Best Hair Gels for Men 2020 – Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

1. Set Wet Cool Hold Hair Gel 100ml2. Dove Men + Care Fortifying Gel3. Set Wet Hair Gel Ultimate Hold





If there is one thing that most of us cannot stand, it is the act of someone messing with our hair. Be it for girls or for boys, our hair is supposed to be the most sensitive part of our body in terms of how much we allow others to touch it, while best hair gel for men and women happen to be the biggest lifesaver. But what is it about hair that makes it so important? If you think about it, hair isn’t even that big a part, physically at least, of our appearance.

And yet when we look at ourselves in the mirror, the first thing we notice is how good or bad our hair looks. This is because it is just the way we have been programmed. Our gaze instantly travels to the head and we base our opinion of the person, in a lot of cases, solely on how his hair looks. If the hair looks ruffled, we take the person to be unruly, while if the hair is neatly trimmed and set, we take the person to be a gentleman or a lady. It’s just the way we see others and will continue to do so.


In fact, this is why when we go for interviews or client meetings in a professional environment, we are expected to dress formally and smartly, with special emphasis being given to the way we set our hair.

Now for something so critical to our appearance, unfortunately, there are problems quite diverse in nature. It is, in fact, a real pain to take care of our hair, and no matter how much time we spend fussing over it, sooner or later it reverts back to the sorry state it was in initially. Why do you think this happens?

The first answer that comes to mind is that of pollution and dirt. And it is not far from the truth. Since we absolutely need to step out of our homes every day for a number of things like getting to work on time, going to our schools or colleges or even simply to buy stuff for daily needs, all of it requires stepping out in the sun.

And as soon as you do that, your hair tends to get messy. In a country like ours, you just can’t escape dust and pollution. It’s everywhere. And the sheer number of cars on the road does not make it any better. We have so much smoke in the environment that it’s quite natural that our skin and hair take a big hit and suffer from a loss of health. No matter how good a shampoo you use, sooner or later it will prove ineffective if you happen to stay out in the open for extended periods of time.

And yet, being the most intelligent species on the planet, we seem to have a solution for almost everything ready at our disposal. When our hair started getting messy with the dirt, we started making use of shampoos with advanced chemicals and nutrients. Similarly, when we started facing difficulties in maintaining the way we comb our hair, simply because the pollution won’t let it be, we started using the best hair gel for men.

Now hair gels, although we don’t acknowledge it as much as we should, are nothing short of a revolutionary product. They are responsible for keeping our hair in place and can equip them to survive pretty harsh conditions as well. That’s something that spells out wonders for our personal style and physical appearance since we usually tend to lose the composed look we opted for in meetings, especially if we need to travel for long distances in order to get to the meeting. With hair gels, we can effectively bid goodbye to ruffled or unruly hair.

But it isn’t all easy as it sounds. Just like it is with so many other products on the market right now, hair gels are actually found in abundance. No matter what brand, variant or type you are looking for, you will find a multitude of choices to look over.

So many brands have wanted to jump on the bandwagon of hair gel popularity, and in doing so, they have released various types of hair gels on the market. Now the important thing for you to know is that not all of these gels are actually good for you. While there certainly are some truly brilliant products available, a lot of them actually just don’t make the cut. While all of them might be a little bit effective in their own little ways, it would only make sense for you to buy a product that gives the best of services at the very least of prices.

Unfortunately, for you to make such a purchase, you need to first be aware. This is because, with the number of products that are available, it is pretty easy to get lost and actually end up buying the wrong product. But worry not, for we’re here to help you not make that mistake. We plan to guide you, by virtue of this article and put you on the path that leads to the best hair gel for men 2018.

We start off by listing the few critical aspects and properties that you must look for in a hair gel. We will only list the properties which are really important, and if in case all of which are present, you can easily trust the gel to be a quality product.

Furthermore, if you’re still not satisfied, we will go over a list of products which are totally worthy of being considered by you in case you’re planning to buy a hair gel. All of these products will be compliant with the guidelines that we mention and will be included on the list based on certain factors designed for testing optimum performance. Once we are done with all of this, we are sure you would have found what you’re looking for, and that is why we suggest that you dive right in.

Best Hair Gel for Men: What You Should Know

It’s all in the chemicals

Hair gels are chemical-based products. Now, while it is isn’t really all that advisable to use too many chemicals on your body, the kinds which are used in such gels are usually harmless and are only used for the purpose of making your hair tough enough to withstand all sorts of external disturbances.

They are designed and chosen based on one critical factor, which is that they do not get absorbed into the hair shaft but rather simply hold on to the hair. Now another important thing for you to note that while the basic nature of a hair gel will always be chemical, some natural products can be used to further strengthen its holding action and to make it more effective.

You might want to look for such products as they are generally better than the regular ones. As for the holding action, it is done using polymers called PPVs which are present inside the gel.


The excellent thing about hair gels is the fact that they are compatible with all kinds of hair types or hairstyles. You don’t have to worry yourself thinking that you might want different products for straight and curly hair, because that is not the case. All you need is one strong and effective hair gel and it will take care of all kinds of hair, be it straight, curly, wavy or coloured. Also, the amount of hair gel you apply in your hair is directly proportional to the amount of time your hair can go without losing its composure.


Amazingly, gel-based styling is a thing now. Some of the most fantastic hair designers and stylists around the globe have come up with beautiful and innovative hairstyles that are made possible entirely using hair gels. In fact, it is now a dedicated niche in styling and consists of techniques such as moulding, sculpting, freezing and scrunching.

Alcohol Content

Did you know that hair gels might also contain alcohol? Now although a little of it is completely harmless and may actually prove to be beneficial, make sure that you do not end up buying one with too much alcohol in it.

Studies have consistently proven that hair gels which contain large amounts of alcohol do more harm than good for the hair as alcohol tends to get absorbed into your hair and scalp and sucks away all of the moisture. This makes your hair and scalp drier than ever which can further lead to hair fall or similar problems.

Also, if you end up buying a hair gel which is not very impressive quality-wise and doesn’t quite perform as advertised, then it might actually lead to flaking of your scalp and even hair fall. Therefore, extreme caution needs to be exercised while shopping for a hair gel as you must not get the wrong kind for yourself.

Application Of The Gel

Now there are some really important pointers about applying hair gels that you must know. We will go over them one by one. Firstly, don’t let your hair be too wet when applying a hair gel. Make sure you either dry it completely, pat it down with a towel or keep it damp before applying. This is because when your hair is too wet, the hair gel is going to have a tougher time to stick to the hair and even its presence will be limited along the top end. Also, you must always use two hands to apply the gel for better results and a more effective application.

Make sure that you rub the gel onto the hair only. If you end up massaging it onto your scalp, you’re as good as wasting it because it will serve no purpose there. The only way it is going to work is if you apply it on the hair. Finally, go for a slight rubbing if you want the gel to stick to your hair for hours.

Now that we’re done with everything that you must know before you buy a hair gel, it is time to introduce you to some actual products from the category and let you get familiar with them. The products we have chosen all agree with whatever points were mentioned above and are designed explicitly to help you gain the best possible experience. There’s a list of ten products to cover and each one is more effective than the last. Since we do have a lot to cover, let’s dive right in.

Top 10 Best Hair Gels for Men in India 2020

1. Set Wet Cool Hold

Set-Wet-Cool-HoldSet Wet barged into the personal care scene just a few years ago, but since then has managed to gain an almost cult-like following. People who use their products swear by them, and it is only because the products they endorse are all so good.

As the current pioneer in best hair gel for men and other similar products, it is only natural that we start the list with them. The Set Wet Cool Hold hair gel doesn’t make any false promises. It does exactly as advertised and takes your style game up to another level. It is a casual hold gel and is especially perfect for sporting that carefree and casual look that goes for all kinds of occasions.

If you are a youth of the present time, then it is rest assured that this gel will suit your style to the max. Furthermore, it is perfectly suitable for all hair types and is, in fact, certified to provide long-lasting freshness to the user.


2. Dove Men + Care Fortifying Styling Gel

Dove-Men-Care-Fortifying-Styling-GelDove is a brand which has already cemented its position when it comes to shampoos and bathing soaps. It is perfectly suited for daily use and can easily give your skin an amazing glow. However, that is not to say that their products can’t work wonders on the hair.

The Dove Men + Care Fortifying Styling Gel is a revolutionary product which is not just effective in its services but also manages to remain extremely gentle while performing them, that is, your hair won’t face any side effects or dryness at all. It gives a smooth finish and makes your hair much more resilient than ever before.

It lets you define your style the way you want to and provides a strong hold. As a side note, the product actually ships from the USA and thus could actually take up to 7-14 days to get delivered upon the receipt of the order.


3. Set Wet Hair Gel Ultimate Hold

Set-Wet-Hair-Gel-Ultimate-HoldAs the name suggests, the Set Wet Hair Gel Ultimate Hold has been known to be extremely effective in maintaining its hold on your hair and keeping it in place. Apply it once on the hair and forget about it for the entire day, for it won’t let the hair get disturbed even in the harshest of environments. One of the best aspects of this gel is that is completely and 100% free from alcohol.

This means that the excessive drying up of the scalp due to alcohol that we talked about earlier simply won’t happen. This also happens to be one of their major selling points, as it should be. Finally, this hair gel is great for totally nailing the everyday casual look that so many of us crave for.


4. Enliven Hair Gel Wet

Enliven-Hair-Gel-WetAnother great name in hair care, Enliven has managed to create this amazing product called Hair Gel Wet and it completely manages to live up to the promises it makes. First of all, it is suitable for all kinds of hair types. It doesn’t matter whether you have straight, curly or wavy hair, the product will work just as well.

Furthermore, it is great in the sense that has absolutely zero side effects. You could use it any way you want on your hair and face no major or minor side effects to harm your body or scalp. Also, it can just as easily be used by women as by men and happens to provide excellent holding action. Although the brand is perhaps not as big as some others in the market, that hasn’t stopped them from coming up with one of the best hair gel for men pertaining to hair care available in the market right now.


5. Set Wet Hair Gel Vertical Hold

Set-Wet-Hair-Gel-Vertical-HoldBeing a pioneer in a certain field has its own advantages. And currently, Set Wet seems to be enjoying that spot when it comes to hair gels and hair care products. It has been accepted by the people of the country in a massive way and their amazing products just keep on adding to the craze.

The Set Wet Vertical Hold Hair Gel is no different. If you are an adrenaline junkie and if you love going on long drives, treks, mountain climbing and other adventure sports, then this is the product for you. Quit worrying about your hair when you are out on a trek and focus on just the excitement.

It contains a special hair friendly formula that lets men nail the perfect look with a Mohawk or perfect vertical spikes. Let this hair gel transform your look. It also comes power packed with a soothing blend that has been designed especially to reduce stress and give you the relaxing experience that you certainly crave.


6. Arata Zero Chemicals Hair Gel With Flax Seed Extract

Arata-Zero-Chemicals-Hair-Gel-With-Flax-Seed-ExtractArata Zero Chemicals Hair Gel is just the product you have been waiting for. Are you constantly worried that continuous use of such chemical filled products is sooner or later going to have bad effects on your hair? Are you constantly worried about hair fall and hair damage due to the synthetic products that you use? Well, you shouldn’t be, because, with this product, you get zero chemicals and yet the same amount of productivity.

It is 100% natural, plant-based, contains organic ingredients and is also vegan. Its chief ingredient is organic flax seed which gives it some unique properties you won’t easily find elsewhere. It lets you stay natural and slick without the loss of your personal hair strength and integrity. It lets you transform your style and take it one level up.


7. L’Oreal Paris Studio Line 9 Xtreme Hold 48HR Indestructible Gel

LOreal-Paris-Studio-Line-9-Xtreme-Hold-48HR-Indestructible-GelL’Oreal Paris is a big name in personal care. And their latest foray into hair care just further strengthens their position as the world leader in hair care products. It is known for my giving instant results as it dries really quickly. You just have to apply and it sets immediately, giving you a fantastic look for you to instantly approve of.

Another amazing fact about the product that you do not generally find with other brands is that this hair gel leaves absolutely no residue. This means that could apply it just once and then after you are done, you won’t find any grease or any other visible residue on your hair. Also, it washes up pretty easily.


8. Schwarzkopf Taft All Weather Looks Marathon Power Gel

Schwarzkopf-Taft-All-Weather-Looks-Marathon-Power-GelAnother great name in hair care, Schwarzkopf Taft has managed to create this amazing product called All Weather Looks Marathon Power Gel and it completely manages to live up to all its promises.

First of all, it is suitable for all kinds of hair types. It doesn’t matter whether you have straight, curly or wavy hair, the product will work just as well. Furthermore, it is great in the sense that it has absolutely zero side effects. It promises to provide excellent hold for extended periods of time without leaving any residues and also consists of a formula with high endurance fibres giving it complete flexibility.

For an untamed and chaotic hairstyle that suits the outdoors perfectly, you can’t possibly hope for a better product than this one. They are one of the few brands in the market which are constantly coming up with some of the best products pertaining to hair care available in the market right now.


9. Park Avenue Soft Hold Hair Styling Gel for Men

Park-Avenue-Soft-Hold-Hair-Styling-Gel-for-MenPark Avenue needs no introduction. It is a world famous brand that manages to do its job perfectly, in the sense that the products they release have always been well received by their customers. And the Soft Hold Hair Styling Gel is no exception. It comes with some amazing properties that enable it to hold hair for extended periods of time.

It is great in the sense that it gives away no side effects and is completely safe to use for all. It not just styles your hair but also nourishes it, giving it much more strength and shine than it had before. It boasts of a soft hold on the hair and is perhaps one of the best hair gel for men available in the market right now.


10. Whiskers Fop Hair Gel For Men

Whiskers-Fop-Hair-Gel-For-MenIf you’re looking for a certified safe hair gel which leaves no traces and is known to keep your hair fresh and not dry, then you have come to the right place. The Whiskers Fop Hair Gel is great particularly because it is completely alcohol-free. That means that you do not have to worry about the fact that your scalp will lose all moisture with continuous usage.

Also, it works on wet as well as dry hair which is an extremely versatile and rare trait as not many other hair gels on the market could make such a claim. It is known for its firm holding power, zero residues and no build up. Finally, it is highly suitable for the outdoors look and lets you up your style game like never before.



That concludes the list of the best hair gel for men available in the market right now. We are pretty sure that you would benefit deeply from our analysis and in case you have any qualms about the purchase you are about to make, simply consult the handy guide we mentioned in the beginning. Ultimately, it all boils down to your personal style and the way you want to look. We’re just here to make sure you make an informed decision.

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