Best Hair Colours in India 2020 – Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

1. L’Oreal Dark Brown Creme Gloss2. Bblunt Salon Secret Hair Color3. L’Oreal Natural Dark Brown





There are many best hair colours available in the market. These products are widely used under the hair caresegment. The right shade is difficult to choose from such a variety of shades. For men, the hair colour products come in fewer shades (5-10 shades). The best hair colour won’t look flat or brassy. Good quality hair colours provides excellent grey hair coverage. It even hides resistance with greys. Awkward applicators and drippy formulas make things difficult and messy.

Strong gloves, easy-to-control highlighting wands, and precise applicator nozzles are included in the best hair colour kits. Many top hair colour products have foam or cream formulations. Such products are less likely to drip. They are thicker too. The ones who use such products can even perform other tasks after colouring their hair without risking a mess.

Your skin won’t be inflamed or your hair won’t be fried by the best hair colour products. For a dramatic change and best results, you should use two shades darker or lighter than your current hair colour. You will require a permanent hair colour if you are thinking to go lighter than your current shade. Permanent hair colours replace the natural colour of your hair by stripping it. A completely different colour comes into the picture which never washes out.


If you just want to cover some greys, then you don’t require any permanent hair dye. The grey hair can be covered by semi-permanent or gentler demi-permanent dyes. They won’t cause any damage to hair. You can try a temporary root concealer for instantly hiding the roots. Such products come in the form of a marker, spray, crayon or powder. They will wash out after you rinse with shampoo.

If your hair is mildly damaged, then you can use demi-permanent or gentler semi-permanent hair colours. However, you should visit a professional in case of fried hair. The strand test should not be skipped. Colour is processed faster by some hair types. Half the processing time of uncoloured hair is taken by the colour-processed hair. You can know about the strand test by following the instructions mentioned on the box.

If you have a sensitive nose, then the hair colour products which contain ammonia can cause trouble to your nose due to its strong odour. So, go for hair colour products which don’t have ammonia. You should not trust the model on the front of the hair colour box. You must match your current hair colour to the chart which is available on one the sides of the box for knowing about the results.

There are some hair colours which initially look darker in shade after application. But within a few shampoos, you will get the desired hair colour. It doesn’t matter if you are male or female. There are some hair dye products which are marketed as ‘only for men’. But the reality is that such products can be used by women too for colouring their hair.

You need to fix one thing in your mind that conditioning your hair is essential after colouring your hair. A process of lifting the current hair colour or bleaching is used by all the permanent hair colours. After this process, your hair can get damaged and dry. Hence, you should condition your colour-treated hair after using shampoo. Once a week, you must do a deep condition. The best hair colour products also come up with a conditioning treatment in order to prevent the damage of hair.

Skin Hypersensitivity Test Before you Get the Best Hair Color

Hair Colours are used regularly by millions of people around the world. But in some rare cases, many people can develop an allergy from hair colour products at any stage or situation in life. Thus, it is necessary to do a skin hypersensitivity test before each application of your hair colour.

This is a precautionary measure for your safety. A pleasurable hair colouring experience and safety is ensured if one follows the precautions. The packs of hair colour products have all the safety precautions and instructions on them.

Before the application of the hair colour, you must perform a skin hypersensitivity test. For conducting the test, a small area of skin behind the ear must be cleaned by using water, alcohol or soap. After that, a small quantity nod developer and colourant must be applied on the cleansed skin.

Allow it to dry and keep it on for 48 hours. After 48 hours, if there is no itching, swelling, burning, irritation or reddening, then you can use the product for your hair.

Top 10 Best Hair Colours in India 2020

1. L’Oreal Paris Casting Creme Gloss, Dark Brown 400


The L’Oreal Paris Casting Creme Gloss is an excellent ammonia free colour which provides gloss and shine to hair. You might be afraid of trying to colour your hair due to the side effects of ammonia.

You don’t have to worry about anymore when colouring your hair now as this Hair Colour consists of ammonia-free colouring ingredients.

Without damaging your hair, these ingredients will give you a quick makeover. If you have any stray greys, then you can cover them with this Hair Colour. Strength is provided by the colouring agents which are incorporated in this product.

A beautiful mild fragrance is left behind as this Hair Colour moisturizes your hair. A scintillating Dark Brown shade is provided by this Hair Colour. Along with an extended staying power, a natural glossy look is provided by the colour.

The colour of this product lasts through at least 28 washes with shampoos. This safe shade is a great option if you are colouring your hair for the first time. This hair colour won’t give you an unnatural look as the shade of this product is not too far removed from natural Indian hair shades.

Being ammonia-free, this product stops scalp irritation and prevents hair loss. One pair of gloves, one developer, one Nutri Shine conditioner and one creme colourant are contained in the colouring kit. For protecting your hair from any damage, this product has a combination of green tea and aloe vera extracts.

With this kit, one can colour their hair at home. You can take help from a family member, friend or do it yourself. This Hair Colour will make your hair gorgeous and soft. This is the best hair colour in India.


2. Bblunt Salon Secret Creme Hair Colour

Bblunt-Salon-Secret-Creme-Hair-ColourThe BBLUNT Salon Secret High Shine Creme Hair Colour gives perfect results for your hair. For ensuring that this Hair Colour stays for long, you need to keep a few points in your mind:

● Your hair should not be washed with shampoo frequently.
● Hot water must be avoided for shampooing your hair. Use lukewarm water.
● Wear a swimming cap while swimming as your hair colour may get harmed by the chlorinated water.
● After using a colour-protectant shampoo, you should use a conditioner.

This product is enriched with Silk Proteins. It doesn’t contain ammonia and 100% covers the grey hair. This kit contains:

● 1 tube of Crème Colourant
● 1 tube of Developer
● 1 tube of Shine Tonic
● 1 Pair of disposable gloves for protecting your hands while colouring your hair

With this product, you will get salon like gorgeous hair at home. Get ready to achieve dazzling hair colour! First of all, you need to put on your cloves which are included in the kit. All the contents of tubes marked as the developer, Shine Tonic and colourant should be squeezed into a non-metallic bowl.

Mix these contents by using a tinting brush. The mixture must be applied immediately to your hair by using the tinting brush. You should leave the colour for 30 minutes. Emulsify for 5 minutes along with adding a small amount of water. After this, the hair should be rinsed thoroughly. You should use shampoo and conditioner for your hair as usual.


3. L’Oreal Paris Excellence Creme Hair Color, Natural Dark Brown


Being the leading hair colour, the L’Oreal Paris Excellence Creme Hair Color has 3 powerful ingredients which strengthen your hair during colouring, leaving it protected and softer. This product gives 100% Grey coverage from root to tip.

By colouring your hair with this hair colour, your hair becomes 85% more resistant to brushing. This is a long-lasting colour with a silky and soft touch. This product consists of the developer, conditioner, protective serum, and colouring creme.


4. Garnier Color Naturals Shade 3 Darkest Brown


The Garnier Color Naturals is one of the best Hair Colours. For ease of decision-making, it has an indication of the colour result on each pack. Based on your hair colour and skin tone, pick up a shade. Pick the lighter shade if you seem confused between two shades.

This product gives 100% grey coverage. And is available in 8 long-lasting colours. After the colouring process, you should use the Garnier Triple Nutrition Conditioner sachet which comes with the 40 ml and 100 ml pack. Each time you shampoo, use Garnier conditioner.

Apply colour to the hair roots by making sections in your hair. You must follow the safety & application instructions. Before using this product on your hair, do a skin allergy test as per the instructions on the pack.

In a non-metallic bowl, mix the colourant and developer as per the ratio mentioned on the pack by wearing gloves. Start colouring at the roots and then work your way down towards the tips of the hair. After leaving it for 30 minutes, rinse off.


5. Indus Valley Natural Hair Colour (Black)


There has been an increase in the occurrence of grey hair in all age groups due to hard water, stress, and pollution. This problem further increases when hair colour full of harmful chemicals is applied. The Indus Valley Natural Hair Colour is a safe, natural gel based hair colour which is harmless to your hair and skin.

It comes in a rich, natural black colour. A good grey coverage is given by this hair colour. It protects and nourishes your hair along with giving a natural healthy shine.

In order to ensure the safety of your hair, this product is imbibed with natural ingredients. It has the goodness of Jojoba Oil, Wheatgerm Oil, and Aloe Vera which deeply moisturizes and nourishes your hair. It also contains the extracts of amla, honey, henna, basil, sunflower and orange which cleanses your hair mildly for reducing dandruff. The shaft and roots of the hair are also strengthened by this product.

Most of the Hair Colour products use ammonia which is very harmful to the scalp and hair. However, this one doesn’t contain any harmful chemicals including PPD and ammonia. Instead of ammonia, this product has henna to provide your hair with depth and richness of colour.

This product comes in a gel and powder combination. The developing component comes in a gel formula while the hair colour comes in a measured sachet. There is no need to worry about dripping liquid hair colour as the gel formula is easy to mix and apply.

The kit contains:
● Powdered hair colour in a sachet
● Tube consisting of aloe vera – honey developing gel
● Precision hair colour application brush with a comb
● A pair of disposable gloves.

By using the precision brush, mix and small quantity of colour and apply it to the hair roots. All the roots must be coated evenly. Rinse after waiting for 30 minutes. Once the pack is opened, you can use the gel hair colour for up to 4 times. After colouring your hair, use mild conditioner and shampoo for ensuring that the colour stays longer.

Apply petroleum jelly or cream to your skin along the neck, hairline and ears for preventing these areas from being coloured. Make sure that you wear the supplied gloves. The contents of the Herbal Permanent Hair Colour Powder sachet should be emptied in a non-metallic mixing bowl.

After that, add Aloe Honey Gel to it. For exact mixing ratios, refer to the box. You should keep on stirring until the mixture forms a paste or cream. The hair should be divided into small sections of 1/2 an inch or 1 inch with a comb. The mixture should be first applied at the crown of the head.

All the strands should be coated with a non-metallic brush. Work the mixture from scalp to ends by using your gloved fingers. The skin around the edges of the scalp should be carefully cleaned with a tissue or wet cotton pad.

Before rinsing, you must wait for 30 minutes. Rinse the mixture after it has optimally dried. For several minutes, rinse hair thoroughly in warm water. With an Indus Valley mild shampoo and conditioner, shampoo and condition your hair. The hair must be dried thoroughly.


6. Godrej Expert Rich Crème Hair Colour, Dark Brown


If you wish to get a beautiful hair colour for your hair, then you must definitely try Godrej Expert Rich Crème Hair Colour. With this product, you can colour your hair multiple times at home. It is quite convenient as you just have to mix and apply. Ammonia in hair colour products can be harmful to your hair as it is harsh on the hair.

It also smells unpleasant and causes damage to hair. The proteins in the cortex of your hair are affected by the harsh chemical effects of ammonia. Your hair becomes more brittle and lifeless whenever you use ammonia-based hair colour. This ultimately leads to weak hair. Your hair will be kept damage free by the no-ammonia formula.

The Milk Protein and Aloe Vera keeps your hair shiny and soft. The pre-measured sachet format and the multi-application pack of this product offer the convenience and ease which is needed for colouring your hair. This product is available in 5 dazzling shades. It lends long-lasting, beautiful colour to your tresses.

This product has milder colouring ingredients which ensure that your hair proteins don’t suffer any damage. Thus, the strength of your hair is kept intact. The greys become visible at the roots when the hair grows. After every 4-6 weeks, a majority of people colour their hair. A number of factors such as washing pattern, nature of work, hair growth, etc. are responsible for this.

You can start colouring your hair when the greys near your temples become visible. A perfect one-time colouring experience is ensured by the content of both the sachets. The contents of the 2 sachets must be used for getting the mix right. The colourant starts losing the ability to colour when it comes into contact with air. So, avoid any re-use.

Your hair colour may still appear black even after using Black Brown in the first application. This would be due to the effect of your previous colour. The real colour will start showing with subsequent applications. This product is extremely easy to use. Before application, you should conduct a skin hypersensitivity test. Keep your hair and skin dry before application.

Wear gloves while colouring your hair. In a non-metallic bowl, mix equal quantities of Developer and Expert crème (1:1). With a brush, the mixture should be applied for 30 minutes. After that, rinse your hair thoroughly with water. The lengths and ends of hair should be further massaged gently with conditioner.


7. Bigen Men’s Speedy Color, Dark Brown


The ideal solution to carry out a stylish look with grey hair is Bigen Men’s Speedy Color! It is the best hair colour for men. This product contains 3 conditioning ingredients which give your hair moisture and gloss. One of the protein substance is Glycine. It helps in decreasing the hair damage caused by using hair colouring product and protects the hair. Grey hair can be quickly covered by this Hair Colour as it is easy to use.

During its application, the unpleasant smell won’t bother you. Pullulan, glycine and olive oil are the 3 conditioning ingredients contained in this product. For covering short hair or partially grey hair, one can use only the necessary amount of cream. The remainder can be kept for future application.


8. Revlon Top Speed Hair Color


The Revlon Top Speed Hair Color gives you permanent hair colour. This product contains ginseng root extract for resilient and shiny hair. It is free of Ammonia. The top speed SUC technology of this product gives 100% grey hair coverage in just 5 minutes. This is beneficial for working women who don’t have enough to look well-groomed.

It is gentle on hair due to threonine and hydrolyzed keratin. They also strengthen the hair and prevent them from getting damaged. In order to retouch the newborn grey hair easily, this product comes with a professional retouch brush. You will get intense dark coloured hair which is smoother, softer and silkier than ever. It will give your hair a natural appeal and look. Every strand of the hair from root tips is coloured by this product. Both men and women can use this product.


9. Revlon Colorsilk Hair Color


A natural looking multi-tonal colour from the hair root to tip is delivered by the combination of conditioners, polymers and blended dyes of Revlon Colorsilk Hair Color.

This Hair Colour adds dimensionality and definition to your hair along with boosting your hair colour. It contains apple extract and is free from ammonia. It 100% covers the grey hair. For helping to keep the colour true, vibrant and dimensional, it has UV defence.


10. Schwarzkopf Essensity Ammonia-Free Permanent Color, 3-0 Dark Brown

Schwarzkopf-Essensity-Ammonia-Free-Permanent-Color-3-0-Dark-BrownThe Schwarzkopf Essensity Ammonia-Free Permanent Color has ingredients such as:
● Ascorbic Acid
● 5 Diamine Sulfate
● Aqua Water
● Ethanolamine Glycerin
● Eau Cetearyl Alcohol
● Glyceryl Stearate
● Sodium Chloride Aminomethyl
● Caramel Xanthan Gum
● Toluene 2
● Grape Seed Oil

Having Phytolipid Technology, it is the 1st permanent ammonia-free oil-colour.


Get Yourself the Best Hair Color in India

These are the top 10 best hair colours. All these hair colours won’t cause any damage to your hair. In fact, your hair will be strong due to these products. It’s time to get rid of harmful hair colour products and use these safe hair colour products.

Wanna change your look by colouring your hair? Then go for any of these hair colour products!

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