSF.

It is sturdy, it is tough and it will definitely protect you and your head if in case you end up in some sort of accident. One of the most sensitive areas of your body is the skull. And to protect it from facing any damages, you need a contraption which can actually withstand whatever the road might throw at you. And one material which can actually take all of that is polycarbonate, which also happens to be the primary material used in this helmet. Also, the Treague MC4HSF not just protects well, but is in fact also one of the most trendy and stylish models you will ever find on the market. With funky designs and a unique personality, it will certainly make you look good on the road. It is available in the colour black and in large size.


8. Autofy O2 Full Close Helmet

Autofy-O2-Full-Close-HelmetAutofy helmets have always been great in quality and they look good too. And this one is no different. It comes in a standard medium size and the primary constituent used in building it is some highly durable and sturdy polycarbonate as the outer material. Due to this, it becomes much easier for the rider to withstand heavy impact from collisions without sustaining any damages.

Now one of the most important parts of a helmet is the visor, and most of the times manufacturers do not pay as much attention to it as they should. All of that changed with this particular product. The retractable visor available in the Autofy O2 can actually be customised as per the user’s preference based on the weather conditions or the kind of terrain you are riding on. Now while the exterior is made of tough polycarbonate, the interior is lined with Polypropylene EPS. This way, your skull not just remains protected from the outside but is in fact also adequately cushioned from the inside.

Another feature which is extremely rare in today’s helmets and yet firmly present in this one is the addition of leather coverings over the ears. These covers are pretty great in the sense that they protect your ears in hostile weather conditions and other risky situations such as intense cold or heavy rains.


9. SMK MA271 Twister Logo Graphics Pinlock Fitted Full Face Helmet With Clear Visor

SMK-MA271-Twister-Logo-Graphics-Pinlock-Fitted-Full-Face-Helmet-With-Clear-VisorThe SMK brand of helmets has consistently been rolling out great products which manage to appeal to all kinds of audiences. One of the best things about their products is that they manage to be high in quality as well as look great. Now another great characteristic of SMK helmets is that they tend to look out for their customers by virtue of installing a good airflow system and much more.

It is available in the large size and boasts of an external shell which is aerodynamically made to reduce wind resistance. It is moulded in EIRT or Energy Impact Resistant Thermoplastic. The inner surface is coated with resilin order to keep the fabric cool and comfortable on the skin. This fabric is completely breathable for the comfort of the user along with being fully removable and washable. There is also a removable nose guard and a lower wind stop installed within. Now as far as ventilation is concerned, all of the air vents are adjustable in addition to being placed on the chin, the upper part of the shell and the rear extractor.

The visor which is coincidentally one of the most important parts of a helmet must be pretty neat and clean and also free of smudges or scratches or else it could seriously impair your vision while you’re wearing the helmet. This, in turn, could lead to accidents or collisions while you are on the road. Luckily for you, this particular helmet boasts of a visor which is scratch resistant.

It also comes with rapid release and grants the wearer extra wide vision so that they can be aware of all of their surroundings and keep a track of all the vehicles around them while they are out on the road. Also, apart from being scratch resistant, the visor is also internally sun resistant. The visor mechanism is easy enough and does not really require the use of tools to operate. The retention system of the helmet is very sophistically built and comes with a quick release buckle which is mighty practical in case you are ever running short on time. If all of that is not enough, then this helmet is also Bluetooth compatible.


10. Wrangler Concept Full Face Helmet

Wrangler-Concept-Full-Face-HelmetAnother great brand when it comes to helmets is Wrangler, which just so happens to be one of the most customer conscious brands in the market right now. They have mastered the art of keeping their customers happy by always sticking to their demands and delivering products which are high on quality and durability.

One great aspect of Wrangler helmets is that their products are durable to the fullest, meaning they would not sustain any damages even under rough use by the customer. Also, Wrangler helmets are known to be quite trendy and their designs have always been on point, making them popular among the young crowd. If you choose to invest in one of these today, there is a good chance that you would be using it for a fairly good amount of time in the future because of how long lasting they are.

This particular model is duly ISI approved giving you further proof of its quality and durability. It is scratch resistant, meaning that there is a high chance that it would remain as good as new even after months of use. It is also lightweight and therefore easy to carry around, which can be a pretty important quality to have for bikers who ride around a lot. The chin strap mechanism on this product is of the quick release kind, giving you complete control and flexibility over when you want to take it off and how fast you want to do that. Finally, while it may seem a bit cramped for the initial few days, all you have to do is give it some time while the inner foam adjusts to your head size and expands, after which it will start fitting you like a glove.


Choose the Best Helmet and Have a Safe Ride

Helmets are as important as the clothes we wear when we go out. If you are planning to ride a bike and have not worn a helmet, then you are not just putting your own life in danger but also of those around you. We can’t stress enough on the fact that every rider out on the road must at all times wear a helmet, for it is our most basic civic responsibility. However, if you are having troubles purchasing one, then the one thing you can do is follow the guide we just laid out above, and you should be able to buy one for yourself in no time.

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