Best Foundations In India 2020 – Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

1. M.A.C Studio Fix Fluid2. Maybelline Fit Me Matte3. Lakme Absolute


Foundations are the most basic part of makeup since they make our dull looking skin glow and fair, hiding all the flaws in our complexion. These cosmetics amazingly act as a concealer to your acne or blemishes. Even women with clear skin are heavily dependent on them to get a perfect look. Though cosmetic shops are filled with varied types of foundation, they all aren’t as effective as they claim.

Some are effective for oily skin while others are formulated to suit dry skin. This article has listed here 10 Best Foundations available in India, suitable for every type of skin. These cosmetics boost your self-confidence by making your skin look flawless and radiant at an instant. So you don’t need to worry if suddenly a pimple has popped out a day before a wedding party.


These products are formulated to give you a glowing and blemishes free skin. With a nice coverage, they wonderfully conceal minor flaws such as black spots, wrinkles, dark patches, or pigmentation etc. You need to make a wise choice considering your skin tone, type, and preference.

With different types of foundations like cream, liquid, or powder you have varied options to look for.

1. Cream Foundation is suitable for dry and normal skin types. This variant gives full coverage concealing pigmentation, dark circles, and spots in your face. If your skin is dry, a moisturizing cream-based foundation will enhance your look while keeping it nourished as well. Cover your face and neck properly with a thin layer of the cream foundation and the base is ready for further makeup.

2. Liquid Foundations are formulated for all skin types, especially for dry or mature skin. Apply the liquid cream with a sponge and blend it nicely with fingertips. It gives nice coverage and makes your skin glow.

3. Powder Foundations are designed for oily skin. These types of texture are oil-free and they control excess oil and shine, making you naturally glowing. The powdered foundations are applied using a light sponge or a brush.

4. Mineral Foundations are ideal for normal and dry skin. Those with sensitive skin also find mineral-based foundations very effective base for makeup.

5. Tinted Moisturizers are also foundations that are suitable for both normal and dry skin. It keeps your skin hydrated and well-nourished too while adding a natural glow to your complexion. Lightweight in texture, tinted foundations keep your look natural and moisturized. Those with extremely dry skin should always opt for such variants for a long-lasting glowing effect. Moisturizing your face it gives a proper base for further makeup.

Factors to Look for When Choosing the Best Foundations in India 

1. Ensure It Matches Your Skin Tone.

Choosing the right shade to perfectly suits your complexion and skin tone is of foremost importance. The formula should make your skin look natural and beautiful. Liquid or stick foundation is creamy and has moisturizing properties, basically formulated for dry to normal skin types. If you have oily skin, opt for a powder foundation for effective result.

Their matte finish texture will help absorb excess shine from your face, leaving a fresh and glowing complexion. If possible, ask for samples to try it before buying. Apply a pea size on your clean face and leave it for a while to get absorbed in your skin, then check carefully if it matches your skin tone. Most foundation oxidized a bit after application, so buy one shade lighter than your skin tone to look fairer.

2. Is The Foundation Water-Resistant?

Ensure that your foundation provides water resistance if you sweat a lot. Also, in humid weather, a waterproof formula lasts longer. If you pick the non-water-resistant kind, then it won’t stay long or you may end up looking messy. Choosing a sweat-proof foundation is essential in hot and humid weather.

3. Choose The Coverage Type You Want

Do you love your freckles or spots on your complexion? If yes, then go for a light coverage formula or tinted moisturizer foundations like BB or CC cream to allows see-through in your skin. Moreover, as these products are light on your complexion they are suitable for everyday wear. For special occasions, opt for a medium coverage to get a glowing and stunning appearance.

If you have acne marks or uneven skin tone all over your face, buy a foundation cream that provides full coverage. Such products wonderfully conceal dark spots, blemishes, dark circles and other flaws in your complexion and make you look younger and beautiful.

4. Ingredients Play An Important Role

Run your eyes over the ingredients before buying a foundation. If your skin is acne-prone, use a formula that has zit-fighting salicylic acid; or if your skin is scaly or dry, then look for the serum-infused foundation to keep the skin hydrated and moisturized.

5. Should It Provide UV Protection?

Some foundations come with SPF to protect your skin from sun damage. So, these categories come handy if you don’t want to apply sunscreen lotion before putting on makeup. Ensure it is formulated with at least SPF 15.

6. Ensure It Is Suitable For The Current Weather

We all know that winters make our skin dry and scaly while summers create oil and sweet in skin pores. Whereas, monsoon demands waterproof cosmetics. So, before buying any foundation, ensure that it is formulated to give the desired result in the present climatic condition.

7. Choose A Formula That Complements Your Skin’s Undertone

Check out the veins on your wrists and choose a shade that complements your undertones. If your veins are olive in color, yellow-or-peach tone formula looks cool. If they’re bluish or purple, you can opt for the pink-based foundation for better effect. And if your veins look bluish-green, then yellow shades may be the best option for you.

8. Test The Shades Against Your Jawline

If possible, test the sample in your jawline rather than your wrist in presence of natural light. Ensure it blends seamlessly throughout your face and neck. Also, you can test multiple shades by applying them side-by-side to pick the best match.

9. Is Your Skin is Sensitive?

If yes, then opt for foundations that are dermatology tested and suitable for acne-prone or allergy-prone skin types. Check the ingredients and ensure they aren’t harmful for your sensitive skin.

Now have a look at the 10 Best Foundations available in India, that are curated to make you look special.

Top 10 Best Foundation Creams Available in India 2020

1. M.A.C Studio Fix Fluid Foundation

M.A.C Studio Fix Fluid Foundation

Containing moisturizing ingredients, this Studio Fix Fluid Foundation from MAC nourishes your skin while making it look beautiful and flawless for all day long. The formula blends well and gives no crease or breakouts.

It minimizes the appearance of dark circles and pigmentation while adding a radiant glow to your complexion. This Studio Fix Fluid Foundation from MAC comes with SPF 15 to protect your skin from sun damage.

With a matte finish, this liquid foundation provides a medium to full buildable coverage, concealing dark spots, pores, acne mark, and other skin imperfections for a long time. It gives high coverage, thus very useful for those with too many marks and flaws.

Moreover, having a light texture, this M.A.C foundation won’t give you an uncomfortable heavy feeling on your face. This Studio Fix foundation makes your skin soft and velvety smooth. Apply it on top of primers without any fuss and your make-up base is ready. This foundation comes in a transparent bottle with a smart cap. Also, it is travel-friendly and hassle-free to carry in your purse. It is one of the Best Foundation available in India.


2. Maybelline New York Fit Me Matte Poreless Foundation, 30ml

Maybelline New York Fit Me Matte Poreless Foundation, 30ml

Containing micro blurring powders, Fit Me Matte Foundation from Maybelline New York conceals pores, fine lines, and acne marks to give you flawless and smooth skin. It gives a matte finish and natural selfie-ready look.

With 25% anti-shine perlite, this Maybelline foundation adds a soft glow to the dull complexion. Covering up the pores, it leaves a seamless and naturally radiant complexion.

Also, it is quite lightweight on your skin. The Fit Me Matte Foundation comes in 14 shades to fit Indian skin tones – Ivory (115), Classic Ivory (120), Nude Beige (125), Warm Nude (128), Buff Beige (130), Natural Beige (220), Soft Tan (228), Natural Buff (230), Pore Beige (235), Rich Tan (238), Sun Beige (310), Warm Honey (322), Toffee (330), and Golden Caramel (332). Blend a tiny bit of the foundation over your face and neck and get smooth and seamless fairness that appears natural on your skin.

Concealing dark spots, blemishes, under-eye, and uneven skin tone, Fit Me Matte Foundation leaves your skin fair and beautiful. It won’t fuse with your make up even after wearing for a long time. With so many available shades formulated to suit different skin tone, this Maybelline New York product is considered among the Best Foundations in India.

Buy the right shade to match it with your skin tone. Get one shade lighter to make your skin appear brighter. It oxidizes within a few hours, so a lighter shade is useful. With excellent coverage and numerous shades, Fit Me Matte Foundation is an amazing foundation for daily use as well as party wear. Blending seamlessly in your skin this matte finish foundation adds a natural glow to your complexion.

Moreover, this foundation from Maybelline is sweatproof and waterproof, so it won’t fuse with your makeup. Those vying for a flawless dusky toned complexion, go for the Toffee shade. Fit Me Matte is designed to give you a long-lasting radiant finish to your skin.


3. Lakme Absolute Skin Natural Mousse, Ivory Fair, 25g

Lakme Absolute Skin Natural Mousse, Ivory Fair, 25gAbsolute Skin Natural Mousse from Lakme is a lightweight and non-messy foundation, designed to give you a smooth and glowing complexion up to 16 hours.

Wear this natural mousse foundation and get an ivory fair complexion in a minute. Besides, it acts as a concealer to your skin flaws like blemishes, dark spots, pigmentation, and other imperfections.

With SPF 8, this Lakme foundation protects your skin from harmful UV rays. In addition, 6 different shades are available for various skin tones – Ivory Fair, Golden Light Fair, Rose Fair, Beige Honey, and Golden Medium to match your skin tone and preference.

Covering up the pores, fine lines, and tiredness in your face, Absolute Skin Natural Mousse revamp your look beautifully. You can use this Lakme product as everyday wear as well as for the special occasion to look young and attractive. The texture is lightweight and sweat proof, thus mess-free in any weather conditions.

Direction for use

Take a generous amount on your palm and apply on your face, covering the forehead, nose, under-eye, cheeks, chin, and neck using the tip of your fingers. Then blend it gently in your skin in an upward motion. It gives a feather-light feel on your skin.

Blending seamlessly, this matte finish foundation makes your skin smooth and even toned. Also, it won’t mess up with your makeup while giving you a naturally beautiful look. This Lakme foundation is specially formulated to suit Indian skin.


4. Bobbi Brown Moisture Rich Foundation Spf15 – Natural 30ml

Bobbi Brown Moisture Rich Foundation Spf15 - Natural 30ml

Formulated with skin-nourishing properties, Bobbi Brown Moisture Rich Foundation keeps your skin hydrated besides making it look youthful and beautiful. It perfectly even out your skin tone and add natural shine to your complexion. With SPF15, this moisture-rich foundation protects your skin optimally against UV-ray all day long. It is breathable and you don’t feel like putting on heavy makeup.

No creese and breakouts even after hours of application. If you have oily skin, apply a primer before this Bobby Brown foundation. It comes with numerous shades to match every type of skin tone.

To swatch a shade perfectly first swipe a shade on the side of a face; if it blends seamlessly, it is the right tone for you. Then apply it on the forehead for double assurance. If the foundation looks natural to your skin tone then go for it.

Formulated with antioxidants, this moisture-rich foundation is nourishing to the skin
It gives a naturally flawless look. With a buildable formula, this foundation gives medium to full coverage to all your marks, dark circles, fine lines.

Blending seamlessly in your skin, it conceals the imperfections and gives a smooth and radiant complexion. Its nourishing formula protects the skin from getting dried up and patchy. This Bobby Brown foundation is suitable for normal to dry skin types and is perfect for daily use. Apply it with sponge or brush (sold separately) for better results.

On the cons side, this Bobby Brown foundation may not be suitable if you have acne-prone or highly sensitive skin. Also, one touch-up is not enough to last all day long, you may need to reapply it for a lasting impression.


5. L’Oreal Paris Infallible 24Hr Liquid Foundation, Amber 300, 30ml

L'Oreal Paris Infallible 24Hr Liquid Foundation, Amber 300, 30ml

L’Oreal Paris Infallible 24Hr Liquid Foundation is formulated to make your skin look smooth and beautiful skin for all day long. It is designed for high coverage, and it doesn’t crease, smudge or dry out while hiding your skin imperfections.

It covers-up pigmentation, black spots, acne mark and flaws in your skin. The hydrating ingredients keep your skin moisturized and nourished.

Blending in your skin perfectly, it gives long lasting results. This Loreal foundation gives a matte finish and adds a natural glow to your complexion. This formula is touch proof and sweat proof.

No mess or creese even in extremely humid weather. The texture is perfect for brush application, though you can use a sponge or your finger for a nice blend. It is one of the effective and long-lasting foundation that you can vouch for.

Available shades are – Natural Rose (125), Golden Beige (140), Rose Beige (145), Vanilla (120), Amber (300), Golden Sand (200), Caramel Toffee (320), radiant Beige (150). This infallible foundation comes with a pump and is quite travel-friendly. A little amount is enough to give nice coverage.


6. Chambor Orosa Skin Fusion Foundation, Ivory Fair, 25ml

Chambor Orosa Skin Fusion Foundation, Ivory Fair, 25ml

Orosa Skin Fusion Foundation from Chambor boost your youthfulness while minimizing the appearance of pores, fine lines, spots and other imperfections for a long time. Also, it is formulated to enhance elasticity and firmness of the skins.

It gives a smooth and velvety soft feel on application and has a long-lasting effect. It nicely even out the skin tone and texture is buildable to give medium to high coverage. This Skin Fusion foundation provides a natural matte finish while adding a subtle glow to your complexion.

Shake well and apply 2-3 drops of a dot on forehead, cheeks, and chin. Then blend with fingertips covering the entire face and neck. It is light in texture and a thin coat is enough for everyday wear. For a special occasion, you can top it with layers to get a optimum coverage. It doesn’t crease or breakouts even with heavy make-up. It is dermatologically tested and effective for sensitive skin as well.

This foundation from Chambor is breathable and doesn’t cause patchy flakes. It feels quite natural and light on the skin. The Ivory fair shade is designed for fair complexion. Chambor Orosa Skin Fusion Foundation is suitable for every skin type, even those with heavy acne and blemishes can also give it a try.


7. Dehorah Milano Colorbar Timeless Filling and Lifting Foundation, Light Linen, 30 ml

Dehorah Milano Colorbar Timeless Filling and Lifting Foundation, Light Linen, 30 mlColorbar Timeless Filling and Lifting Foundation By Dehorah Milano gives a flawless complexion with a matte finish. The formula is transfer and humidity proof, so no fuse and mess in hot sultry days.

The texture is lightweight and formulated with anti-aging benefit. Infused with antioxidants, this colorbar foundation boosts your complexion while hiding the flaws beautifully.

It gives medium coverage to the skin flaws and effectively hides dark circles under the eye, fine lines and spots. This colorbar foundation doesn’t break out, giving a mess-free makeup base. Enriched with Hyaluronic Acid and vitamin E, it provides a deeply nourishing and moisturizing effect on the skin.

Concealing your fine lines and age spots, it makes you look younger, radiant and even toned. Its UV filters protect your skin from sun damage. It adds a silky smooth finish to your skin for hours. The colorbar products are free from parabens, allergens, and mineral oils. Also, it is dermatologically tested and suitable for all skin types.

It doesn’t make a white cast on your skin or look cakey. With travel-friendly packaging, this colorbar foundation is completely mess-free to carry it in your purse. This foundation by Dehorah Milano comes in three shades: Light Linen, Soft Opal, and Sweet Shell.


8. L’Oreal Paris True Match Liquid Foundation, Golden Beige, 30ml

L'Oreal Paris True Match Liquid Foundation, Golden Beige, 30ml

True Match Liquid Foundation from L’Oreal Paris blends excellently in your complexion and gives a radiant smooth feel. It adds a naturally flawless finish to your skin. With its lightweight texture, it doesn’t make you feel heavy or cakey on wearing it.

Micro-fine pearl particles in the foundation provide medium coverage to your fine lines, uneven skin tone and other flaws. This liquid foundation doesn’t breakout and crease after a few hours of use. You can wear it every day and get a naturally glowing and beautiful complexion.

The fine gold particles in the formula make your skin look beautiful without making them glittery. You can only see the glitters when you take close look at your skin after application. Infused with Glycerine, vitamin B and E, this True Match foundation nourishes your skin.

The presence of SPF 17 protects your skin from the harmful sun rays. Use the applicator provided with this foundation for an easy and even makeup. Blend it perfectly around the forehead, nose, cheeks, and chin.

This L’Oreal foundation is sweatproof and waterproof, thus mess free even in humid weather. Moreover, it is oil-free and non-comedogenic. L’Oreal Paris True Match Liquid Foundations are available in 12 shades to match your skin tone.


9. L.A.Girl HD Pro Matte Foundation, Natural Beige, 30ml

L.A.Girl HD Pro Matte Foundation, Natural Beige, 30ml

HD Pro Matte Foundation by LA Girl gives medium to full buildable coverage. With a matte/suede-like finish, it minimizes the appearance of pores, fined lines and age spots in your face. This liquid-creamy formula from L.A.

Girl is paraben free and is infused with vitamin E, B5, and sunflower oil to nourish your skin health. Add a satin soft feel in your skin. Hiding the imperfections, this L.A. Girl foundation makes you look beautiful.

The texture is highly pigmented to give you an airbrushed, soft-focus finish. Pump out a little bit and cover up the uneven tone and spots in your entire face. Apply dots on the forehead, cheeks, chin, and chin using a damp sponge or fingers to blend it finely covering the entire skin in your face and neck.

With its suede-like finish, it is quite lightweight on your skin. It controls excess oil and stays for more than eight hours without any cakey feel on your skin. Also, it doesn’t oxidize. This fuss-free HD Pro Matte Foundation comes in a beautiful travel-friendly glass bottle.

On the cons side, if you have lots of dark spot and other imperfections, this L.A. Girl might not be a good choice for you. With its medium coverage, HD Pro Matte Foundation doesn’t cover up your flaws. It comes with 21 shades to perfectly match your skin tone.


10. Wet ‘n Wild Photo Focus Foundation, Desert Beige, 30ml

Wet 'n Wild Photo Focus Foundation, Desert Beige, 30ml

Photo Focus Foundation by Wet n Wild gives a flawless finish to your face and makes you look pretty. For a camera-ready makeup apply primer before using the foundation. Dab a few dots of foundation into your forehead, cheeks, chin, and nose and gently blend the formula into the skin using a brush or a sponge.

It adds natural shine to your complexion. This skin-perfecting formula has undergone different photo lighting condition to test its effectiveness in delivering flawless camera-ready makeup every time you wear it.

With its lightweight texture, this Wet n Wild Photo Focus Foundation doesn’t feel suffocating your skin. It’s matte finish revamp your complexion in a most natural way. Tested under 7 lighting conditions this formula prevents white cast in photos. A small spatula is attached to the lid for easy application.


Though it is formulated for oily skin, those with dry skin can also use this foundation after applying a moisturizer. Giving a smooth matte finish on your skin, this skin-perfecting formula makes you look beautiful and young. It stays for 6 hours on your skin. Blending evenly over your face and neck, you can cover up the fine lines, pores, and pigmentation. This foundation is suitable for regular as well as special occasion. It is packaged in a square shaped glass bottle and comes with a spatula.

It has runny liquid consistency that blends effortlessly on your skin. It gives medium coverage with a matte finish, which can be build-able to full coverage. It doesn’t feel tacky on your skin, nor it makes you look cakey. Also, it doesn’t make any white cast on the skin. With a smooth and natural finish, it feels light on your skin. You look completely natural wearing it. The formula gets absorbed in the skin quickly and works nicely for oily skin. It controls the excess oil and stays for hours, adding a subtle glow to your complexion.

On the cons side, you may find its strong paint scent a bit odd, though it doesn’t linger long. Moreover, this Wet n Wild foundation comes in 20 shades, out of which only 10 are available in India. Also, it may not cover up all the blemishes and spots in one go. You have to re-apply it to get a good cover-up.

Some Quick Tips For A Perfect Makeup

1. Blend It Well. Wiping out the excess amount in your face and neck, blend it thoroughly, covering every bit of skin of your face and neck. Apply loose or compact powder to set it perfectly and evenly so that it doesn’t mess up with your makeup. Use only as much needed to get a flawless natural beauty.

2. Fingertips Or Tool? Some foundations are easy to apply using fingertips while some come with an applicator like a sponge, spatula, tissue or brush. Usually, fingertips give the most effective result while some are effective with brush or sponge. If using an applicator, make sure you are not wasting the foundation.

3. Create Your Own Perfect Shade. You can add a few drops of darker foundation into the lighter one and mix it well to get the perfect shade; if it is yet not right, do some more mix and match to arrive at the exact tone.


So, when you have so many options to hide your ugly marks, uneven patches or wrinkles in your face, why not look stunning every time you step out of your home. Not just covering up, they make your complexion fair and glowing. At the same time, also ensure that you don’t look cakey and patchy. Keep the shiny ones for a special occasion, while BB or CC creams for daily use.

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