Best Kajal In India 2020 – Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

1. Lakme Eyeconic Kajal Pencil2. Maybelline New York Colossal3. L’oreal Paris Magique Kajal





Kajal is the most versatile makeup that instantly accentuates your beauty. A dark stroke can work like magic in transforming your simple look into an attractive one. You can make your eyes look expressive, bold, dramatic or smokey wearing a kajal in different styles. It is an integral part in a women’s life. We women are wearing this makeup since time immemorial to make our eyes look beautiful and attractive.

With so many new kinds of kajal and eyeliners available in the market, it can be a rather tricky to track them all. The article is listing here 10 Best Kajals in India so that you can try them to find which one best suits your makeup style and skin tone.


Factors to Look for When Buying the Best Kajal in India 

Easy to Use

The texture of the kajal should be smooth so that it easily glides on the eyelid as well as the waterline. Nowadays most of the modern brands are providing pencil-point-sharp type shape for best and easy application. These pencil sharp kajal are fast and handy; you can wear them in an instant without any hassle.

Safe to Use

The Kajal you are choosing must be dermatologically approved. Read the details about the ingredients to ensure they are safe for your eyes. Several herbal kajal has also come up in the market that is infused with natural extracts like almond oil, camphor to rejuvenate your eyes while making your eyes look beautiful and captivating.

Furthermore, before buying the liner or kajal check that the tip of the kajal is round and smooth for safe application. And also check the expiry date before buying.


Most importantly the kajal you are choosing should remain smudge-free for at least 10-12 hours. Numerous brands are there in the market that claims to stay intact for more than 24 hours. So, ensure your kajal should be long lasting to look beautiful and attractive for a longer time.

Water Proof

Make sure you can wear your kajal in every season even on rainy or sultry hot days. Wearing a non-waterproof kajal or eyeliner in a humid weather can make you end up looking like a panda if you have a tendency to sweat. Good quality kajal doesn’t wear off or fade away easily even after you splash water on your eyes or when you are going out in rain.

Easy to Remove

Though a kajal should be long lasting, it also needed to get off easily without scratching your skin and eyes. Use makeup removable cosmetics to wipe out the eye makeup. Don’t choose a kajal or eyeliner that doesn’t get off easily as you always needed to remove them before retiring to bed.


Brand is important when choosing a kajal as eyes are sensitive and you can’t put them at risk. The renowned brand uses good quality ingredients in their products and they are dermatology tested to ensure they are safe to use on eyes. Below per quality can cause infection in your eyes. However, sometime kajal from the reputed brand can also cause irritation in your eyes, in such case, discontinue its use and consult a doctor if the problem persists.

Liquid Kajal

If you prefer liquid kajal for your eye makeup, ensure the applicator is smooth, easy and safe to use. Also, check for the consistency of the liquid kajal for a nice application. It shouldn’t be too thick or too thin. Replace the kajal immediately if the brush breaks or wears out.


We all know that simply applying kajal on our eyes can help us get a distinctive appearance even without other makeups. You can change your look completely by altering how your eyes look. Modern women like to experiment with various styles such as smokey eyes, bold eyes, or a simple casual look to make a mark on the fashion world. So before, buying a kajal, make sure it can deliver your favorite style the way you want it. Moreover, some kajal pencils are designed to deliver thick lines while others make thin lines. Choose the one that enhances your look.

You can experiment with the following style to emphasize your eyes and looks:

The Classic Wing

  • Step 1: Using the brush or pencil tip, create a small wing at the corner of your eye.
  • Step 2: line a dark stroke inward to connect to the inner corner.
  • Step 3: Fill in the empty space in your waterline with clean dark line and you are ready to go.

The DGL Smokey

  • Step 1: Apply a smooth and consistent line on your eyelids with the brush or pencil tip.
  • Step 2: Using a smudging brush or your finger, smudge the kajal along the edges of your eyes.
  • Step 3: Lighten and smoothen the imperfections using a pale eyeshadow.

The Dramatic Kajal

  • Step 1: Draw small wings on the corner of your eyes to get a dramatic effect.
  • Step 2: Using the liner or kajal, draw a neat and bold line along your waterline.
  • Step 3: To get a smudge-proof kajal look, fill your water lines with a clean and bold line.
  • After going through the above tips, choose one from this list of 10 Best Kajal at affordable rates to get a distinctive look every day.

Top 10 Best Kajals In India 2020

1. Lakme Eyeconic Kajal, Deep Black, 0.35g

Lakme-Eyeconic-Kajal-Deep-Black-0.35gEnhance the beauty of your eyes using the Lakme Eyeconic Kajal. It is a smudge proof, waterproof, long-lasting and convenient to apply with a smooth twist-up opening. It gives a deep black stroke and makes your eyes look dramatic. Apply a neat stroke on both the eyelids, upper and lower starting from the inner corner of the eyes and extending outwards.

To have a smokey look you can use the smudger at the other end. Just one stroke of this dermatologically tested kajal is enough to accentuate your look and make you feel special and stylish.

It has an intense matte texture that wonderfully gives your eyes an Iconic look. Experiment with a thin line or a bold wing according to your mood and occasion. This kajal from Lakme is for both day and night looks. Being waterproof you can wear it on rainy days too without spoiling your looks. Team it up with Eyeconic mascara to get a complete eye makeup.

It instantly changes your simple look into a more glamorous one. Use it whenever you are out for a meeting, traveling or partying and its deep black finish makes your eyes look beautiful and expressive. Lasting for 22 hrs that too without smudging, it gives you an attractive look for hours.

Lakme Eyeconic Kajal is safe to use and easy to apply. It is definitely one of the Best Kajal in India. It makes your makeup look complete while giving your eyes an amazing finish. Keep the cap tightly closed after every use to keep the product safe. This Kajal from Lakme is available in 4 gorgeous shades.


2. Maybelline New York Colossal Kajal, Black, 0.35g

Maybelline-New-York-Colossal-Kajal-Black-0.35gFormulated with aloe vera gel and smooth and creamy black texture, Maybelline New York Colossal Kajal gives a dark clean stroke that lasts up to 24 hours. It provides a smudge-free attractive eye makeup. Having a unique tip, it glides smoothly for an even application. It’s waterproof and intense black formula change your whole look by making your eyes stunning and gorgeous.

The deep black mineral color being smudge-proof and waterproof, allow you to wear in any occasion and season. The kajal goes well with light makeup as well as heavy makeup. Infused with vitamins C and E from Aloe Vera, it is safe for your skin. Apply it neatly on upper and lower eyelids of both the eyes.

Enriched with deep black pigments, it adds a intense black and dark shine to your eyes and make them look stunning. This eye pencil from Maybelline runs smoothly on the upper lash line as well as the lower line with no dragging or pulling of the skin. Adds an instant brightness to your eyes by making two or three stokes. It gives a fine matte finish that makes your eyes look impressive and pretty.

You can set it with a matching matte black eyeshadow to prevent creasing or smudging if your eyelids are very oily. With such a great lasting effect on your eyes, Maybelline New York Colossal Kajal can be considered as the Best Kajal in India.


3. L’oreal Paris Kajal Magique,35g (Black)

Loreal-Paris-Kajal-Magique35g-BlackFormulated with mineral pigments, L’oreal Paris Kajal Magique gives a deep intense color perfect for making your eyes look bold and stunning. Enriched with vitamin E, cocoa butter, olive oil esters, and vitamin C extracts, it has a soothing effect on your eyes when you apply this makeup. This kajal from L’oreal is also suitable for contact lens wearers.

It provides a smudge-proof eye makeup that can last up to 12 hours. Moreover, being waterproof, you can wear this kajal in any season. Accentuate the beauty in your eyes by applying this supremely black L’Oréal Paris Kajal. Adding an amazing finish to your eyes, it can make look gorgeous in an instant.

It is safe for your eyes and you can use it on daily basis. Wear it to your office, college or friends meet and make an impression even without putting on other makeup. With its mineral pigments to give a deep, rich, black stroke, it easily enhances your look by highlighting your eyes in a wonderful way. Get a dreamy look in your eyes by lining upper and lower eyelids in dark back color from one corner of the eye to another in a classic way. With its deep rich black texture, L’oreal Paris Kajal Magique is definitely one of the Best Kajal in India.


4. Maybelline New York Lasting Drama Eye Liner Drama Gel Liner, Black, 2.5g

Maybelline-New-York-Lasting-Drama-Eye-Liner-Drama-Gel-Liner-Black-2.5gMaybelline New York Lasting Drama Eye Liner is an oil-free formula that holds highly concentrated pigments in a clear gel base to provide a clean smudge-free eye makeup for long hours. Adds an intense rich blackish texture using this amazing kajal to your eyelids and look attractive and beautiful at an instant.

Its waterproof texture is suitable for any occasion. The effects stay for 36 hours. With waterproof gel formula, it can easily deliver a dramatic looks for your eyes; whether you go thick, thin, smudge or smoky, your eye makeup is sure to last longer.

Wear it with your contact lens without any hassle. Deeply concentrated black pigments are rich enough to add an intense and glossier finish to your eyes. Being smudge proof, waterproof and long lasting, you can wear it to parties, traveling or other occasions without messing up your makeup. It gives a nice stroke and allows you to add any style to your eyes. This gel eyeliner from Maybelline is easily removed with oil-free eye makeup remover.


5. Elle 18 Eye Drama Kajal, Bold Black, 0.35g

Elle-18-Eye-Drama-Kajal-Bold-Black-0.35gElle 18 Eye Drama Kajal offers a smudge proof and waterproof eye makeup that lasts up to 12 hrs. It is dermatologically tested and is safe to use in the eyes. With a convenient twist-up format, it wonderfully glides to both the eyelids of your eyes. Enriched with rich, black, and lustrous color, it gives an intense stroke to highlight your eyes stunningly.

Enhance the beauty of your eyes by adding a clean and crisp black liner in a dramatic way using this Elle 18 kajal. It offers long-lasting and clean eye makeup in an instant. The twist-up format makes for the easy and fast application. With its intense and deep matte texture, it adds a glamorous finish to your eye makeup.

Apply a thin line or a bold wing at the corner of your eyes using this dramatic kajal and you are ready to go, be it a party, work or a simple outing. With just one stroke of the Elle 18 Eye Drama, you can accentuate your look and turn your simple look to a more stylish persona.

Line your upper and lower eyelid with a clean stroke of a rich coat of the Elle18 Eye drama Kajal and draw attention. Make an upward wing at the corners of your eyes using this Eye Drama kajal to get a classic look. It is a great eyeliner kajal offering a rich and smooth finish to your eyes.


6. Maybelline New York Colossal Kajal, Super Black, 0.35g

Maybelline-New-York-Colossal-Kajal-Super-Black-0.35gInfused with light-absorbing pigments Maybelline New York Colossal Kajal provides 2 times more intensity to your eye makeup. Moreover, the presence of oils in its formula, makes it glide smoothly in your eyelids to give you an enhanced look.

Formulated with waterproof and smudgeproof texture, it stays intact for approx. 16 hours. Ophthalmologically tested, Maybelline New York Colossal Kajal is suitable for sensitive eyes and contact lens wearers.

To get an attractive look, draw a neat line along the lower eyelid starting at the inner corner of the eye; then add a bold stroke along the upper lash line drawing a line from the inner corner. Add a rich and glossy black color to accentuate your eyes for hours. Get a bold and intensified eyes at an instant using this superb kajal from Maybelline.


7. Plum Natur Studio All Day Wear Kohl Kajal, 1.2g with Free Sharpener

Plum-Natur-Studio-All-Day-Wear-Kohl-Kajal-1.2g-with-Free-SharpenerPlum Natur Studio All Day Wear Kohl Kajal is a super pigmented 2-In-1 Kohl-Cum-Liner. Get a bold and rich finish to your eyes in a single stroke. It stays as is even after 12 hours of applying.

It is a 100% smudge proof and waterproof kajal, enabling you to wear it in any season or occasion for an hour without messing up your look. The gel-based formula glides smoothly and evenly that highlights the water-line as well as the lash line of your eyes.

Enriched with Hydrogenated Castor Oil and Rice Bran Wax, Plum Natur Studio All Day Wear Kohl Kajal has hydrating and nourishing effects to your skin. It is suitable for sensitive eyes and contact lens wearers. Furthermore, this kajal is 100% vegan, paraben-free and ophthalmologically tested. With its creamy texture, the kajal adds a dark and bold stoke even in a single application.


8. Lakme Absolute Kohl Ultimate Kajal, 1.2g

Lakme-Absolute-Kohl-Ultimate-Kajal-1.2gLakme Absolute Kohl Ultimate Kajal is formulated with unique moisturizing ceramides to soothe and soften the eyelashes while enhancing the beauty of your eyes. A Jet Black Kohl pencil suitable for making a ‘Smokey Eye’ effect. Providing smudge free and waterproof makeup that lasts up to 16 hrs it revives your dull look.

Quickly fix any smudge with the smudger available with this kajal pencil. It is dermatologically tested and safe for your skin. Get a beautiful and impressive eye with just a few strokes of this ultimate kohl black kajal in an instant. It comes with a smudger to create a smudging effect. Accentuate and eyes with this intense dark Lakme kajal.

Get that attractive and stunning smokey eyes with bold strokes. Wear this Lakme kajal casually for work while making smokey eyes or classic eyes with wings on the corner of your eyes for evening parties. The ultimate black color of this kajal provides a defining streak under your eyes, making them look big, bright and attractive.

Create a smokey effect by stroking the applied kajal with the smudger provided with the pack and enjoy the glamorous look of your eyes. This smudge-free and long lasting kohl kajal from Lakme is definitely one of the Best Kajal in India.


9. Himalaya Herbals Kajal, 2.7g

Himalaya-Herbals-Kajal-2.7gApplying Himalaya Herbals Kajal along your eyelashes and waterline add dark luster to the eyes. It instantly makes your eyes look attractive and bright. This herbal kajal highlights your eyes naturally. Infused with Damask Rose, Triphala (a unique combination of three nutritious berries), Camphor, Almond Oil and Castor Oil, Himalaya Herbal Kajal soothe and nourishes your eyelids while beautifying them with its intense dark strokes.

Almond Oil revitalizes the lashes while Camphor keeps them hydrated by retaining the moisture. Castor Oil has a healing and soothing effect. It also protects your skin from harsh environmental conditions such as wind and dust. Damask Rose with its cooling properties soothes eye strain. Triphala with its anti-inflammatory properties reduces eye fatigue.

Groom your eyes beautifully with a dark and neat stroke of Himalaya Herbals Kajal and look glamorous for hours. Just one stroke on upper and lower eyelids is enough to get you that impressive look. This kajal from Lakme is suitable for all skin types, owing to its natural and herbal ingredients. While making you look gorgeous, it also cools down your tired eyes and reduces wrinkles and puffiness.


10. Lotus Make-up Natural Kajal

Lotus-Make-up-Natural-KajalLotus Make-up Natural Kajal uses extracts of Camphor and Almond Oil to promote lash growth and enhance the beauty of your eyes. Camphor helps to retain the moisture in your eyes by keeping them hydrated. Its natural ingredients soothe your eyes while accentuating its beauty. Get a stunning and glamorous look using this long-lasting natural kajal from Lotus.

The deep and lustrous black tint make your eyes look attractive and striking. Being a smudge-free kajal, you can wear it all day at work or at a party without worrying about it smudging or spreading to the couture area due to sweat or moisture.

It provides a long-lasting effect on your eyes so you don’t need to visit the washroom often for those frequent touch-ups. The kajal is easy to apply. Just twist the base of the pencil and make a neat stroke starting from the inner corner of the eyes and slowly extend outwards.



Turn your simple look into glamorous one using the dark and rich eyeliner kajal. With so many options fo Best Kajal to highlight your eyes, choose the one that suits your skin and makes you look beautiful and stunning.

While choosing, ensure that it lasts longer and is smudge-free and waterproof so that it doesn’t mess-up your look in an adverse weather. Also note, that a brand which is good for your friend, may not suit your skin or style. Judge it by yourself which product is perfect for you and stick to it.

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