Best MAC Products in India 2020 – Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

1. Prep + Prime Fix Plus2. Fluidline Brow Gelcreme3. Blush in Desert Rose


Beauty is a perspective. The way you think and speak reflects your personality. Similarly, the way you carry yourself defines your beauty. People around the world have different perceptions of beauty. This is the tagline of one of the most celebrated brands in the world. MAC (Makeup Artist Cosmetics) says its products are for “all ages, all sexes, and all races”.


MAC, a cosmetics company founded years ago have flourished since its inception. They provide unique and different products for customers around the world. The brand is trusted and loved by many around the world. It is a favourite among makeup artists, models and actresses.

They offer a range of makeup products from eye makeup like eye shadow, eyeliner, mascara to complete skin beauty products like foundation, concealer, nail colour, and much more. This article will focus on the best mac products and mac best selling products. Some of the products are mac must-haves for a glowing look.

Top 15 Best MAC Products in India 2020

1. MAC Prep + Prime Fix Plus

MAC Prep + Prime Fix Plus

This product helps to keep your skin hydrated. Made of natural materials like cucumber and green tea, it replenishes your skin with the needed vitamins and minerals. Chamomile in the product is an antibacterial agent. The product will be soothing to your skin and will help refresh your skin after a tired day. This product is more of a health care product and less of a beauty care.

Hence, it may not go with your makeup well. The product works with people with oily skin as well. If you are using it for makeup, then it can be applied both, before and after the application of makeup. The customer reviews mention that the packaging of the product must be looked into before buying the product. The product is moderately priced.


2. MAC Fluidline Brow Gelcreme

MAC Fluidline Brow GelcremeIt is important to refine our brows as it defines how our face looks. This product is used to shape and redefine brows. Made of mica, titanium dioxide and other minerals, this product is a waterproof gel. The product lasts for up to 10 hours and does not smear or smudge.

Various shapes can be created for the brows with the help of this product. The product needs to be applied with the help of an angular brush. However, the brush will not be included with this product. Since the product is a gel, it cannot be left open for long. The product has amazing reviews. It is a high-end MAC product and is worth your money if your budget is within five thousand rupees.


3. MAC Blush in Desert Rose

MAC Blush in Desert RoseBlush is an important part of one’s makeup. MAC provides a variety of shades that suits different needs. Yet, the essence of desert rose is unique and beautiful. Consisting of talc, Caprylyl Glycol, Zinc Stearate and other beauty agents, the product adds a flush of colour to the skin and blends with the skin naturally. It provides an exquisite matte finish and builds with each layer. It mixes with the skin well and makes it look natural.

If you want to get an intense look, then you will have to apply multiple times to get the desired look. You cannot apply this blush above liquid or cream products as it can get patchy. The reviews say that it is a good product and stays all day. It is a good choice under five thousand rupees.


4. MAC Studio Fix Powder Plus Foundation

MAC Studio Fix Powder plus FoundationPowder and foundation are important parts to makeup and must be used separately. But this unique product is two in one. It works as foundation to the makeup, as well as provides the makeup effect of a powder. The product can be used as a substitution for the two products or can be used above your foundation for a more intense look.

It provides a matte finish and can last as long as seven to eight hours. Made of talc, glycol and ultramarines, this product is one of a kind and rare to find. The reviews mention that packaging must be looked into before buying the product. The product is modestly priced.


5. MAC Liquidlast Eyeliner

MAC Liquidlast EyelinerEyes are one of the most beautiful parts of the human face and needs to be beautifully decorated. The speciality of this eyeliner is that it comes with a tip brush that helps you to apply it with utmost precision. It comes in a tiny, cute bottle which makes it portable and easy to use. The colour is deep, rich and smooth.

Moreover, it is waterproof and can last up to twelve hours and more. Since it is waterproof, it does not smudge and gives a beautiful glossy finish. Because of the eyeliner being thick and glossy, it takes time to dry up once applied. The product is found to be skin-safe and is devoid of ingredients like paraben and gluten. The product price ranges in the thousands.


6. MAC Studio Fix Fluid Foundation

MAC Studio Fix Fluid FoundationThis product is a solution to people with dark patches and blemishes. This product serves as a good foundation and helps cover uneven skin tone and patches. It provides a matte finish and beautiful base for further makeup. The foundation also provides sunscreen protection as it has SPF15. It can stay up to eight hours. It has many beautifying skin agents like silica which can control the oil in the skin.

Hence, this product is suitable for any skin type, but specifically for oily skin. Before the application of this foundation, proper care must be taken so that the foundation does not turn out too dry on your skin. The reviews mention that the product is long lasting and fits your buy if your budget is under six thousand. The product works only moderately over skin with pimples.


7. MAC Extended Play Lash Mascara

MAC Extended Play Lash MascaraAnother important part of eye makeup is the mascara. It gives the eyelashes an added beauty and makes them more noticeable. This product comes in a cute little bottle which can be carried anywhere. The bottle provides a neat brush for very easy application. Some of its ingredients include mica, carmine and iron oxides, and is waterproof, removable by hot water. It can stay up to 16 hours which is a pretty long time.

The one factor that sets the product apart from other brands in its category is that this mascara helps to curl the eyelashes along with giving a beauty touch to your eyelashes. So, the product is two in one, it gives shape and colour to your small eyelashes. Though it provides curls, it does not impart an artificial look, but provides a natural sophisticated look, does not form any clumps and is easy to use.

People who wear lenses might be a little inhibited to use mascaras, but this mascara is very safe for lens users. Since it is waterproof, it also fights sweat and other forms of humidity. The reviews say that the product lasts very long and is easy to use. The product is a must buy if your budget is within five thousand rupees.


8. MAC Gently Off Eye and Lip Makeup Remover

MAC Gently Off Eye and Lip Makeup RemoverJust as it is important to wear proper makeup, it is also important to remove it properly so that there are no permanent damages made to the skin. In most occasions, removal of makeup can be a tedious and very time-consuming process.

This makeup remover is a dual phase remover and its speciality is that it can remove difficult waterproof products as well. The product is a mixture of water and oil and hence, gives two-step purification and should be used after shaking the bottle well.

The product can be used to remove any product including lip and eye products. The most important part to check while buying beauty product is how safe it is. This product consists of many natural ingredients such as rose flower water and cucumber. We all know cucumber can have calming effect on our skin. Applying this remover not only removes makeup, but also heals and soothes your skin. Hence there is no need to wash or refresh your skin with other products after removal of makeup.

There are many removers available in the market, but there is also a soothing factor associated with this product. The reviews says that the product is good especially for the eyes and is worth buying. The product is a MAC must buy if your budget is less than two thousand rupees.


9. MAC Prep + Prime Skin Base Visage

MAC Prep + Prime Skin Base VisageBefore applying foundation, it is important to make sure your skin is ready for it. This is where the skin visage comes to the rescue. It helps to soothe the skin and removes excess oil. It reduces redness in the skin and makes the skin bright. With many special ingredients like green tea and fruit extract, it also contains silicones that reduce rashes and redness.

The product contains many natural products which make it safe to use. It is lightweight and can be carried around anywhere. It provides a good base for makeup and helps it to stay intact for a long amount of time. It can also be used by people with oily skin. The reviews of the product say that it hides the pores and works well as a base for makeup. The product is a little high-end and will worth buying if you are willing to spend eight thousand rupees for an excellent primer.


10. MAC PowerPoint Eye pencil In Engraved

MAC PowerPoint Eye pencil In EngravedThis eye pencil can serve various purposes needed for your eye makeup. It can be used as an eye shadow, eyeliner or kohl. You can create different looks with the same product as it is three in one. It is also waterproof and is long lasting and can stay up to seven hours. Since it can be used in various ways, care must be taken when used as an eyeshadow, so that there will be no patches.

Hence, it must be smudged immediately after application. With ingredients like paraffin and cottonseed oil, it gives a nice finish. The pencil also comes with beautiful, different shades and colours. The product does not come with its accessories such as sharpener, and contains only the pencil.

The product is a mac best buy if your budget extends up to five thousand rupees. The speciality of PowerPoint pencil is that it gives different finishes such as metallic, shimmer and matte, and you have a variety of options.


11. MAC Viva Glam I

MAC Viva Glam ILipstick enhances the way your lips look and gives you an air of confidence. The colour and type of lipstick defines one’s personality and each shade tells a different story. Some people like wearing bold colours, while some like it mild and gentle. Though the colour is rich and deep, it suits people of all colours and shades. The lipstick will last up to seven hours.

With ingredients like wax and seed oil, it provides a matte or luster finish to your lips. It is a part of Viva Glam Collection. The beautiful part of this set of products under Viva Glam collection is that, hundred percent of its proceeds are donated to people suffering from HIV AIDS. Have you ever brought a beauty product and felt grateful you helped someone else? This product gives you that sense of pride and happiness, in turn, provides you a beautiful product to use.

The review of the product says that it is a beautiful colour and must buy MAC product. If you want to feel beautiful, buy this product if your budget is within five thousand rupees.


12. MAC Studio Finish Concealer

MAC Studio Finish ConcealerDifferent people have different styles of dressing. While some prefer foundation, some people might feel concealer is better option, or some people might use both. The difference between the two is, a concealer is little thicker and, as the name suggests, helps to conceal skin defects. It can hide pigments and blemishes and is a more liquid alternative to foundation.

So the concealer from MAC is a must-have because it is lightweight and easy to carry. It is smooth and easy to use. It gives the user a natural look and blends with the skin really well. It does the normal function of a concealer of hiding imperfections in the skin. With its ingredients being vitamins like A and E and silica, it not only conceals the skin, but in turn, absorbs excess oil. So people with oily skin need not be worried to use this product, the excess oil will also be removed.

Since the product has such natural materials, it is also safe to use it. The product is available in various shades, so you can choose one that matches your skin tone. In addition to concealing you skin from inside, the concealer also protects you from outside dangers, it comprises of SPF15, which protect you from the harmful UV rays.

The product also stays undamaged for a long time and will stay so, unless removed with the help of a makeup remover. It can stay intact all day long. The product is very durable and can be in your shopping list if your budget is within five thousand rupees.


13. MAC Reflects Glitter

MAC Reflects GlitterWhen you are going to a party or a wedding, you would want to look stunning and glowing. That is when you can use reflects glitter. It can be directly used in the skin or with other products to give a shiny or glittery look to your make up.

It contains 3D holographic and shade-reflective iridescents to give the beautiful look that it produces. It comes in various different and unique shades like yellow gold, pink hologram, heliotrope, platinum and much more. The product is safe to use and is unique and rare.

The reviews say that the colours were not as expected when bought online, so be careful and inspect your product before you buy it. If you love to give yourself a glamorous look, then check out this product if your budget is less than five thousand rupees.


14. MAC Strobe Cream

MAC Strobe CreamStrobe creams are used to give a boost to dull-looking skin. It is powered by potential botanicals and gives boost to tired-looking skin. This product is safe to use because of its natural ingredients. It has various nutrients and a very high dose of green tea. It also has high amounts of iridescents and antioxidants that protect the skin. It has been dermatologist tested and can be used to hydrate your skin. It is also non-acnegenic.

The product will last for long since only a small quantity needs to be used every day. The product comes with various options such as goldlite, peachlite, redlite and silverlite. People can buy according to their taste. People who need gold finish can opt for goldlite, if they need a pearl finish then peachlite, purple shade then redlite and silver shade with silverlite.

The product can also be used in various ways: it can be used below the foundation, mixed with the foundation, used to make the foundation lighter, or applied on the places you want to highlight. This product is rare and will keep the skin healthy and young. The product comes under the price range of five thousand rupees.


15. MAC Nail Lacquer

MAC Nail LacquerBeauty isn’t just about the face. It is about the whole body. Some people know to flaunt their fingers and toes with beautiful nail polish. You can flaunt yours too with the help of the exquisite shades of MAC nail lacquer. This is a mac must have because of the rare shades it offers. You can choose the one which matches your skin colour.

The various options include pink, only in Florida, moon day, rain of flowers, military, heroine, tropical, fierce, and much more. The product gives a beautiful finish to the nail. They are small and portable. The product is durable and you can add it to your buy list if under a budget of five thousand rupees.


Best MAC Products: What’s Your Pick?

These are few of the best products recommended by all in MAC brand. The beauty of this brand is the quality and durability it provides. There is no compromise on the quality of the product and you can be sure they are safe. They also provide unique products that cannot be found in other brands.

Most of the products are skin safe and contain many natural ingredients. We also saw that many products contribute to the betterment of society and in turn makes us responsible social beings.

The only thing we might notice in MAC products are that they are all fall on a higher end when it comes to the cost. But our skin is precious and needs to be treated with care. If we can afford it, why not go for a quality product that ensures that it will protect our skin in the long run.

Our skin is precious and needs to be maintained till end of our lives. So, choose the right product and project your personality to people around you. Cheers to a glamorous life and happy shopping!

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