Best Sneakers For Men in India 2020 – Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

1. Converse Sneakers2. Sparx Men’s Canvas3. Krause Men’s Synthetic


All of us are suckers for streetwear and sneakers which go hand in hand. As we place our feet into the warm comfy shoes, the casual look enables an individual to blend perfectly with informal wear which completes your outfit on any occasion.

Although, right now there are so much of variety and styles of sneakers that to become knowledgeable on the topic would be difficult since most of the consumers do not know where to start.


Well, fret no more as we present to you a review guide where we provide you with certain tips and reviews on the best sneakers for men in 2018.

Before we move onto the products, let us view different factors before purchasing a sneaker pair:

Sneaker Types

Within the sneaker universe, there are typically three chief categories which are: low-tops, mid-tops, and high-tops.


Low-tops sneakers are those which do not cover the ankle area and are typically known to be comparatively slim and lightweight hence making them better for the summer season than the winter season.

Different Types Of Low-Tops:


Runners are usually the on-demand sneaker type in the market right now since there had been a large amount of people who have started to exercise, working out and run. This can be due to Nike’s promotional ads as well as other companies.

Due to such demand from this type, mostly all sneaker brand in the market has created different athletic sneakers which were surprisingly focused towards fashion rather than to sports.

One of the most crucial perks of these shoes would be comfortability. Not only they have been designed to look comfortable but also are also deliver the experience feel as well. High demanding runners today would be the Adidas NMD and the Adidas Ultraboost. The best sneakers for men are mostly designed for runners as they use it for athletic purposes and even day-to-day activities.

Skate Shoes:

These shows are those who have a lightweight feel but are usually made of leather or canvas.

Moreover, they are produced with thick soles which enables durability in the long run.

These shoes may not be as comfortable compared to running shoes but do offer a more different look which is appealing to a few people only.

Over the years, the best sneakers for men in 2018 offer iconic models such as the high demanding skate shoe brand by a mile is Vans. They do produce an immense variety of shoes, but typically, the Era and the Old Skool are the most attractive and iconic.

Types of Low-Tops:

There are a lot of varied low-top types, but these categories are usually too specific when going in detail. However, we do provide the different types as examples: Nike Air Force One, Adidas Stan Smith, Adidas Gazelle, Ozweegos and many more.


When we speak about mid-tops, there is not much to discuss on. It is anything in between a high-top; which covers the ankle and a low-top which does not.

We feel that not much of the best sneakers for men are produced for this area segment and in general, still have not explored around much but we still get to see recent releases which come out in mid-top such as the Yeezy Boost 550 and the Nike Air Presto x.


Well, you might have guessed it, high-tops are those sneakers where they do not hide the ankle. Generally, they are comparatively heavier and bulky thus makes them ideally suitable for winter than summer.

Usually, these high-tops are not seen outside of streetwear much often since they are undermined in contrast with the clean, nice low-top plus do not suit well with formal outfits.

Different Types Of High-Top:

Basketball Sneakers:
These are typically the running shoes of the high top category. They look and feel very comfortable and casual along with delivering a very athletic look.

Undoubtedly, the high demanding basketball sneakers are the Air Jordans for which the 1’s, the 3’s, the 4’s and the 11’s are the most notable.

However, this is a separate segment. On a general note, the best sneakers for men can be sold to mostly all target age groups.

Different high tops: Usually, high tops do come in multiple forms or variety. Much of the times, people tend to get into the craze of basketball inspiration. However, the styles are very different on a vast measure hence they are difficult to categorize.

Consumers have basic high-tops such as the Sk8 Hi’s and Converse. Moreover, consumers also have non- basketball options such as the Blazer along with the Geobasket & Margiela Future.


Without much reasoning to support it, Nike is, undoubtedly, the most popular sneaker brand currently since they manufacture shoes which fit all niche and market needs.


Adidas and Nike both provide extreme competition where Adidas does deliver appealing tastes in the world of fashion as well. Along with this, with the high demand for shoes which showcases their boost technology and multiple design collaborations, Adidas is creating the mark of appreciation and recognition worldwide.


Even though Vans produce skate shoes mainly, they have created a large face of presence in the streetwear itself. They range from different colours to aesthetic styles. This is all due to their niche for developing sneakers with more versatile, simple outlook along with an attractive form. If you are a consumer wanting to find a modest, durable shoe pair, then we do recommend Vans.

Since we have covered the different types of sneakers found in the market, let us review different elements before purchasing a pair of shoes:

Having Two Pairs Is A Must:

It is recommended for all users to own two types of sneakers, which are:


These are the types which enable you to get it dirty. To elaborate, you can use these shoes when changing the oil or when mowing the oil. Consumers can use these type of sneaker pairs when being involved in any kind of dirty work such as outdoor manual work.

The Everyday Pair: These are usually the type of shoes which are worn when going out to different places. It can be worn on event occasions such as when hanging out friends, or when working out. They look awesome out of the box and even after months of use as well.

Consider Your Age

Adults can’t wear tastes of kids. Choosing a certain style according to age will differ for multiple groups. Kids will be interested in light or zapping attractive colours whereas adults may be interested in aesthetic colours fitting the right size and cost. Adults tend to choose comfortability wherein it aids their mobility in moving around easily and helps with their moving posture.

Think Versatile and Classic

Many shoe models such as the Vans Eras, Air Force Ones, or even the Stan Smiths are wonderful everyday shoes. In New York, Stan Smiths is a common brand worn by most of the people. People spend a lot of time judging on what the footwear would look like since everyone is conscious about the entire outfit and the shoes put the cherry on top.

Wearing high-end expensive sneakers can be satisfying but after a while, if it is something which causes an uncomfortable experience, then people should rethink their options. Choosing basic yet classic shoes can be the key to satisfy for a long-term use. Consumers are free to purchase what they desire, but we recommend something stylish and practical.

Companies provide a plethora of options, so it is not always wise to choose the high ends of the deal. We recommend purchasing from specialised footwear companies rather than the generalised stores as they promise quality in return, but it again depends on how well you would take care of it and use it.

So, where can we get a pair of sneakers?

Currently, consumers are capable of using the internet to access immense amount of sites to purchase sneakers of multiple sizes and colours along with ease of payment options along with try and buy features.

The best sneakers can be found online if not available in local stores and online providers deliver quick and effective services wherein consumes are updated on their products being purchased. Queries on the product, complain and so on have been established according to company policies hence consumers have many perks of purchasing shoes online.

There is no single stock online thus consumers can search any site and find the right product at lower prices compared to retail prices. So we present to you list of sites on where to go instead:

Sneakerhead Sites

Such sites offer latest offers, release dates, and promote videos on the sneakers as well. They promote wellness and culture of the sneaker universe which brings attention to the public.

Kicks Deals: These sites are those who offer daily offers and low prices of sneakers including the latest ones and promote offers such as “free shipping” and “half-off” prices.

Sole Collector

These sites enable consumers to join the community and be part of the buy/sell/trade section wherein they can meet up with other consumers and conduct transactions. However, full risk and responsibilities are placed upon the consumer itself when dealing with other consumers and care should be taken since site owners will not be held responsible for losses.

Twitter or Instagram

Believe it or not, social media websites are being used for not just sneaker companies but entirely all of them to promote their products to users. Employees have figured out that such people find out products online promote such products into their feed and ensure the right creatives such as posts to be designed and made to inform and attract the target audience.

Companies which sell the best sneakers for men in 2018 have been directing their resources towards social media to being attention as well as to inform the public. Different companies in all types of industries such as Nike, Adidas, Dell, Airbnb etc. also have all used their efforts into placing their new products into social media for the majority of the public to be aware of it.

Actual Chain Brands

Apart from this, consumers can visit wholesale stores to get amazing offers and product stock to find the right fit. Many best sneakers for men are available in retail stores to purchase as well.

As we have viewed the different aspects in the world of sneakers and elements of finding the perfect pair, let us review the top 10 best sneakers for men 2018:

Top 10 Best Sneakers for Men in India 2020

1. Converse Unisex Sneakers

Converse-Unisex-SneakersThese beautiful pair of sneakers displays a Canvas outer material where the billie jean look proves to be unique and apart from the other sneakers in the market. This footwear is ideal for casual wear, especially when going to different events or casual parties as well.

Consumers will find the closure type as a lace-up where they would need to tie the sneakers using the traditional laces rather than the easy straps. The material used for the sole is rubber where it makes it easily comfortable to wear in. Along with this, it is a low-top sneaker where the ankle height is short hence it suits formal and non-formal outfits, especially with jeans.

These sneakers are light weighted hence easier to move around with and carry as well. Moreover, the product warranty is being provided for 90 days if there are any manufacturing defects found by the consumer.

Lastly, care instructions should be heeded such as allowing the shoes to air and deodorize on a frequent and regular basis. It is recommended to use shoe bags to avoid any mildew or stains.


2. Sparx Men’s Multicolour Canvas Sneakers

Sparx-Mens-Multicolour-Canvas-SneakersHaving a weight of 449g along with product dimensions of 13 x 9 x 5 cm, these shoes target the men’s audience where they offer brown in colour.

Relating to the Converse types, it also embeds the speed laces as a closure type hence makes it easier for consumers to wear and walk around.

It comes along in different colours such as Olive, Olive Green, Black, Blue, Dark Brown etc.

Finally, it is recommended to wash off the insole or sockliner separately if a consumer can remove them. This will result in enabling the insides of the shoes to be more fresher. To remove the surface dirt such as grit and mud, using a nail brush or toothbrush along with warm water and a soft anti-grease soap can make it much cleaner. This will ensure that the dirt will be removed and this procedure can be done once in a month or so.


3. Krause Men’s Synthetic Sneakers

Krause-Mens-Synthetic-Sneakers-300x300These shoes represent iconic feel as the outer materials are made of synthetic material. It offers the same closure type as Converse which is lace up hence enabling consumers to tie their shoes without using a strap as such.

Consumers have the option to choose any colour available which are: Camel, Black, Tan, Green, Multicolor, Transparent, Royal Blue, Sky blue etc.

In regards to the material used for the sole, the company uses TPR material which delivers a soft and comfortable feeling when walking around. Consumers can use these type of shoes as casual wear outside the house and even perfect for outdoor activities as well.

In terms of care instructions, consumers must take heed to enable the pair of shoes to be deodorized and aired at a constant basis. Also, shoe bags can be used to avoid any stains and use a clean cloth to dust off any dirt found on the surface.


4. Sparx Men’s Mesh Sneakers

Sparx-Mens-Mesh-SneakersSimilar to the Sparx multicolour sneakers, these iconic shoes capture an appealing yet smart look as you a slip inside this casual pair of shoes from the home of Kraasa. Taste ecstatic comfort as you wear these pair of shoes which is designed using pleasant air mix soles.

These shoes are ideal with a shirt and casual trousers which does pull of a classy look.
The material used to create these shoes are mesh thus can be used for casual wear. It screams simple and basic appeal which is perfect for people using it for normal day-to-day activities.

The closure type is a normal lace-up similar to the other sneakers. Shoe warranty is provided by the manufacturer if faced with any product defects for 30 days only. Like for all other shoes, it is essential to deodorize and air the shoes at a constant and regular basis. Furthermore, consumers can use shoe bags to avoid mildew or stains.


5. Beonza Men Pure White Sneaker Casual Shoes

Beonza-Men-Pure-White-Sneaker-Casual-ShoesBeonza showcases these sneakers which is a comfortable product for your footwear collectables. Designed for men, these shoes speak for those who seek out to find opulent and graceful footwear for their day to day trips.

The shoes are made of synthetic material and available with a shade of white along with a lace up closure type. Beonza always keeps the designs as a balance between style and comfort which is completely seen in all of their products.

Lace-Up Closure

The lace-up closure feature enables shoes to have a good and perfect fit along with little discomfort. The pliability of laces are maintained to ensure a strong grip to provide the right support to the feet.

Stylish Design

This design offers a stylish look which competes or is on par with the current modern footwear fashion.

Fashion Tip

These shoes can be worn along with chinos, jeans and any casuals of any choice for any casual occasion. Furthermore, these shoes can be joined and matched with any wardrobe choice which you would prefer.


6. Rockfield Men’s White Sneaker Shoes

Rockfield-Mens-White-Sneaker-ShoesThese white sneakers look dapper and exotic which is produced from the house of Rockfield. Moreover, these shoes have been created with the latest fashion trends in footwear. Just like other shoes, it offers a lace up closure and also available in a white shade. These pair of shoes have a particular round tip form and comfortable for multiple outings and occasions.

Rear Loop

Rockfield presents a rear loops feature where it can be used to pull the shoes without affecting the heel by avoiding pressure. Moreover, the loop is used to hold the shoe in a hanging position for wash care and also rest the bottom end (rear) of your jeans to prevent them from being dirty.

Style Tip

Regarding style, these sneakers can be used to be paired along with chinos, casuals, jeans of any choice for a casual occasion. Also, a consumer can throw in a tee or even a crisp cotton shirt to achieve the complete look of casual appeal.
These sneakers are made of synthetic leather and offer a warranty for any manufacturing defects found for 30 days.


7. Bond Street by (Red Tape) Men’s Sneakers

Bond-Street-by-Red-Tape-Mens-SneakersOffer your delicate feet and footwear collection a more iconic upgrade with the white casual shoes by Red Tape for men. The upper area of the shoes are made of synthetic PU (polyurethane) which enables the feet to be padded and at the same time, enables the rubber sole to provide grip support across many surfaces.

You can join these shoes with eye matching denims and T-shirt in order to give out a beautiful and dashing appeal.

The shoes are made of synthetic material with a lace up closure. Warranty being offered for manufacturing defects is available for 90 days.

Like for all shoes, consumers should deodorize and air the shoes on a regular basis and also use shoe bags to avoid mildew and stains. Dusting off any dirt from the surface with a clean cloth is recommended. Also, we recommend not to use a shiner or polish as well.


8. Carrito Men’s Red Sneaker Shoes

Carrito-Mens-Red-Sneaker-ShoesApart from all the other types of shoes, this one, in particular, has a more trendy and stylish appearance which is certainly eye-catching.

They are comfy to wear and are used for multiple occasions such as Casual wear, Formal wear, Party wear, and Office wear. It is one of the latest trending fashion choices and along with this, comes great care for it as well. Consumers should use shoe bags to avoid dirt and stains. Use a clean cloth always to dry dirt on the surface if found.


9. Primo Cleats Grey White Sneakers

Primo-Cleats-Grey-White-SneakersThese cleats are stylish and trendy which comes directly from the house of PRIMO. These sneakers are made of synthetic material wherein the inner material is cotton produced, and the outer material is canvas. Moreover, the sole’s material is made of TRP where it enables you to look smart, dashing and classy guaranteed.

These cleats are available in grey colour and offer a lace-up closure type which is pretty common in sneaker footwear. Essentially, these are party wear shoes designed for men. Asian Shoes SKYPE-31 Grey Black Men Casual Shoes

These shoes are in amazing quality and offer a comfortable experience. They offer the shoe grey in colour and ideal for men casual shoes.
Along with this, they present a modern urban look perfect for any wear and suitable for outdoor use.



So, here are the top 10 best sneakers in 2018 found in the market. It is best to know what you need and purchase the right product before buying any type of expensive shoes, however, does not serve its main purpose.

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