Best T-Shirts For Men in India 2020 – Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

1. Van Heusen Men’s Stripped2. Arrow Sports Men’s Striped3. US Polo Men’s Solid Regular Fit





T-shirts are common in the fashion industry of today’s generation. But there’s also a history behind it. The t shirts for men are gaining popularity as their economical and come in versatile styles. The designs of t-shirt have also evolved for decades. The garment decorating industry is a multi-billion dollar one. A massive change was led by the history of the t-shirt. The story is simple but it is such that needs to be conveyed more.

A decade ago, the t-shirts were used only as undershirts to avoid the visibility of sweat-stains on the outer shirt or just as a formal fashion statement. Presently, the t-shirts are still worn for this purpose by a lot of white-collar and blue-collar people. The origin of t-shirt began from a time period between the Spanish-American war and the period when the t-shirts were issued as undershirts by the U.S. Navy (1913).


The war veterans after World War 2 started wearing t-shirts along with their trousers as daily wear. This casual pairing became a common thing in that period. In the English dictionary, the term ‘T-shirt’ was considered as an official word by Merriam-Webster in 1920. After Marlon Brando wore a t-shirt in his film ‘A Streetcar Named Desire’, the t-shirt rose to popularity as an independent outerwear garment.

The garment decoration was being experimented on with various methods by numerous companies in Miami in the 1950s. Screen-printing was one of those methods which turned into a multi-billion dollar industry. The t-shirts were screen-printed with diverse illustrated characters and resort names by such companies. Tropic Togs was one of the first firms to introduce screen-printing in such a way. It was founded by Sam Kantor.

The license for screen-printing the characters by Walt Disney such as Davy Crockett and Mickey Mouse was held by Tropic Togs. In 1960, the screen-printed t-shirts were accepted as a medium of:

Commercial advertisements
Political views
Souvenir messages

The U.S. Domestic Printing Industry became a larger industry than the automotive industry in 1994, such was the craze for screen-printed t-shirts. The industry currently employs over 1 million workers and it grosses an annual revenue of over $83+ billion. This success has proved that t-shirts stand as a symbol of an iconic fashion statement for expressing the individuality in new ways. Such is the amazing history of T-shirts which brought a massive change in the fashion industry.

The ones who love T-shirts wear an average of 3 T-shirts per day. It might seem to be having more than enough T-shirts but it actually makes sense. A T-shirt lover will wear one for working out at the gym, early in the morning. For work, he will be wearing a different T-shirt (in case of startups or corporations which are cool with the casual dress code). After arriving back home, he will change the T-shirt and wear another one. Considering these usages, it won’t be odd to own a good number of T-shirts.

What To Look for When Choosing the Best T Shirt for Men

By cutting down the cost of production, the princes of T-shirts are kept low by the retailers. The expenses might be brought down by skipping some steps in production or using cheap materials. Various tactics are used by brands to do so. Due to these factors, the t-shirts are affordable in cost don’t last long. One can see the bad condition of such T-shirts after the first wash. For getting good quality T-shirts, one has to spend a little bit. It costs money for quality fabrics and excellent craftsmanship. However, this doesn’t mean that a T-shirt will last longer if it is expensive. The popularity of a brand also decides the pricing of its products. The quality is not guaranteed by the price. There are also a few companies which offer good quality T-shirts at comparatively lower prices.

The following are the factors which should be considered while buying a T-shirt:

1. Transparency: By holding the T-shirt against a light source, you will get to know about its transparency. The density of the T-shirt is inversely proportional to its transparency.

2. Number of stitches: The stitches of a T-shirt are like the joints, keeping it all together. The exterior part of the T-shirt is paid more attention by the manufacturers. You should look for the quality of stitches by turning the T-shirt around. If the stitches have loose threads or they aren’t stitched evenly, then you should avoid purchasing that T-shirt. The number of stitches should also be checked. The more the number of stitches, the better is the T-shirt as it conveys that a good amount of time was spent in manufacturing the T-shirt.

3. Inspection of Hens: Hems also indicate the amount to efforts took for producing a T-shirt. You must pay specific attention to the T-shirt’s lower hem, sleeves, and the collar.

4. Patterns: While buying a T-shirt with a pattern, pay attention to the pattern at the seams. A well-produced T-shirt has its pattern similar to its seams.

5. Construction: The basic construction of T-shirt matters a lot. Good textiles are needed for the production of quality T-shirts. The durability and sturdiness of a T-shirt depend on its knits and stitches.

6. Touch: By touching the T-shirt, you can easily determine its quality. If a T-shirt feels like plastic, then avoid buying it. A good quality material also feels firm but soft.

7. Label: The labels of T-shirts have details mentioned about the material used. This will help you to determine the actual quality of the T-shirt.

8. Wrinkling Test: Try crumbling a part of the T-shirt and release it within a few seconds. The T-shirt isn’t the one with a good quality if it has a lot of wrinkles after crumbling. If the same wrinkling test is done with a T-shirt made up of a synthetic material, then it won’t have any wrinkles. Thus, the T-shirt which has fewer wrinkles indicates a good quality.

Tips For Looking Great Wearing T-shirt

1.Buying According To Your Size:

A sober-colored fitted T-shirt looks attractive on a male. The narrow waist and typically masculine silhouette of broad shoulders are accentuated by the T-shirt shape. You can look more masculine with T-shirt irrespective of your built. But there’s a catch! The T-shirt must fit perfect and your body’s best attributes must be highlighted by it. However, it should not look like a skin-tight top. The following are the rules which one should follow for selecting a perfect T-shirt:

The T-shirt seams should lay perfectly on the shoulders’ edges.

The sleeves should not extend to the elbow. They should fit around the arms. Go for T-shirts with shorter sleeves if you have big arms or else you can fold the sleeves slightly.

The ends of the T-shirt should not be too long. The length should be such that you will be able to tuck it into your trousers. It should cover the pants’ waistband and extend past the hip bone.

The curve of your body should be confirmed lightly by the T-shirt. The shape of your body won’t be visible if the T-shirt is too loose. If you are obese and the T-shirt is too tight, then your tummy would be visible. It would be most flattering to have a T-shirt with a tapered cut which won’t drape the waistline.

A big gap shouldn’t be revealed around your neck after raising your arms. The T-shirt shouldn’t be so tight that you won’t be able to move comfortably.

2. Choosing A Variety of Colors:

Don’t make the mistake of sticking only to a couple of colors in the case of T-shirts. Try experimenting with different colors which would suit your skin tone, occasion or climate. The following are the colors of T-shirts which would prove to be suitable for you:

White: All the skin tones are complemented by white. Your wardrobe should definitely include a classic white T-shirt. All the white clothes should be washed together and they shouldn’t be mixed with other colors.

Gray: The body shape gets enhanced with Gray.

Black: It is the most versatile color which suits excellent with a majority of outfit combinations. But the color has the tendency to fade fast. As it absorbs heat the most, it can be troublesome during daylight

Navy Blue: You can replace black with Navy Blue during the daytime. When combined with jeans, the Navy Blue creates tonal looks which are pleasant to the eyes.

Rest of the Colors: You can also go for the shades of purple, blue, red and green. Remember to not clash the color of the T-shirt with your skin tone.

3. Selecting The Right Fabric:

The weight of the T-shirt and quality are not related. T-shirts produced from lighter materials are a bit expensive. The most preferable fabric choice is 100% cotton (Pima or Egyptian cotton). Another good option is cotton blends.

The shape of the T-shirt is maintained with the help of stretch fibers (elastane) in a moderate amount. Being creaseless, the cotton-polyester blends are easy to maintain and they are also available at a lower price. The following are the fabrics used for producing T-shirts:

Combed Cotton: For straightening the fibers and removing the short strands, the combed cotton is brushed fine. This fabric is soft, smooth and strong.

Organic Cotton: Compared to the treated cotton, organic cotton is more expensive. It is produced with minimal use of pesticides, insecticides, and fertilizers.

Pima: Having extra long fibers, the Pima is the highest grade cotton. With each wear, it gets softer and it also resists stretching, fading and pilling. The Pima cotton grown in America is known as Supima.

Bamboo: Bamboo produced T-shirts are smooth and they have a soft sheen too. Such T-shirts are breathable and a bit expensive.

Merino: The most expensive T-shirts are produced from 100% Merino. A Merino wool T-shirt won’t smell even if you wear it up to a week. These T-shirts are the best choice for travel.

Jersey: It is a stretchy knit fabric which is comfortable as well as flexible.

Polyester: Polyester is not breathable but it dries quickly and lightweight.

Rayon: Rayon is a synthetic fabric which is produced from the pulp of wood. It wrinkles easily and is incredibly smooth. Rayon is also called Viscose.

You should pay a close attention to the T-shirt collar. While layering, match the collars of both the tops. Your T-shirt collar should have the same shape of the Jacket collar while layering. For men with sloped shoulders or small chest, crew necks are suitable. The illusion of broader shoulders is created by crew neck, which eventually gives more proportion to the body. For men with short height, V-necks should be the preferred choice as an illusion of height and length is created by them. Men with narrow faces and long necks are provided balance by the V-necks.

If you are wearing a T-shirt as a part of a uniform, then there’s no problem in tucking it into the trousers. You can even rock a tucked-in T-shirt as a casual wear, depending on the occasion and situation around you. If you wish to go for that style, then you must wear a polo shirt with short sleeves and tailored trousers.

The classic style of pairing jeans with a white T-shirt and boots will never go wrong. This style requires no efforts. A colored T-shirt should be your choice while going to a party or on a date. A T-shirt will prove to be a comfortable wear while visiting beaches, local bars, and concerts. T-shirts are required by the sports activities which involves too much of sweating. However, you should wear a T-shirt which is designed as an outerwear as some T-shirts are specially designed as undershirts.

Advantages Of Wearing 100% Cotton T-shirt

Cotton T-shirts are loved by a majority of people. The immense popularity of cotton T-shirts in India can be sighted as many wear Crew Neck T-shirts and Polo Collar Pique T-Shirt produced from cotton. There’s a reason why the 100% cotton T-shirts are appreciated by the Indians. The fabric which has cooling properties are considered for wearing in India’s hot and humid climate. Cotton has cooling properties due to which it is widely accepted as the best material for producing T-shirts in India. Wearing a 100% cotton T-shirt in a hot climate will keep the skin cool and breathable. The moisture from the skin is also taken away by a cotton T-shirt, resulting in a cool and dry feeling in the summer season. When you sweat a lot, the cotton t-shirt will take away the moisture and you won’t feel your skin as wet and sticky in warm days.

Being a natural insulator, cotton acts as a breathable fabric which can be worn as an undergarment during the winter season. Compared to synthetic fabrics, a cotton undergarment will keep you warmer in cold days. A 100% cotton T-shirt rarely causes an allergy. It doesn’t cause irritation to the skin as it is a hypoallergenic material. One can also use cotton T-shirts while working out at the gym. Cotton T-shirts can also withstand regular washing as the cotton fabric is quite durable.

The following are the benefits of wearing Cotton T-shirts:

1. The oil-based polyester fabrics retain odors but cotton does not as it is breathable. Thus, it isn’t a compulsion to wash cotton T-shirts daily. This eventually saves water, energy as well as money on detergents. The cotton T-shirts also last longer when they aren’t washed often.

2. Cotton T-shirts can be used in the form of evening wear, athletic wear and even as a casual wear. Cotton T-shirts can be used as an ideal wear for many informal occasions. Being versatile, the cotton fiber can be knitted or woven into varieties of fabrics.

3. Compared to other fabrics, cotton T-shirts require lower maintenance. The washing machine can easily remove the dirt from cotton T-shirts. Hence, there won’t be any need to spend money on dry cleaning cotton T-shirts.

4. Cotton T-shirts are more breathable than clothes made up of oil-based synthetic fabrics such as polyester. Due to this reason, cotton T-shirts are perfect for working out. The moisture-wicking cotton is designed in a special way for keeping you cooler and drier when you sweat while exercising.

5. The T-shirts made up of Cotton are absorbent and soft. A 100% cotton T-shirt is not stiff, irritating, clingy or itchy and so, the level of comfort in cotton clothes is quite high.

6. There is a chance of your T-shirt being soaked in many odors if you are cooking. There is no need to worry about odors with cotton T-shirts. The stinky substances on a cotton T-shirt are released easily when washed in a washing machine.

If you are a T-shirt freak too, then you will be joyful to know that we are listing the best t-shirts for men in India! It’s time for you to add a good collection of T-shirts to the wardrobe. We have researched about the best brands and the quality of the T-shirts they offer. Out of those, we have mentioned the top 10 ones. T-shirts are excellent for layering in order to uplift the fashion statement. However, a T-shirt should be treated as a grace note rather than just a clothing layer. The following are the top 10 best t-shirts for men in India 2020:

Top 10 Best T-shirts for Men in India 2020

1. Van Heusen Men’s Polo

Van-Heusen-Mens-PoloThe Men’s Polo T-shirt by Van Heusen is produced from 100% cotton. It is comfortable and cozy to wear. Having half sleeves, this T-shirt gives a distinct look to your arms.


2. Arrow Sports Men’s Striped Regular Fit T-Shirt

The striped regular fit T-shirt by Arrow Sports has long sleeves. It is suitable for wearing at parties and even as a casual wear. The olive green and dark blue stripes on the T-shirt look fantastic. This T-shirt is produced from 100% cotton.


3. US Polo Men’s Solid Regular Fit T-Shirt

US-Polo-Mens-Solid-Regular-Fit-T-ShirtThe Men’s solid regular fit T-shirt by US Polo looks appealing. The authenticity of polo is captured by this T-shirt. It has the mixture of classic American style and the updated modern style.


4. Being Human Men’s Solid Regular Fit T-Shirt

Being-Human-Mens-Solid-Regular-Fit-T-ShirtThe Being Human brand is immensely popular in India as it own by a well-known Indian actor, Salman Khan. The solid regular fit T-shirt by Being Human looks attractive with its light green color.


5. Indian Terrain Men’s Striped Regular Fit T-Shirt

Indian-Terrain-Mens-Striped-Regular-Fit-T-ShirtThe striped regular fit T-shirt by Indian Terrain can be worn as a cool informal wear. With its short sleeves, it gives a relaxed casual look. You can pair this T-shirt with casual shoes and a pair of chinos. For accentuating the style, you can add on a wristband and a cap.


6. Adidas Men’s Plain Regular Fit T-Shirt

Adidas-Mens-Plain-Regular-Fit-T-ShirtThe plain regular fit T-shirt by Adidas looks versatile. It is durable and dries faster. Produced from a lightweight fabric, this T-shirt is climalite soft.


7. Printed Regular Fit T-Shirt by United Colors of Benetton

Printed-Regular-Fit-T-Shirt-by-United-Colors-of-BenettonThe printed regular fit T-shirt by United Colors of Benetton looks dope. It has a round neck with short sleeves and the black color makes it a perfect T-shirt for parties. The printed pattern on this T-shirt looks fabulous.


8. Levi’s Men’s Printed Regular Fit T-Shirt

Levis-Mens-Printed-Regular-Fit-T-ShirtThe Levi’s brand was formed in 1873 and it is still relevant in the 21st century. The loyalty and imagination of the people have been captured by Levi’s brand for generations. The Levi’s range of T-shirts is available in more than 110 nations and the people express their personal style with these quality T-shirts. The quality and versatility of this T-shirt by Levi’s is incredible.


9. Tommy Hilfiger Men’s Plain Regular Fit T-Shirt

Tommy-Hilfiger-Mens-Plain-Regular-Fit-T-ShirtThe regular fit plain blue T-shirt by Tommy Hilfiger is crafted with cotton fabrics (100% cotton). It features regular length and short sleeves. This T-shirt is an amazing wear for parties and informal occasions.


10. Blackberrys Men’s Solid Regular Fit T-Shirt

Blackberrys-Mens-Solid-Regular-Fit-T-ShirtThe regular fit T-shirt by Blackberrys has short sleeves and the white stripes at the end of those sleeves enhance the appearance of the T-shirt. It can be worn as a casual wear. The light blue color of this T-shirt is quite impressive.


These are the top 10 T-shirts for Men in India and we hope that your wardrobe will consist of amazing outfits with these T-shirts

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